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  • vdascribbling 57w

    A Google-less World

    The attics would be dusted
    Looking for that Encyclopedia collection
    We bought from that annoying salesman
    When we much preferred to watch Lifetime instead.

    To say goodbye to Rabbi Google
    Would mean that we wouldn't be dying from a paper cut
    And doctors' offices would be demanded
    And not for a second opinion for what Doctor Google initially thought.

    A world-less Google
    Would mean getting to know each other for real, for real
    And not after we had Google searched for pictures instead of just going to meet the real deal.

    A world without Google,
    Would hopefully pique and not kill our curiosity
    That we would once again make dates in the libraries.
    A Google less world may be just what we need
    To get off our laurels, to explore, to feel,to succeed.

  • vdascribbling 57w

    Miss Po Tenshal

    Miss Po Tenshal

    A mixture of fire and Ice
    The glowing eyes of a vixen looks
    In those tiny unsuspecting eyes.
    She is the "woman" of the 21st century
    Yet she carries the relics of eras that were before she came to be.

    The ideal wife
    Cleaning, cooking, frolicking,
    Willingly going into submission to ignite the fire in her man.
    She sees the veil in the distance,
    Can almost taste the engagement
    And sees the tears during the father- daughter dance
    She catches the bouquet that comes her way,
    Everyone cheering on the maid
    Who will "someday make the ideal wife" they say.

    The aunt who spoils the little ones with books not toys
    Who will give them the medicine despite their crying noise.
    Alphabets, tracing and flash cards for play
    " You will be a great mom some day".
    She gives herself to those undeserving men,
    Who claim her eggs
    But can't fertilize one of them.
    Plans of a family, baby after baby
    Miss Po's monthly laughs at this childless maybe barren lady.

    Miss Po Tenshal
    Likes nothing vanilla but ice cream and shakes
    So she enjoys a nice blend of kinky treats when she aches.
    "You make a good sub miss
    You know just how to submit"
    Miss Po just smiles
    Because she knows that like the others he too will get cold feet.

    So she just smiles and nods
    And goes back to her little world
    Of work to mask that
    Life is really dull
    For the lady in the corner -Miss Po Tenshal.

  • vdascribbling 77w


    She's the one who listens, the one you go to
    She isn't the passive silent type,
    No, she feels everything for you too.
    She is the one who will answer at two in the morning
    And actively participate like she wasn't just yawning.
    She is also the one who fights her demons at night
    Who feels that everyone is too preoccupied to question her might.
    She is the one whose sheets are ice cold
    Because she has no one to hold.
    She is the one who never has a missed call
    Because she isn't someone's missing heartstring
    No one at all.
    No goodmorning text or where should we go next
    No one to bother or to get vex.
    She is the one who mediates invisibly and shows you a different angle
    Who tries to save what she may never know
    But like Olivia Pope she will help you handle.
    She is the one who will replace you at the edge of a tower
    And talk to you nonstop for hours.
    She is the one who will push you until your head is full
    Yet she is the one you trust when you are entangled.