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  • likwidsay10 2h

    #Love #Unrequitedlove

    I can see my breath
    in the cold night air
    While standing in the woods
    Behind your house where you said
    We'd meet each other
    When it got dark out
    I could hear an argument between
    You and your father,
    He's been drinking again
    So he's acting out again
    Bitter cause his life
    Didn't turn out as he planned
    Wasted youth
    I heard your father say,
    "If you go, I'll lock you out and call
    The cops when you come around."
    You shouted back
    "Go ahead. I can't stand another day
    Here in this fucking hell!"
    You then busted thru the back door
    Nearly running to the trail
    Where I'd usually meet you
    I hugged you when you arrived
    And asked, "Are you alright?"
    "Yes," you said,
    "Wanna hang for the night?"
    I understood and we decided
    To walk to a nearby field
    Where the sky was naked and open
    We laid next to each other
    An' looked up to the heavens
    It was a clear night
    An' the stars shone bright on us
    You pulled out a joint
    From your front coat pocket
    An' sparked it up
    We passed it back and forth
    Til there was nothing left
    Looking at the stars I suddenly
    Felt insignificant, not even a
    Speck of dust in the universe
    I tell you how I feel
    An' you say, "You're not insignificant
    To me. My life is so fucked up right now
    Why are we even alive?"
    You looked at me as if
    I had an answer but I turned
    An' looked to the stars
    An' said, "Maybe they wonder
    The same thing out there?"
    You looked to the stars
    An' a comet flew across the sky
    Splitting into two
    A sudden streak then nothing
    You said, "Make a wish. Maybe
    It will come true." I closed my eyes
    An' I wished for you
    You only see me as a good friend
    It hurts when I see you
    With her with you hanging
    From your arm
    She reminds me of a chimpanzee
    The world is your own
    Personal petting zoo
    You got up and said, "I've got
    To go my girlfriends waiting
    For me." My thoughts lingered
    An' I feel a sting, a pang in my heart
    You got up and ask can I
    Make it home alone?
    Of course I can
    I know my way home
    Then he left
    I walked thru the dark trees
    Heading back home
    With tears in my eyes
    That are blurring my sight
    My hearts so heavy
    I can't lift it off of the ground
    I make it home and head
    For the bedroom
    Where I can be alone with
    These conflicting feelings
    Inside that kill the joy in me
    Like nothing else
    My world felt comeplete
    When i was with you tonight
    But you don't know
    How I really feel inside
    An' its like i can't tell you
    Cause I'm so afraid
    Of the rejection
    Well at least I'd know
    I go from tears to smiles
    I got a text from you
    Stating, "I love you."
    I texted back, "I love you too."
    The night is cold but
    Your out there finding
    Warmth with someone else
    The happy feeling dissipates
    An' I'm missing you again
    I feel so lonely, I hug my pillow
    An' lay on top of the comforter
    I turn off the light
    An' sleep, perhaps I'll dream
    Of you tonight
    A single soldier in war and love
    They say there's nothing fair
    In love and in war
    This is so true especially
    For the likes of me
    I came into the battle wounded
    Will I be victorious. Glorious,
    Fabulous, its would be ridiculous
    But your servere an' serious
    Why do I feel like I could die


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    I Can See My Breath

  • hauntedblossom 19h

    For Him, My Daemon of Dusk.

    I told you 

    in the soft summer afternoon,

    how I believed in God. 

    I held your gaze

    and we parted ways. 

    The metal bat 

    we found abandoned

    held upon your shoulders. 

    I prayed the day wouldn’t come

    when we would grow older. 

    Maybe now

    you think of me

    and recall my smile

    or my tears. 

    I will confess

    this joy and sorrow

    only grew across the years.

    Today, in a blink of an eye

    I caved, felt the joy of you. 

    Felt those butterflies in my lungs

    remembered those times

    when we were young. 

    When this hungry world

    didn’t tear at our flesh

    like a vengeful ghost 

    refuses to rest. 

    And now 

    for all I know

    this love and agony

    was only hallucination. 

    I’ve homed this sweet disparity 

    as if loving the emptiness 

    would mean our salvation. 

    But through all these years

    my seeds of grief were sown 

    into the ground, 

    reaping harvest after harvest, 

    leaving much to desire

    yet less to be found. 

    Soon I looked to the sea

    witnessed a salt kissed 

    horizon of demons, 

    dancing in the waves

    eyes boring into me. 

    This ache of knowing

    I had no boat to steer

    to navigate that which on land

    seemed deceptively clear. 

    To know the moon 

    was your only master, 

    to feel wary of the storms 

    only nearing faster. 

    To feel the boon of 

    being a coward, 

    teasing your heart 

    just along the shore.

    And yet, I was the one

    left wanting more.


  • guardian 3d

    My feelings for you,
    Like wind against ocean waves
    Strong and sure as the thunder after the lightening
    Like castle ruins still standing atop hills
    Echoing the memories of their inhabitants.

    My feelings for you,
    Breathing in the cozy midnight breeze
    Waving intricate patterns in cloudy skies
    And gently brushing them aside
    To watch the stars turn in the heavens above us.

    Your feelings for me,
    Like the alarms you'd snooze mindlessly
    Or the little dandelions that would be in full bloom
    But still get plucked with the rest of the weed,
    Or the old check shirt
    Hanging behind the door,
    That you loved once
    And you keep now only for memories.


    #feelings #unrequitedlove

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    Time and Tide


  • venus93 1w


    Love itself is the sweetest feeling.
    It becomes even sweeter when reciprocated.
    But isn't it better to throw love to the winds and forget all about it
    when someone feels threatened by your love?

  • silverau25 1w

    As I love you in the beginning
    I know you feel nothing
    My heart keeps on pounding
    Your name is what she is shouting

    My eyes keep on shining
    As I can see your face smiling
    I can't hold my breathing
    I was drowning this unexplainable feeling

    As I look to your tantalizing eyes
    I see an angel in disguise
    Just like the waves in the tide, my feelings for you arise
    In my life, you are like my spice.

    This feeling keeps me hunting
    I can't stop where it is starting
    Just like the river, it keeps on flowing
    I don't mind if I am almost drowning

    My love for you is undeniable
    Just like the sand, it is uncountable
    This feeling is inevitable
    Just like the ocean deep, it is immeasurable

    No one could explain
    How much I like this feeling even I feel the pain
    The butterflies in my stomach keep on flying
    As my eyes keep on twinkling

    But how could I win this battle?
    If in the beginning, I lose in the duel
    But all I know is to dwell
    Until I no longer know how does it feel.

  • imlikum 1w

    You Will Forever Be My Always.

    I feel everything in life has led me to you, it is simply fortuitous but enough for me contentedly surrender myself to you. whenever I'm in pain, my eyes look for you knowing you're the only medicine that cures.
    Love isn't easy, I'm just a prosaic person that hinge on little things for happiness but honey! just your existence is all to brighten up my soul, your smile stays in my heart with a jubilation knowing that you're the favourite reason I'm breathing.
    ..Sometimes I see myself as a clairvoyant about us and my future lies dull and incomplete without you.
    There's never an answer to how much I love and revere you even with all the broken pieces of me, you are a significant and astounding creation of God, so marry me and let yourself be mine for the rest of the days because you will forever be my always. ©imlikum

  • randalthor 2w

    Unrequited Love

    I play chess, she plays reversi.

  • queerchildzw 2w

    Writing prompt: Unrequited love

    How sad it is to love a woman and fall short of her favour.
    It's a different kind of pain knowing your heart is given but not taken. Somewhere in limbo, waiting and hoping.
    To have this love burning inside of you, yearning to be embraced yet unrequited.
    How sad it is to love a woman so deeply and fall short of her favour...such is the curse of an unrequited love.
    It will keep you up at night replaying all the moments that could have been.
    It will make your heart beat so fast and loud when she smiles and fall into a slow rhythm knowing she'll never be yours.
    It fills your entire being with this feeling of loss, the grief of losing something you never had.
    Such is the curse of unrequited love...

  • the_shattered_feelings 3w

    The eyes reflect the hurt in heart..!

  • gilmaaar 3w

    Amor No Correspondido

    The heart knows no greater pain than dealing with unrequited love
    As pure as intentions could be, no one owes the other one love
    It’s merely unacceptable to accept and forget
    Teach me to unlove

    Holding on was the first thing I did
    Because the world is selfish
    and at the same time I felt anguished
    cause we loving each other is what the world forbids

    Amor no correspondido, tiempo perdido
    Amar y no ser amado es tiempo mal empleado
    Love uncorresponded, time lost.
    To love and not be loved is time badly employed.


  • scaredycat 6w


    Im sorry you felt like my words suffocated your feelings for me to death.

    I'm sorry Instead of trusting me
    you believed you needed to question every answer
    to every question
    You ever asked me to answer.

    Especially the ones
    that I expected you to believe
    Were worthy of your trust.

    I'm sorry you made your girlfriend mold out of concrete instead of silicon
    so that only a very specific type of woman would be able to fit comfortablely inside it.

    I'm sorry I was so uncomfortable with you needing to keep that mild right beside you
    where I felt more comfortable
    than any other place in this big bad world

    I'm sorry that my Argument about not needing a mold in the first place
    Wasn't convincing enough
    to convince you
    you didnt need it.

    I'm sorry you were so angry at me for stilll being in love with you the way you begged me to be in love with you before
    I had fallen in love with you when you had already fallen in love with me.

    I'm sorry I still hadn't fallen even after you were already being helped up and preparing to dust off your knees and look to see if anyone had witnessed your fall.

    I'm sorry that once I finally did fall
    I struggled to get back on my feet,

    I'm sorry I didn't have a hand to help me like you did and my knees werent just dirty were got skinned and my jeans ripped

    I'm sorry I didn't just fall in love with you I tripped.

    I'm sorry that when I looked around to see if anyone had seen everyone was watching and pointing their fingers While laughed and called me accident prone

    I'm sorry I couldn't just erase your number or your text messages or your pictures from my phone

    I'm sorry that you were able to erase me so easily from not only your phone but your life

    I'm sorry I didn't know how to be more valuable to you.

    I'm sorry you were my MVP
    And despite not showing up at alll this last couple seasons you still hold that title even though I know you don't want it.

    I'm sorry your life is better with
    out me I'm it and mine hasn't been good since you went away

    I'm sorry I had to hear you tell me you regret me and propably still regret me to this day.

  • kanikachugh 6w

    Unrequited Love :
    - Being in love with someone who does not, and will never, love you back.

    Do the words “will never love you back” not make you think of being stranded at crossroads with no intention of choosing which way to go where you could win your favorite person along with their hearts? The seed of love that grew inside, ignorant that the world is already filled with beautiful and ever-giving trees, never dwelled upon how this little plant will endure the storm of refusals.
    Loving someone with no hope of being loved back is an act of bravery and foolishness in itself. Something no less than a punishment.

    You pluck a piece of your heart, offer it to them but that piece starts mourning itself for being unwanted & rotten for too long.
    There are no rainbows, unicorns, scarlet skies, skewed snowfalls in one-sided love yet there are all present because you don’t expect the other person to return your love and you witness all the feelings of love standing and looking at them from afar.
    They say when you are in love with someone you can’t be friends with them. But in amidst of all these sayings, you choose what your heart desires. If you can still see them, talk to them in the pretense of friendship ,and don’t expect anything else out of this except their presence then you experience togetherness and loneliness all at the same time but it’s still worth it. There might be a mask of a labeled relationship but their smiles are worth millions of poems you still want to read.

    That is the happy bubble you create for yourself along with the anticipated memories of your lover.
    With growing anticipations, sometimes emerges the desire to confess in moving one step further. You know it, yet muster up courage only to be rejected bearing no menace towards them. A sign of enormous strength and pure feeling towards that person.
    Who do you want to blame Time, situation, yourself, or them?

    Broken edges of your heart pierce with the first question “Are you playing a lead role in your own life that you wanted to become one in theirs?”No matter how appalling self-doubt is, tearful eyes still dream of them. All the questions come down to why getting involved when you thought it won’t yield anything? Why take risks when it’s dangerous? Why even bother living when you have to die eventually.
    But we just don’t know how to run away from situations we are meant to face, or from people we love and this one-sided love makes us reach the epitome of wait and patience. We are brave knowing how scary our loneliness in loving the one who'd never be a part of our life.

    Unrequited Love has got more cons than pros but one good thing is you would know when to call it off. You would be the boss of your feelings to end it when.
    There will be tons of articles on the internet, pieces of advice from your friends but you are going to move when your heart will have its fill of waiting around.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #unrequitedlove #onesidedlove

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  • _s_h_r_e_y_a_ 6w

    Unrequited Love

    He always brings smile on my face even with his no-sense jokes
    Even with his act of being angry which doesn't works as he looks like a angry puppy
    It doesn't matter how I feel throughout the day a single glimpse of him or his smile brings a 180 degree change in my mood
    He is someone I can't remain angry for a long time even if his words or action had hurt me
    I just can't stop myself from agreeing to all his nonsense and idiotic actions
    But he always hurts me after making me laugh
    And once again the cycle of being sad,fighting, getting angry, not talking and then me trying to solve our problems starts
    A never ending cycle

    #unrequitedlove #one-sidedlove

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    Unrequited Love

  • maevee 8w

    Empirical Dreamer

    I'm 25 something and I am not someone who has imagined that there's going to be a guy on a white horse who'll come to my rescue and I'll fall in love with my prince charming, I'm neither against love, I'm somewhere in the middle of no where.
    But honestly I've not found love yet, did i try to look for it? Eh! Not really! But whenever I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt I found something that we can call opposite to love.
    Have I been in love? Yes! broke my heart and I think I've given love a cold shoulder since (If anyone can do that, yes, that's me)

    So, eventually I met this 28 something guy, he is smart, handsome and such a gentleman in today's era, very traditional not exploratory though. He is full of love, such a romantic like he's pumped with all the good bollywood kinda love. I would say he's had his share of hurt but he chooses to believe in love anyway. Above all what I think I admire the most is he puts himself out there in search for love again, he loves, he cares, a little afraid of giving it in, too soon, of being hurt, still attached to his past but believes it that it'll be all worth it for that one true soulmate of his who he'll find inevitably.

    And one fine night I send him a quote like usual, which is:
    we're never so defenseless against suffering as when we love - Segmund Freud
    to which he usually shares his insights but not on this day, this day he asks me in return : What is love?

    Such a simple, innocent question and here I am, I just kept looking at the question for minutes altogether, faltering for words. What am I supposed to say to this guy who is the one who believes in love? To this romatic idiot?
    I'm this practical thinker who hasn't known love all my life so what could I possibly say?

    So I find myself telling him, umm more like asking him : Isn't love like air?
    You can't see it, you don't know how it is though it's there and you can feel it.

    It's there in that moment when on a cold winter night the kid asks for an ice cream by making this cute, innocent face. You know the answer is no and that's what your insides are shouting out loud but your mouth ends up saying yes.

    It's the moment when you've the most delicious chocolate cake in the house and your mother takes the smallest piece so that you can have more on your plate.

    You're all pink and red on the face because your sister took your newly bought hoodie but you let it slide away when you see her happy, glowing, gloating face.

    You're pissed at your best friend since the one thing you asked to be kept a secret is known to the entire school by that weekend but a few glaring looks their way and eventually you hug it out.

    You know your mother can't remember everything but she still wants you to tell her all the details which she doesn't remember and you keep repeating the same thing to her anyway.

    And I tell him love is like air..
    it's there in the moment when a flared skirt goes all the way up only to reveal the lovely black thong in the inside.
    So you and I wouldn't know how is love, what is love, you can't see love but at the end of the day there is so much love and you'll always be happy to have some love coming your way.

    #love #dreamers #empirical #28 #handsometraditional #insights #foreverandalways #unrequitedlove #broken #whitehorse #stagesofloveandlife #writing #muse #lovers #writers #mirakee #mirakeewritings #mirakeewriters #writinginspiration

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    Empirical Dreamer


  • my_words_for_u_ 8w

    A Book on Her

    "If you were to become an author in future, what would be the possible names of your book?", asked the english teacher.

    'The conversation that never happened'
    'That tomorrow never came'
    '100 ways I could have talked to her'

    said the introverted guy, looking at the empty seat infront of him. He just learnt that the curly-haired girl had shifted to a new place and won't return.


  • yumeakabane 10w


    Why do you make me feel so unwanted?

    You always push me away
    When all I ever wanted was to stay

    Why do you make me feel so damn empty?

    Like I'm not worth a dime
    Like I'm just wasting your time

    Why do you make me feel so unloved?

    That it's better to be alone and sorry
    Than to be with someone like me

    Why? Why not me?...


  • travellers_nirvana 11w

    The Physics Of Love

    Love is like a powerful magnetic field which does not require any medium to propagate; it can propagate even in a vacuum.


  • sassydan 11w


    It's harder to feel nowadays
    Making circles on the ground
    The feet move their own way
    Seemingly lost in the crowds 

    Staring in the eyes of love
    To find nothing but contempt
    A profound feeling in the guts
    They are now heavily clenched

    Trying to look for sanity
    The mind goes insane
    Tethering flows of humanity
    The heart is now inhumane


  • travellers_nirvana 12w

    The void within

    I'm carrying a huge void within
    It had waited tirelessly
    for the unconditional love to fill in
    That love which I felt when I first saw you
    Warm, innocent and all embracing pure love
    But you never heard the muffled cries of that empty space
    Which longed for you to fill in those hopeless blanks
    Some love stories have a tragic ending
    Mine is an empty space which stays within me forever


  • sista_alia 13w


    When people ask me how would I describe myself

    I am an average diamond
    That has been encased in coal
    Flawed to some and perfect for the rest

    I am an illusion
    A figment of some men's imagination
    For when I leave their presence
    They can't find a replacement of my caliber

    I am a lioness
    I will silently stalk my prey
    Waiting for the right moment
    Just to pounce and devour those tiny morsels

    I am a visionary
    I see things before they happen
    I work to create and bring to fruition
    I never take no for an answer

    I am a woman
    Full of joy unless angered
    Full of sadness until I find peace