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  • for_love 2w


    Harf nahi nikalte hai ibadat mai...
    Jabse usme khuda aur khuda mai woh dikha hai...

  • ushashah 3w

    Love is such a beautiful feeling in the world.
    The biggest question is how to unlove someone.


  • rampant_roads 4w


    I smile in our texts and cry behind the screen
    So much left unsaid between the final "good" and "night"
    Words that stayed together but never touched
    I wonder if you felt that distance,
    Crumble to a hitch, thinking 'twas my laugh

    If you saw me become whole from a half?

    "Who took away your inspiration?" you ask
    But how could I write when that book WAS ours?
    You might have killed a writer, dear
    But you forged a poet in her stead
    Who ran the dusty months from December through September

    And found you in these words of her desperate surrender.

    So what did we write between those lines?
    That you open your mouth and I close mine to say
    Because though I left at midnight my carriage never came,
    I'm still standing outside the castle, a glass slipper in hand
    Dreading if the unsaid could dissolve us to mist

    And if breathed in sounds, would consciously be missed....


  • stellaire_mystique 8w

    Hope ≠ 4

    He : ....you deserve someone better than me who will keep you happy and will take care of you more than me....
    She : " standing silently in anger and crying"
    .... stop ! .....I don't want someone else.... throughout this connection...my love was for you....my care was for you...my loyalty...my efforts...my trust...my adjustments...my choices...even my life was for you only...
    Why can't you just try a little harder to just love me the way I deserve....I don't want anything else...but after all this you are asking me to make someone else your life....it's not a game....even after all this.... I can proudly say that out Loud that...I deserve you for every inch and bit of you...and I am not afraid or guilty of loving you.....
    From now on you might don't want me anymore...and I swear to you...I won't appear in your life for a single second...But I will love you for the rest of my life from a distance....This time * I will Love you only for myself * no more sharing of my love....
    I Love You & I am sorry....for....I can't Unlove You...
    °°°ALWAYS & FOREVER°°° ∞

  • miracle_with_pen 11w

    I m in love with someone,
    Whom i cannot unlove!

  • busunato 11w


    I can't handle the pain
    I can't hold back my feelings
    I can't let you go so please my love
    tell me how to not love you and tell me how to let you go.

  • januchandrababu 12w


    MIND: Why is it so hard to unlove someone who never loved you!?

    HEART: Because it's LØve #LOVECANNEVERBEUNLOVED and It's too hard to unlove the person you loved the most in this world ❤️


  • poetessp 13w

    Once you stop caring, even if I dont put the remote at the same spot anymore, you dont ask for it coz you are now used to searching for it.
    You’ve given up on us.
    So have I, I guess!
    Forgetting to do the little things coz the big things keep my mind occupied.
    It all started with you acting like it’s just another day, but was it?
    Anniversaries/Birthdays didn’t mean a thing.
    Just another day.
    Just another way to distance yourself from me, from this, from us, from home.
    Late nights at work and I’d hope for you to call and ask to cook your favourite.
    But you’d just come in with takeaways.
    I guess that’s what we have become now.
    Just those take away boxes that are put in the oven sometimes or eaten out of , with no effort to even plate and dumped in the bin and be done without any cleaning to do.
    Just pack the mess away or just leave it messy.
    That’s what we have become.
    Messy. Discarded. Done.
    - Prachurya

  • scaredycat 18w


    Im sorry you felt like my words suffocated your feelings for me to death.

    I'm sorry Instead of trusting me
    you believed you needed to question every answer
    to every question
    You ever asked me to answer.

    Especially the ones
    that I expected you to believe
    Were worthy of your trust.

    I'm sorry you made your girlfriend mold out of concrete instead of silicon
    so that only a very specific type of woman would be able to fit comfortablely inside it.

    I'm sorry I was so uncomfortable with you needing to keep that mild right beside you
    where I felt more comfortable
    than any other place in this big bad world

    I'm sorry that my Argument about not needing a mold in the first place
    Wasn't convincing enough
    to convince you
    you didnt need it.

    I'm sorry you were so angry at me for stilll being in love with you the way you begged me to be in love with you before
    I had fallen in love with you when you had already fallen in love with me.

    I'm sorry I still hadn't fallen even after you were already being helped up and preparing to dust off your knees and look to see if anyone had witnessed your fall.

    I'm sorry that once I finally did fall
    I struggled to get back on my feet,

    I'm sorry I didn't have a hand to help me like you did and my knees werent just dirty were got skinned and my jeans ripped

    I'm sorry I didn't just fall in love with you I tripped.

    I'm sorry that when I looked around to see if anyone had seen everyone was watching and pointing their fingers While laughed and called me accident prone

    I'm sorry I couldn't just erase your number or your text messages or your pictures from my phone

    I'm sorry that you were able to erase me so easily from not only your phone but your life

    I'm sorry I didn't know how to be more valuable to you.

    I'm sorry you were my MVP
    And despite not showing up at alll this last couple seasons you still hold that title even though I know you don't want it.

    I'm sorry your life is better with
    out me I'm it and mine hasn't been good since you went away

    I'm sorry I had to hear you tell me you regret me and propably still regret me to this day.

  • ganeshtalks 19w

    It's very hard to unlove somepeople


  • anonym_o 23w

    When I see couples whispering sweet nothings..
    I remember your screams and blatant bluffings..
    When I see women being hyped by men with cheer..
    I see myself in the corner cowering with fear..
    When everyone sees romance,warmth and kisses..
    I envision your nails digging my flesh like thistles..
    When I see young girls showing off their promise rings..
    I look at my broken finger where the scar still stings..
    I once beleived and trusted love
    Now all I could do is try and unlove

  • _surayaaaa 26w

    #13 Dear

    Dear self, don't you tired
    Don't you feel weary
    Making his mind wired
    And messing his thoughts badly?

    Dear boy, I know you're unhappy
    I am aware of your agony.
    Yet you smile without reluctant
    Every time I present.

    Boy, how come you could smile when everything around you shattered?
    How come you could laugh when you realize you are being cheated?

    Is it because you really do
    Love me


  • shyaryaa 28w

    Months later, i saw him. Him with someone else. We left eachother being well known strangers. The eyes contacted and there was reel of things which happened before. The reel of us. The reel of me and him, riding on bike, watching sunsets, eating pizza(s) at our favourite food joint, giggling and humming lyrics of the songs playing in the background.
    The game of this fraction of seconds of lost when he suddenly smiled. That one real smile.
    It was her talks which made him smile.
    I took my eyes off and i smirked and reliased we have actually changed.
    I smiled because i somehow knew its "Her" even before we were suppose to meet like this.
    This took me back to the day when things were falling off and i was asking him for the nine hundred and ninty ninth time, Is It "Her"?
    And even for the thousandth answered, He said "No" and that No was the only reason where i believed i cant ever un-my feelings for him.
    But that one real smile of his when she was around him when he hugged her and kissed her on her forehead changed my belief!
    I guess that was the very moment were the memories blurred and I UNLOVED HIM.
    -Aarya Aditi Sharan��

    Were did you unloved them?

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

    Read More

    Unloving Him.


  • light_ofthe_heart 29w

    Break Up Message

    I thought I could do this
    I thought it wasn't going to be painful
    But it sure hurts
    I can't take in the pain anymore
    I don't want to do this anymore
    I can't be a second anymore
    Let us both go our different ways
    And don't care about me anymore
    Don't worry about what I will go through
    This isn't a first, probably won't be a last
    I have endured more than this hurt
    I will learn to unlove you with time
    Just don't come back to hurt me
    Let me heal in peace and not in pieces
    This is my break up message for us

  • anorderlymess 30w

    I wish I'd unlove you
    as easily as I loved you.


  • wasimsnw 33w

    In my soliloquies, while I trance
    recounted memories of yore
    she was leaving as I stand halt
    at the door of gloom, beholding
    her gait, as she, imitates resoluteness
    espoused the infeasible of her return
    why then, I have fallacy of hope?
    to my agonizing state as respite
    an acquittal is no longer desired
    from the furnace I'm wallowing in..


  • tiny_sparkle99 33w


    Learn to unlove the unworthy
    I know it's hard to unlove the one you dearly loved,
    But life never gives easy task.


  • complicated_prsn 33w

    Matt kehna ki Mohabbat ki hai tumne..

    Matt kehna ki Mohabbat ki hai tumne jab tak
    Tumne uske liye dua na mangi ho..
    Aur firr ussey bhulane ke liye dua naa mangi ho..
    Matt kehna ki Mohabbat ki hai tumne kabhi..

  • absynth 36w


    Today I'm at a loss of words
    And this doesn't happen very often,
    Maybe it's because I want to write on love
    And struggle to turn ashes into words.

    It's a masochistic act of resurrection,
    Digging through the grave of your recollections,
    Plucking out disfigured and decaying skeletons
    Then adding meat to those bones.

    Keeping the poem alive
    with a constant supply of wordplay and rhyme
    Seems like a sham
    when all that you have to describe love are just blanks
    that disappear into a bubbling void
    which simmers like a cauldron
    And numbs you with a Medusa's stare.

    Trying to protect love from cliches
    Seems like guarding a coffin
    And waiting for time to drive in the last nail
    After I hop in
    But I'm no bodyguard
    For love doesn't need one
    As it penetrates beyond
    Two bodies in union.

    Love is a tickling parasite
    Which grows on you
    and then metamorphoses into a termite.
    You feel the joy in being eaten alive
    As surrender becomes the source of your sustenance
    with every breath that dies.

    But love is not giving up
    It can always find a new host to leech off
    Long after your cold heart is buried in the ground.
    It spreads its tentacles to find new soul mates
    And then devours them together with glee.

    I'm at a loss of words today because
    I refuse to believe that love is cliched
    And words will prove me wrong.
    This is a strange activist escapism
    Writing about love while running from it
    But still I'm forced to use words
    as my ashes are not enough
    Because I'm still burning...

  • for_love 36w


    Unh muflis ko bhi kisi ka dil ka sahara mille...
    Dub gayi hai jinhki duniya kisi ko dil de kar...