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  • raman_writes 4w


    सितमगरों ने अपनी एक नई दुनिया बना ली ।

    फिर सितमगरों से भी उस दुनिया में ना रहा गया ।।


  • philocalistabella 26w


    When the little country looked around for peace and growth ,

    Dreaming of the future when it will be grand and ol'

    Came a smiling man that offered it both

    In return just wanted a teeny bit of control...

    The innocent country agreed in aflutter

    To crown the King dressed as a Saint

    But soon there were streams of blood in the gutter

    Cuz wid war and terror , did he the country taint...

    The tyrant who forgot the hands who fed them,

    He who played the flute of make belief

    That war was the cure for the problem's stem,

    And small was in his eyes a mother's grief...

    A mother whose son lay without a heart,

    Under the tree with his childhood swing

    A wife whose Life was torn apart

    To hunt the morsel for her kids to bring ...

    Tyrant you eat what's irrigated by tears and blood

    Seeping out of the people watching the clock

    The fingers ,the limbs that lay in the mud

    Without no value smashed to the bed rock...

    But each scream,each sigh, each cry,each shriek

    Each break, each rape , each shot, each kill

    Will not be forgotten when time comes for the mob to speak

    Cuz you may die but the curses for you never will

    And one day when you're under that land

    Trembling awaiting at the mercy of Lord's hand

    When you will be asked your cause of fear

    Cuz didn't blood u spill in the name of the same dear?

  • bclark2681 35w

    Tyrant Disease

    Woke up again to mourning throughout
    This great world as tyrants pass their
    Oppressed disease on to great humans,
    Making them believe their ideologies
    Are to be followed, no matter the cost

  • rupal_kaur_anand 78w

    Oh you can't control anyone's thoughts or actions
    But you can be tyrant of your own mind
    So control your reactions
    Not everyone deserves your attention

    ©R.K Anand

  • canadian_cowboy 93w

    "You're fired," said his young and spoiled boss, without even a hint of compassion or remorse.

    "But why?" replied the shocked and shattered employee. "I've done nothing wrong. I've worked here faithfully for 35 years."

    "Because you're too old," said the tyrannical CEO, his silver spoon still in his mouth. "We need new blood. Life is hard and then you die."


  • canadian_cowboy 93w

    She kissed him
    and then casually
    ordered his execution.


  • benjamins_poetry_ 99w

    Armored tyrant

    People just don’t really care
    All you care about is yourself
    You just wouldn’t dare
    To prick me and I bleed
    Instead you sit in silence
    Put up your shield of armor
    Ignore me for my love and honor
    Sitting there as a tyrant

  • jeitendra_sharma 110w

    Instrumental reality

    no rules for a masterpiece
    a violin in the background
    hearing and uttering nonsense
    dancing with the flow of time
    as wild as chaos in the galaxies
    paints on the canvas
    dropping uncertainty
    uncovering the class of a master
    flowing effortlessly
    colorful and alive,

    beauty isn't priceless
    to create order
    one has to destroy
    either it is love or hate
    each symphony has a price
    creation of Gods
    demand drops of blood
    no matter if one is innocent or guilty
    powerful will decided
    rules can't create
    it ushers the destruction
    blasphemy after Gods
    dictator after revolution
    Peace after war
    corpse near the seashore
    guns and grenade
    mutilated bodies
    waiting to dispose
    a silence that can kill one
    rushing into blood
    the agony of loved ones,

    writing such stories
    with the ink that costs more than blood
    the crucifixion of liberal minds
    nail in the thoughts
    waiting for 'day three'
    hoping to see them alive
    burning of beautiful words
    a world full of hatred
    love is forbidden
    can't touch others 'untouchability'
    no value to human lives
    starving to the deaths
    to create a powerful world
    then to sustain the power
    let them die in hunger
    who cares about those filthy creatures
    no justice to black skin
    let them suffer in slavery
    the supremacy of color indeed a tragedy,

    to create something great of marbles
    willing to sacrifice thousands of arms
    all hail to the king of kings
    ready to die under a colorless flags
    as slaves can't see the color other than red
    indeed a color of life and sacrifice
    a color of hunger and poverty
    much better than white as no stain on it
    peace can't be achieved without it
    to create extreme white
    we have to hide those red stains on it,

    let the world burn and suffer
    a beautiful chaos
    an orderless society
    tyrant mindless creature
    achieving equality
    eliminating the unequal
    to end the poverty
    let them starve to death
    scars the memories
    who wished to rebel
    hang them publicly
    as no one would protest again
    fill their bodies with bullet
    dig their graves bury them alive
    so they suffer to catch a breath
    annihilate the world
    to justify the ego of a few
    let the violin play in the background
    as no other instrument is as real as it is,


  • jane_doe11 146w


    You were timid and shy. A fly among wasps. They bullied you into submission. Pushed you towards omega. So when you were thrown into queendom, is it any wonder why you became a tyrant?

  • khalid_writes 156w

    Hai mere qabeele k kuch aise anasir youn..
    Jo bech k emaan ko, karte hai lahoo neelam.


  • chandalfaz 166w

    On this independence week, I asked myself, Are we really got freedom? Are we really independent? Are we truly free?
    Then there comes a reply "NO."
    I don't have freedom to express.
    I don't have freedom to cherish.
    I don't have freedom to choose.
    I don't have freedom to make union.
    I am not truly free.
    We got independence from Britishers in 1947 and then again become the slave of these so called tyrant leaders.
    We choose them but they don't give us the freedom to do anything. They put a bar on our freedom.



  • chandalfaz 168w

    Don't keep quiet, ask questions from your leaders.
    Otherwise they will treat us like dumb, they will impose laws on us. They didn't choose us we choose them. Do protest against wrong. Don't tolerate tyranny.
    "We have The Right To Question."


  • meetdheeraj 170w

    Beware the one-party state: the parties that remade states and suppressed rivals were not omnipotent from the start. They exploited a historic moment to make political life impossible for their opponents. So support the multi-party system and defend the rules of democratic elections. Vote in local and state elections while you can. Consider running for office.

    - Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

  • nonplayer8 174w

    The earth shall tremble under your feet,
    Ye king, beware, as you walk on, step-by-step,
    When you fall, and you shall fall, the mother,
    Shall cry with joy upon the death of a tyrant,
    For the weight of your sins, and the heavy lies,
    Shall finally be vanquished by your demise.

  • shashwatmishra_kanahiya 182w

    The only tyrant I follow is my soul.


  • redmaplequotes 183w


    Brothers in the name of nation but the tyrants in the name of humanity.


  • breathewithoutoxygen 191w


    MR.O Episode 5 ( Convincing Lenny )
    Lenny checked outside and the alley if anyone was following O. He is very much scared of getting caught by the CHAOS group. O took a seat on a stool nearby and took a deep breath and looked at Lenny. “What are you doing these days man?” he asked. “ What am I supposed to do huh ? hiding like a rat from them. All the members are dead man. I have heard some people are still alive but not so sure about that.” “I have heard that too. So I thought you can give me some information about it “, said O. “ Information ? are you crazy ? do you expect me to snoop around in this situation ? they are cutting our throats man or forcing us to join them. Forget about information. Do you want some tea ?” asked Lenny. O nodded. Lenny lived in a small place, even when he worked for the organization. It consists of a room and a kitchen. The room was about twelve or thirteen feet at maximum. There is a stool on which O is sitting and a bed nearby. An old lamp and some books,papers. Lenny prefers to live like this, he never wanted a big place for himself even after the organization offered him one. “So lenny do you want to find our old mates ?”. Lenny raised an eyebrow from hearing this question and shook his head. “ You don’t understand O , its not like those days anymore. You just cant roam around in search of those people anymore. If the Chaos members get aware of it, they will find you and kill you if they are in good mood. Else they will do something worse with you. Remember how we used to torture them ? they are just replying now.” O sighed. “ So you are saying that we should tolerate this and keep living in this hellhole ?” O said angrily. “If you are lucky enough to live hahaha” giggled Lenny. “Don’t laugh at this situation limping lenny”. “ So what else I can do ?” Do you know they even watch us from the rooftops. A man was following me yesterday and I think I have seen him inside a Chaos vehicle. I don’t even know when I am going to be taken by them.” “So if you don’t want to die or surrender, I suggest you to help me find the rest of the ORDER members as soon as possible”, blurted O. Lenny took a sip from his cup and said “ Days are not good for Spies man. Do you know what they did with One eye ? they gouged his remaining left eye and cut his tongue so he can never see and deliver information against the CHAOS members.”
    After getting rejected from Lenny , O walked slowly towards his home. He really felt upset about the fact that lenny would not help him anymore. Maybe their days are finally over and Chaos will reign from now on. He looked around and saw the happy crowd and he boiled in anger. They are all the middle class, lower middle class and poor people. Once they ruled over them , exploited them as much as they wanted. They were merely toys and nothing else. O lived in downtown. Phoenix city was changing on a regular basis. Even the Gods are different now. He walked for half an hour and reached his small apartment. He lived in this place now because he thinks this will not raise any suspicion. He reached near the door and leaned towards the flower pot which was beside him to see if the flowers are dead or not. Something caught his eyes, a piece of paper. He was quite shocked to see a paper there and looked in every direction to see if anyone was watching him. O took the paper in his hand and quickly unlocked the door with his keys and went inside. He locked the door and carefully observed the paper. It was a normal one but something was written on it. It was so tiny that he could not understand what was written on it and went to fetch his magnifying glass. With extreme excitement and anticipation he tried to read what was written on it. When he placed the magnifying glass over those words he saw


  • breathewithoutoxygen 191w

    King of death

    The king stands atop of his creation
    An army of savage.
    They bring hell with their sharpened weapons
    Brutally murdering those who stand in their way, reaping their bodies, disfiguring them.
    The sewage reeks of vile cadaveric fumes
    None shall be spared.


  • marcus 191w


    I love to hide behind his warm endearing arms and seek shelter from the obnoxious tyrant hatred which dominates the wretched world.

  • alex_jusso 191w


    Fear is a funny thing, really. An evolutionary advantage to keep us alive. Yet in our highly advanced environment, we have to reprogram our brains, turn off training wheels. Fear is the limits we place upon ourselves. For we are creatures of habit. We fear the unknown, because we are blind to the risks. Fear is nothing but another finish line, another goal. I was once afraid of the dark, now it is my haven. Fear keeps us from what is good for us. It will bind your soul, keeping you from being you. It makes us oppress. For we fear what we don't understand and we hurt what we fear. Fear is just another lover turned enemy clawing around in our brains. Intentions, though good, took actions too far. Fear is the voice that tells you that others are judging. That you should just shut your mouth and conform. We are hard wired for fear of being alone. We like to be liked. Yet once again too far. We will tell ourselves to stop, and become someone else. We never share our thoughts, never put our ideas out there for our fear of failure. Fear is just another tyrant dressed as a friend. Trust your gut, pull yourself together and end fear's reign, of you, of society, of the world.