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  • kattresise 4w

    This was originally written as a song, this is the first section before parts repeat and the tone changes etc. The theme for the songs I'm writing is loosely based around past, present and future. If anyone is interested in seeing the rest of this song then let me know! (These are my first attempts at song writing so constructive criticism is welcome).

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    For Now (You complete me)

    Sometimes I see you each day

    and sometimes not for a week.

    But when you are here I feel just fine

    (and) You make me feel unique

    Even when we are far apart

    Our friendship is guaranteed.

    Our distance can make my mind blur

    (‘cos) you are all (that) I need.

    We can build a life together

    Hand in hand we’ll make it there

    Journey on through stormy weather

    I’ll make time for you I swear.

    I will always be there (for you).

    Sometimes it doesn’t feel real

    How perfect you are for me

    I can find it hard to believe (‘cos/that)

    We’re like (a) lock and key

    Our goals for the future may vary

    (and) I wonder, will our love prevail?

    (but) For now I don’t need to tell.

    (‘cos) You complete me

    You complete me

  • ebubei 6w


    I have been thinking,
    Thinking a lot!
    Of things I can't control.

    I spoke to my friend,
    Who is deeply engulfed,
    In thoughts of things beyond him.

    Of Uncertainties,
    Of Unprecedented events,
    Of the many shits life might throw.

    Of Aging,
    Of Death.
    Painting images with brushes soaked in sorrow.

    Of what use are they - these thoughts?
    Than to strip you of life,
    Stifle your breathe and release your grasp.


  • sophrosyne 6w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Confusing

    #love #uncertainty #confusion #divine #souls

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    Love, the divine uncertainty of souls.

  • lucas_carr_harvey 14w

    I wrote this poem with one sentence repeating in my head, "Fear of death". I'm sure a lot of people fear death (including me) so I made this poem to make me feel stronger than the gloom of death.

    If you like what you read please leave a ❤️ and possibly a comment (criticisms and suggestions are warmly welcomed.

    #writersnetwork #miraquill #fear #worry #anxiety #depression #uncertainty #death

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    Fear of Death

    Like a fowl trapped in a coop
    Not knowing when the farmhand will pick it out from the group,
    It has seen its brethren go like that and never return,
    And understands to be inevitable it's turn,
    So do we know our coop to be our being,
    The farmhand to be a ghoul with a sickle in his sling,
    Who chooses on a whim,
    Which of these to be his next victim,
    We worry and dread every passing moment,
    For every of his picks we lament,
    Remembering to breathe only when the sun breaks the gloom,
    And we for a while forget our impending doom,
    Anxiety becomes our buddy and depression our best friend,
    Promising to stick with us to the end,
    Worrying with every instant when we would last breath,
    Constantly living in fear of death.

  • andie_elle 14w

    The slightest glimmer of hope peaks
    through those vague set of words.
    Baffled by what's untold,
    my weary heart's held captive.


  • lakshay1900 15w

    And two people wondering
    Questioning their love
    Rather then confess to each other

  • ana_vah 18w

    Trapped in the uncertainty of
    What the night will bring
    We wait for walking skeletons,
    Fuelled by vengeance,
    Phantoms lurking in indistinct shadows,
    Demons sinking fangs,
    Into the flesh of temptation,
    Witches dressed in lust.


  • afza147 20w


    Life right now is an uncertainty with lots of mess piles up

  • rakshitha_hulgi01 20w

    You never know when, why and how you are going to lose that person, whom you love the most, so please don't let go the moments you get to live with them.

  • idrisyeverdd 21w


    Time, There is a no right, no wrong,

    Time, It is a best friend, and a worst enemy.

    Time, It changes the people, him and me for example.

    Time, made me realize I can't live without him

    Time, took everything  from me, made him broke all promises he kept

    Time,  is chaos and we are it's pawns. He and I are well played by it,

    Time, showed me the path I never thought I would brave enough to take it

    Time, I valued the most but lost it all at once

    Time, I blame it, for this awful life, for it turned my life upside down

    Time, became my enemy from my friend

    Time, Made me question everything, made me realize the mistake.

    Time, Does it exist? Does it not?

    Time, Is it a friend? Or is it a enemy? Or Is it a Frenemy?

    Time, Will it ever be enough? Will it never be enough?

    Time, Did it change me for good or for bad?

    Time, Should I thank it for showing the real? Or hate it for making my life miserable?

    Time, What if it doesn't part him from me?

    Time, What if it gave us another chance?

    Time, Will I ever be me again? Can it take me to him again?

    Time, Which I don't have much, only I can wish more

    Time can only answer everything.

  • seraiah_smiles 23w

    I'll be making this post special. This is my 100th.

    This poem shall speak about my #dreams, #hopes, #uncertainty, #certainty, #dark, and above all, #faith, #Light.

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    The hand of the Divine guides me; His comforting rod protects me.

    This path I walk on may be dark. Shadows lurk against me like a hungry shark. It may be dark, but God is Light. And for me, He will fight.

    The path ahead may be uncertain. Myriad possiblities await every passing moment. It may be uncertain, but God is Providence. A turn here or there, continue ahead or stir, My Shepherd is with me there's nothing to fear.

    The hand of the Divine guides me; His comforting rod protects me.

    ~ ~ ~


  • figura 23w


    Once in a while I still get lost in the fog.
    Some days clear
    Some days can barely walk.
    Trusting these steps,
    Like taking a leap of faith.

  • rasheederh 25w

    Up in the air I wonder and ponder
    I toss my thoughts for a lifetime wander
    How will I break this shell my thoughts quandle.

    The sun made a flip and the moon make a grin
    The the flooded river makes the bald land grief.
    And the keen land of skepticism glows in grey

    Up in the air my thoughts chuckled
    drooling in doubt I braid in fate.

    IDIOM//"Up in the air" means undecided,been uncertain.


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    Up in the air my thoughts chuckled,
    Drooling in doubt I braid in fate.

    © Rasheederh

  • scrawling_girl20 26w

    Read if you are uncertain about anything ��

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    What does it mean to accept the truth
    In the midst of uncertainty?
    If truth was black
    Here I am rounded by numerous shades of black
    The whole palette till grey
    Myriad of thoughts wavering in my mind
    Limiting my life to daydreaming
    Slowly creeping fear of the unsure
    Whenever I hear that question
    Somewhere I feel hollow inside
    A hush of the unsure confiscates
    Grabbing me away from the now
    Into a pit congested with questions
    What does it mean to accept
    What does it mean to let go?
    Am I ready ?
    To go into raging fire of truth
    To return untainted
    Am I ready to accept that
    Truth was to accept
    Not this or that
    The uncertainity itself

  • loving_me 30w

    I want to fight for you
    But are you willing to fight with me?

  • cg_kumaran 30w

    Life is Uncertainty..
    There is
    Always possibilities..
    Going through..
    On Everything..
    For Everyone..
    From Everywhere..
    At Everytime..

    How we see things..
    Perspective matters..
    Vision matters..


  • captain_ali_01 31w


    My days are spent leaning on chance,
    I leave it all to the whims of time,
    Firming my grasp over this fleeting trance
    Of peaking a mountain I failed to climb,
    All the while, questioning my attempts
    And staring at the mirror with bitter contempt.

    My days are spent clutching uncertainty;
    Still seeking freedom from this damned eternity,
    Where a moment seems not to last
    And every breath I draw feels like it's my last.
    Indeed, I find myself revived;
    Sometimes, just to survive.

    My days are spent illustrating illusions
    And nurturing my delusions.
    I look towards what is to come,
    Weighing every move and its outcome,
    My life has turned into a game of chess;
    Though I possess none of the pieces,
    I would want nothing more or less.


  • keithallencovell 31w

    (Looking To Skies)

    Man relies on man too much when we should be looking to skies for comfort and security. We get in our own ways because we want to control everything and allow fear of loss to bring us to reckless actions.


  • aidenalexander 32w

    Whatever may be will be,
    But right now that's my anxiety.


  • conflicted_ 32w

    It feels like I'm walking on a tight rope,
    I can't see but
    I can feel the tension that lies in my hope,
    My mother, I keep her safest above my arms,on my wings..
    My allies on my shoulders and
    My lover lies like a crown on my horns,
    while I walk this test,is this a
    Walk of shame or a leap of faith?
    Two little demons called guilt and regret whisper in my ears, to look back,
    I can't look back cause I know if I turn back I'd fall down and if I fall,
    would it be like a pack of cards or dominoes,
    Either ways my wings weigh,
    And I can't see ahead cause it's uncertain,
    It feels like there's more than gravity,
    That's certain,
    pulling me down,
    all the people who I once looked up to or looked for,
    I can't look back, no way,
    Neither could I see or know what's ahead,
    'Close my eyes, o lover,
    Make me walk above the clouds,
    Make me reach the stars above,
    take me higher,
    Hold my wings, o mother,
    I'll keep you safe till the last of my breath...'
    Incomplete piece.
    Let's see if I could complete this later or if anyone of you could, that'd be great.
    #vent #rant #demons #walk #mother #wings #fall #hope #guilt #regret #uncertainty #shame

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    It feels like I'm walking on a tight rope,
    I can't see but
    I can feel the tension that lies in my hope,
    My mother, I keep her safest above my arms,on my wings..
    My allies on my shoulders and
    My lover lies like a crown on my horns,
    while I walk this test,is this a
    Walk of shame or a leap of faith?
    Continued in the caption.