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  • durga_prasad 3w

    Your absence made me weak even I forgot myself and did some stupid things that I regret.. I want to be myself again before I met you... I hate this fuckin life...

  • kp_singh 8w

    बहुत ही खामोश रहते हो आजकल,
    बताते क्यों नहीं तुम्हारे दिल में इतना शोर क्यों है?
    You remain very silent nowadays,
    Why don't you tell me why there is so much noise in your heart? -Kps©2021

    #numb #silenttears #unexpressed #noiseinheart #introvert #solitude #kpspoetry #kpsquotes

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    बहुत ही खामोश रहते हो आजकल,
    बताते क्यों नहीं तुम्हारे दिल में इतना शोर क्यों है?
    You remain very silent nowadays,
    Why don't you tell me why there is so much noise in your heart?

  • kp_singh 8w

    I don't know whether those who don't cry even in pain are weak or strong,
    I don't know whether they're right or wrong!
    Sometimes I wonder did they ever learn how to cry,
    or they have been crying silently for too long! -Kps©2021

    #numb #silenttears #crying #unexpressed #introvert #solitude #kpspoetry #kpsquotes

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    I don't know whether
    those who don't cry even in pain are
    weak or strong,
    I don't know whether they're
    right or wrong!
    Sometimes I wonder did they ever learn how to cry,
    or they have been crying silently for too long!

  • v_4_ved 27w

    I know how they feel

    Holding it all the time...
    Making it write and sign.
    Have you ever thought?.
    What a pen feels,?
    Well I do!

    What do I mean?
    Well it's not as complex as it seems!

    Getting exploited all the time
    It probably gets angry .
    But ..., Never mind .,
    No it can't say it ,
    Though sometimes it leaks
    But it's still harmless,
    nothing to freak
    All it can act .,
    Is,.. I write good!
    But slowly ink turns into poison
    And trust me it's still harmless dude!

    For the poison inside. .
    Is mild enough for others .
    But too strong for itself to hold
    And when it dies before its old..
    All they say is...
    It died before its time
    Oh ! This pen wasn't fine!

    Wait ..!
    the story isn't over yet
    Might seem like a comedy
    But it's a tragedy
    I bet!

    Or to put is worse..
    You might even curse
    Have you ever empathised?.
    To a toilet paper .?
    Well I don't!
    But it does ..
    To me.
    And it seems to be the only one
    Who does

  • khushi_07 31w

    Everything can't be expressed, sometimes you can only feel them...
    #care #mood #unexpressed

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    Yes I do care!

    Yes I do care, but the thing is i don't show,
    You may share whenever you feel low,
    Whenever you hide something but that my heart know-
    This thing always makes my mind blow....
    And that thing in my mind piles up one thought another in a row,
    Then in the sea of my mood there is always a overflow ;
    So It's better you share everything and without hesitating anytime you can text me a,"hello" ;
    Because as I do care, but the thing is I don't show......

  • saichary 38w

    12am feelings!

    I dont know anything except loving you unconditionally when you are with me!

    Just missing you and remembering our moments when you are not with me!

  • _astitva_ 42w

    खामोशी जो कह देती है,
    शब्द न वो हैं कह पाते,
    मन की बातें हैं दिख जाती,
    नक़ाब काम न आ पाते,
    कह दो क्या गैरजरूरी हूं,
    ज़वाब न तुम दे पाती हो,
    मर जाऊंगा यदि मुझसे,
    दिल की बातें न कह पाती हो।

  • arfi_h 42w

    Raw Emotions

    I took out my old diary. Look at the torn pages and regret with every ounce of my heart. The regret of tearing it down. The anger was justified at that time but now with time I often think what was the sin of those pages. It hold my innocence, love and pure feelings. Which never can be retrieved back. And I keep staring. Thousands of thoughts crashing in my mind like lots of tabs opened at the same time.
    So I kept my regret aside and open the cap of my pen and start writing. But the horror happened. Beyond a dot I can't jot down any thought of mine. I kept trying, struggling but it went vain... I can't wrote even a word.. my mind was full of thoughts but I failed to put it down in words. Its been seven years since I last wrote something on those pages but now even I have so much to express but I can't traslate it down into words... Grieving over the failure I closed my diary and the pen and put it back while my mind still going chaos with unexpressed thoughts.


  • ammu_dafaali 43w

    बड़े परेशान रहने लगै हो अब तुम मुझसे
    मैं इतनी बड़ी परेशानी हूँ क्या

  • muskaanmanzoor772 44w

    #unexpressed story # bitter truth # harsh reality # Kashmir emotions....... ������

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    The suffering of kashmiri's ...
    There is one in Kashmir who does not suffer due to the worst circumstances of Kashmir. At the time of independence on 15th Aug/1947 Muslim league demanded the partition of India and was accepted by the congress party which resulted in the division of India into two independent dominion's - Dominion of India and Dominion of Pakistan. At the same time, three conditions were put in front of Indian princely states among which Kashmir was the one. The conditions were either to join dominion of Pakistan or dominion of India or to remain independent. The princely state Kashmir chose to remain independent but later on, they joined an independent & democratic Indian dominion, but if we observe it's only India that is independent and democratic but not Kashmir.
    Citizens must accept all the laws and decisions of government but at the same time as per the Indian Constitution if we the citizens of India are not satisfied with the decisions and laws of government we have the freedom to speak and express our opinion over it or any other issue which is a fundamental right under Article 19 (A). But in Kashmir, this fundamental right was never treated as a fundamental right but a mere idealism and even today it is so. In Kashmir when government declare any law/ give a decision that is not favourable to Kashmir's instead of giving them the freedom to speak and express their opinion over it, they shut their mouth and hide their opinions over the same by banning social media and even many times they block internet and call facilities so that the government would not have to hear a single word against them. And when any leader speaks in their favour he is being arrested and the recent example of this is 4th August /2019, when the administration abrogated Article 370 followed by bifurcation of J&K in two union territories under which a special status was granted to Jammu and Kashmir. At that time Mehbooba Mufti who spoke against this law was arrested, Omar Abdullah was arrested, Farooq Abdullah was house arrested. And this was the height that they snatched a fundamental right to move freely throughout the territory of India under Article 19 (D) from Gulam Nabi Azad by not allowing him to enter Kashmir, and Kashmir's mouth was kept shut by suspending internet and call facilities. They gave the reason of security behind the blockage of internet and call services but in reality, it was not for security purpose but for shutting the mouth of Kashmir.
    Yes, it's in the Indian constitution fundamental rights can be suspended during an emergency such as national emergency under article 352, state emergency under article 356 (for state) and 365 (for centre) and financial emergency under Article 360 or even when martial law prevails restrictions can be put on fundamental rights under Article 34, but at that time there was no type of emergency on what bases they suspended Article 19?
    Further, it's mentioned in the Indian Constitution that any amendment for the abrogation of a fundamental right that destroys the basic structure of the Constitution is invalid under Article 368.
    If we will observe in democracy a government has to govern the state with the satisfaction of the people but in Kashmir Government is governing the state according to their satisfaction and whenever people raise voice against it they shut their mouths by suspending every means, so from the democratic viewpoint, Article 19 form a basic structure of constitution and by suspending it every time the basic structure of the constitution is destroyed. By doing so the government do not abide & respect the Indian constitution which is one of a fundamental duty under Article 51(A), so here question raises;
    If the government themselves do not obey fundamental duties how do they expect citizens to do so?
    It's known all over the world India is a democratic country, but I don't understand how?
    The government every time take steps ignoring the people.
    By putting blockage on the internet and call services they solve their problems but create problems for people especially students. Every one suffers due to internet and calls service blockage whether it is a businessman who runs his business through the internet, journalists who cover stories from all over the world with the help of the internet, shopkeepers who buy stuff for his shop through the internet, by contacting with dealers and overall most affected are students.
    Thousands of students study through YouTube, Google and even through social websites. I being a student has faced a lot during all this. There were numerous topics that I do not get from anywhere, I wanted to contact my friends to know the same, consult my teachers to clear my doubts but all services were blocked.
    Students need to consult many books even for a single subject and he can not buy them all. He needs to consult his classmates, teachers who may have the book he needs.
    If I talk about myself I am not that student who wholly and solely depends on the internet but many students are. If I faced this much difficulty, how much would they have faced?
    The students preparing for competitive exams follow various pages on various social media platforms and consult various websites through which they gain a lot of knowledge and get to know about the pattern of papers of competitive exams, but when all such services are blocked students get helpless.
    Not only study gets effected but using the internet, we students have to check our results, submit online forms etc on our respective college websites but when there remains blockage on the internet we are forced to go to college for the same purpose where internet facilities remain available as a result the work that consumes 2/3 minutes now consume 23 hours which costs a whole day.
    Apart from the blockage system many times, as on 4th August 2019 every institution, shops, banks, business sector etc were closed, restrictions were put on the movement of people, as a result, a person doing a job in the private sector remains unpaid due to suspension of work.
    Most affected get cobblers, tailors, sweepers who depend on day to day earnings. The government only think about solving their problems and not about the sufferings of people especially Kashmir's...
    By :
    Muskaan Manzoor

  • veerakanellore_bhavana 51w

    Searching for peace
    But never know when it would come.
    "Heart left in void"
    I wish I should never have this feeling again
    A feeling I can't express to others
    And something I can't explain to myself.
    Life completely adventurous
    But just in a hope I would find my peace again.


  • arfi_h 52w


    When I see your face,
    My heart beats at a high pace.
    Keeping my eyes glued on your face,
    My mind drift away to another place;
    Where we are together on a romantic space,
    Holding hands and walking at a slow pace...


  • durga_prasad 55w

    Yes we do need people but who understands us
    Rather than just complaint about things we can't change...
    #randomthoughts #unexpressed #personaldiary

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    I don't think we introverts
    want to be alone all the time...

  • m_dhanju 55w


    Unexpressed feelings are better than vague promises.

  • veerakanellore_bhavana 58w

    Feelings unexpressed
    Love uncontrollable
    Love at first sight
    Heart slipped and stolen
    But words left in heart.

    Weaker heart
    Life scared about love
    Scared about miserable world
    Which can break your heart
    And brutally turn me back to a life I hate.

    A perfect human you are
    Showering love
    Caring words
    Learning life.

    But I'm hurt and broken
    Wondering about future
    That could even kill my shadow.

    You reside in me
    My feet can't rest when I see you
    My words go crazy when I talk to you
    Deep in my heart you have a room to stay
    Deep in my smile I shower you all my love.

    I know I can never confess you
    But feelings are burning me alive
    And your love is making me survive.


  • matsonic 58w

    Unexpressed emotion

    Likhe jo khaat tujeeee

    Sirf pata hai mere dilko aur mujhe


  • theperfectbalance 58w

    #love #unexpressed

    Love from a distance....

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    Better than unrequited love
    Would be love that's left unexpressed


  • raghavendrabs 60w

    Assumption leads to misunderstandings. Assumption kills... relationships.

    A gender neutral story about two birds in love but ended up not expressing it.

    #smile #pain #depression #woeful #hiddenwithasmile #hidden #void #love #unrequitedlove #unexpressed #assumption #readwriteunite #writersnetwork
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee @dailyrepost @writers_together

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    What If? Not!

    It started out as a "Why am I feeling this?"
    Went on to be "Maybe it's just ok to let go"
    Grew stronger with "There's something amiss"
    Finally, it was sealed with "This is the one, I know!"

    Messages started off while the initial "talking is tough" phase,
    Slowly speaking was easier than it seemed.
    It was complete when it changed to a simple glance sideways
    And the message was conveyed.

    The conversations were endless,
    The moments together seemed fleeting yet built a mutual reliance,
    Hours were like seconds, even essays couldn’t fully express
    It was fun to talk, yet a strange comfort was felt in the combined silence.

    The journey began as a stranger
    Went on to be a confidant
    With no courage to confess despite there being no danger
    The person who made it all comfortable was also the one to daunt.

    While one waited patiently for the words,
    The other assumed it would ruin the equation,
    Time moved on and so did the birds,
    But neither realised that it all ended with an assumption.
    Raghavendra B S

  • durga_prasad 61w

    At sometimes the way you behave
    I even afraid to share
    my unhappy feelings
    With you and again all I face was your ignorance and my loneliness...

  • lalitha_l2 68w

    When one of his knees, touched the #fragrance of land,
    When the #flowers of #sunshine, #hope, turned its way to her,
    When the quiet #acceptance of her, brought a #delight in his eyes,
    I just, made my #love, flow in the form of #tears, #unexpressed, from the other side of their #heaven.

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    When one of his knees, touched the fragrance of land,
    When the flowers of sunshine, hope, turned its way to her,
    When the quiet acceptance of her, brought a delight in his eyes,
    I just, made my love, flow in the form of tears, unexpressed, from the other side of their heaven.