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  • faithful_gifts 65w

    Biblical entertainment . Internal visualization . Genesis and the crucifixion .

    Symbolism , discernment understanding and

    creativity within the holy scriptures .

    Within symbolism the wings are symbolic of

    eternal life .

    In the beginning and during the historical event

    documented within the eternal book of Genesis ;

    in the beginning the serpent had wings and now

    the serpent ' s wings are removed .

    The ( fool known as and named the devil )

    serpent is damned and the wings were

    already burnt within the lake of fire ( eternal

    winepress ) .

    The serpent ' s wings were removed during the

    crucifixion , death , resurrection and eternal

    ascension of Christ Jesus also known as The Son

    of God .

    The Lion and the serpent battled and grappled

    with each other .

    The lion consumed the serpent .

    They both defeated each other .

    The Lion can be resurrected because the lion is

    also a phoenix ;

    The Holy Spirit , The Lion , The Lion of The Tribe

    of Judah also known as the sphinx .

    God has power over the sphinx .

    The serpent was defeated because the serpent

    can not resurrect self .

    Only the Lion / lamb / The Holy Spirit / The Holy Ghost /

    Christ Jesus / The Lion of The Tribe of Judah /

    The Phoenix / The Sphinx / The Lion of The Tribe

    of Judah ;

    only God ‘ s eternal spirit can be resurrected .

    Christ Jesus was resurrected and walked out of

    the tomb .

    Afterwards , He ascended to heaven .

    The life , death , resurrection and the eternal

    ascension of Christ .

    A supernatural / celestial / invisible / temporary / spiritual / paranormal / eternal ;

    A court case was happening when Christ was

    physically present on the earth .

    Christ was providing evidence of the fact that

    God does exist .

    Christ was also providing evidence toward the

    fact that the fool ( judged within the eternal

    winepress of The Almighty ) named the devil was

    and is evil .

    Resurrection , damnation within the lake of fire ,

    ceasing to exist , resurrection , damnation within

    the lake of fire , ceasing to exist , repeat for

    eternity .

    The fool known as and named the devil is

    deceased and already damned within the lake of

    fire ;

    Happened during the crucifixion , resurrection

    and the eternal ascension .

    Within the future and within the historical event

    of Christ Jesus ‘ resurrection .

    The remnants of the ( already damned within

    the lake of fire ) devil ‘ s works are active until

    the historical event of eternal judgment .

    The fool known as and named the devil is

    spiritually deceased and already deceased .

    During the end of ages , the fool named the

    devil is physically resurrected and then damned

    via The Son of God ‘ s return ;

    the rapture , the historical event of eternal

    judgment and the eternal ceremony .

    Present events are trials and tribulations that

    are documented within the holy scriptures .

    Christ Jesus also known as The Son of God had

    invisible or spiritual or supernatural and

    paranormal wings because he experienced the

    eternal ascension ;

    HE experienced the eternal ascension after the

    eternal resurrection .

    Additional poetry .

    The fool known as and named the devil was

    defeated within the garden of Eden .

  • faithful_gifts 65w

    A number of comments .

    The Holy Spirit provides internal epiphanies

    when a soul prays .

    The deepest internal section of Christ Jesus ‘

    soul or spirit is the Father ( The Almighty ) .

    The prior ( Genesis ) and future version of Christ

    Jesus .

    The greater version of Christ Jesus Prior Genesis ,

    during Genesis , within the Old Testament ,

    within the New Testament and after the

    historical event of eternal judgment . ?

    The deepest and internal section of Christ Jesus ‘

    soul or spirit ;

    The deepest section has the knowledge

    of the rapture and the end of age

    ( the historical event of eternal judgment )

    judgment .

    The deepest inner working or mechanism within

    Christ Jesus ( The Son of God ) is The Father

    Almighty . ?

    An internal menorah . ?

    A never ending and internal candle that is

    always lit and can not ever ( never ) be

    extinguished .

    Not by his personal hand , power nor by any soul .

    The candle is a whole menorah and is within an

    internal compartment of the menorah .

    The Almighty Father .

    The Son of God appeared from a different

    dimension and then after the resurrection and

    eternal ascension ;

    HE continued into a different

    dimension because he previously arrived from a

    different dimension .

    ( Conversation with Pontius Pilate ) .

    A verbal portal or dimension is opened during

    the end of age judgment and the eternal

    ceremony ;

    a verbal or different dimension is opened and

    Christ Jesus ' historical return begins .

    Loved souls are presently living within the

    dimension of The Holy Spirit and are presently

    awaiting the end of age judgment / the eternal

    ceremony alongside The Son of God ' s return .

    God ‘ s personal blessing , talent and eternal gift

    is that he will always exist .

    He can not extinguish the candle because the

    candle reignites via the past .

    His previous version of himself is reborn ,

    rebirthed or refreshed unto or unto the present

    moment .

    Similar to the mythological , spiritual and angelic

    bird known as the phoenix ( Symbolism ) .

    The Holy Spirit was and is a dove or a phoenix . ?

    His internal ( Ruach ) candle eternally recreates

    himself via the past , present and future . ?

    A prayer is additional evidence toward the fact

    that The Almighty does exist . ?

    Theological / Spiritual / Anthropomorphic / Intellectual / Religious evidence . ?

    Short story .

    Person B : Does God truly exist ?

    Person A : Does prayer exist ?

    Person B : Yes .

    Person A : Then God does exist .

    Person A : The prayer and the behavior of

    praying is evidence of the fact that The

    Almighty does exist .

    Person A : You , we and many are meant to live

    forever and within the eternal kingdom of God .

    Person C : Please , let us continue staying close

    to The Holy Spirit and Christ Jesus ‘ eternal

    wings because he is the resurrected son of God

    of whom experienced the eternal ascension .

    Person B : Wow . The Almighty does exist and

    he just guided me within the present

    conversation .

    Person B : Please make sure the vegetables are

    enjoyable .

    Person C : The vegetables that were are about to

    consume are going to be very enjoyable .

    Person A : They are actually going to be very

    sweet and enjoyable because of the additional

    ingredients that were stirred into the meal .

    Person A , B and C continue their conversation

    and enjoying large portions boiled vegetables .

    Boiled vegetables with chia seeds , flax seeds ,

    organic powdered cinnamon and extra virgin

    olive oil . The chia seeds , flax seeds and extra

    virgin olive oil was added into the meal after the

    vegetables were properly boiled within a pot of

    water ( over the stove ) . The organic powdered

    cinnamon added into the pot of boiling

    vegetables prior to being boiled and after being

    boiled . The group used a bag of mixed

    vegetables from the grocery store .

    End Story .

  • james_taumas 87w


    Burger sits waiting
    Fries fume being inconvenienced
    Pizza seduces the senses
    Fat and sodium ally
    Reach out to sate
    Just one bite
    Deny the desire
    Body knows better
    Bowl of fruit patient
    Vegetable serenity
    Health prioritised.


  • james_taumas 114w


    Two slices of bread
    For a start
    What comes between
    Anything you want
    Range of meats
    Alternatively vegetarian
    Condiments and or spices
    A shake of seasoning
    How it ends
    Toasted or plain
    That first bite heaven.


  • james_taumas 116w

    Brussels sprouts

    No one wants me
    The humble Brussels sprouts
    Cabbage's cousin
    An aisle of choice
    Everyone chooses the favourites
    Versatile potatoes
    Controversial tomatoes
    Rabbits' carrots
    Even broccoli gets loving
    All avoid me
    Pick me please.


  • freedahanna 140w


    Vegetables are the food of the earth, but fruits taste of the heavens.

  • paulsweeney_ 144w


    mushrooms in a field.
    arnt they just magic?
    onions underground.
    arnt they fantastic?

    peppers hanging bell shaped.
    arnt they majestic?
    neeps knee deep in soil.
    arnt they perfection?

    sprouts perfectly round.
    arnt they delicious?
    scallies standing proud.
    arnt they prolific?

    tatties deep underground.
    arnt they fantastic?
    runner beans swaying.
    arnt they eratic?

    pumpkin frankly huge.
    arnt they stupendous?
    mottled dirty beetroot.
    arnt they horendous?

    broccoli shaped like trees.
    arnt they so green?
    smelly dirty garlic.
    arnt they obscene?

  • aguywhowrites 164w

    कौन कहता है कि non-vegetarian ही ताकतवर होते हैं?

    Never underestimate a vegetarian.

    #vegetarian #strength #power #fitness #vegetables #funday

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    Friend: शेर मीट खाता है, सब्जियां नहीं

    उसे pushups में हराने के बाद...

    Me: मैं vegeterian शेर हूँ


  • vanshagarwal 167w

    Be like Vegetables atleast
    If good, shows
    If rotten, shows ��
    #anjaana #diaryofmrunknown #vegetables #humans #looks

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    "Select the ones looking good. They will be good inside too" her mom said buying vegetables

    She hoped, if same could be with humans


  • mmbftd 175w


    You envelop me
    In tall gardens
    Where my hands were so tiny in your forests of tomatoes and fragrant mints
    My hands
    That could barely hold the 2 coins from your pocket
    inside my fists
    I was so small and tender
    I did not know languages
    Your Spanish
    My English-
    I knew earth.
    As I stood at your knee
    Your white legs with blue veins
    White socks pulled up halfway
    Black soft canvas shoes
    That made no sounds when you walked.
    We tended together
    Your corn
    And orange pumpkins
    Your yellow sun squash
    And crisp snapping peas
    You, tall with your green garden hose
    Snaking through the carefully cultivated dirt rows
    A misting of cool water
    gentle on my summer toddler face
    And me smiling up at you
    I had my work to do, grabbing those fat horned worms off your tomato vines;
    Wilting with heavy yellow blossoms.
    I marvelled at how fat they were, these caterpillars.
    How their thin skin
    Pulsated so they could move-
    A marching band of feet
    Suctioned to my baby palms
    And I loved that contrast
    Of black on green
    The geometry of lines
    Carefully painted
    The deep yellow and the circles that seemed like huge, kind eyes; but weren't.
    I had no idea these simple creatures would fly someday
    As I put them in an old rusty Bustelo coffee can
    I was your helper
    No sounds between us
    As your Cuban cigar smoke hovered over my innocent head
    Never to soil me
    You always loved me
    My guardian in the garden
    As I munched on the sweet crunchy peas
    I looked up at you squinting
    (A benevolent shadow) blocking the daylight for a moment.
    You bent to give me my favorite;
    A spearmint leaf to chew.
    Later, Abuelita would make me tea from it
    For my tummy
    That fresh, sweet succulent scent
    Still moves me
    Back into your garden
    Before I became part of the busy world
    When silence was cherished
    And love needed no words at all
    I can still taste your memory.


  • daivas 177w


    Her name was Pizza; Yes!
    Pizza of the Kitchenboard
    With the sexy veggie cuts
    On a crispy piece of loaf
    Baked fresh, hot and steamy
    Taste it now. Wow! Yummy!

  • randomnessk 177w


    Meat balls basked in sauce
    Tomato based with a blend of spice
    Bring to the boil the water
    Spaghetti lengths submerged to the simmer
    The boil and heat on the gas
    A pinch of salt and pepper
    On the fork round and round
    Served on a dish
    Garlic bread and salad on the side
    Portion control out the window
    These meet balls are to lush
    Don't count the calories
    Endure the favour
    For next time the aroma will be indifferent
    The taste forever lasting
    Spaghetti perfectly cooked from tip to tail
    So why do you serve with a knife
    Lush home made grub served

  • arenegaines 185w

    The aroma of
    Fruits and vegetables
    Of the harvest
    Water boiling
    Mason jar
    Canning days
    Will always be
    Home to me
    Mammo and Papa
    In the kitchen
    Me sitting in the
    Gazing out
    Into my own
    While silently
    Listening to life
    Around me
    Never stopping
    To savor every moment
    For these days
    Have passed too soon
    I can't go
    Back home
    For home is gone
    And I'm here
    Left missing
    My kitchen window
    But we both know
    It's more than that

    Grownups just wanna go home too

  • moxie_stargazer 186w

    Jewels of Summer

    In a sea of green leaves
    And dark earth,
    I search for buttery yellow flowers,
    And count all the treasures I will collect.
    There are round ruby radishes.
    And golden summer squash.
    Soon there will be shades of
    Amethyst, citrine, and emerald beans,
    Topaz and amber potatoes.
    I am rich in summer jewels.
    Well, until I go and make a salad.
    Even then, I'll still enjoy my wealth.

  • peterspoetry 232w

    Over Production

    Mar Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?
    As you well know, it grows so fairly, after time spent with fork and hoe
    Moisture makes the plants so tall
    Think we'll have to have a stall

    Far too many for us both
    Did I hear a muttered oath?
    By the kilo or the pound
    As soon as they are 'out the ground'

  • peterspoetry 235w


    Sowing seeds by cultivation. Hope
    Growing on without frustration. Nope
    Watching them, anticipation. Mope

    Potting on my tiny plants. Plugs
    ‘Tecting them from ants & Bugs
    Sometimes joy, sometimes pants. Hugs

    Now they are bigger, planting Out
    Rush down the path, panting. Shout
    Send those caterpillars packing. Clout

    Many have survived the trial, Wait
    Life threw at them all the while. Great
    Roasting now, by ovens dial. Plate

    © peterspoetry

  • nehalohiya 236w

    Veggie Words

    Let my words, like vegetables,
    be tender and sweet, for
    tomorrow I may have to eat them.