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  • vivan_the_peaceminded 27w

    The essence of an unscathed vow

    My life was so beautiful and unimpaired unless that day had to come
    Ruining everything from the east of bay to the south of the border
    Where a broken promise made my friendship had misbecome
    Leaving scars and bruises on it without any attention paid at order
    I feel Hypoxia getting onto my nerves, slow and steady
    Dethroning my fidelity from its highness throne
    Possibility of us breathing our friendship again seems heady
    Where I am now finding it hard to enthrone
    Reassurance is the only way out of the dreary night
    Which, I know is nothing but a torched way out of the blues
    I gotta gather all my determination and fight like a Knight
    On the road back to glory, which has no trace of victorious hue
    All I learnt was to keep an unscathed promise
    That roared silence while silencing me to compromise


  • bubu_e 31w


    Sometimes i try to find the words to express how i feel
    I try to find the words to outline the exact picture of the pain i feel
    I try to find the words to explain how stupid and naive i am
    Most times i don't get around in doing that...

    You know to get around explaining why i let all these things happening into me to actually happen
    Explaining how i don't have self-love or self respect
    Explaining how i keep on making the same dumb ass mistakes over and over again
    Explaining how i let my heart get shattered over and over again by different people
    Explaining how i let myself get manipulated emotionally every damn time
    Explaining how i let men abuse me and put in the position to question my self-worth
    Explaining how i let my nice-ness become a weakness
    Explaining how i hide my voice instead of speaking or shouting back
    Explaining why I'm just the way i am.

    I guess i never will because this is me

  • mute_my_mind 45w

    A million promises can be made
    But none will be kept unbroken

  • himayan_writes 47w

    Unbreak please!

    Broken hearts don't mend, my Love
    Broken hearts don't heal!
    Broken hearts don't unbreak
    Doesn't matter how you feel!


  • pallavi4 47w

    Unbroken, unburnt, unbowed

    You may think you could conquer me
    By the many stones you throw
    I will not cower and hide away
    I will remain unbroken, unburnt, unbowed

    You’ve hurled a thousand arrows
    To conquer the depths of my soul
    No matter how many times you try
    You will never reach your goal

    Your menacing ways are cunning
    You’ve unleashed a horror untold
    I will fight you with all my might until
    I cannot anymore

    In the time of need, the warrior inside
    Stands tall with his wings unfold
    No fire can ever douse the flame
    Lit deep within my soul

    Never one to suffer from a fright
    Never one to get swallowed whole
    I will lash out and pave my way, I will remain
    Unconquered by the hurt you dole

    I’ve borne the pain you’ve inflicted
    I will continue to some more
    One day you will give up and surrender
    Till then you’ll rack up your toll

    Armed and attentive I will stand unbroken
    I will unfurl my colours on a flagpole
    My back may hurt but will remain unbent
    Even if I’m left standing alone

    Unburnt will my spirit remain
    Unscathed by the fires alight manifold
    Like a phoenix I will rise from the ashes
    To avenge my right, and to once again be bold


    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    26th of July, 2020

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  • zaraahaiwe 49w

    It is the raining season,
    The oceans are full,
    Yet, it constantly feels like
    I'm fishing in dry waters.

    Moments ago, I was all pumped up.
    Positive, ready to take on the day
    And welcome its glories in my arms.

    Moments after, I feel so so tired,
    I mean tired to my bones
    And I can lay on finger on the why.

    Like a switch,


  • zaraahaiwe 50w

    Life has dealt blows- one too many,
    I have seen horrible days,
    I have felt dangerous feelings,
    I have crossed uncharted waters,
    I have been shattered- picking broken pieces of myself.
    I have been a mess- filled with hollow spaces for a heart.
    I have been cut- my edges serrated and exposed.

    Yet I come out-
    Bent oftentimes,
    But always, always unbroken!


  • faulty_puppet 52w

    Ghar (Home)

    Yeh hai har kahaani ki shuruat
    Yehi hai har qisse ki pehli pehchaan
    Rango me lapete, deewaron me chupein
    Najaane kitne panne aur baatein anjaan

    Yehi hai saara maa-baap ka pyaar
    Achchi seekh, sabak, asha aur ummeed ki char deewar
    Yehi to bane the woh rishtein
    Jinhe kehte hai hum aaj langotiyaan yaar

    Kehte hai log mera ghar tha adhoora
    Papa aur mere beech woh ghar tha phala-phoola
    Deewaron me daag the, the kuch rooh me bhi
    Woh ghar hi kya jisme ho na aansu aur khushi

    Papa k haath ka khana tha roz
    Seekha ek dusre ko samhaalna roz
    Tha wahaan bhagwaan ka basera bhi
    Sar jhukatein the unke charno me roz

    Woh ghar ab bhi apni neev par khada hai
    Meri saari yaadein daraaron me chupakar
    Usse dur hu fir bhi hu atoot
    Utne hi dararein apni hasi me chupakar

    Rishta tha gehra par toota kachche dhaage sa
    Yaadein thi bohot par bikhra toote kaanch sa
    Jo awaazein thi sannaaton me kho gayi
    Jo vishwas tha rab pe, uska bhi koi nishaan nahi

    Raha kaafi deewaron k beech, woh the ghar nahi
    Aur bhi yaadein bani, par un jaisa mazboot nahi
    Khali sa hai ghar mera, khali sa hu mai
    Pinjde me hu mai hi pinjda, mera ab koi ghar nahi


  • lunalight 55w


    My Broken heart
    Changed into broken words
    To have a unbroken writting for you

  • mrspectacular 58w


    Tested by storms unusual,
    He almost loses his visual.
    He was soon to discover it was not something casual
    But something of a design more deliberate
    Done to appropriately calibrate.

    Funny it was not.
    Not the type of activity of a baby's cot
    For time and again, He sort to give his history, a blot
    And Its entirety completely assail.
    Thanks to the Father, that in such he did fail.

    For the consequences would have been fatal
    Something more brutal
    For he would be guilty of a sin, cardinal
    Disrupting a process rather spinal
    And having his assignment given to some other assignee.

    While he cools off in damnation
    For the resulting consternation
    His shouts of pain of a much louder intonation,
    Hell's willing donation
    But again, thanks to Him that resides beyond the skies above,

    For after such a long time of a tedious manufacturing process
    Here is the product, with a sophistication in excess
    A special edition if you please
    Tried but yet unbroken.


  • divya_soni 61w

    #love #relationship # true love #unbroken love #unbroken relationship #immense love #old school love #society restrictions not to love #family restrictions #girl and boy discrimination for love

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    तुम्हारी आरज़ू में ,
    बदल डाला हमने खुद को ,
    तुम्हारी आरज़ू में ,
    छोड़ आए , देखो , हम सब को ,
    तुम्हारी आरज़ू में ,
    जी हां तुम्हारी आरज़ू में ।
    थी नई सी , दिल की मक़सद ये ,
    पाना है तुझको हर हाल में मुझे ,
    सपने को हकीकत बनाना चाहा मैंने पाकर तुझे ।
    ये दिल्लगी नहीं है आसान ,
    समझना चाहिए था मेरे इस दिल को ,
    डूब कर तेरे प्यार में भूल गया था ये सब को ,
    कोशिश की ना कभी मैंने समझाने की इस को ,
    पता था मानेगा नहीं ये मेरी किसी भी बात को ।

    - Divya Soni

  • divya_soni 61w

    #love #unbroken love #unforgettable love #bond of love #togetherness #promises of love #unbreakable trust #unbreakable relationship #pure love #true love #soulful love #life full of love #best supporting partner #blind trust #immense love

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    एक चाहत ,
    जिसमें है सुकून कि इबादत ,
    ना मिले तो दिल को नहीं है राहत ।
    बरसों से सजाया था एक ख्वाब मैंने ,
    आ कर ज़िन्दगी में पूरा किया है उन लम्हों को तुमने ,
    सुनाई देती है खुशियों की खिल खिलाती आवाजों की गूंजे ,
    आखिर बदल ही डाला मेरी ज़िन्दगी तूने ,
    आखिर बदल ही डाली मेरी ज़िन्दगी तूने ।

    - Divya Soni

  • divya_soni 70w

    लगी है दिल में आग जैसी ,
    तरप उठी है मेरी रूह वैसी ,
    फासले मिटा कर ख़तम कर दे ये दूरी ,
    साथ होने के ख्वाब को कर दे पूरी ,
    सारे कसमें वादे फिर से खा तोड़ दे ये मजबूरी ,
    अपने दिल में रख दे थोड़ी सी जगह मेरी ।

    - Divya Soni

  • divya_soni 70w

    # love poetry # love # relationship#togetherness#distance relationship#destined love #everlasting love#forever love #unbroken bond #unbroken love #desperate love

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    रातें नशीली ,
    उम्दा सफर है ,
    आओ पास आओ बाहों में भर लो ,
    दिल में बसा कर ख्वाबों में सजा लो ,
    तन्हाईयो को मिटा कर मुझे अपना बना लो ।

    - Divya Soni

  • divya_soni 70w

    आंखें पथरा गई , तेरे इंतज़ार में,
    सपने अधूरे छूट गए , तेरे इंतजार में,
    सांसें तन्हा रह गई , तेरे इंतज़ार में ,
    मंजिले अब ना रही , तेरे इंतज़ार में ,
    लबों पे वो बात ना रही , तेरे इंतज़ार में ,
    हमदर्द ना बन पाया कोई , तेरे इंतज़ार में ,
    आसू सुख गए , तेरे इंतज़ार में ,
    दिल हार गया , तेरे इंतज़ार में ,
    रू काप उठी , तेरे इंतज़ार में ,
    ज़िन्दगी हार अाई , तेरे इंतज़ार में ,
    हार अाई तेरे इंतज़ार में ।

    - Divya Soni

  • divya_soni 70w

    #expressed love #expression of feelings #propose #love #relationship#first love #emotions #togetherness#unbroken love #unbroken relationship#new relationship#new feelings of love #first feelings of love

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    आपसे प्यार है ,
    अकेले जीना दुश्वार है ,
    साथ चलना हर बार है ,
    दिल के तराने में तू ही मेरा यार है ।

    - Divya Soni

  • divya_soni 70w

    Chup mat rehna ,
    Dard maat sehna ,
    Taklif ho toh kehna ,
    Pyaar me paani ki tarah behna ,
    Sab galtiya maaf kar har dum mere pass hi rehna .

    - Divya Soni

  • divya_soni 70w

    #love poetry #love #true love #relationship#true feelings never die #true love never die #true feelings #bond #forever love #unbroken love #unbreakable love #everlasting love #never give up on love #lucky to be loved

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    Usne matha chum liya ,
    Dard bhare dil ko rone se fusla liya ,
    Bhar kar naye armaan , usne mujhme phir se hausla jaga diya ,
    Sab pichli baatein bhul , ye dil ne tumhe wapas apna liya .

    - Divya Soni

  • divya_soni 70w

    #love#relationship#expression of love #express your feelings #untold love #unexpressed love #forever love #unbreakable love #unbroken love #everlasting love #bond #true love # heartbreak

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    दूर जाते हुए समझोगे दिल का रिश्ता हमारा

    - Divya Soni

  • divya_soni 70w

    Ab aur na satao ,
    Hume apne dil ki baat batao ,
    Izhaar jo karna tha , use yu na chhupao ,
    Bahut intezaar kiya , apne labo se parda hatao ,
    Hume tumhare ru se rubaru karao ,
    Sharam chhor mujhe apnao ,
    Ab aur na satao .

    - Divya Soni