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    I Want To Dream Again

    Once upon a time, there lived two people in two different world, so similar to eachother yet apart from eachother millions of miles. While one lived in North and the other lived in south. None of them knew eachothers existence. Things started to change one night. When they both slept, they dreamt the same dream, It was a dark night with soft light of the moon touching the face of the Girl while she closed her eyes listening to the clam sea, the Boy walked towards her and sat next to her. They glanced eachother face and smiled but didn't speak a word yet it was meaningful to be there in the moment with eachother. For the first time in a while they felt happy to be with someone who is a reflection of themselves. When the morning sun shine hit their face, they woke up and wondered what they dreamt was really a dream as it was felt so real. Everytime they slept, they met eachother, sat on cliff watched stars rain, walked on empty streets at night, watched fireflies on grass. The more they spent time with eachother, it fade the line between dream and reality. The more they dreamt the more the eagar they became to know if the person existed in real life.

    The end



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    Stories Of Life #5
    I Want To Dream Again


  • jebinjohnyalexander 15w


    You would have tried all your A B C to Z plans and would have failed! You would have thought 'it is never meant for me' and when you were about to loosen your grip thinking everything is Done and Dusted!

    That's when God starts his the ALPHA plan!

    You will find it as a #MIRACLE

    Embrace it!

  • voices_as_thoughts 40w


    And again back into my head
    Intentionally keeping away from you to feel your absence and need you the more.
    Well, so far reality sucks and it's pretty much over-populated.
    Here, it seems the public is a white noise to privacy
    there is no love without a partner
    and there is no true love with a partner.
    Here, alot of conspiracy is going on about you,
    some say you are influenced by drugs?, depression?, past?, fantasies?
    Pfffff all from the normal fiddled mind that only sees what's below the nose.

  • deepflowsoul 49w

    Totally unconventional. Fucking hell I gotta lighten up so here's a start. Fuck fuck. I like cursing ��

    #jokes #fart #waddle #art #corners #funny #laugh #lightenup #unconventional

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    Yo this is a fart joke

    You know there is an art to farting?
    Yeah, you know what I mean,
    It's the phenomena after eating hearty.
    Waddling around with bubbles in our gut
    Inching through building clenching our butt.
    Its those small corners that become target
    We glance quickly and unleash the barn pin.
    Hey don't worry about it, its perfectly natural!
    Fuck we need to embrace it and enjoy our gassy murals!

  • anushreesaxena_ 73w


    Lost in a world where everyone wants to be the one and only, the extraordinary personality.
    A world where they wanted to be treated like they are the most important one and the only to do a task or achieve a goal.
    Yet they are afraid of trying something that could actually make them unique.
    They are worried about what will others think when they do something unconventional yet they secretly wish to be different.

    Can people really be that naive to believe they could live that life if they don't do anything other than what others do?

  • therwchrist 88w

    7 times 2.

    Isolation and it's night.
    The ghosts roam the halls tonight.
    Do you remember the fields and slangs?
    Words that drive you insane.

    I'm seeking the flame.
    From 14 miles away.
    I flee my own mind.
    I seek others time.

    Are you feeling bruised and attacked?
    Can you hear words then also act?
    Feel the fear that you created in your life.

    I'm seeking the flame.
    From 14 miles away.
    I flee my own mind.
    I seek others time.

    Make up your mind.
    We are out of time.
    Words cast aside.
    LIving cultural suicide.

  • 7secondsauthor 100w

    Boycott Bollywood For One Year


    That will teach them patriotic etiquette.


  • anthonyhanible 109w

    An Unconventional Person

    O no I'm not normal
    I'm not the same as you
    And sleep
    An Unconventional Person
    Please don't judge me

  • lachimolalaaa 113w


    Isn't that strange,
    I have paid more attention to you
    by not giving you any!


  • ashandfire 113w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writers_paradise #readwriteunite #unconventional #love #soulmate
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    We met by sheer chance.
    The dance floor of the dark club,
    Was the perfect setting,
    For our little encounter.
    Passing her number on to me,
    She pretended to walk out.
    I too took part in her charade,
    As I continued to to sip my drink,
    With my eyes hovering,
    Over every couple on the floor,
    Till I drained every last drop.
    I called her, once outside.
    She answered, in a most loving voice,
    And I knew, this was it. The it.
    We met, at her place,
    And she took me in, instantly.
    She listened to me,
    And knew what I sought.
    Our night was well spent.
    But then came the morning,
    And off I rushed to my place.
    My roommate answered the door,
    When I rang him up.
    He simply yawned and said,
    "Girl, why did you have to,
    Wake me up so early,
    When you too have the keys?"
    My keys were no longer there.
    Certainly not in my purse.
    Because I hoped,
    We would see each other again.
    So did she.

    Ours would not be,
    The so-called conventional love.
    In fact, I found my soulmate,
    In what would only have been,
    A one-night stand.
    Ours would be,
    The perfectly perfect,
    Unconventional love...


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    Should you stay, or should you leave,
    When you have found your lover-to-be,
    And the only problem is that,
    You are a woman, and so is she?


  • poetoftheflames 123w


    In the emptiness that resides,
    within the men that stride along;
    who walk up to face the world,
    tuned to a morally devoid song.

    In the words that ring hollow,
    and yet shape our fortutious fate;
    the fate that leads some to love,
    and the rest to hate.

    In these strings of abstractions,
    she resides, her mind a tool;
    sharpened by the edge of her mind,
    sharpened to strike, and kill the fool.

    Her eyes veer with alacrity,
    towards the dark abyss unseen,
    where others shudder to trudge,
    but her mind finds a solace so keen.

    All that the mind refuses to bear,
    the burden of unfathomable thought;
    she rips it apart, surgical and clean,
    a short strike and a battle fought.

    Her eyes with their brilliant shine,
    that speak of a gaze so strong;
    chaffing through uncertainty abound,
    yet with a compass of right and wrong.

    Her life destined to be fraught,
    with trials and tribulations galore;
    but also with a triumphant sense,
    a clear head held high and much more.

    And with a beauty that transcends,
    for it comes with a majestic mind;
    her being speaks of a magic,
    the only one of its kind.

    May she strive to explore the deep,
    the hidden recesses, clogged unclear;
    For a life is half-lived,
    if it's lived in fear.


  • __reag 130w

    " so Jay, tell me who supports you more ,in this, mother or father? "

    Gupta sir, asked, putting the duster and marker on an old book, which read , with fading colours, 'physics for iit'.
    He takes breaks in between the long sessions of pullies and trains and wedges...
    Asking, questions, well mostly, lame questions.

    Jay stood confused as whispers of answers being discussed could be heard over the whole classroom.
    What he said, I don't remember,
    I was busy figuring out the answer,
    As I could see the question being passed,
    Within seconds, while I was lost, trying to coordinate my neurons,

    I heard a husky voice say
    " Aashi! Aashi! Tell us, who is it? "

    I stood up, tensed, and fumbled,
    Unclear and low pitched,
    "Both of them....sir"
    " Wonderful! So both of them. Sit down aashi.."
    I wasn't done yet,
    My parents said, to fumble wasn't brave.

    "Both of my mothers, Sir. Both if my mothers"
    I said loudly this time.

    A room full of 120 eyes,
    60 confused minds,
    Looked at me, not knowing how to react.

    I could see the smile with which sir said "wonderful" earlier ,
    Fading away in his big round spectacles...

    I sat down as he picked up his book and turned towards the board.

    I didn't remember what happened , few minutes after that,
    No, I wasn't ashamed.
    I remembered what
    My parents told me the other night,
    " Some grey hairs are so used to greyscale,
    Rainbows don't fit in their frame,
    But don't be ashamed, to choose whatever colour your heart wishes to "
    And I returned home maybe with a little less physics but a lot more.


    #love #unconventional #lgbt #society #equality #unconventional #unconditional

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    " Some grey hairs are so used to greyscale,
    Rainbows don't fit in their frame...."

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    Olivia : Well, what are you thinking about?

    Elaina : As you know in few days my birthday is gonna come, I am curious to know what my love gives me.

    Olivia : What do you think he will give you ?

    Elaina : (Annoying face) Probably something stupid and say something really dumb which doesn't have any meaning to it.

    Olivia : Don't say like that, he is really good hearted guy, he will give you something special, he is like one in infinite, you wont find such guys in this world everyday.

    Elaina : (Serious face) Then you only keep him.

    Olivia : (Confused face) Is everything alright between you people ??

    Elaina : (Funny face) I was just kidding, you should have seen your face in mirror, it was like baby didn't know what to do...

    Few days later**

    **Text message**

    Olivia : Happy birthday Elaina, what did he give ?

    Elaina : Thank you so much, nope he haven't met me or text me yet.

    Olivia : Oh okay , I am going business trip, I will call you when I get back, have a lovely day...

    Elaina : Ya thank you, have a great day too and I have a holiday today :)

    Olivia : That's great, just don't do something stupid to make headlines tomorrow ;)

    Elaina : lol Nope I won't, you have my word...

    Ting tong**

    Elaina : I think he has come, text you later.

    Olivia : Don't forget to say me what was the gift?

    Elaina : Sure ;)

    Elaina opens the door

    Jack hugs her tight

    Jack : Happy birthday my love.

    Elaina : Thank you so much, I was waiting for you, what did you bring me ?

    Jack : A beauitful bouquet for beautiful person like you.

    Elaina : Aww that's cute!!

    Jack : You know what ?

    Elaina : What?

    Jack : My love for you will last until the day the last flower in this bouquet dies.

    Elaina : oh ya?!? , Then I will never let them die.

    Days later**

    **On call with Olivia**

    Olivia : So what's the gift?

    Elaina : It was a boquet and he said his love for me will last until the day the last flower in this bouquet dies.

    Olivia : So what did you do ?

    Elaina : I think you were right, the gift he gave wasn't stupid neither the words he said were dumb.

    Elaina : I kept soaking flowers with water day by day.

    Elaina : Flowers become little less beautiful everyday and then one day all flowers died but one didn't, it was a artificial flower which never died so is his love for me never ended.

    The end



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    Stories Of Life #4

  • changchen09 140w

    Failing to find something is not the same as proving it's non-existence.

    - H. H. The 14th Dalai Lama

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    An Unconventional Love

    Woke up in morning for a coffee like _ALWAYS_

    Looking in mirror, _I_ think I am happy

    For all these years we _LOVED_ and now it has come to an end

    As you guessed I hated _YOU EVERY MOMENT_

    For those little fights _OF OUR LIVES_ ...



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    Stories Of Life #3

  • sufibren 141w

    She's an old bohemian soul
    Trapped in flesh & bones.
    Struggling with the ho-hum world alone.


  • dywiann_xyara 158w

    The Rebellion of a Mathematical Mindset

    Mathematics is a demon that promises healing from human madness for it structures multi-dimensional thoughts into a mindset of lineary thinking; It gives the mind a logical structure, a structure so pure and well-thought.

    The mathematical mindset is full of rebellious acts for it breaks down the conventional dogma with questions like "How?" and "Why?" and makes us question everything until we wanna reach the ultimate truth of existence.

    Mathematics is the rebellion of today and with it we are able to reach to the stars!

    Start your mathematical journey now for mathematics offers high inner beauty of yet unsolvable enigmas! Nothing is impossible! Learn to use the language of logic to overcome the mental slavery!
    Stay free and always question everything!

  • dreamingwrites 162w

    The Road of Autumn

    A wattpad original

  • shivashekhar_ 162w

    My heart skips a beat

    The way he looks through his deep eyes
    From the tight hug to dazzling smile... 
    My heart skips a beat....
    Not often he speaks, but some words says a lot
    Dig more, to know him a while... 
    My heart skips a beat.. 
    Warmth of his hands, even his unconventional style which makes me ponder what all he keeps inside... 
    My heart skips a beat...
    There is more to say but i have to stop myself at this line.. Don't know after this note what all goes in his mind... 
    My heart skips a beat!!!

  • musingsmiless 163w

    I'm a blend of unconventional curiousity and inconceivable standards in this upside down world of love.