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  • neeluv2 27w

    ढूंढ लो इस साल
    मुझसे बेहतर कोई शक़्स
    जो तुम्हारी ख़ुशी की ख़ातिर
    तुमसे दूर भी रहे,
    तुमसे बात ना करे

    बेइंतहा मोहब्बत तुम्हीं से करे!

    Missing you a lot

  • s_ashutosh 44w

    Vajah the tum mere likhne ki ,pr dekhne ko tera chehra ab bilkul na bhata,
    Phir bhi aati hai yad tujhse judi vo baten,hal e dil aj bhi muskura hi jata.

  • falcon___0407 45w

    Just something I realised recently...

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    When you love someone unconditionally,
    You overlook everything they do
    And you love their imperfections.

    But it doesn't has to be the same from them,
    They might not really love you,
    They might not like your imperfections,
    They might not overlook things you did.

    And I guess it's fine...


  • anonymous1708 56w

    Akhiri saans

    Maat kro mujhse maar mitne wala pyar ,
    Mujhe toh bas akhiri saans tk tumhara sath chaiye .

  • hawaii 67w


    As your son you’re my heart!
    Yes, I don't say it often…
    As I take you for granted
    because you’ve always been with me
    Ma I honestly don’t know…
    what I would do without you
    Yes, I may be searching for a princess…
    But you will always be my Queen
    You are the meaning of unconditional love
    I could search through space and time
    But there is nothing that will comfort me
    Words can not express what you mean to me
    You are the glue holding me together
    Every atom in my body
    They would break apart at your absence
    and they are stronger than ever in your presence
    Ma, from birth to death
    You are my oxygen
    My pillar, my divine motivator
    I love you ma!
    Now, always and forever!

  • abhideysarkar 72w

    Yun toh kahin main pighalta nahi;
    Par jab unhone palke jhuka kar nazren milayi;
    Yeh dil bhi machal sa-utha aur kehne laga;
    Ab toh tumhen yahi pighalna hai mere bhai.


  • prince213 82w


    Can't forget the days when I used to sleep with my socks on and wake up without them, that's parental love❤️ and no love can replace it.

  • mazidsagir 84w

    Erotical fashion

    To love nowadays is a
    erotical fashion,
    in the wishes of ecstasy.

    they don't know
    what terms and conditions
    have to apply in love.

  • _cryptic_soul 99w

    Unconditional love

    Only your mother can love you unconditionally in this fake world

    If you find someone else who loves you the same way , trust me you are the luckiest person in the world


  • kissing_emotions 103w

    "Will we survive this?" she broke down emotionally.

    "Whatever happens, I will walk you through with hands held and smiling face," he comforted her with a forehead kiss.

    ©kissing_emotions Abhijeet (AKD)

  • lost_memoryy_ 104w

    What Else do You Remember???

    If I remember it right, it was the saturday afternoon when it happened to me. It was not like him to do such a thing, maybe he had a good reason for it, but really I am not sure about it and why he did it to me.

    He usually has this habit of removing his shoes outside the door before entering the house, I mean he is a bit neat & tidy type freak but its all good cuz the rules don't apply to me. I always enter dirty feet and still get all his love without getting scolded, You know what I mean.

    But that day it was something strange with him.
    Maybe the workload was getting to him and hitting him hard, so I decided to cheer him up.
    Went up to him, hugged him real tight and started to play with his sad little face and long curly hairs. Oh My God!!!! I had so much fun, I can't tell you about it.

    We played quite long that day, longer than the usual.
    And being a dog what else I could wish more for.
    I am telling you, this was it.
    All I wanted and needed from my guy.
    He then grabbed his keys, maybe he had to go somewhere.
    As he was leaving, he looked at me and smiled, waived his hand, asking me to come with him. I rushed so freaking fast to him.

    We got into the car, but seatbelt first, you gotta follow the rules.
    We left the society gate and he took the highway, instead of the city road. I was guessing a long drive baby....
    And yes, it was a long drive.

    We went on our favourite route, we drove for like 2 hours straight and then stopped somewhere on the outskirts of the city.
    Got out of the car, walked down a little distance together and sat down on the dirt. He got his clothes dirty, surely he was sad.

    Five minutes of sitting silently, he got up took out my favourite ball and said, "let's play fetch".

    Ohh yess!!! This is what I am talking about, the day was getting better and better, I have hadn't this much fun since a while.
    He threw it with his full strength, I also chased it down with my full speed. Took me less than a minute to get a hold of it between my teeths and ran back towards him.

    But when I returned with the ball, he wasn't there.

    I searched for him nearby, I was getting scared by the second for not being able to find him.
    But then I saw him at the car, holding the door open.
    It felt like, I had found my heart again.

    He smiled at me, and waived his hand towards me but this time the gesture was different, it was a "goodbye" waive.
    By the time I could understand or speak anything, he got inside his car and left.......

    Leaving me standing on the outskirts of the city, alone, with a ball in my mouth.
    Maybe he had forgotten something and maybe the smile was a sorry for leaving me like this, that he will come back within hours, pick me up and we will ride back home like always.

    It's been 3 days now, but he never came back.
    Its not like him to do such a thing but I am not really sure,
    why he did this to me?
    Was he angry with me??
    But if he was, why play fetch???
    Why he took me to long drive????


  • pen_a_saga 107w

    Shart to sanson ne bhi rakhi hai
    Ek bahar jati hai tabhi dusri andar ati hai
    To fir bhala ye Mohabbat beshart kaise hoti


  • bbquotesandthoughts 108w


    6:66 = Carbon : Unconditional
    Un-carbon °yourself° un-conditionally


  • __soul__thoughts 111w

    In the world full of terms and conditions be someone's unconditional love...

  • s_riyansha 112w

    धरती पर मेरा पहला कदम रखते ही जो माँ की मुस्कान थी, वो मुस्कान प्यार हैं
    मेरी पहली आवाज सुनने के लिए जो माँ के कान तरसते थे, वो तरसते कान प्यार हैं
    माँ के द्वारा पिता की डांँट का डर दिखाना
    फिर खुद ही पिता की डांँट से बचाना प्यार हैं
    गलती करने पर कसकर चांटा लगाना
    फिर उन्हीं प्यार भरे हाथों से खिलाना प्यार हैं
    रात को नींद न आने पर माँ का कहानियाँ सुनाना,
    वो कहानियाँ प्यार हैं
    खामखां शैतानियां कर माँ को सताना,
    वो मेरीं शैतानियां प्यार हैं
    मुझे हर वक़्त बुरे-भले का अंतर समझाना प्यार हैं
    मेरीं हर परेशानी को अपनें ममता के स्पर्श से सुलझाना प्यार हैं
    मेरे उज्जवल भविष्य कें लिए हर पहर सोचतें रहना प्यार हैं
    औंर मुझे माँ कें इस असींम, अमूल्य प्यार सें बेइंतहा प्यार हैं

  • gshree 117w

    Oblivion old age and care by the youngsters. Loving one's children is unconditional and so should be our care towards our parents.

    Wrote on 31 july 2019 8:43 PM #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee #readwriteunite #oblivion #reminicise #care #unconditional_love #life #inspiration #thoughts #love

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    You don't know me
    But I know you
    You don't care for me
    But I care for you
    You loved me
    But I love you...


  • abhishek_diary 122w

    एक वक्त था उदास होता था कोई जब मेरी आंखे नम होती थी ,

    लगता है अब उस परिंदे ने गीले मौसम में नया आशियाना ढूंढ लिया है ।


  • dishi_says 124w

    I wanna explain the unconditional love of a wife..
    Who always their for their hubbies in their ups and downs ...
    #dabang_81 #dishi_says #writerbysoul #wives #unconditional_love @mere_jazbaat @mirakeeworld @bad_soul__

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    सुनो ना !
    मुझे तुम्हारी कॉफी नहीं,
    शाम की चाय बनना है ।
    तुम्हारा रात का नशा नहीं,
    सुबह की पूजा बनना है ।
    तुम्हारा हाथों में हाथ नहीं,
    तुम्हारे बाईं ओर बैठना है ।
    तुम्हारी खुशियों का साथी ही नहीं,
    तुम्हारे गुस्से को थामना है ।
    सुनो ना !
    मुझे तुम्हारी कॉफी नहीं,
    शाम की चाय बनना है ।।

  • _blankpoetry_ 124w


    No commitments,
    No expectations;
    Her eyes wetted
    Voice amplified with
    Outbursted anger

    In the same fraction
    Her heart whispered,
    No, you can't,
    As long as you breathe.


  • detour 125w

    Pyaar Karna to sabne sikhaya
    Behad pyaar ko waqt par rokna
    Kisine kaash Kabhi padhaya hota