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    Unsaid - It is wise to choose to reliance on Allah, than to be self-dependent / independent.

    Bg ~ In zalimo'n ne wo feature bi cheen liya...@mirakee

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    With time , i found the verity, Wallah.
    Blessed you are, if relied on Allah.

    وقتی حقیقت را پیدا کردم-
    من به خدا اعتماد دارم -


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    English :

    Don't assume yourself as the mere star of love.
    Sun was exacted to set, on this conceit.


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    Tum wahid na samjo khud ko, muhabbat ke sitare jaisa.
    Suraj ki bi sham hui thi, jab usko guma'n hua.


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    Ashq'e che'tin ( Condiment of Love)

    Born with nothing left behind her, she came with everything she would have àsked for. It was love that moulded her being and forced her to live beyond earth transcending everything with that heart full of love. She strolled on thorns, aimless through the streets, and ceased her soul at the door sill. These clicks belong to Ashk'e chetin, although I don't know her real name but I would've certainly called her with this name, despite knowing the real one.

    Ashk'e chetin was immensely beautiful and at all levels of her being -face, heart and soul. A special one, known within and outside the walls of her home, she was adorned and admired everywhere, moreover worshipped by the Majnu's over the streets. A lone sister of many brothers, probably the luckiest from every tilt. She was loved by many from what I have heard. On the way back home , she was exposed to the blowing whistles through the streets from her admirers who would circumambulate around her and used to follow her and tease her from her college gate all the way up to her home. To some extent, she was conceited by her own charm and thus would react with some in a worse manner, except for Mushtaq.

    Mushtaq, perhaps, was a bit more striking and appealing among all her admirers and what she found in him , was a celebrity of love. Mushtaq, in response too, was one of those longing for her "Yes". While days passed into months and probably years as well, Mushtaq was at the edge of losing hope. To his surprise she said 'Yes" to him filling his life with the greatest of joy. Ashk'e chetin perhaps found him more careful, silent, deep, sensible, incredible and pious upto a level.

    When one of the colleagues was passing on this story to us I was greedy to finish it quickly, like you are now ,but I wasn't sure it will end like a bursting cloud.

    Finally , they were in love and this blend of love like chetin (condiment) in the mixer, where they lost their individuality became one- an unforgettable flavor of love. Chetin was sure about Mushtaq as the man of her life when the college was filled with tales of their love, their bond amidst the jealous eyes and tongues.

    Alas! Love needs the food of reason,, and fades with time , if a catalyst is no more at hand. Mushtaq and his care, his depth got filled with silt thus gradually fading out. The river of love was in it's old stage and in need of rejuvenation, sacrosanct yet weak and dry thus meandering. With time, doubts started growing in the ashke chetin's head also. To feel the beloved and his love slipping away was not hard for someone who devoted all of her being for love. She tried to sprinkle the cactus full of water, all in vain.

    I still walk in the streets of her wondering and trying to conjure the pain that so deeply affected her and made her suffer.You too may feel the same.

    While searching for her love in the fog of betrayal, she became a wanderer. Now looking aged, she wasn't the talk of the old streets of Anantnag any more. Mushtaq was guilty by heart, who had started ignoring her and finally got rid off her, someone he chased back in his youth.

    Chetin at last was left with what happens to many true lovers 'A broken & trembled heart' - imbalanced and unwilling to steady itself. Although she looks aged now, she could still marry a younger, more handsome and more wealthy person. Her parents and loving brothers insisted on her for the same, to which she rejected in credence. In today's world, it is hard to find that kind of depth in love. Love is now lean because of compulsory blue ticks on social media and some jio plans on the phone. Love has been eroded to 'if and but', to dating by the western elements , etc.
    "Love was beyond marriage...." I heard this phrase from a close one, who sacrificed his love for a wonderful reason- Social norms, you know, can never define love and accept it.

    Chetin continued to reject the offers from many , her brother's choices and many more. She was a firm believer in blessings of Resh Moul Saeb and thus started visiting his Shrine ,where she drained out tears and poured out her heart. She would cry out the tears of complaint with Mushtaq, tears of great love betrayal and lounging, tears of immeasurable depth of love and probably tears of sulphur which still touches the tongue of many who visit to taste the sulphur water of springs of Sherbagh ( a part of Anantnag town).

    Baba Hyder Rishi (r.a) popularly known by the name of Resh Moul Saeb was a venerated saint of south kashmir , particular to Anantnag town. His ziyarat is located at the Heart of Anantnag / Islamabad town. Since Chetin was local, Resh Moul never paid heed to her tears for the saying goes on that 'Reshmoul is more of non-locals , than locals'.

    Finally, Ashke chetin died at the door sill of his beloved father-.Resh moul.The street boys should be given a credit to this name, Ashke chetin, who used to taunt her, after mushtaq left her and she wandered around. The streets of Anantnag still resonate this flavour of this condiment of love.

    Summary :

    This is a true story of a girl (name unknown) from Anantnag , who was in love with a guy named mushtaq who cheated her and married someone else. Her parents forced and requested her in millions to marry. They assured to find someone better, but she refused. She became a wanderer and for many years, she used to be near the shrine of .... Reshmoul sb. and she used to cry there very loud. She prayed day and night , but failed . She was rich, but she denied her wealth. She died as a wanderer. As Ashke chetin , she became a classic example of love beyond imagination , she became Ashke chetin- In whom love dissolves itself.

    Unsaid - Immensely grateful to @bariya_hamid for adding the last brick and polishing this story.

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    Ashq'e che'tin
    (Condiment of Love)


    Ishq ke dar pe kya khada hue...
    Hum to fana hue...


    (Caption plz☺️).

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    Some words left unsaid will have
    more meaning and impact
    than said

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    In Urdu :

    Yu'n jab fir in khasta raston par chalna hua,
    Dile _behas ka, fir hawao'n ki khatir rukna hua.
    Kinare yahan ta'eed de rahe hain khud ko ,
    Ek khoye hue razdaa:n aaj fir guzarna hua.

    #Unsaid :
    (Let's have a walk on our beloved road... & listen , what friendship means...)
    To a lost one... What is best gift i can send .. ?

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    To a Lost one.

    Still when i walk on thy curly paths,
    Where my heart numbs.
    Where a blowing wind is enough...
    to give me a little pause.
    Where the two ends of road , on my left & right,
    brief each other & comfort my loss.
    There, my dear,
    my eyes still rove to catch your shadows.


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    #Unsaid - Neend aaye to khumar h vo , na aaye to subeh ka intizar.

    #Bg - Do you know Aurora Borealis ? They say sky conditions have nothing to do with it.

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    خمار - Khuma'r

    Meri palko'n pe wo neend ke khuma'r jaisa.
    Raat ke safar mei, subh'u ke intizar jaisa.

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    At times, we see the rift between two people as boundless as the distance between earth and the sky. And we suppose, there are no evidences to affirm this bond. "Bala aise kab hua hai ki zaameen aasman se mili ho. !!!".
    Yet with a positive gear, we try to compare it with the space in between, the elements like O2/N, as happiness and pollutants like CO , NO2 , SO2 as concern. We also observe it's layers viz; tropo, strato, meso , etc. as limits.. & when we try to cross those, we fullfill it with consciousness and required caution.
    And we add... "Although this earth and the sky seem to be apart, they custody each other. We have indications; One , without being poignant, the Sky hosts the sun to nourish earth , warms it , beautifies it with different seasons & greenish plants with colourful flowers.
    And then, notice the earth & its reaction, it spins & revolves (say dances), blooms in colours, turns the seasons , and switches the conduct of its residents during days and nights. The earth thus, manifests the sky ...that i am alive, vigorous and extremely happy , only because of you.
    The sky responds too in various fashions & moods.... changing its color from grey / black to blue , decorates itself with clouds, thunders the anger, and when missing the earth, it rains and ends with a smile in rainbow . So does the earth. It floods...when it rains heavily... creates storms to depict its anger...."

    The story goes a long way...but in sum, it doesn't matter they are apart , they care.


    Unsaid ka Dimag : Ye Geography padte padte b koi shayir banta hai kya !!!.��

    Unsaid : Geography bi to ek shayiri hi hai, jo samaj aaye na aaye...pasand sabko aati hai.��

    Bg: Visit a sea end and you ll realise : doesn't matter, there are distances and differences in between, somewhere the sky & the earth are together.

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    Somewhere, there is a seashore.


    Duriyan sakht hoti nahi, banayi jati hai.
    Fasle b kam hote ni, mitaye jate hain.

    Hasi , khushi, ye sab to nazrana hai.
    Asal mei ek dusre ke gam bhulaye jate hain.


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    Better Left Unsaid

    Some things are better left unspoken

    Like the things you said

    Those words that you left in my head

    They've left me dead and broken

    You left me here alone

    You've taken my closure, my solace,

    And you replaced it

    With an absence of empathy.


    I'm right here

    Exactly where you and I used to be

    Only this time, the difference is

    That I'm the only one who's here.

    Your words have exiled me

    You abandoned me to feel everything we lost

    You left me to deal with it all on my own.


  • unsaid 3w

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    Bg~ some people are there to motivate and push you up, no matter they know you or not or where they are...like the distant sun at sunset. Some will even demoralise you, even if they are close enough , like the trembling cold of winter. Some will definitely make you to look up and feel proud like the blue sky, some will hammer you down even if they are a friend.

    Unsaid : muje fakhr se uthaye hue sar, rooh mei base sukoon ki wajah , sunset ke time sun ki distance aur Winter mei ek din ki wo bahar jaisi dhup pyari lagti hai.

    #urdu words
    Uthaye sar - Raised Head
    Jabeen - forehead
    Garur - Pride
    Ragg - vein
    Suroor - Peace
    Naap - Measure
    Garoob_e_aftaab - Sunset
    Fasla - distance
    Mukhtasar - In Sum
    Sarma - winter

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    Uthaye sar ke jabeen ka jaise garur ho,
    Mere ru'h ki har ragg ka wo jaise suroor ho.

    Mei naap lu'n to wo guroob_e_aaftab tak ka fasla,
    Mukhtasar mei, wo sarma mei ek din jaisi bahar ho.


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    From the sky of joy , to the trenches of grief.
    Life is a voyage ; beauty , shallow & brief.

    Crowded in the paths, with a lone end.
    Subdued by the haters & dancing with a friend.
    A tool for a day , & peace for the night .
    Life is the hope , within mornin' light.

    Loss of the present & time.
    Gain of memories & experiences.
    Hard to recover & be potent in the woe.
    Life is easy to go with the flow.

    It is not easy to think & act on.
    It is not easy to smile & carry on.
    Yet life is to live & forget the past.
    For you never know,
    tomorrow could be your last.

    From the sky of joy , to the trenches of grief.
    Life is a voyage ; beauty , shallow & brief.


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    Shayir kalam se kehte hain..

    Kabi zahiri tanz tumhe raas na aayi to kya hua..
    Apne fakhr ki lehron ko madham kar,
    Apne aap ko badal, aur
    Khud pe ikhtiyar hasil kar ,
    Tab tum likho ge, tumhe aman aur sukoon ka gar naseeb hua.

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    Mei shakhs tha khwabo'n ko jeena wala.
    Ab Muje haqeeqatein rula rahi hai..

    ~ J.E

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    And to know how well fortified you are.
    Feel the worst , and smile in between.


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    Unsaid - have this dhundli gazal ..

    Tere aasman tale,
    ghar kar chuka hun ab,
    Aur dil hi dil mei tumse,
    fasle chahta hun.

    Tumse ishq hai aaj kal,
    urooj par.
    Aur mei be_has ,
    garoob chahta hun.

    uljhano'n mei khud ko pa raha hu.
    Jane kyun museebatein azma raha hun.

    Sochta hu jab tere dar se guzar hoga.
    Tab to ye dil tum pr mar mita hoga.

    Jane fir mera kya haal hoga.
    Jane kab is dil ka zawal hoga.


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    Belonged now, under the sun of your shiny sky.
    Feared of wither, I wish i could die.
    Thinking of the retreat from this charming high,
    Forced I am, to choose the deaf ear & icy eye.


  • wild_babe 5w


    Your smell in the saree is
    Still with my fingers

    Food you make
    I call it worst, but is the best

    My words are out of anger sometimes
    My heart is out for you always

    Look ma,I never said

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    Translation :
    In the showers of rain, i again got a match.
    They surprise our seclusion with solidity.

    Unsaid : Found a home in a - rain drop.
    (Hope everyone here, is doing good in this sitamgar #lockdown).

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    بارش سے الگ ہی شباھت ہے میری۔
    لوگ اسکی ہر تنہا بوند کو بھی ، بہت کہتے ہیں۔

    Barish se alag hi shubahat hai meri,
    Log iski har tanha bund ko bhi, bahut kehte hai.


  • marianotsaint 6w

    Dear Ex,

    These days my life is an emotional rollercoaster. I type a message to send you everyday but I never could gather the strength to press enter!
    Ask the backspace button.
    It knows my turmoil.
    I know there is nothing I can say that could ever justify my apathy towards you.
    But when someone asks me to close my eyes and rewind my life I wish I could hit pause on all the moments we shared and relive it over and over again!

  • philocalistabella 8w

    Please follow comment and like

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    Look for who hears

    What you left unsaid

  • chaos_under_calm 8w


    Funny how you do it so easily.
    Funny how with a mere glance,
    You could bring back the wildfire
    That ransacked my sanity a long time ago
    Whose flames white hot,
    Danced across each of my waking moment
    Scalding and laying me bare
    Setting fire to what's left of my poise,
    And casting its ashes in the air
    That told the tale of an unforseen frenzy.
    Funny how with a hint of warmth,
    You could revive a whole graveyard of feelings,
    Glacial cold and long abandoned,
    Wherein lies the emotions that I slayed
    Whose remnants I purged
    with tears sweet and hot.
    Funny how with a ghost of a smile,
    You could brew cauldrons of concoctions
    in the pit of my stomach,
    Whose scent pulled at my very heartstrings
    That laid limp and languid a hot spur ago,
    While my senses savored in its luscious glory,
    And funny how my nerves relished in its dizzying aftertaste.
    Funny how you would leave so easily,
    While I bury the awaken,
    Their eulogies manifesting in long sighs
    And furious tears held aback with grit.
    Funny how my own heart betrays
    And longs for one last stirring beat,
    Before a lifetime of lifeless ones,
    Leaving me to labour in pain,
    While rationality drowned
    The last of flames to ground.

  • arcane77 9w

    I read between your words
    Uncountable expressions of divine
    Sonnet of 14 lines
    Magic of enchanted rhymes

    I read between your words
    The Compressed exasperation
    Retaliation of my hurts and again,
    uncountable expressions of you and mine

  • krystallos 10w

    To the lover I never loved
    To the face I never held
    To those lips I never kissed
    To those hands I never touched...

    The strength it took to turn away
    Left me broken the next day
    Or was it my cowardice
    that left a scar in your name

    The possibilities of unchosen choices
    Haunt me every minute
    Wishing I could go back to that moment
    I would choose to love you
    I would choose to live...