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    Stephanie's hands are shaking in the cold as she walks into the office. It is clear she is in need of something hot to step down the effect of the blizzard outside the walls of the Clinton Welsh International Hospital premises. The Air-Conditioners cannot be turn off for any reason on the insistence of the Hospital's policy hence they provide alternative heating for the staff and patients of the hospital, heating cubicles numbering about eight on every floor of the hospital totalling about one hundred and twenty. Unwilling to go all the way to the other floor and possibly face the same disappointment as she has faced on the ground floor where her office is strategically situated, she decides to take some hot coffee to substitute the heating cubicle but as though it is not her day, she is met by another disappointment. All the variants of coffees served at the hospital at the moment do not appeal to her taste.

    Stephanie's astonishment is brought on by how exactly all other variants are still very much available when she arrives but the one she wants and enjoy finished few seconds before her arrival at the hospital's coffee stand.

    Irked by the situation, she picks up her car keys even though she knows leaving the hospital at that moment might be risky on so many levels-she might have patients waiting for her, she might have an accident under the unfortunate weather, she is not officially on break and she might get queried or worse still relieved of duty if she is found out by the management of the hospital. She would usually do things that strikes everyone as daring and sometimes just plain absurd so when the other staff see her leave the hospital and drive out of the premises, they neither ask no questions nor bother themselves but leave it to the management who have eyes on the entire premises and never miss a move from any staff except of course in the toilet and surely enough they see her leave. The consequences of her actions from the end of the management would come in the evening when she returns or they would allow her the privilege of having a good night and spoil her morning the next day with her letter of 'your services are no longer needed at this hospital' connoting dismissal.

    When she sets out on the journey, it is a horrifying trip driving through the blizzard as visibly is so poor, she can hardly see. She prays so hard to be back at the hospital in one piece but it seems her prayers does not cover her car as while she hits a lot of things that damage her car badly including road blocks, railings and a couple of times, a few road-crossing creatures.

    It takes about a visit to over fifteen stores and twelve hours of driving to make her give up her search and decide to settle for the lesser coffee brand.

    Just as she is driving back to the hospital painfully meandering her way through the thickening weather, she unfortunately and fortunately rams her car into a somewhat inconspicuous store by the corner of the road going unconscious. The storekeeper takes her out of the car and unto the ground to get some air. The storekeeper, Jane Alvin watches her for a few seconds and realizing she has not regained consciousness, decides to give her the kiss of life (Mouth To Mouth Resuscitation).

    It feels awkward to her but there is a life at stake and it is the only option available as there is no one else around in the store at the time as the storekeeper was just reconciling the books in order to leave for home before Stephanie rammed into the store. She succeeds in getting her conscious after about six huff-and-puffs of oxygen. Regaining consciousness, Stephanie asks holding her head while squinting,
    'Whe-Where am I?.....Who are you?....What happened?..'
    'Calm down, darling. One question at a time',Jane Alvin says softly. 'You had an accident'
    'Oh no', Stephanie screams whisperingly as a result of the headache. 'I need to get back to the office immediately'.

    Jane Alvin smiles not with an intent to ridicule Stephanie's predicament but because she wonders why someone would still think of work after such an unwholesome occurrence. She watches Stephanie stagger a little way off before fainting again.

    When Stephanie regains consciousness, she is surprised to see Jane behind the wheel of her SUV and wonders what is going on. Just as she is trying to wrap her aching head around what is going on, they come by the Welsh International Hospital. Jane drives in, screaming for the attention of the staff around. Immediately, a couple of nurses assist her in leading Stephanie into the hospital.

    Having been informed of the accident by Jane , the hospital puts Stephanie to bed-rest for four hours with the help of sedatives in drip form. When she would wake up, her letter of dismissal would sitting on the small mahogany cupboard-table beside her bed just by Jane. Jane hopes and prays that she wakes up strong and healthy.

    'Please, you just have to wake up. From the much I have seen, you are a hardworker and I am sure it devastate your company to have them lose you. I do not know you but it would still hurt to watch a human being die before my very eyes so please stay with us', Jane whispers softly trying so hard to prevent herself from bursting into tears. What Jane does not know is the fact that Stephanie is a staff of the hospital and the letter on the table by her bed effects her termination of appointment with immediate effect.

    After four hours of sleep, Stephanie wakes up from the induced sleep yawning and turning to see Jane, she gives a smile that suggests appreciation of the kind gesture of being by her side all through. Jane returns the smile.

    Sitting up on the bed, Stephanie notices the white envelope on the table by the bed. Confused, she inquires of Jane about the letter. Jane says the letter was brought in by a doctor and he said it looked important.
    'A doctor of this hospital....?', Stephanie asks terrified as she frantically opens the envelope to unveil its content.
    'Yes....Is there....'
    'Oh no...This can't be', Stephanie screams and faints again having read it is a termination of her appointment as a staff of Clinton Welsh Hospital.

    Confused as to what is going on, Jane picks up the letter to read and she is just as shocked but does not faint. Instead she quickly decides to recommend Stephanie for temporary employment immediately she wakes up pending when she would be able to secure another job for herself.

    When Stephanie wakes up, she is skeptical at first about the idea but looking at her letter of dismissal once more, she decides to accept the offer. It seems a blessing in disguise as she seems to enjoy working with Jane surprisingly because asides the fact that it is an interesting job to kill time with while she looks for one that would fit her career as a surgeon, she is home to the best coffee in the region.

  • mute_my_mind 25w

    It's not the blood that defines pain
    But it's the wound which went deep

  • mute_my_mind 34w

    In this rotten world
    Either you have to be the lier
    Or the one who believes it

  • mute_my_mind 35w

    You can never built anything in life
    Without breaking something of you

  • mute_my_mind 36w

    Love is a disease that kills
    And also the vaccine that cures

  • writeweird 37w

    forest's lighthouse

    beacon of hope
    emerald heart of mine

    frolicking in

    in a transparent

    pretending to be

    running amok
    in the golden fields,

    forcing the winds;

    and you can see
    heaven when

    the sun falls

    every dark hour

    and the beacon
    of hope,

    becomes me.


  • outofleague 60w

    #prettypic313 Challenge #uncanny #experiences
    alacrity : (noun) brisk and cheerful readiness

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  • beyondhumanity 107w

    Tonight, I can imagine how Beethoven's silence would feel like. And light of the seven will save me.

    #Moonlight #Windy #Gust #Uncanny #Strange #Weather #gentle #rage #obnoxious #blissful #silence #agony #tranquility #pain #sorrow #light #dark

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    Gust of wind

    Tonight the weather is uncanny.

    These gusty winds blows past me and I can smell the dreams that are yet to be fulfilled.

    The wind whistles gently through the window, asking me to rage.

    Is it an omen which is trying to tell something?

    Because it's obnoxiously blissful.

    And I feel like I might turn into a wolf and go far beyond my keep.


  • mkp_08 112w

    One of those (old) compositions that I'm still, extremely proud of having written.
    #emotions #uncanny #boundbylove #confinedbysentiments #emotionalfoolsweare

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    Emotions are Uncanny

    Emotions are always uncanny. They tend to bind you, confine you, liberate you and also release you. They make you yearn, they let you, respect, love and affection, earn. They take you on for a joy ride, down a memory lane, enables to conjure up the deepest of dreams and even end up making you pine. Emotions are a "fool’s treasure" they say, but have the wise ever been to resist it’s pleasures?

  • takomi_ 114w


    To days when it is all pitch dark
    When Sun doesn't beam its sparkling rays
    When all that's left are darker shades
    When your soul screeches for help
    When all you can do is shout and yelp
    When your eyes have the uncanny blaze
    When all these actions are out of craze
    When your mind is out of control
    When your heart wishes a steadier stroll
    When laughter no more knocks your door
    When you wish to rest on a tranquil shore
    When you become your emotion's prey
    When your body's here but your mind's stray
    When your little eyes are left all dry
    When yet you wish is to sob and cry
    Then remember that it's just a phase
    A hard, little test just like a maze
    To make you a little more firm
    And prepare you for the life's new term.


  • mute_my_mind 117w

    Somewhere in the uncanny
    I heard a voice echoing
    unto thin air
    It dragged my heart n soul
    to its core
    There's a girl singing with
    tunes magically
    I marvelled the perfection
    sculpted in her
    She casted me into celestial
    wonders of her smile

  • travelling_thoughts 123w


    Blank space, waiting for thoughts
    Your presence an uncanny thought


  • nikhiltalhar 123w

    It's uncanny how we give up our dignity just to please someone who is not certain for the transpirency of love


  • adityaj 126w


    I dont know you Miss Stranger but still I feel free to share my thoughts, emotions with you.
    From where are we getting with each other?
    How this equilibrium is set between us?
    I dont know.
    But yes thing that I think is our unconditional and unknown connection that we built-in together.
    Its to often happen to us when we meet unknowingly, portraying as we are true stranger but when we meet it arouse the goose pimples round our body.
    Isn't it amazing Miss... Haha!!
    I feel so free to talk with you, that I could conquer the world with my gaze with picturesque of your craze.
    How uncanny this is Miss Stranger that we are together for so long but still dont know who we actually are.
    I feel the relation we built today stays longer and for the same if not knowing our persona matters well its the best thing one can do to live up the vein...
    From my daily schedule I desperately take time to meet you, crack jokes over the coffee, do you know why because deep down my arteries you reinvigorate me and my pain..
    All that matters now is you..
    I feel special to be with you, inspite not knowing who you are Miss Stranger.

  • mkp_08 130w

    Life and it's ways

    Life and its uncanny ways.
    Karma and its just ways.
    Destiny and its mysetrious ways.
    Luck and its unpredictable ways.
    Love and its doleful ways.
    Faith and its hopeful ways.
    Perseverance and its fruitful ways.
    Strength and its ripening ways.
    Life, and its unbearing, loving ways.

  • falling_stars 152w


    She failed to perceive his uncanny silence,
    Now they didn't had the same uncanny love,
    But her uncanny presence always surrounded him,
    He gave an uncanny smile to the shinning stars, & walked alongside the neverending river,
    Never to return again in this uncanny world
    & just like that....
    Another chapter of an uncanny love story came to an end

  • vampirecadence 157w


    It's so uncanny to think
    that one day we are in some other place
    and other day,
    we are in different place.

    some journey are beautiful especially when we are going to some place where
    we love to go,
    where we get the respect and love
    while returning back from that place
    makes us feel so sad that it's impossible to say what it's feel like
    but at the end, we have to accept that we have to leave even if our mind doesn't say Yes.


  • beautiful_and_broken 161w


    A bad day but always a sweet lie
    A simple smile and I'm fine

    To hide the worries and silent cry
    One just needs to say goodbye.

    Neglect and uncanny attitudes make me worry,
    Can one ever let anyone just let go in such hurry?


  • london_sky 165w


    The voices tell me to be patient,
    The voices tell me that I should be facient.
    A cold hand rests on my shoulder,
    A whisper that somehow was colder.
    A sparrow on my wrist,
    And a sweet aroma of mist.

    A sharp pain in my back,
    And the sound of a fire crack.
    A broken code rushes through my veins,
    And gives me unbearable pains.
    Yet I knew I should have courage.


  • random_writing 169w

    Present_past_future in a line... With the delimma
    #delimma #uncanny

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    Sometimes the uncanny resemblance of the present
    Leaves us back dwelling upon the past...
    No matter what our future actually dwells upon...