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  • burned_butterflies 1w

    When you tell someone
    you love them,

    Do you remember loving me ?


  • mrrajain 9w

    I was happy when
    Hormones weren't active

    It felt like freedom when
    Friendship meant fun

    Dreams were wanted when
    They were mine

    Streets were uncrowded when
    Gender didn't exist

    Nights were for sleep when
    I waited for my dreams

    Everything has changed now
    Anxiety has replaced the moon in nights

    Streets appear empty now
    But can't avoid the females in sight

    Some dreams now are bearable
    But I am not alone in there anymore

    There is some free time now
    But it's mostly me and thoughts

    Most goals are realized now
    But lots of understanding is missing

    A space has been carved now like home
    But it's mostly me, music and books sitting there

    The fridge now is full with drinks and food
    But an unknown thirst has taken over

    They say we want what we lack for
    But when did I ask for these changes

    They say time heals
    Only if they know how it feels

    A lot of weed has grown in the garden
    No option left but to smoke it and
    Pretend living the life it was.

    #the #burden #of #unwanted #dreams

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  • roli10 13w

    Infelicitous things

    After a long vacation,
    I returned,
    Nothing changed,
    Everyone of them were the people I knew
    But, Do I really knew ?
    The infelicitous things..
    The broken mirror,
    The untouched door knobs,
    Everything was probing...
    Wanting to know,
    Where I was when...
    The mist and the darkness played with them...
    Why I left them when they needed me the most...
    I was standing there watching at the shadows...
    The shadow which carries beautiful memories...
    I feel so lost...
    Under the mocking gaze of those infelicitous things...

  • geniusjenny 22w


    When he left with peace.
    In the middle,
    With choice,
    Without mine,
    But his alone.
    Full of chivalry
    His chaotic mind
    Turned me down
    When he left
    In the middle
    Leaving pieces.

  • queeniedoll1924 26w


    Birthed in remorse.... No angels sang a chorus. My cries were not a joyous sound, no happy looks exchanged, no congratulations were ever found. My life was not one wanted, I was not meant to be, they wished my eyes would never open to see there was beauty, living free. They hated that I existed a burden and a pawn was all they'd see. I was brought into the world to suffer through their misery and pain. One was full of hatred the other was purely vain. But I held a secret in my soul that broke their vengeful chains. I was born of fire, an Aries in my blood, a Phoenix rising through the ash and burning like the Sun.

  • anna_leigh 27w

    denial is harsh, and sometimes you don't want to admit you're wrong. #help #unwanted #wrong #harmful #denial #admit #writer #writersnetwork #newpoet #newwriter

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    Harmful Help

    Are they okay?

    Can I help them? 


    If they ask.

    I’m going to help them.

    You are going to hurt them.

    I will not.

    You will.

    I will help as many people as I can,

    You help no one.

    I’m doing the right thing.

    You are doing the wrong thing.

    I am not.

    You are wrong.

    I am not wrong.

    You are hurting them,

    I am not hurting them.

    You are killing them.

    I am not killing them.

    But you are.

    I am not.

    You are.

    You have killed them with your unwanted help.

    They did not ask for your help.

    I do not care, I am doing the right thing.

    You are not.

    I am.

    No, you aren’t.

    Can’t you see?

    They are all dead.

    No they aren’t.

    I did not kill anyone.

    You killed everyone.

    Unwanted help

    Hurts more than welcomed help.

    You are telling them they need help,

    And that is wrong.

    You are wrong.

    I am not wrong.


    You are.

  • anas_husain 28w

    What is time?

    All I know it is important,
    Rest ask the successful people.


  • sharls_glad 28w

    Special or unwanted?

    Yesterday you spoke to me like
    I am very Special to you!
    But today you ignore me like
    I am an Unwanted shitty paper!
    What's real? I'm Special or Unwanted?


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  • discreetliterature 34w


    Pleasure does not promise enlightenment.
    It just unlocks an experience.
    Which ends up being an untrained or maybe an unwanted memory.


  • solitudelover 37w

    Unwanted girl child 2


    I don't have any one real for me
    I don't have anyone who showers pure love
    Though I have dad,he isn't my real
    I don't know how mother's cuddle is
    Though I have one she isn't my real
    I don't know siblings' share and care
    Though I have one she isn't completely mine
    All of them don't think I'm theirs.

    And then,
    I thought I will definitely have
    My love for life for whom I must be theirs,
    their first & their everything.
    I got one
    Then I realized
    I wasn't their first.

  • vdascribbling 38w

    Ever ...?

    Ever felt like you don't belong
    And everything you do is always wrong?
    Ever felt like you have no place
    To ask for anything
    Want for anything
    And like you're just taking up space?

    Ever wanted to love so hard,
    That you'd accept anything
    Just so it won't go bad?
    Ever wanted to be loved unconditionally
    By someone, anyone, just a love that's free?

    Ever felt like the darkness is the safest place
    Because every time you try
    You're left like you have a bad taste.
    Ever wanted it all to just be gone,
    Just for a moment
    So you epitomise the words of your favourite love song?

    Ever wanted the future to be here today
    So that you could stop feeling this
    Forlorn and unwanted type of way

  • lunatic_pen 40w

    Be careful what you wish for...


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  • authentic14082004 48w

    #unwanted fact of life.

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    Unwanted fact of life.

    Life is a gift of full of surprises,suspense, happiness, sadness, brightness,.we don't know when Will we die .we all knows that one day we will die.sometimes we get frustrated and we says ourselves that's it no more but when we are on the point of death we just pray to God plz give life I want to live.....................

  • faulty_puppet 50w


    Yeh Duniya Tumko Raas Aaye To Kehna
    Na Tareekon Se Mansha Takraye To Kehna
    Yeh Gul Hai Bas Din Ka Mehmaan
    Samajh Me Jab Yeh Aa Jaye To Kehna

    Bohut Khush Ho Kar Kaha Usne Kuch
    Na Kehkar Mukar Jaye To Kehna
    Kaanp Uthoge Gar Dastaan Sun Lo Meri
    Kabhi Dil Darr Se Thartharaye To Kehna

    Dhunwa Kuch Gharon Se Uth Raha Hai
    Na Poore Sheher Me Chaa Jaye To Kehna
    Hulchul Machi Hogi Dilo-Dimaag Me
    Jab Rooh Me Bhi Sannata Chaa Jaye To Kehna

    Dil Me Dafn Hai Raaz Hazaron
    Raaz Kabhi Kabr Se Uth Jaye To Kehna
    Har Raah Me Mila Naya Humsafar
    Jab Koi Beech Me Chor Jaye To Kehna

    Saari Mohabaat Is Dil Ke Kamron Me Band Hai
    Kabhi Agar Dil Ki Chabi Kho Jaye To Kehna
    Jo Dil Me Nahi Wo Band Aansu Me Hai Qaid
    Yeh Aansu Bekabu Ho Jaye To Kehna


  • solitudelover 53w

    Unwanted girl child

    If I were a boy
    I wouldn't be given for

    Just because
    I was born a girl I'm

    Not being born
    as a male child isn't my

    For none of my fault
    within myself

  • lalitha_l2 57w

    The #love, which I loved #you more than myself,
    The #pain, which I holded more, when leaving you,
    The #self #respect which became the #mask of mine, infront of you,
    Are the only #feelings memorized by my #brain, for which this #dead #heart, pumping the #unwanted blood.

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    The love, which I loved you
    more than myself,
    The pain, which I holded more,
    when leaving you,
    The self respect which became
    the mask of mine, infront of you,
    Are the only feelings memorized
    by my brain, for which this dead heart, pumping the unwanted blood.

  • yours_fortune 57w

    You never know what someone is going through
    #mess #life #unwanted #nothappening #messy #writer #mirakee #sadness #sad

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    Followers:- Look at your post ,they are such a mess
    Me :- hey, wanna see my life

  • jomygk 58w


    It's all matter of time when you have no reason to stay for the one you wanted the most.