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  • absynth 24w


    There is this place called the Mind
    Which is a locked briefcase whose unlocking code I need to find
    But it's not a combination of numbers
    but a sequence of words
    That I need to fiddle with
    so that it reveals the contents boxed in my skull
    And I keep rearranging alphabets
    with the hope of manifesting that secret code
    And before I know it I have a whole poem staring at my face
    When all I wanted was to unlock that briefcase.

    There is this place called the Heart.
    Unlike the Mind it's easier to find
    Because it gives up its cover when it pounds too hard
    But again it's guarded by a ribcage that grows around it like a fortress
    To protect it from physical injuries but not from the emotional ones.
    I don't have the key.
    Lost it somewhere inside me.
    So I put my hand on my chest
    And listen to the Heart banging its head onto the bony fortress.
    I tell it to calm down
    And let down its hair
    And look for the key which may be lying somewhere nearby
    But the Heart says
    That it ain't the pretty Rapunzel with cascading hair,
    It's just hungry emotions that are trapped there.
    I should find the hair at the top of my head
    And I ain't a prince too
    To come to the Heart's rescue.

    Then there's this place which is called the Soul
    And a lot of stories about its existence have been told
    But it's as sneaky as a wandering ghoul in the dark,
    the third eye that brings it to light is a misleading landmark.
    I can't establish contact with this entity
    Though it's supposed to reside in me
    And is a speck of cosmic energy
    Which is a proof of my eternity.
    All I can do is to trust the Soul's divinity
    To nourish and protect my caged body.

    Now I'm confused.
    Whom should I trust?
    The distracting mind or the unrelenting heart or the sneaky soul?
    These trust issues make me insecure
    And make me a vagabond in my own body.
    Oh! The things I have to endure
    Just to know that I'm nobody.