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    पाई पाई जोड़ रहा हु, कभी दो कभी ढाई जोड़ रहा हु।
    जो मन मार कर करना पडे, तो अपने गिले शिकवे निचोड़ रहा हु।
    जो देखे थे कभी मैंने सपने, वो सारे अपने मरोड़ रहा हु।
    मायूस ना हो गलत ना समझ, ये सब तेरे आने वाले सपनों के लिए जोड़ रहा हु।
    जता नहीं रहा के क्या क्या किये जा रहा हु, तुझे देखकर अपने सपनों से भी ज्यादा खुश हु।
    इसे अब क्या नाम दूं नही पता, कोई शिकन नही क्योंकि तू भी तो मै ही है।
    मैंने तुझे नहीं तूने मुझे जनम दिया है, नये सिरे से अपने सपनों को ही तो जी रहा हु।
    सुनाया करते थे अक्सर, "तु बाप बनेगा तो पता चलेगा", तेरे इस जिंदगी मे आने से ही तो सीख रहा हु।
    अपनी पंक्तियां लिख चुका अब तेरी जोड़ रहा हु, अपनी सबकी खुशीया कभी दो कभी ढाई जोड़ रहा हु।

  • vasubandhu 4w

    Fabric of Thoughts

    Lives are lived amidst, conclusions & confusions.
    Away from facts, oblivious of understandings.

    Labels, and gossips have a role to play.
    Putting relationship at stake and bonds to slay.

    The thread of communication lies at bay.
    Assumptions & delusions win the day.

    Lives are mortal & time is short.
    Whether we do justice to ourselves is worth a thought.

    Serene ways can always be sought.
    Not all the situations are wars to be fought.

    Beyond and deep lie right & wrong.
    We stick to the surface & get it all wrong.

    In the running times we just need a halt.
    Realistically ponder and levitate the fault.

    Everything is always simple and clear.
    We just need to be calm, we just need to be fair.


  • mir_sunaina 15w

    Motivation part 1

    Perfection is never error but we give up because people say perfection is just utopia.

  • hotaru_06 18w

    Sueños utópicos

    El destino se ríe a carcajadas frente a un rostro impávido, una línea soñadora se interpone con desdenes de no importarle el flujo de las circunstancias.
    Caminando por senderos de ilusión, su alrededor le advierte precaución, sin embargo, entre esto y aquello rondan los pensamientos que conllevan a un punto muerto.
    Un silencio diáfano le brinda una revelación, ya no quedan dudas; la espera ha terminado, se lanza al abismo por descubrir, sumergido en probabilidades inciertas.
    Nada importa, ¿Porque?, Talvez sea así nada importa pero a la vez todo para alcanzar ese algo que desea en secreto; es un bucle que disfruta sin sentido para llevarle la contraria al destino.


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    The azaleas bloomed under the shade of utmost utopia , their every petal holding a unique tale of valour, waiting to be revealed . But can you bring yourself to demolish them only to satisfy your incessant curiosity?


  • sonu99 21w

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    The city we never were
    Like that of the Garden of Eden,the paradise was rare.
    The city of our imagination,
    The dream place of idealisation.

    The city we never were,
    Is in the present moment or nowhere.
    That's our mind's utopian vision,
    "Ou-topos",only a fictional destination.

    The city we never were,
    Is the illusion of a utopian city that we desire.
    The city with perfection,
    May we find that far away near the horizon.

    The city we never were,
    May be existing blurred somewhere.
    There can be the birth of future city of ecotopia,
    With idea of rehabilitation,pacifism,virtue and legitimisation of existence renew.

    The city we never were,
    At present can be unreal and blur.
    But our heavenly city of utopia,
    Will born as ecotopic city or else our fantasy will catastrophise into dystopia.

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    "ou-topos"is a Greek word meaning nowhere or no place.

  • himanshi_sharma 23w

    #utopia #mirakee #writersnetwork #origami #pod #wod

    @fromwitchpen u wanted me to write so... Here u go������

    1 - ✨ Origami dreams
    Fly towards the crescent moon
    Amongst paper universe . ✨

    The clammy touch of the stars at night ,
    leaving me in the hope's site .
    Rain always seems to find our faces
    in a land half away for
    dreams to spring .

    Whether Dreams or
    call it hope
    I make sure to reside in both .

    2- ��Origami heart
    When you unfold it
    You can see the creases love left. ����

    I'm a dangerous wildfire,
    covering up the skies with the golden hues of love.
    A fire filled sky where
    Love rises like a sunrise dripping from the heavens
    in mellow tones of pink and yellow.

    Utopia will be here soon
    it will blossom into your lungs
    and call it home.

    ~• We are like paper planes
    for we bend and break
    to cure our heart aches ~•


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  • zuejin 23w

    It'll soon pass

    Perhaps my prayers aren't enough
    To stop nightmares from coming
    Maybe there's slight insincerity on my faith
    And so demons can climb at my wall
    My soul may not be pure
    And my heart is weak
    But I will keep holding on to you
    Even with the slightest hope
    That it'll soon pass

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  • voices_as_thoughts 24w


    Up there in my world
    that perfect serenity in the midst of the market
    where my sorrows are in the farthest depth of my shelf,
    when it is just basking and not penning
    and the slideshows of my made up series syncs undifficult like a well written script, down to the extent I am left with no choice than believing.
    Take me home
    outside the windows, the mirrors, the pane, the mind
    take me home
    just behind those slim sheets I'm locked within.

  • bettrickcard 24w

    Glass Onion

    I would cry if it matters
    Tears solve nothing
    Crying helps no one
    And all at once it falls apart
    Like Lego blocks in an earthquake

    You think it matters
    The frogs croaking
    Looking for a mate in the swampy night
    What happens when one has none?
    Does it drown in the muddy water
    Or does it rise again in the midnight sky
    Fill it's lungs with air
    And croak all night long

    You think it will help to do this and that
    Then run away
    To the edge of the village
    To the edge of the world
    Jump off the cliff and die
    Will you feel better then?
    Or will you still feel empty

    So think not of this and that
    Cry not for him and her
    Spray your eyes with lemons
    Drink sauce and eat roots
    No one cares
    Nothing changes

  • whiteeflower_ 25w

    this is the second one. I was inspired by the story of person I admired & I interpreted their message by writing this ✨

    #wonderland #sailing #journey #imprisonment #utopia #reality #childhood

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    reborn & sailing without hesitation,
    you are the captain,
    being in control over your journey,
    free yourself from inner imprisonment,
    makes the utopia in your mind,
    become the reality,
    as you have been longing for it,
    since your childhood,
    you want to see your own wonderland


  • ashishtattu 25w

    The spread of the virus
    makes us scream
    Normalcy now seems
    like a Utopian dream

  • word_s_myth 25w


    The joy or the pain-
    Which of it did rain,
    On my loved pages
    Stored for the lyric
    You were supposed to write.

    The boon or the curses-
    Which shaded my verses?
    Making them too weak
    To flow from the nib
    You promised would hold your ink.

    The 'lonely night'
    As I did write
    Sound too common to the refined ear;
    I smile as I think,
    How they teach me to feel,
    And put them out for you to hear.

    I don't want you back!

    I saw the dreams
    Lingering in nightmares,
    Beyond the tough hills,
    I found the meadow,
    As you stood beneath
    Too tired to trek;
    I know the grasses
    Wait for me,
    As do you
    At the foot of the hill.

    I'm sitting on the welcoming green,
    Writing words that would never be seen,
    Feeling what they did not teach,
    Far beyond the worldly reach
    There's my Utopia.

    #napowrimo #utopia #euphoria

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  • bettrickcard 27w

    Donkey Awareness

    Black man
    Black gun
    Black boys with black hands
    Black donkeys chewing cable wires

    Black streets
    Black women
    Black mamas looking for thick mambas
    Black donkeys chewing daddy's shirts

    Black man
    Black suits
    Black police with whistles
    Black donkeys have won the race

    Black books
    Black rooms
    Black men get mambas chopped
    Black donkeys.. they drink my sweat

    Black man
    Black days
    Black children learning how to steal
    Black donkeys, they lied again

  • mrspectacular 27w


    Everything looks perfect than the usual migrainous atmosphere Hilary is used to. He walks through the street naked unknown. Something feels rather off. It is meant to be a Monday, he expects that his boss would calling his phone now wondering where he is and why he is taking so long to get to the office but that is not happening. Confused and distraught, he yearns for someone to explain what is going on but they will not even approach him but only stare at him with a mixture of disgust and pity.

    After walking aimlessly for close to fifteen minutes, he comes upon a young lady,Miriana who looks like she is in her late 20s standing by the door of a building that looked rather too sophisticated unlike the others he had come by which look rather ancient structured. He wonders why hers was quite different from the other houses he had come across behind him but he sure did like what he was seeing. Both the lady and her building seemed to fascinate him. He prays within him that someway she would not be like the others he had met before.

    To his greatest surprise, she beckons at him frantically seeing that he is naked, waving her hands in the air to attract him to her, seeing that he is naked so she could help him with something to cover up himself and probably ascertain the reason for his demeanor as he does not have the look of a lunatic. Drawing closer to her, he can help himself as he smiles so heartily having been beckoned by the girl of his dream. Taking him into the house, a well furnished edifice with everything one could ask for, six air-conditioning units, four sitting rooms, two dinning rooms and one very large bedroom, he is astonished as to how this young lady could have come about this wonderful space.
    Asked to sit while she goes to get something for him to wear, he takes his seat however wondering why exactly he would need something else to wear as he is not aware he is naked. Seated comfortably, he can not stop admiring the sophistication of the house. Fascinated by a miniature sculpture he sees resting on one of the cupboards in the house, he moves over to admire it some more. Lost in the details of perfection he finds in the sculpture, he does not realize when Miriana re-enters the room.
    'You must love art?'
    Startled, he drops the sculpture to the ground, shattering it instantly.
    'I am sorry.... I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry. Please I did not mean to do that', he apologizes frantically while trying to pick the pieces back up and put them together again in order not to get Mariana any angrier than he wrongly perceives she already is.
    Mariana looks at him and smiles at how scared at how scared she is, she has never seen a man that courteous and scared in her entire life.
    'C'mon...It is okay', she says. 'I know you did not mean it. I will remake it. I have been looking for something to do actually. This would be a good opportunity'
    'You mean you sculpted all these?' he asks shocked. 'I am mindblown to say the least'
    'Thank you my goodman', she says with an accent as she genuflects.
    'You're welcome milady', Hilary bows with a smile on his face.
    'Alright. Here are some clothes', Miriana says as she hands him the clothes to go put on. 'Please go put them on.'
    'But I already have my clothes on. Can't you see?', he argues taking a 360° turn for her to see the clothes he has on.
    Unwilling to pursue any further argument, she quickly leads him to the dresser in the bedroom to prove to him that he is naked.
    Standing before the mirror, he is shocked to see he is really naked with his penis erect. Embarrassed, he quickly snatches the clothes from Miriana. 'You mean I've been walking for the past one hour naked?', he questioned rhetorically. 'Why didn't anyone of those other people that saw me say something.'
    'They probably thought you were mad or they just really liked what they were seeing', she says giving her lower lip a gentle bite.
    'I've never been so embarrassed in my entire life', Hillary remarks jamming his head against the wall repeatedly. 'I feel so stupid'.
    'Calm down, my dear', Miriana says as she puts her right hand on his shoulder. 'That is how I felt when I first got here but eventually you get used to it.'
    'What do you mean when you first got here?', he questions almost vexed imagining Miriana is mocking him.
    Pulling him along, she leads to one of the sitting rooms so they could sit comfortably and discuss what is happening to them both.
    'Please take a seat', Miriana courteously asks and when Hillary does, she continues. 'I've been here for three weeks altogether...'
    'What????', Hilary screams. 'You mean there is no escape from this hellish nightmare?'
    'Relax...' Miriana pacifies. 'I did not say three weeks stretch. It happens once in a while. You dream about a perfect world and you are brought to this place for a week and after a week in the regular world calendar you are returned to reality so once it is 12:01am here, you will be returned back to the real time which would have been a week already there.'
    'I will be asleep for a week in the real world?', Hilary asks with a rather devious smile
    'Exactly...', Miriana remarks. 'Crazy right?'
    'No.... Awesome' Hillary objects. 'I work too hard. I deserve this break'. He looked around the building wondering what exactly he would do with the one week break he has been given by whatever it was that was going on right then. 'So tell me. What do you guys do for fun here?'
    'My dear, this is a place of limitless possibility. There is practically nothing impossible here. Do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want it. Just enjoy yourself. Treat yourself to a fun time.'
    Hillary leaves Miriana to go treat himself to a fun time with this new world. He goes into a bank and demand for fifty billion pounds and on the spot, the money is issued to him, no questions asked. He buys a fleet of cars, builds a very massive mansion, a fully automated, expensively furnished house equipped with every electronic gadget and appliances that could make life feel like heaven.
    He is so pleased with himself but unknown to him, the week at the reality side of life is about to end so he would be returning home soon. Now he could not imagine what a perfect life would be like but he is living it. Taking a whiff of the cigarette he has bought on the grounds that cancer of the lungs nor kidney has any power over him here, he puffs into the air so happily. After about seven large sticks of cigarettes, he falls asleep which wakes him up to real world where he is surrounded by his wife and kids alongside some doctors who were actually battling to save his life imagining he had gone into some sort of comatose.
    Confused, he questions, 'What's going on here?'


  • monali03 32w

    Called your name,
    The day you left
    Your tinted stage.
    Your balcony leans
    A little more on me.
    And the air
    Reeks of pain.
    Sapphire windows,
    On a white painted house,
    A dove on her head,
    And an apple
    Posed on her belly button.
    The call is utopic,
    The call is for
    You to pick.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words



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  • poetrynz 33w

    There are moments in life when I want to hide from reality.


  • zuejin 36w

    A Writer

    Being a writer is an illness
    A bug that craves for pen and paper
    A malady of putting your words into story
    It's an incurable disease
    That infects your whole systen
    And makes you insane
    Even so, keep on writing

  • zuejin 36w

    Who would've have thought that meeting a stranger isn't always a bad thing....

    This will be the last part for today. Will upload again tomorrow.Stay tune!

    Check out my account to read the previous parts..

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    Escape Journey (Part 5)

    "You said when I entered but aren't I got here first before you?" I question.

    "I was standing there." he pointed his finger to the pole near the train door as my eyes followed it. "You were in deep thought or maybe blank when you entered." he said.

    "So did you run away?" his final confirmation gives me a blow.

    "I guess it's something like that." I replied to him. "How about you?" I gave him back the question he asked me.