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  • poetician 47w


    Mera Maazi Mai Bayaan Karu "Astagfirullah"
    Mera Haal Sunno Toh "Alhamdullilah"

  • poetician 47w


    Tujhe Se Pehle Mai Kya Tha
    Mujhe Yaad Nahi
    Tujhe Toh MaanGa Hai Tu
    Meri "Faryad" Sahi,
    TalabGar Tha Yun
    Mohabbat Ke Gaar'o Mai
    Tuney KarDiya Mere
    Dil Ko "Abaad" Kahi

  • poetician 47w


    Har Baar MawazNa Jaata Hai Mujhe Kisi Aur Ke Saath,
    Kya Meri Tashriy-e-Ishq Aur Uska Ghair MajMooi Pyaar Ek Hai

  • the_lanky_girl 78w

    "The Untold Story.."

    We all get lost somewhere,yet try to find ourselves again.
    We'll lose someone out in time, get hurt, blame ourself for everything,
    yet try to heal slowly..
    As the time pass by,
    We try to get back ourselves in one piece, but as a cracked tampered glass we try to hide the pain in layers beneathe our skin that looks flawlessly perfect for people to break you down,
    again & again aging your trust that just fades away with time.
    You'd feel you're matured enough to handle everything on your own, as the tough times passed by you just feel safe being alone,push everyone out of your own space. As it gets harder & harder to trust back the people who care for you,who loves you;
    You become more vunerable ,hesitant to open up to them.
    Our lives are full of invisible barriers that we often forget to look upon ourselves, instead put yourself for others first.It's hard to hold onto to those relationships that pulls you down to drown whilst alive to see 'em happy.
    Anger towards you? Oh Dear! Bless you with love & happiness.
    An apology in time would heal everything,but beyond time it's lost.It's always a little less of me for you..always..
    Those hurtful words,harsh taunts,petty excuses towards me made me believe I was wrong,I was useless and my life doesn't make sense.
    Hatred,anger, & disgust are way beyond my ownself now..
    Appreciation is a gift.I acknowledge it.I'm not a mere thing to pushover & get me back when you need me..
    Sorry,I'm kinda stuffed with my pals who wants me to be there along with me to the end,but not as a mere tag..
    A life that belongs to me is what I'm responsible for,it's not my job to make you feel that your a human basically..

    Not everyone in life gets to say a proper 'goodbye' for something to as an unrequited friendship that have been togather for years.
    I mean not anymore tho..And please don't try to convience yourself that a mere apology would change anything after all these years.
    You're barely were a faded memory,that's all it is...
    Thanks & Goodbye.


  • reethewriter 131w

    Stardust in her eyes
    Fires in her soul
    Beyond eternity she lies
    In stories yet untold

    Drifting through dreams
    And whispered lullabies
    Her legacy carried through
    Innumerable memories

    The fragrance of her skin
    The murmur of her voice
    Grows stronger as she rises
    Above the din and noise

    So why do you fear her?
    She's Medusa and the Muse
    She kills and she creates
    Now won't fall for your ruse


  • rahulandjahnavi 132w

    I heard so many incidents that,after their breakups are something worse happened in their lives happened some people choose to write as a way to dispose all their pain in the form of words.

    What I believe is every on has a story to confess but some are confessed to heart some are expressed through words. Talents are hidden in your heart like a statue in the stone, just like sculpture removes excess part of the stone and made a perfect statue meanwhile we need to explore our self to bring out what we really are.

    I'm affected by so many situations. These situations waken the writer in me. I'm not at all affected by seeing lovely couple, roses, birds, nature and all. They are so many people to write about them. I'm affected by "deaths." Yeah you listened correctly deaths are the reason that really turned myself into a writer.

    I have seen a girl who killed herself because her parents killed her dreams;I have seen a brother who is depressed and committed suicide because he is incapable to bear the loss which is caused due to get his sister's death; I have seen a two years-old girl crying beside her father's dead body; I have seen a farmer who hanged himself because he is unable to pay 25000 to a bank;I have seen a sister who is raped by brothers of another sister; I have seen an old woman who is died while waiting for his son's arrival from foreign;I have seen a mother crying because of abortion done to her by force of his husband and her mother in law; I have seen a girl baby wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown into the dustbin; I have seen people who died due to non availability of drinking water and so on. I felt emotional by seeing these situations.

    The most common thing in all the death is before their deaths, they all want to confess something to their people, but they can't.

    I'm just giving my words to their unheard voices.

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  • ssam21 139w

    My other version

    let me introduce you to the other me
    one whose values and morals amaze me

    She wants to be greedy sometimes
    she thinks first about herself
    and then comes the world.

    No dont just label her as "bad" yet
    for her thinking is somewhat rational .
    she thinks if its not possible to make everyone happy
    why not be happy first,all those who lovw you will be happy as well.
    She speaks her mind
    she puts her opinion
    for she knows that keeping them to herself
    wont be better.
    her mond will be crowded
    full of regrets
    all she would think of "what if i said that?"
    "what if I did that?".
    lets her take her steps and create her destiny with each of her own moves.

    She asks you to do the same
    (the unheard mumbles inside you)

  • shifa_chachar 163w

    If your words of love could not melt his heart! your words are worthily wasted.

  • somapika 171w

    Cared Enough.

    An open letter to the one who cared enough.

    Thank you for standing up for me the day I decided to raise my voice in the crowded bus.

    Thank you for understanding that my "western" clothes weren't "asking for it".

    Thank you for treating me as you would have treated someone you knew.

    Thank you for not side eyeing the situation.

    Thank you for caring enough.