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  • sulu80 9w

    Deep dive into my self
    I searched what is unique!
    My heart leapt like a lamb
    Yes "innocence" that's it
    I am happy to call myself
    An innocent lady with sweet heart
    Helping who are needy
    Always worrying what happens next
    Believing in supreme power
    Leading a balanced life.

    I am a lover of fairy tales
    That takes me to my childhood
    My grandma's farm house
    Surrounded by trees and pond within
    Forgetting all the worries
    As if living in a fairy land
    Spending hours in pond swimming
    Grandma's stories putting me to sleep
    Visualising the giants, fairies in mind
    Living till now with nostalgic memories.

    Calling myself a nature lover
    I enjoy the beauty
    Specially the blooming Rose
    Like how "Beauty" loved white rose
    The glorious moonlite night takes me
    To "Hansel and Gretal" Story
    Moonlite showed way to innocent children
    I float in flight of fantasy
    Butterfly fluttering around the garden
    Treasures of heart .

    Want only good things to happen
    Where there should be no wolves
    I am always punctual
    I never bottle up emotions
    I also paint in canvas to make myself happy
    I am soft and I cry soon
    I become upset when I get cheated
    I am loved by everyone
    I have few friends who boost me up
    Desire to be living happily ever after...

    #unique_chall #ceesreposts #miraquill #writersnetwork #challenge#concept prompt

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    Treasures from Self

    Deep dive into my self
    I searched what is unique!
    My heart leapt like a lamb
    Yes "innocence" that's it
    I am happy to call myself
    An innocent lady with sweet heart
    Helping who are needy
    Always worrying what happens next
    Believing in supreme power
    Leading a balanced life.

    I am a lover of fairy tales
    That takes me to my childhood
    My grandma's farm house

  • monikakapur 9w


    Not perfect
    But unique
    Neither loud
    Nor meek
    Little sane
    Little crazy
    Sometimes upright
    Sometimes lazy
    Love my scars
    Drenched with hope
    Never let
    My energy drop
    If I am not better, at least I am different

  • msushil 9w

    I am the Adam's ale:
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    anger meets me
    And gives me punishment.
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    happiness meets me
    and I spread
    it through ripples to others.
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    success meets me
    And it never
    gives me current of pride.
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    failure meets me
    to become a drop
    to mix in my flow.

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    I am the Adam's ale:
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    anger meets me
    And gives me punishment.
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    happiness meets me
    and I spread
    it through ripples to others.
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    success meets me
    And it never
    gives me current of pride.
    I am the Adam's ale
    on which emotions float,
    failure meets me
    to become a drop
    to mix in my flow.

  • ayushruti 9w

    Thankyou @writersnetwork______

    Thankyou carolyn mam for the kind repost❤

    #unique_chall #pod #wod #ceesreposts #miraquil #mirakeenetwork #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @luvnotes_challange_host #conceptprompt

    ��//Adult with a kindergarten heart ❤��//��

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    This Is Me ❤

    A soul,sweet baptismal and crimson as dawn's frist dew drop,
    A heart which leaps and hops playing with littile babies and tykes,
    A mind which rejuvenates listening to its parents laughing and teasing each other non-stop ♡

    My precious Mumma says,
    You're my princess, whose family is her empire,
    Looking at her sparkling eyes i know,
    I am a warrior,making my family proud is my keenest desire

    A obstetrician yet a pediatrician at heart,
    I love celebrating my birthdays in their ward,
    Feeding them pastries and reading them "Harry Potter's"(1to7) every part

    When it downpours,I swirl, untroubled by the wet hairs sticking on my face,
    "Footy tipping" my bare feet,Swaying with the cold wind, oscillating my skirt with grace

    Celebrating my people, intending to spread love, joy and bliss with whatever i write and wherever i go,
    Oh, i love watching the full-moon,wishing on shooting-stars and i still open my mouth whenever i see freshly falling snow

    I am my darling papa's pride,
    My beautiful mumma's best friend,
    My impish yet cutest brother's support system,whose mischiefs are never going to end

    I think I'm a poetry, a song with a celestial core,
    Read me, sing me, lurk inside of me, and feel this galore

    I am a proton, with an aura of positivity around me,
    I play with my dolls sometimes, and trust me they still love to crown me

    Come with me and let's laugh at our silliest mistakes,
    Lets play like kids, gaze at the starry skies,lets party as we used to, watching cartoon and eating cakes

    - °•Ayushruti•°

  • leo0707 9w

    A part of me for them to adore.

    Taking the pieces together,
    I reminiscence the words,
    Uttered by the people surrounding me.
    Ohh! the glint in your eyes... just like your mother's
    And your smile...just like your father's.

    ~~A part of me, which they adore.

    Placing the corner pieces first,
    I recollect more,
    "You are as stubborn as your father
    And as tedious as your mother"
    They added,
    Their laughter still echoing in my heart.

    ~~A part of them, which they find in me..

    Placing the pieces together,
    Thoroughly enjoying the process,
    I smile as I remember
    "Artistic genes flows into your veins"

    ~~And yet is a part of me, for them to adore.

    Oh! The last piece is missing...
    Looking at the beautiful picture,
    Though it has everything
    It feels empty...

    That one little piece does all the magic,
    But that piece is for me to explore,
    The thing that completes me.
    Though it is missing now..
    There is a whole life ahead of me...

    And till then,
    There is still
    ~A part of me, for them to adore...

    @cruisey Vidushi, what do you think?
    #unique_chall @luvnotes_challenge_host
    #anaphora #wod

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    A Piece of me, for them to adore

    And till then,
    There is still
    ~A part of me, for them to adore...

  • joan53 9w

    Have hair that
    Always changes
    Been puzzled by that
    A kinder person than most
    Chameleon is what we need to be

    I am not tall nor short
    Am ordinary, colorful
    Of others opinions I don’t give
    A flip, I am no fashion queen
    Large heart, filled with empathy
    Stature, I should have been a weight lifter

    Am a. Protector
    A nickname I earned
    Grizzly bears loves their babies, I
    Bear no loss easily

    I watch others silently
    The face is what I see
    Artist always creating
    Who I am and
    Does not let others know
    Portraits trace the soul
    In my imagination
    My eyes see the beauty in my
    Head if only I would bring it life


  • the_speccy_outsider 9w

    So here's my concocted submission for the fabulous challenges hosted by @luvnotes_challenge_host and @jaya___

    Words will fall short if I start describing about the most discombobulating topic, that is, Me.

    Since childhood I found solace in solitude for the world outside wasn't ready for me. They couldn't fathom the fact that a Boy can have empathy; show kindness; not be rude unnecessarily; not hurl abuses; not objectify and humiliate females; express and show emotions; be soft-spoken; and most importantly, cry.

    I often saw that Men weren't supposed to show any kind of extreme emotion, except anger. And that the entire department of showing emotions was given to Women. But I refused to practice and preach these primitive norms. For me what mattered was being a human first and then involving myself in further clarifications that our ancestors had made, for their fun I suppose.

    I feel these are the things that make me different. And I love being different. I don't want to be a part of the herd. What I desire is to be the Lone Wolf betwixt a pack of sheeps. Still it wasn't easy for me, it still isn't. But I solemnly swore in the past, not to bow down to Fear. Hence, I will keep on fighting until I'm valiant.

    As my mantra is to keep clinging onto hope and not to turn-off The Light.


    To the ones who helped me to keep the light on amidst sheer darkness. These are the two souls who'll always shower abundance of positivity on you and you are going to love reading their work as well. @phoenix_in_ashes @kin_jo

    For posts on similar theme, kindly visit #BreakingStereotypesAndTaboos

    #unique_chall #contest_j #anaphora

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    With every struggle
    With every repercussion
    With every hardship
    With every single heartbreak
    With every adversity

    I donned resilience
    I became more courageous
    I took optimism
    I had much audacity
    I dealt with sheer pessimism

  • solivagant_soul 9w

    ~||||________�������� �� ������_______||||~

    When I die,
    don't bloom my favorite
    white daffodils boundaring my grave,
    I might not be able to reach out to
    caress them and greet the
    chirpy butterflies with a wave.

    When I die,
    don't write long poetries on
    my virtues adorned with
    alluring metaphors.
    Of how I imbibed your
    despondence and mended
    them into happiness,
    I might not repose on your bed
    and blush on every syllable you spell.

    When I die,
    don't forge majestic monuments
    on my Commemoration.
    I might not be able to trudge up
    the thousand stairs,
    roam through the wide
    corridors sliding my fingers over
    the exquisite walls
    And stare at the high ceilings
    with grateful tears.

    When I die,
    don't deluge my grave with
    heaps of plethoric flowers,
    For my heart never asked for
    lavish prezzies but a handful of
    love and a couple of indelible hours.

    When I die,
    don't paint me with pretty colors
    and bedeck me in an aureate frame,
    For I won't emerge out of it and
    run into your open arms ,
    Or stare at the familiar garden
    outside the window pane.

    When I die,
    don't rummage through my
    cupboards and weep while
    touching my treasured timber chair,
    And collect all my Possessions
    and stow them as souvenirs,
    For none did cherish my
    presence when I was there.

    When I die,
    don't compose eulogies on my
    painful demise.
    For I wouldn't be laying down here,
    on the cold, moist soil, quiescent
    if uplifted with solace instead
    of cruel replies.


    * Tried Anaphora for the first time. ✍️

    #anaphora #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #unique_chall #readwriteunite #discover
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    When I die,
    Don't weep rivers,
    For I won't be there
    To cheer you up.

    (Read caption for full poetry)


  • outofleague 9w

    Say: "I am Awesome."
    (at least I made you read.)

    I am the one who apologizes
    to the ghosts my circle mocks.
    (who knows if not doing so,
    they might invite us to their club.)

    I am the one who takes pictures
    of model and super-model side
    of any person that I had came across.
    (with 83% success rate negatively.)

    I am the one who can walk
    beside someone and not let them know
    they had crossed the distance which
    could have ended really late.

    I am the one who has a face
    which can outnumber the amount of
    emojis that your phone currently has.
    (with sound effects. :-p )

    I am the one where you will understand
    that it's about growing to get matured
    but not to get old.
    (That doesn't mean you stop making pranks.)

    I am the one that would order
    something to eat whenever out of ideas
    to cheer the dried up faces around me.
    (With 110% success rate. How?
    Others order afterwards. ;-) )

    I am someone who would
    for some unknown reasons would get
    completely lost without a trace of thought
    looking at something. (Open Eye Meditation.)

    I am someone who is on a quest
    to witness what the shades of society
    has to offer to make itself the most
    inviting culture among others.

    I am someone who acknowledges
    what is being kept secret from the world
    to keep it running and have its residents
    live in a lie that grants them peace.

    I am..
    a friend,
    a brother
    and a devotee.



  • antarraal 9w


    Sometimes I think I don't know myself,
    a Rubik's cube with maddening sides
    and yet there are moments I get so transparent
    people start using me as mirror.
    I am me as unique as the Sun,
    the light, warmth and energy like none.
    I care for those who let me be me
    without trying to fill their essence in me;
    I am short with tall ambitions,
    dark with bright intelligence.
    Not a paragon of virtue nor a fiend
    with patience like earth and a temper like water.
    A person not so simple yet a friend forever*
    *just don't cross me


  • game_of_life 9w

    I'm a tattered bookmark,
    resides betwixit palpable
    pages of destined diary
    I was sold by an
    unempathetic utopia,
    stalls uncertainty.

    warm winds, ties
    woeful wings of
    sullen squab
    with strands of
    insufferable insomnia
    I wave weepy
    welkin, as dusk
    deceives dawn.

    Mellifluous mizzles
    muffled up
    Madagascar periwinkle,
    tiptoed on my
    shrunken spine
    glides down
    frosted fatigue,
    hymns hibernating

    Red ribbon
    braided my beacons
    swirls on summer strings
    scorching sun,
    flirts beneath
    orange caphony
    pulling out, pieces
    bit by bit
    bled woundwort
    words, engulfing
    elysian aisle.

    Letters carved on my forehead, kissed lament lines painted on paronic palms, smiles and sighs, wails and weens aphonic astray.


  • phoenix_in_ashes 9w

    Shallow seas in symphonies
    Munificence slowly shading sombre
    While wings of phoenix turn to ash
    Profundity begs to prevail
    All nefarious fragments disintegrate
    Albeit lenity isn't so naive within
    Forms gleaming rainbow in bliss
    Defining dread and enrapture separately
    Envisaging pale yet pristine beginning
    For my maverick language has mellow advent
    Unique from conventional norms of existence,
    They preach prudent yet passionate phrases
    Flowing along time and vehemence of mine
    Benevolence present in abundance sometimes
    Sapient shanties reverberating in mind
    Maneuvering this kite which reaches welkin,
    Credence to my beliefs i try to redefine
    Aren't many sacrosanct meanings
    Just few which create my lucid memories
    For my musings often fall for love eventually
    Wanting tranquility in utter simplicity


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  • inked_selenophile 9w

    I am 
    a half-burned blond piece of paper 
    that's been dipped in a delectable ink syrup

    I am
    the fragrance of glossy unfixed ink that rearranges the words in beautiful couplet

    I am
    the metaphor who trades hope and healing
    to get out of pain for constantly to scribble
    about the love.

    I am
    a relaxing unheard silence between
    the verses that exhales peace

    I am
    the space between the words,
    attempting to weave with the words around me
    to live in the fantasy world

    I am
    the reader, inhaling the essence of poetry,
    sipping words and gulping emotions,
    bringing warmth to the writer's cold heart.


    #anaphora #unique_chall

    #Augusthoughts #moown @writersnetwork

    Apni tareef karne ka maza hi kuch aur hai ��

    Thank you for the repost and EC, WN��❤"

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    I am a poem written with the smell of healing,
    to read and grasp its essence
    one should carry hope in their eyes.


  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 9w

    I Wrote a poem on the last page left.
    Potraying the translucent memories of my hometown.

    I still remember:
    That night gulped the dusk completely
    Fireflies lead me to the concealed lands
    The moon welcomed me with her two hands

    Then, There a man came with white clothes with some feathers still visible
    And said  oh! the son of Adam 
    You are an incomplete stanza in a Complete sonnet.

    Take this an eagles half broken quill
    Dip it  into your ocean of emotions
    Mix it with your briny tears
    Along with the river of your sweet memories

    And write on the last page left
    And then it will be the beginning of your sunrise


    Finally a poem after 1 decade
    #unique_chall #ceesreposts /may be/

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    And write on the last page left
    Then It will be the beginning of your sunrise

  • pallavi4 9w


    I’m still a little child at heart
    Full of admiration and wonder
    But often you’ll see me tire myself out
    Trying not to ever make a blunder

    I may not be the best at all I do
    But I’m willing to give anything a shot once
    Quick to grasp and learn new tricks
    I’m fearless and never ever a dunce

    My loyalty is much like a dog’s
    My sniffer’s much like one too
    I’m usually the last one standing by a friend
    When everyone else has left the room

    Great at doling out advice but following none
    I’m the perfect shoulder to cry on
    A perfectionist at heart, I spend my time perfecting
    And forget while doing it , to have fun

    Often unamused though I love having a good laugh
    You’ll find me shopping till I drop
    Always lazy, I find the quickest way to do things
    Good with dishes but not the mop

    I wish I could say what I want to say, when I want to say it
    Sarcasm seems very mean to me you see
    Often a loner and awkward around strangers
    I’ve only recently started being proud of being me

    My penchant for picking up new hobbies is a standing joke
    In my family , who to me mean the world
    My love for travelling and clicking pictures is legendary
    So is my aversion to in public taking a twirl

    I may not be much, I aspire to be so much more
    My steadfastness has its own advantages
    With a tendency to mommy all around me
    All I can say is- good things come in small packages


    22nd of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Repost from 1st May, 2020

    #unique_chall #facets @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • servingsofmania 9w

    I am your mother
    and your sister
    I am your daughter
    and your girlfriend
    I am your wife
    and the mother of your child
    I am the goddess you worship
    I am woman
    so think of all of them
    before you think of ruining my body


  • smily_aina 9w

    Set of Tankas (5-7-5-7-7)
    (@jaya___ I couldn't end it in just 2 Tankas...sry ��)

    And it's difficult if u ask to name any two accounts to be read. Anyways, @bluepuppy01 I love her story writing, that's something she excels at.
    @dory_d Writes with her heart


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    Most days I wonder
    Who am I, a mere blunder?
    Creation of God
    I know, but is it alright
    Where one's day and other's night?

    Like Latin and Greek,
    Though these disparities are
    What makes us unique
    Different from crowd? Be proud
    You're doubtlessly not a freak!

    From city or slum
    Special traits, we all have some
    Who am I? May be
    Someone kind, yet not stupid
    Grown up, with a heart of kid

    Bubbly, not torpid
    Open book, with nothing hid
    Flower, yet a weed
    Helping hand to one in need
    With a smile where all concede


  • poetryly 9w

    Pic from Bitmoji app

    *Don’t expect to be stun
    by anything new,
    this is a repeat poetry run.

    She still floats like air.
    Momentarily doesn’t care.
    Where she lands.
    Where she fall.
    Not at all.
    She’s still alive.
    Still on a upward strive.
    She continues to rise like air.
    Rhyming on a dare.
    Like an old hip hop rap.
    She still doesn’t always belong.
    Like a old school song.
    She’s still a classic
    Not like the new Coke,
    but the old Cola
    that could take
    your breath away!
    She is Me
    and this is how I be.
    I’m real not fake.
    I’m deep not shallow.
    I’m silly not stupid.
    I’m sensitive not weak.
    I’m just honestly me.
    I only drop the mic,
    if it slips out my grip.
    I buy jeans already rip
    I can’t bust a rhyme on a dime.
    I drink hot water with lime.
    Oh, it’s time to go.
    I’m losing my poetry flow.
    Still again this has been
    unexpectedly fun.
    You see, I’m still simply
    a poet dropping crazy lines
    with a writing gun.
    Using a simple pen.
    Only this time I know how it will end.
    I take the blame for still
    enjoying writing even if it’s lame.
    Like now saying goodbye
    even though I never said HI.

    *While I was reposting the unique challenge ending was upon me causing me not to qualify,. I was too late but it’s ok, it’s was a new original only slightly update. Even so, after my poetic mistake, I still decided to push done for just old time sake. Peace out!

    **Oh Wow, I was remiss I hadn’t miss the deadline. My eyesight or timing was off by hours somehow so now I can add I’m also a #unique_chall You see, my imperfections are also part of my mystique😉

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    The above run down may
    cause you to grin & think it’s lit.
    Or you may frown & just grit.
    Either way it’s view
    this poet thanks you!
    Good or bad reaction,
    it’s part of the my writing attraction.

  • silver_flakes 9w

    She was to be a glorious sunshine of a girl
    With a toothy smile and eager hands
    To bask in the lights of nature
    And love the winds that whispered tales
    She was to become an elegantly refined pottery
    A lady with stars in her golden orbs
    A corner smirk or a heart stopping smile
    Her love and enthusiasm engulfing miles

    She was not, she was I
    A wild rose with pricking thorns
    A wardrobe of skeletons sheltered for years
    I had lived once, in throes of anguish
    Next in sudden peels of laughter.
    I had cried once, with racking sobs
    Next I smiled, admist tears of pain
    I had withered once, under the gloomy skies
    Next I bloomed with the heat of the rising sun

    A strong shield is my favourite possession
    Bravery outside my doors of insecurity
    To be a paragon of strength and cool headedness
    But inside a mess of emotions and fears
    With time I realised the simple truth:

    'She's a woman underneath all the armour
    She's a warrior, she knows all failures
    Her emotions were like the sand
    Endless and forever treaded on'

    I craved to skin my emotions
    But they were my flesh and blood
    White or blue I bleed for two
    I was not a hard warrior
    I wept for a crushed moth
    I saw, it was not a weakness
    It was my strength
    To feel and to care deeply and painfully

    ♥︎To feel is to be alive
    To be alive is to feel♥︎

    #unique_chall #ceesreposts #pod #flakeyy @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    'She's a woman underneath all the armour
    She's a warrior, she knows all failures
    Her emotions were like the sand
    Endless and forever treaded on'


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 77w

    by Carolyn Glackin
    She had a mind for whimsical things
    Happy-go-lucky, carefree, with no strings
    A joie de vivre junkie, always after a fix
    With a whole lot of silly thrown into the mix
    She had nary a care, save but for a few
    Some minor pet peeves, but just one or two
    With an excess of nonsense
    She was quite prone to laughter
    She lived in the moment
    From now 'til hereafter
    Growing up was unheard of
    She just wouldn't dare!
    Though she gave the appearance
    Through her keen savoir faire
    With the heart of a child and the soul of a fairy
    She managed quite well and was rarely contrary
    Buoyant and bubbly, bouncily bright
    She thrived on elation, mirth, and delight
    Her mind like a playground where creativity soared
    Imagination ran wild and she never grew bored
    She had a penchant for goodies and sweets
    Chocolate confections and all sorts of treats
    Cookies and pies and baked goods galore
    Just a taste here and there
    She needn't much more
    She was rather thick skinned, not easily hurt
    When faced with unkindness she was civil and curt
    A practical sort, she was not one to dwell
    She moved on in peace, and wished one and all well
    Any hurts she might cause were never intended
    And she believed in the thought
    That all could be mended
    She wouldn't play favorites, take sides or lay blame
    A believer in fairness, regarding all just the same
    No more and no lesser, none better or worse
    Some thought it a blessing, some thought it a curse
    In her mind at all times
    This thought she would see:
    We are all branches, upon the same tree
    If we're hurting the one, we're hurting the other
    Thus we're hurting ourselves
    And each sister and brother
    Clearly, that's madness, and perhaps quite insane
    So she focused on peace, to minimize pain
    She cut no one out, even if they did part
    She carried them with her, for all time, in her heart
    Because life is so fleeting
    And it's precious and true
    Petty fights just aren't worth it
    And this, she well knew
    So she forged on ahead, with hope in her heart
    Each day a true blessing, and a brand new fresh start.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 12/20/2018

    *Art credit: One of my very favorite fairy paintings by Howard David Johnson. ��‍♀️

    #unique_chall #challenge #miraquill #writersnetwork #cees_fff_chall #food #fairy #fairies #joiedevivre #shenanigans #tomfoolery #mischief #fun #silliness #zaniness #insanity

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