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    As his gaze fell on mine
    It felt like, the butterflies started fluttering in my mind


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    Racism (for the most part) only exists to those who feel targeted.

    I was reading a post the other day that made me think about this topic and made me realize that most racism in the world nowadays comes from people who feel like they are constantly a target of it when they're not.

    In this post, an African american man went into a clothing store, and for whatever reason that wasn't shown on his video, the store had thought he had stolen the jacket he was wearing so they made him take it off and were trying to scan it to make sure it was in fact his and he wasn't stealing it. After they checked the security footage, It turns out it was his jacket and he didn't steal it. The way the employees handled the situation was beyond wrong, and when head office got wind of the situation, the employees who were involved were fired, and rightfully so. They also made an apology to the man this happened to. However, the problem employees and the company apologizing wasn't enough. The man intends on suing the company for racism and emotional damages.

    This really pisses me off to sue for racism because as someone who has worked in retail, it doesn't matter what color your skin is. There are so many instances of Caucasians having this happen to them, so what's the excuse for that? It's not racism if you're white, is it? The thing is, if you're a retail worker and you notice someone wearing new stock and you didn't notice them come in with it, you might think that person is stealing and there are certain procedures you're supposed to follow. It has nothing to do with race. Are retail workers supposed to dismiss someone who actually could be stealing just because they are African American and it could be taken as racist? Do they just get a home free card now?

    An apology was not enough. Firing the employees was not enough. He had to take it a step further and go for suing the company even though they made things right. It wasn't good enough. There's such an attitude of entitlement there, and I just want to ask, how is suing the company going to make the perceived issue of racism go away? It doesn't. If you want racism to go away, stop acting like a damn victim all the time. You attract what you put out in the world. If you're constantly paranoid that someone is going to confront you or bad things are going to happen to you because you're a certain way, then you are absolutely going to attract those negative things to you because you're always so focused on it.

    If you want to make the world a better place and free of racism, stop making yourself a victim and being the bigger racist thinking every white person is out to get you. They're not.