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  • naqsaif 6w

    Eon : an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time

    Written from the POV of an injured vampire.who drinks blood off dead animals and dead bodies only.
    He doesn't harm any innocent living being.
    Vampires live on blood.They maybe immortal, but without blood in their bodies they are as good as dead.

    A thirsty vampire is like a drunk man in rain. He is not aware of his actions or his whereabouts.

    "It is how we are made. We are drained, blooded, and buried. When he digs his own way out of a grave, that is when a vampire is born."
    ~cassandra clare


    For simon.

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    Thirst (an incident)

    Blood flowed
    From my sliced throat
    And it adorned
    My slit wrists
    Slowly towards death
    I gently crept

    Until sweet and salty
    Blood dropped upon my lips
    “Drink “said a voice
    And I sucked the fluid of vice

    Then thirst stabbed me
    Like a sword in my guts
    And I pinned down the one
    Who had offered me blood

    And in his neck,
    I bored my fangs
    Soon my head cleared
    And I saw what I feared

    I was drinking blood
    Off a humane lad
    And he was slowly creeping
    Towards pleasant death

    So I, with all my will
    Released his throat
    And in apprehension,
    I went still.

    An eon past,
    His golden eyes
    They gathered mine
    And with pained voice, said I
    "I would have killed you!"
    In the same voice, said he
    "I would have let you".


  • joyfuljoel 10w

    The metallic smell of blood
    As if iron were a thing breathing
    But then, he was hunted down and bleeding
    And he was rot 10 days, yet still living
    And he was pageant both of death and decay
    Taste the fillings on your tongue
    As they rip your tongue
    but you must feed

    Have you ever kissed a vampire ?
    A blood-sucking honey-tasting love
    It's a thing that feels good
    but leaves you dead

    Loving you felt worse than dying


  • kjumai 11w


    Continuous disclose of my so hidden vampire.
    Enough distress I am going to vamp.
    Forever I shall remain amp (ed).

  • manazscorpio 12w

    The Last Morning

    Alison, a sweet pretty girl, went through severe situations which resemble hell. It had been 16years since her parents got separated. At the time of divorce, Alison was only 5years of age. As such, it was decided that she would live with her mother. Since that day the bond between her and her mother had been good till last year when she found an old diary of her mom. As it was an old diary, she could not figure out what was written there except few dark pages which unfolds some strange secrets about her dad. Though the secrets were not directly revealed, she was smart enough to grasp them. This resulted in a fight scene which led Alison insisting her mom let her pay a visit to her dad's home. At one point out of fury, her mom even asked her to choose between her and her dad. Alison became emotional because her mom's tears and the memories connected with her didn't allow her to choose her dad. But those pages didn't allow her to relax and calm. After 6months, one morning she had decided to visit her dad's house without letting her mom know about it. That day she woke up at 3 AM. As it was winter season she was utterly shivering. But somehow she had managed to overcome it. Many a time, her grandma used to tell many relatives about his resident venue, so Alison already knew his address. By profession, she is a journalist that's why she has been very curious after reading some unnatural things in that diary about her father. That morning when she reached her dad's residence, for one moment the fragrance and looks of the flowers, to be precise roses and lilies, got her attention and as a result, she went to pluck them. After plucking the lilies, when she was trying to pluck the roses one of the thorns poked her thumb and as such, it bled steadily. Fortunately, she had a first aid box in her backpack. Thereafter she entered her dad's house. The whole day Alison's mom thought she must have been roaming with her friends until evening when she found a creepy letter with a poem in it. The facts which made the letter more creepy are- firstly the entire letter was written with blood, secondly, Alison name was there and lastly the poem, it goes like this
    " Being told about the fresh blood
    By lovely blooming fauna
    Still alive is the authentic love
    Between Alison and me
    Heheheee!!!!!! Heheheee!!
    Love gets more intense
    When sacrifices herself
    For someone's desperation
    To compel her to
    Get Embraced between
    Meat thirsty huge sharp canines
    While having
    Frequently remembers and shouting your name,
    At last, said Goodbye mom

  • hindoldas 13w

    Ever saw the moon covered sky and thought if there would be vampire apocalypse how would it be


  • manaswitasen 13w

    Vampires are the lords of night time. They are one of those fantasies which terrorizes some and amazes the others. They are blood suckers.
    I am thinking of writing a long story/series on vampire. I want your reviews and ideas to make my story more amazing.

  • abstruse_words_ 16w

    Know that his emotions can be heightened at any time and his rage his redder than the love he ever felt, he won't hesitate for a moment to kill you. So, don't be too fragile or too strong.

    He has a cold dead heart. He will burn in the love of your sunlight, your form of loving him is to pour yellows and shines but those are his biggest fears. So love him in all the possible darks. Fill love in the darkness and let him wear it as a locket that protects him.

    He says he loves immortality but deep down he doesn't. He has roamed the streets of both euphoria and melancholy. He has felt pain and love before and there's just too much that time can't erase. Oh how wrong he was to think that immortality meant never dying.

    Don't draw your love stake through his weak heart. You will destroy him. Rather stake love in his fangs, his strengths. Then watch his dead soul bleed love for you.

    In the daylight, invite him to rest in the coffin of your fears. He will drown and still breathe in the lake of your fears. He will embrace them. So, feed him the veins of your fears.

    His high senses hear everytime your heart breathes for him. Let your heart scream the words your afraid to. Let the screaming heal his wounds.

    The taste of lust for the blood, he knows. The lust of your soul for his love, he knows. So let him rust in the flames of your lust. Let him burn in the ignites of it.

    Care for him so much, that he would love you more than he loves blood. Know that only immortals know the meaning of forever and will love you for the lifetime.

    To remember, he is dead but he dies for you every night.
    @mirakeeworld #poetry #vampire #poem @writersnetwork @miraquill #darkpoetry #darkpoems #darklove #lovepoem @writersbay

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    How to love a vampire?


  • kuldeep0 17w

    Shall we met??

    Jajbato ko pdh k, kagaz pe likhta hu!
    Milke to dekho m, Apna sa lgta hu!

  • madinah_writes 20w

    A Vampire Queen

    I stare at my reflection in the mirror,
    My piercing eyes glare at me.
    I'm the queen of horror,
    I never lose, I'm a victorious queen.
    Blood in my mouth,
    I thirst for more.
    Painted in red, dripping down my mouth.
    I long for flesh, I want to feed.
    I'm not just a murderer, This urge I feel,
    Satisfaction, I need.

    I'm my own enermy,
    I'm my own friend.
    I'm not just legendary.
    I don't just trend.
    I've lived over a thousand years,
    I've withnessed death.
    I've faced devil without fears,
    I kill, yet I love.

  • beulah_nightcub 21w


    Wings are fun to fly and
    Fun to fall until you
    Fall against the wind,
    The wind cruel.

    My wings are old and thin and
    Stretched across like drums,
    The drums that played so long
    Life's old heart beat.

    Once I lived and drank and
    Loved and dove and lingered
    In the dark between the lights,
    The lights of joy.

    But wind is real and wind is
    Hard and fast and bitter-
    Sweet the rush of death,
    The death of what?

    Chills and cramps in caverns
    Locked my fur and skin to
    Bones grown dense, too dense
    To fly again.

    Still drums of life play on and
    Echo to my cave where my
    Deep, secret joys rest and
    Old life knows them.

    The flying children love and
    Run among the lights so
    Full of water, chasing new joys

    I hear them laugh and laugh my
    Own frail, empty belly
    For the fat and soft-winged
    Moonish children.

    Wings are fun to fly and
    Fun to fall until you
    Fall against the wind,
    The wind cruel.


  • beulah_nightcub 21w


    Old halls, old halls, old doors.
    Do the handles remember me?
    Old heart, old heart, old bones.
    Does my mother remember these?

    I'll make some puddles in the dusty carpet.
    Puddles are quiet.
    I'll leave some trails on the peeling paper.
    With trails I'll find it.

    The light lived here before.
    I loved the light, but it's so cold now.
    The old died here before.
    I loved the old, but I am old now.

    Candles frozen to the mantle stare me down.
    Skin folds into crosses between my brows.
    A yellow storybook is what they guard.
    I pause and sniff, then walk back to the yard.

    The yard is flat and square.
    The fence still teeters there.
    The woods wait dark and fair.
    Puddles are quiet.

    At morning, I suppose,
    I'll see what yellow knows,
    When candles die and doze.
    With trails I'll find it.


  • thevampirediaries 23w

    Klaus Mikaelson

    "You declared war
    when you came after
    my family."
    (The Originals)

  • thevampirediaries 26w

    Damon Salvatore

    "I just wanted you to know that Elena
    would be with you tomorrow.
    But just so we're clear...
    I want that back."

  • thevampirediaries 28w

    Damon Salvatore

    "If she lays a hand on you,
    I will cut her up into tiny, little
    pieces and I will serve her at
    the wedding buffet."

  • thevampirediaries 28w

    Klaus Mikaelson

    "I've not stopped thinking about her. When it pains me, I seek comfort in the idea of what I would do to those who would harm her."

  • thevampirediaries 28w

    Klaus Mikaelson

    A warrior fights for what they believe in. A warrior fights for his family.

  • manazscorpio 28w

    Wish I had told her

    *Tina, the not so popular mediocre attitude girl.First time I saw her at college. She was wearing a pink salwar kameez.Yes guys I noticed everything about her that day you know love at first sight.
    But she was an introvert.So it became difficult for me to approach her.As y'all know "Maar jayenge but haar nehi manenge " attitude we always have in our mind.*
    One day , when she was staring at the rain drops,I approached her :
    Me :He..he..hello (a shivering voice)
    Me:Hey.I have been noticing you for some time.
    Me:I mean I have been noticing for some time that while others are hanging up with other friends you are busy especially alone in starting the rain drops.
    Tina:Oh! Actually these rain drops inspire me a lot.The way they possess patience , their unity, their's ability towards time management .Everything about them fascinate me a lot.
    *That day to be frank I was not expecting an answer like that.I got thrilled to encounter such a person whose having such a personality. After that conversation eventually we became good friends , best friends.But not a single day I didn't express her that how much I love her. Her smile ignited something inside me that I always fail to tell her everytime I meet her. But today is 14th February Valentine' day. Today I'm going to tell her how much I love her. *
    Me:Hey Tina .I need to tell you something.
    Time:Yes Manash tell.
    Me:Shall we go to the restaurant over there .There I will tell you.
    *Tring!Tring! Tina's phone rang. She picked up the call and started crying.*
    Me:What happen Tina?
    Tina:Rahul is no more.
    Me:Whose Rahul?
    Tina:My hubby.
    Me:What the...
    *3 years have passed from that day I stopped contacting her.But what I had heard today shocked me a lot.My old friend Jagdish called me today.*
    Jagdish:Hey Manash how are you?
    Me: I'm good buddy.How're you doing?
    Jagdish:Yeah I'm doing great .Actually I called you for something serious.
    Me:Yes tell.
    Jagdish :Tina remember?
    Jagdish:She committed suicide.
    Jagdish :Actually her name is Mahima.Tina is her twin sisters name.Her actually name is Mahima.6 years ago, Tina and her husband Rahul were found dead in their house.That incident affected Mahima a lot.She went into depression after that.Everytime she used to talk about the same incident as if happened just now.She even set the ringtone as her alarm and stop it as if she Is picking up the phone and starts crying.She even used to practice black magic to make them alive again.But her efforts brought her fruitless results. But she didn't give up. She started drinking bloods of humans by killing them and sacrifices the blood got from different people in her body to the Devil by chanting different weird mantras.She even killed her Mom and Dad to bring back her sister.And do u remember Radha mam of Economics department. She used to hate mam.She even murdered her while she was going home at night from the market.
    Me:But Jagdish who murdered her?
    Jag dish:No idea.Police is still investigating.But no result has been found.One of the rumoured conclusion is that she had drank her own blood and sacrificed herself to the Devil to meet her sister.

  • thevampirediaries 29w

    Klaus Mikaelson

    I've heard about you.
    The crazy, impulsive Vampire.

  • thevampirediaries 29w

    Damon ❤️ Stefan

    Damon : Are you drunk??
    Stefan : I don't know mom, am I ?

  • honeydewhymns 34w

    A Siren's Psalm

    I have met Death,

    trembled before his face.

    It is the Fate of one

    making love to a fool,

    with a mind too clever

    to know Grace.

    Still I scorched the church

    when I vowed to never,

    raised up Hell, all

    to mend his pain.

    I awoke, my

    life force drained,

    my lover escaped

    in the night.

    Yet body remained,

    strange and

    flushed with color.

    Soon night returned,

    again I yearned

    for the skin of another.

    I preyed on the hearts

    of prideful men, with

    spines so weak,

    beguiling to bend.

    Tainted his blood

    'til he reeked

    of burning candles,

    flesh as ghostly as

    his bitter end.

    With a chest as hollow

    as the dark wood, perhaps

    deadly devotion

    can be understood.

    We exist now

    as mere apparition,

    lips embrace in ocean waters

    whom kiss the sands of time

    at shore, and births

    once more, a Dream.

    A hope and a hunger

    buried within, as

    restless as the sea.