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  • ahirikashee 1w

    When people ask you about your first love,
    I secretly hope you say my name.


  • the_shattered_feelings 2w

    Even though i need you badly,
    I don't want you anymore..!

  • subhamrizal 2w

    A jump into the flaming river

    I accelerate myself to marrionette
    The residuals of what I'm left with
    Just for a withdrawal, like of brandy
    I disguise the facade so good
    That the other side of it happens
    To scream out of suffocation.
    I swear all I do is for hope
    and some acres of expectations
    But I can see nothing but some
    Traditions that made me swim
    Away while I vigorously needed
    Some distance to run so far
    from a prey that I'm starving for,
    To die with
    To live with.


  • _rwri_tes 3w

    *Monologue *

    I thought love was gonna make me happy
    Since the very first day I set my eyes on you, I've done nothing but love you
    Watching you
    Watching out for those little smiles you flash
    Or the sound of your laughter
    It makes me feel giddy and I blush
    I love you
    Unfortunately, I can't stop
    But all this love ever does is hurt
    I can't fathom why I myself would ever want to remain hurting
    *Laughs Softly*
    Maybe because I'm stupid
    I have eyes for someone who can never feel the same
    Someone who doesn't even know how I feel...
    I stare at you, making memories of my own because I'd never ever be in your memories, or your days
    That's how invisible I am to you
    It's crazy, but I guess watching you from afar is a kind of happiness to me, even though to the very end you will not understand my heart
    My heart aches each day I think of you
    Knowing that we can never be the way I want us to be
    I'm here, all alone- Hurt

  • marchantia 3w

    To you whom I love,

    Sometimes, there are days when I miss you a lot,
    There are days when I am hurt,
    There are days when I can't stop crying and try finding you in my memory.
    Sometimes I hear your voice, see you smile
    It's hard, suffering alone.
    But honestly, this suffering is beautiful.


  • ummerveeri 3w

    Ajeeb mein
    Ajeeb meri soch
    Zindagi gawa di Maine iss soch mein
    Unhe mohabbat thi mujse?
    Nahi thi
    Ha thi
    Nai thi

  • rajathul 3w

    I loved alone

    It takes courage to love
    But it takes a lot more to love 'alone'
    And so I loved you
    Without hopes or future


  • gloomyblossom 3w

    How can I look into your eyes
    If you belong to someone else


  • gloomyblossom 4w

    if i can go back at that time
    i will choose to stay longer
    to let my heart know
    the person I love is beside me
    i want to look at his eyes
    even for the last time
    is enough for me than I regret
    of all my life


  • hauntedblossom 4w

    My Mind is an Animal

    My mind is an animal.

    I see the world 

    already devoured.

    Prowling the land,

    making my journey inside 

    the belly of the beast.

    The drive, traffic lights.

    Red green yellow, 

    a bitter symphony 

    of breaths 

    and engine stammers.

    This is the way I love you.


    in between moments. 

    Careful affection carved 

    from a dying oak of harmony, 

    placed on the urban shrine

    of your memory. 

    And to my sadness,

    no drop of working sweat

    will ever graze my lips

    with the same sweetness

    as your name. 

    I have done my mourning

    of our passion instilled

    in a summer rain faraway. 

    The art of knowing 

    a love is no longer, 

    is seeing the sun rise

    on this house made of oak;

    a haven for your haunt

    but never our bodies.


  • nhlaks 5w

    Soft painter

    Why must you be so beautiful
    My blood and holy water
    Drums bad for each other
    Everyone yearns for you
    Everyone will go green for you
    Everyone will leave traces of the stories about you
    Brush me golden till I grow up and
    I end up gleaming and glistening
    just like you
    I want to be polished like the urban hymns found on the church song book
    I'm dying that your folklore eyes would turn into a soft painter
    Please fucking love me
    Please paint my portrait
    My sky
    Please tell stories about our encounter with the pirates
    Who will sink our ship
    How we narrowly escaped and laughed about our trivial shit
    I would kill anyone who is willing to feel your touch
    I hate the rest of the girls who have this overnight crush
    Your ego is hanging on the hard wood door
    Let it stay at your beach home
    Because the rest of the girls are wondering what's it like for your roses to grow on barb wires
    Why must you be so beautiful
    In those dark pants and blue nikes
    Found at the back of your car
    So short and so wild
    My soft painter


  • baby_blueberry 5w


    I give you each piece of my aching heart
    I let it wither under such stormy weather
    And wash away tears that may stain my pure skin
    I give you each fractal of love I can muster
    The months drone on as I fear for your thoughts
    And hope for a day I'll be whole again

    I can live with an unrequited
    It's something I understand
    But the moment you say
    You have no genuine love
    Well that's it, I'm done, I'm out

    Silent nights I'm left living as I'm left awake
    Crying into the dark, trying to not make a sound
    I think of you as I tear myself apart
    And wonder, where did I go wrong
    Sensitivity, sensitivity, it's something I surely do have
    But you, sir, are holding my sensitivity in the palm of your talented hand
    Held by it's strings as you tug and pull and I cry on your command.


  • paranoidpoet 5w

    In my head
    We’re still at the mall
    Cross-legged at the marble floor
    Clicking pictures on our phone
    In my head
    I am still playing albums on loops
    Finding a song that would be a perfect fit for you
    In my head
    You’re still waiting for my call
    While I am still the one you want

    But the dreamscape shatters and I am kicked back to reality
    When I sit alone at our spot in our street
    When the song I called you mine to, hits the radio
    When I scroll past a post that I would send you

    And in these nights of solitude,
    I smell like grief
    Mourning the death of the people we used to be
    Ushering flowers over these dead moments’ memories
    Hoping that one day this nostalgia won’t consume me

    #unrequitedlove #love #heartbreak #heart
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Nostalgia & Me


  • baby_blueberry 6w


    Already I've met you, not that long ago
    A cool September afternoon, sun shining above
    Time passed, we talked as the days turned
    It feels like years of friendship fit into few months
    But still I can't deny that I've known you the least
    And the way I feel is dismissible by all, even you

    The way you move sets my heart aflame
    You are my tempting poison tonight
    The sound of your voice weakens me
    The glow in your eyes strengthens me
    My elixir in this toxic world we live
    To be near you will be the death of me

    I feel guilty at the stand for the speed my heart beats
    The dreams I'm afraid of having each night
    The thoughts that I drift to in the middle of class
    I never forgive myself for how I see you
    As I know you never see me the same
    And I'm just a strange girl in love with her best friend


  • dreamer_4 6w

    A long shitty poem about loving someone..

    If you're ever truly mine..
    I will live.. every day.. just to see you smile..
    And for that smile.. I know I'd travel to the moon and back..
    Yes.. that line's a bit tacky..
    and maybe even cheesy..
    but my love.. trust me..
    you do make me want to fetch the stars for you.. travel to the moon.. and back..
    If you're ever with me..
    it will be a wonderful feeling..
    to see you beside me.. and smile..
    as we walk beneath..the moon and the stars.. under the damp street light..
    all alone.. just the two of us.. with me completely dazed..
    with your hand in mine..
    And if there's an ocean.. I find..
    I will take you there.. and run from you.. and hope you chase me.. cus baby.. I never want to run away from you..
    but to you.. into your arms..
    and hope that you catch me..
    hold on to me..
    and never let go..
    because I know I won't.
    And if you're ever mine..
    I will live every day just to see you smile..
    cherish you as flowers cherish the sun..
    as the night.. cherishes the moon..
    If you're ever truly mine..
    I will live everyday.. just to see you smile..

    Till then.. I hope you know..
    I love you..
    And I will always love you..
    Even when you fall for someone else..
    Even when someone else catches your eye..
    And makes you want to be with them more than you've ever wanted to be with me..
    I love you..
    And so then, I will let you go..
    For a person who will make you so much more happier than I ever possibly could..
    If she is the one you want.. yes.. I will let you go..
    And I will still be yours..
    Even though you may not be mine..
    The world may call me a fool..
    But I will still worship and adore you..
    And even then.. you will still be the only one I see.. in this whole wide world..
    with millions of people in it.. yes.. I will still have eyes thirsty for only you..
    Because.. I love you..
    And I will always love you.
    And every day.. I will miss you.
    wonder about you..
    And if I ever have the chance to love you.. like you're mine..
    I will.
    And like you once said, I will soak my soul in efforts to never make your heart ache too..
    Till then.. I will simply wish you stay..
    And hope that you know.. that I loved you..
    Intensely.. passionately.. madly like a loon..
    to the point my heart aches.. and almost breaks..
    I'll hope you know.. that you're the air..
    I breathe everyday.. to live..
    that darling.. you're really all I need.
    that I lived and breathed..
    just for you..
    just a glimpse of you..
    just for the want of your warmth..
    just to hold your hand..
    just to be around.. you.
    Oh.. darling.. trust me..
    you're the reason I even exist.
    you're the best thing that's ever happened to me..
    And if you're ever truly mine..
    I will live everyday..
    Just to see you smile..

  • arahm_darkwing 6w

    Unrequited love is the hardest kind of love.
    You've been secretly loving the person who can't love you back but still you are hoping while mourning that maybe someday he will reciprocate your feelings.
    There will be a battle between your heart and mind.
    You're waiting for a " Maybe" , maybe there is a Romantic Relationship that will Bloom which you know it will never happen and will never exist.

  • thepastelink 7w

    From the pov of those who fell for their bestfriend but never tell them because they are afraid that what even the slightest time they spend together will vanish.
    So they listen their best friend's brag about his/her crush or lover with their fake smile and hurt sighs.
    Well it's a sacrifice they do for the sake of their forever Friendship and I respect that. ❤️❤️.

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @word_of_sorrow


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    He:- what's the best feeling?

    She:- when you fell in love with someone.

    He:- and what's the worst?

    She:- when they don't.

    He:- who do you love?

    She:- Someone who can never be mine.
    So who do you love?

    He:- someone who loves me not.

    She:- who is it?

    He:- nah forget it.
    (We both are in the same vessel but I hurt more as I
    watch my love crying for the one
    for her unrequited love
    For the one who love her not.)

  • the_shattered_feelings 7w

    I still love you, doesn't mean i have to go back to you..!

  • likwidsay10 7w

    Would it be easier
    To swallow my pain
    If you had reason for disbelief
    An' doubt?

    Would it be easier
    To swallow my pain
    If you thought you had it
    All figured out?

    With every new wound you inflict
    I become acutely aware of love's deficit
    I can pretend and act like your not there
    When I'm crushed, how much could you care?

    Would it be easier
    To swallow my pain
    If you thought somehow how
    I feel has changed?

    Would it be easier
    To swallow my pain
    If you put distance between us
    An' become estranged?

    With every new wound you inflict
    I become acutely aware of my hearts conflict
    The more I love you, the more you break my heart
    Someone stop this madness, it's tearing me apart


  • saqibm_01 8w

    Dear Pari,

    I hope you are in the pink of health. It has been a very long time since our last queer, eccentric meet on a high road and the last word you uttered, ‘Wait’, still reverberates in my mind.

    Today is 8th of January, probably the day that hadn’t held any importance to me till a few years ago. But now, it is a red letter day. Yes. It is your birthday. Happy birthday, Pari.

    Do you remember our first encounter? Yes, you don’t as there hasn’t been any importance of mine in your life, but I remember. It is engraved on the ruined walls of my heart.
    It was the autumn of 2011. Nature had unfolded the golden blanket on the ‘Land of Beauty’. It was twilight and I was enjoying the sunset on the edge of my verandah. It was quite dark outside and I went inside after a few minutes to warm myself. But in the meantime, electricity said ‘Goodbye’, which is a common occurrence. 
    So, I thought I was in hell. Only I could hear the horrible amalgam of words being yelled by the people around. Everyone had started inquiry about the whereabouts of the lantern. There was this alone soul waiting for someone to light up his dark, horrid world. A few moments later, I felt some movement. Someone was approaching me. I could hear the music of the person’s walk. A candle was lit up and all I could see was a comely visage like a moon without any blot — an angel, I can say, and it was you, ‘Pari’.
    Curly, short hair, inky eyebrows, earrings dangling from the ears and a pulchritudinous smile — only I could notice. I thought I was in heaven as I had found ‘Hoor’ right in front of me. The first thought that popped up in my mind was that if you were the only gardener, who would grow flowers of love on the deserted land of my heart. Alas! I couldn’t say a word as you bade farewell and went to your home. Pertinent to mention, the entry to my heart was sealed and none was allowed to enter. But you made a grand entry as the first visitor and of course, a resident as you made your nest there.

    We met again, but unfortunately, it was at a funeral. At that time, I couldn’t resist myself, so the words I uttered in front of you were ‘Your Dad is calling you’. At this, it seemed the whole planet had come to a halt The filthy noises had stopped and all I could hear was the musical sound of my heart, ‘lub-dub, lub-dub’.

    After that day, whenever I would come across you, I would hear your sweetest sound and feel your aroma. Unluckily, we couldn’t stay together. You said ‘Goodbye’ again. Probably just a word of four alphabets for others, but for me, it was like twisting a knife into my heart that you have never felt and I guess you never will.

    Our last meeting was during a hot, cruel summer, but with your presence, there was serenity and coolness everywhere. We had some happy moments together and there, I said those three magical words to you, expecting the same from you. But there was that ‘No’ you uttered. A word of distress, separation, pangs and agony. It came as a bolt out of the blue. You did not give a single thought about all those joyful moments we had spent together under the starlight.

    A decade has passed since we met unexpectedly in a dark room that was lightened up by your beautiful smile, not by the candle. I am here to say to you that I have always respected you and your decision. There wasn’t any force — neither from your side nor from mine — but remember that ‘nest’ you had once made on the broken branch of my heart. And those flowers — they are still waiting for their gardener to water them so that they can bloom.

    Last but not the least, I am not a rude guy. Haha!

    Have a happy belated birthday.

    Best wishes,

    No one in your life.

    #love #unrequitedlove #story #open letter

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    An Open Letter to Quote Unquote Beloved.

    Written by _Saqib Manzoor.