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  • pallavi4 10w

    Truthfully Absolute

    What is the truth ?
    Is it the one that actually is
    In all its cold bitterness
    Or is it the cliches we tell ourselves
    To make us feel better about things ?
    What is the absolute?
    The demarcation between black and white
    Or the invigorating shades of grey
    We come to accept and understand?
    What is certainty ?
    Is it the happening of things ?
    Or the assurances we create for ourselves to
    Believe over a period of time
    Is truth really true ?
    Or absolute actually absolute?
    Is certain always certain ?
    Truths are bubbles that burst
    Once they reach the surface- into nothings
    Absolute - the oil that slowly but steadily
    Makes a home in the water above it
    Certainty is the calm before
    The storm that tides over all the truthful absolutes
    Certainly , no truths are absolute
    Nor are the absolutes certainly truthful


    4th of August, 2021

    Picture credit : Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Charlie Bowater - the old astronomer

    Repost from 1st of September, 2019

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  • akshatt 11w

    Oh love

    Oh love,
    Oh love,
    love me, keep me close,
    You'll be smilin everyday, i'll be the cause.

    Oh love,
    I'll be showering you with love on regular basis,
    You have my full attention, cos you're mysterious than the unsolved cases.

    Oh love,
    Let me ride you through the journey from girlfriend to missus,
    My body, my soul belongs to you, rest were just the rough phases.

    Oh love,
    Just hold my hand, let me take you to your dreamland,
    Allow me to take all your insecurities, all your pain and put them under permanent ban.

    Oh love,
    Lets love like crazies, lets have those weird tattoos,
    Lets love fearlessly, breaking all the taboos.

    Oh love,
    I promise to love you passionately, i'll never be ruse,
    One fine morning, when i wake up, i'll be waiting for you to surprise me with the good news.

    Oh love,
    Oh love,
    I did everything as i promised,
    Loved you, adored you, cherished you, idolized you, treasured you, you were the only one that mattered,
    And in a blink of an eye, everything shattered.

    Oh love,
    Oh, that pseudo love of yours, you had so much fun
    You always had two faces, i failed to see the other one.
    Oh, those cold eyes of yours, when you stabbed me in the back,
    Oh, that wicked smile, when our eyes met.

    Oh love,
    Oh my love,
    You are laughing, flirting, kissing another man, calling him your main,
    I'm watching you from distance, while my tears blend in rain.
    You are planning to leave the town,
    But oh my love, wherever you go, i'll be around.

    Oh love,
    Oh my darling, for you, i was nothing but the pawn,
    Oh don't you worry my love, i'm definitely dead, yet not gone.

    Oh my love,
    My sweet darlin,
    Soon, your steady, stealthy life will go on a pause,
    You will become the prey of your sins, and i'll be the cause.

  • wifey_suicide 17w

    When they catch us all dead
    Only the apple of Adam and Eve will breathe

  • wifey_suicide 19w

    The Monster

    The monsters were suppose to stay under the bed.
    I thought hiding underneath the blanket would keep them away, but instead they grabbed the blanket from me and cuddle up next to me.
    I can't see them physically, but I can feel the aura there.
    With sharp teeth and anorexic bodies.
    No fingernails, just pointy fingertips.
    Ugly, but they make me feel like something inside.
    Something that could be awaken inside.
    I smile just a little bit and sit up quick.
    Just darkness, while a few more monsters sit next to me.
    Wanting to touch all over me, I allow them.

    Feeding off my flesh and bones, as they begin to enter inside me.
    The warm fuzzy feeling, with a few butterflies in the stomach.
    Like welcoming new friends over for the first time.
    Please enjoy, my friends.
    Licking all the way up my spine, to being touched around the stomach, as one reaches for my heart.
    My heart drops, as one more monster climbs from underneath my bed and climbs right on top of me.
    This is it.
    The monster I've needed.

    As it climbed down my body, right down to my legs, touching every inch of my body, I thought to myself that this is what I need.
    Hiding underneath the blankets was nothing but anxiety.
    As the monster spreads my legs, the monster start to slowly go inside.
    I can feel the monster inside.
    Deep, warm, thick.
    The monster continues to go deeper inside me, as I can't do anything.
    I am paralyzed from the legs up. The only movement I have is the monster digging it's way to my brain.
    Their fingers reaching further up, as their legs kick my stomach, trying to reach higher.
    I couldn't help myself, but cry in laughter.
    The monster is hurting me, hurting so much that I enjoy it.
    Every little pain becomes a relief of sadness.
    Many would moan to this type of pain, but not me.
    The monster can have it's way with me, but it's my body. I have to......

    The monster plants itself in fetal position in my brain, and claws it's fingers in many places, causing me to lose balance and fall off the bed.
    I can't move, I can't speak.
    This body is no longer mine.

  • udavee_dissanayake 22w

    The Angelic Devil

    An angel in a devil
    A god in a monster
    A human in a robot
    Was all that i saw in thee.

    The devil and the demon
    The monster and the robot
    Went blind to my eyes
    In awhile baby.

    Embraced thine love
    With heartiest warmth
    Till I slipped from
    The vile reality.

    So i never figured out how
    You tricked and flipped out
    In a split of a second now
    Or just in a heart beat.


  • wifey_suicide 24w

    I wanted to do something different, so I wrote a story about a couple who are madly in love, who end up killing people and the only way they get away from their crimes is by leaving the country and telling the press that they're dead.
    Enjoy this short story :)

    #rhyme #poetry #writing #love #murder #crime #running #bonnie #clyde #insane #sick #twisted #dark #different

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    Your Love is Mine

    Who would've thought I've would've met my partner in crime
    Thinking I would just sell her a dime
    Without surprise
    We're burying a body that owes me money
    Without fingerprints left behind
    Oh how lucky am I to call you mine
    The police only know lies
    While the streets stay silent and the family cries
    You smile at me and I smile back
    Let's do another hideous crime

    Now we're lost in time
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Quick to Mexico, let's hide
    They won't find us here
    Let's find some peace inside
    Tell the world that we've died
    Your love is mine

    I do love the smell of fresh baked pies
    Bet they would smell even better if they had the blood of our enemies
    I agree, because your ideas are also mine
    We'll tell the police lies even if we get arrested this time
    Six hour drives, don't seem bad when you're getting away with crimes

    Now we're lost in time
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Quick to Mexico, let's hide
    They won't find us here
    Let's find some peace inside
    Tell the world that we've died
    Your love is mine

    Uh oh, nobody knows were alive
    What do you say?
    Let's kill the president this time
    People won't believe were alive
    Only the psychiatrist knows, but only when he has a stuffy nose
    The news says it's a cold
    While me and my baby are flaunting around our cash
    Since debt cards will lock us up fast
    Police are confused while we laugh
    You might call us insane, but I call it love
    Since love makes you do crazy things
    Otherwise we wouldn't be wearing matching rings
    Your love is mine

  • pallavi4 26w


    She’d always been a sickly child
    Right from the very start
    Something was twisted inside of her
    People suspected something was wrong with her heart
    Her mother would fuss a lot
    Caring and taking care of all her needs
    With medication and doctors aplenty
    Administering her story book reads

    She’d go out to play with her friends
    And after a little while start feeling faint
    Something was twisted inside of her
    A grim picture of health she would paint
    In the evening she would be too unwell
    To sit with the family at the dinner table
    She would spend her time throwing up
    Always nauseous and always unstable

    In no condition to attend school like the other kids
    Her mother was her entire world
    But something remained twisted inside of her
    That refused to let her be just another girl
    Her mother would feed her food and medicines
    Slowly watch her slurp the hot soup
    No matter how many drugs were given to her
    She always had to be kept protectively cooped

    Somehow she dragged on till she reached fifteen
    People would tell her ma how sorry they felt
    That something was twisted inside of her
    How they were sad they couldn’t be of help
    Her mother would weep, be comforted
    And then go back to attending to the sick
    People would rally around her mother
    Who tried to make her better using every trick

    And then one day after being unwell for a while
    She finally died and was at peace
    Something no longer was twisted inside of her
    Her soul at last found the much needed release
    At her funeral her mother was inconsolable
    Her father serious and heartbroken
    He’d discovered a nurse who had suspected
    His wife and left a note as a horrifying token

    The following week her mother was arrested
    For having kept her daughter perpetually ill
    For that something that had been twisted inside of her
    She refused to go quietly until
    She was shown how she’d fed poison slowly
    To her unsuspecting, trusting little girl
    Ruled a homicide she was thrown in jail for life
    Her nasty mind finally to the world unfurled

    A dark place is the mind of a mother who manages
    To twist something inside of her own child
    Just so that more attention can be drawn
    To herself and more sympathy derived
    Labelled a mental illness it survives
    In parents who outwardly look loving and upright
    Munchausen by proxy is a disease that takes
    The life of an innocent and naive child


    15th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- By Igor Morski

    Post Script:
    Munchausen by proxy is a mental illness in which a person acts as if an individual he or she is caring for has a physical or mental illness when the person is not really sick. Often the victim is made to look sick by the person in order to gain attention and sympathy. As a result, they do real harm to their children in order to fabricate symptoms.
    Munchausen by proxy is a serious mental condition that should be reported in order to stop the person from being a caregiver to a child who naively accepts the help thinking of it as love and affection.

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  • kelvin_ateb 26w


    A self destructive act.
    Lost in the fabric of time.
    To relive a moment for eternity.
    Nothing last forever.
    Deaf ears, they fell on.
    Now, here lies your heart.
    Carved out and embalmed.
    So I ask, is your heart still mine and mine alone, my love?

  • deepintenseextreme 27w

    Paradoxical Life.

    Jab Jab Nikla Khud Ko Paane Khud Ko Kho Kar Aaya.

    Jab Jab Nikla Kuch Kamane Kuch na Kuch Gwa Kar Aaya.

    Jab Jab Nikla Kuch Bnane Kuch Vinash Kar Ke Aaya.

    Jab Jab Nikla Khushi dhundhne Dukho Ka Sansar Sath Laya.

    Jab Jab Nikla Pyaar Krne Nafrat Lot Kar Laya.

    Jab Jab Nikla Zakhmo ko Bharne Thoda Or Namak Lga Kar Aaya.

    Jab Jab Nikla Zindagi Jeene..Maut ko Gale Lga Kar Aaya.


  • eden_with_eve 29w

    She's got a pair of Red Ridinghood lips.
    A wolfish way of telling tales that rip people to shreds.
    Set the fairytale forest on fire to laugh at the way it burns.
    In its glow she looks a monstrous beauty.

  • tenderkisses 31w

    She finally woke up from her slumber, her longing for the ghost of her past now gone..
    Once encapsulated, intoxicated, besotted she idolised him, put him on a pedestal of perfection, in love with his beautiful charm..
    Now an empty shell she saw him crashed at her feet, the cold reality of what she really was to him..
    A bit of fun, a filthy play toy, just another gal who filled his horny desires, her heart and soul trampled on, all she shared meaningless, just another used piece of garbage tossed aside to the elements..
    Her illusion of him shattered and now wide awake she picks herself up and walks forward with her pride intact, her heart now guarded, her lesson learned, her memory of him jaded from her beautiful wolf to malnourished vulcher..

  • thebleedingmeteor 34w


    The rope around his hand twirled.

    Silence again.

    The sound of a muffled heartbeat. Weak. Stubborn. He kept it that way. The floor smelled like chlorine. A pale white rug spread across the floor had his blood spilt on it. Now it turned orange, diluted to the colour of a blood moon.


    What would his wife say if she’s with him now? To hold on? Just a few more hours? Days? Everything will be alright? He loved her. Now he couldn’t see her, ever.

    He looked around. A dirty square-shaped room, perfect for keeping abductees like him. The smell of burnt eggs and butter came from the stove table. Why butter?

    He rolled over, and his rope moved along with him. His right leg took another cramp. The pain shot up to his abdomen. He didn’t have the energy to scream, but still winced and flinched.

    The silence would kill him before anyone could. He felt like a water drop floating up, evaporated into the clouds.

    The room had partially closed windows. A silhouette of a cactus outside — its thorns must be freer than him. Moisture thickened in the room compared to the previous day. He shivered a bit. The place had instilled an ambedo; simple, yet deadly.


    The sound of the turn of a doorknob was the first sound he heard in the last twenty-four hours. He jerked and sat up. The light hit his eyes, and he didn’t bother. He could see who wanted him dead; his last wish.

    A person walked in with a different shape than he expected. A woman. She knelt before him. That face was familiar. His eyes hadn’t adjusted to the light yet.

    Everything’s alright, said the voice. His ears stiffened like a rabbit sensing its predator. He knew that voice.


    He wanted to yell. WHY? He pressed his eyes shut and opened.

    It was Chaaya. His wife.

    Just a few more days, said his wife.

    A crooked smile. The Velvet shade lipstick shimmered across her lips.


    So, it happens!

    GENRE: Psychological Thriller

    Belongs to

    #shortstory #thriller #mirakee #twisted @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Who are you?

  • london_sky 37w

    The Brass Room

    It was the night before last when I was awoken by the sound of racking on my window.
    The sound was coming from the old willow I thought I had trimmed back from the storms.
    The harder I stared in wonder at it's ill branches, the more they morphed into something terribly horrific.
    They dragged me into a place beyond the words I could possibly explain as sanity.
    I was draped in acidic chains, my skin painfully burning away as the midnight hour disappeared with the moon. What was left of it.
    The room I was so forcibly placed into was covered in silky brass, the color I could tell was fading from the years of wear. Becoming almost a green like a moss in the forest. The air was thick like smoke from a grand fire, yet the air I breathed in at this moment tasted-metallic.
    Was I being poisoned beyond my will?
    Was this hell? Was I being scorned and punished for the sins I had committed?
    My flesh on my frail bones began falling off like paper, in butcher like pieces, as if a feral animal had chewed me away.
    I had looked around the room I was imprisoned in, my eyesight-oh so weary now. I had seen a grand porcelain and marble door to my far left. It seemed old and worn, it stood out from the rest of the room. The floor I was on was old, rotten, splintering wood.
    I could tell the more I moved, the more my flesh would wither away.
    That is when I reached into my nightgown, remembering, I had an old letter along with a quill, I was once going to send to send to my lover in Northern Germany.
    Quietly I sit here weeping as the pain grows more than I can bear. The acid eating me away as I write this, hoping that some hopeful day, some pupil will find this with any hope of being released from this hell- this hell of slowly falling away.


    I had dropped the letter as I looked around the old room that looked like it had been used for storage. Cloth that draped old chandeliers.
    The old brass walls that were explained in the letter, were no longer present; it was now a wooden and plastered wall. The color navy blue and old ivory borders that were most likely a beautiful pearl white once upon a time.
    The floors were still rotten like she had mentioned, however it was now polished instead of being full of splinters.
    I searched the room for any answers involving her suffering.
    However I couldn't find a single trace anywhere around the chandeliers on the floor.
    That is until I moved the biggest chandelier of all, finding old rusted chains as well as a black charred spot on the floor. Seeing this my heart dropped a thousand miles. I frantically started moving all of the chandeliers, to my dismay, there were chains and old blood under every chandelier along with old letters.
    Under the last chandelier that was adorned with silver swans, was a single red rose, there were no chains on the ground, there was no old blood, only a charred message in the wood that spelled "You found me".

  • quarantinistani 42w

    A lie is a lie.
    A lie about the lie is also a lie.
    Is the lie still a lie if the lie is a lie?

    Is the lie now true or is it truly a lie?
    Is it a lie to say a lie can kill a lie?
    Can a lie kill a lie?

    If a lie lays low a lie
    and a lie can lay low a lie,
    which lie would lay which lie low?
    Would a lie laid low even lie low
    if it ever got laid low?

    Would a lie ever die?
    Which lie would live?
    Which lie would die?



  • twinklemetwisted 44w

    Twisted Day Dream

    Take my hand
    & come walk with me
    Let's get carried away
    To our very own wonderland
    Where all of your words
    Will be my command
    Our personal dreamland
    That no one else
    Would understand

    Lets fly away
    On a magic carpet ride
    High above the ocean slides
    Swimming with mermaids
    Kissing you under the stars
    Feeling the commotion
    Within the ocean
    As we sway under the moon
    Until it drifts out of sight
    Then walk through
    An enchanted forrest
    Until daylight

    Just another daydream
    Twisted but alright

  • thepenshaman 45w

    I'm new here. Thanks for taking me in.

    My first entry here is called *Triple Layered Inception*

    #love #flip #face #mystery #thepenshaman #twisted #thoughts #humaluen #mysterywriters #fantasylovers #om #namaste

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    Triple layered Inception- You. Me. Us.

    5th April, 2020. 20:40 IST.

    I was half past dead. But Her face was not letting me touch the depths of my sleep. It kept flashing on to my left eye, slowly but steadily moving its pace and engulfing my right, completely. That Face. An urge to open my eyes immediately gushed through the eyeballs. I could clearly trace this whole journey, by the time her face hit like a bullet right through my brain. My eyes reluctantly came to an open position.

    Boldly colored abstract rays were sprouting out from the four ceiling corners and were circling all around me. The zoom-in transition of these bright rays met at a point and took a massive blast creating infinite dots of different colors.


    "Wait. A rainbow shower?" I asked to myself.
    "You want to see Her now, don't you?"- a very familiar voice echoed.
    "Who are you and how do you feel me?"
    No answer from the familiar voice.


    Ignore this thought. Ignore. Ignore the face. The echoes. The rays. Its a magic trick. Ignore. Just ignore. But, bouncing back to the horizon of randomness was not that easy of a task.

    "How about a ride to The Paradise?"- That voice.
    Not again. The purest state of hallucination, I was in. I could totally feel it.
    "I ain't want no Paradise, my Man. Now, Who are you?"
    No answer from the familiar voice.

    (Fade. Black)

    A hand as strong and real as mine, pulled me inside to the center ray point, which shaped into a perfectly constructed rainbow tunnel. The color boxes were of equal dimensions- 3 square inches each in measurement. Bundling up the whole tunnel was a fluorescent rope, dangling from the misty tops, creating a sway motion. I was on the left corner of the tunnel, awing its perfection.

    She stood there on the farthest right corner. Her hair slowly danced to the tunes of the wind. Those springs in the ends- Man, an absolute killer. I was less than an inch close to her hair and now they were brushing my eyelashes, swiftly. The tunnel took a shift and landed in a solid surface with a jerk, taking her balance almost completely.

    I hate to lie, Man. I almost saw death in my eyes when she was about to fall out. I reached out and lifted her back to the tunnel, towards my bosom. And there, she stood next to me, like a dashing Queen who suits a humble King. Love for the first time, I felt. Yes. Love. Each of my cells inside, beaming with Love. Total bliss.

    Three concentric wooden doors opened simultaneously and we stepped out.


    The Grand Ballroom. Plush ceiling. Grandeur in walls. Greek statues. Italian granite filled the floor. She was dressed in a dark teal gown. An Angel minus the wings. A simple second shade of grey blazers, made me look equally handsome. Or at least, I assumed so. Audience in jet black tuxedos were present. Bells. Celebrations. Loud bursts of laughs. Paparazzi. The whole place was gleaming and shattering with Love and Happiness.

    (Deep silence. Mute)

    "I now pronounce you both, Man and Wife"- The Pope declared.

    We kissed. For Eternity. Love sprang all over us. Honey waffle showers. Nothing better could've happened to us than this.

    "Will you dance with me?"- She asked.
    "Fuck yes, my Lady. I will never let you dance with another Man"- I held her by her hips. Damn, The Himalayas and The Alps wouldn't have seen such curves.

    For what seemed like a brief while, we waltzed through the entire church for Beethoven's- Fur Elise.

    (Perfect cocaine white grains fill the eyesight. Fade out)

    I was lying down like an aimless log, in the trance of my "just had" dream. Or wait, was it a dream? While my mind was trying to deconstruct what it just experienced, I felt a soothing hand on my right shoulder.

    "No, my Man. Dreams come true at times, right?"- She did her signature wink, as perfect as ever, lying next to me. And there I was gone. Destroyed. To a zillion pieces. For her single wink. She then took me by her arms. Ran her hands through my hair.

    Girl, how much I'm in love with you.

    A ring beaming with pink Amethyst crystal created a beautiful aura around the room for a fifteen centimeter circumference, reflecting a clear Metatron's cube on the four walls.

    "Will you marry me?"- she blushed.
    God. She's unbelievable.
    "Why not? I'm afraid it's gonna be right fuckin now"- I said, taking her by my arms.

    (Pitch Dark)

    Them concentric rays bloomed again inside the room for one last time. Every little thing was fading off, right in front of my eyes. The rainbow tunnel. The Perfect shaped three inch squares. The fluorescent rope. Her hair. My eyelashes. They were all fading off. Just to make me realize that this dream inside a dream is not as sweet as the reality. And every one of them elements met at the same center ray point.


    "You sure did enjoy the ride, didn't you?"- That voice again. That familiar voice.

    "Fuck yes, Nigga. Now show yourself. Please."- I begged.

    "I'm YOU"- the voice faded. Slowly. Like a dead snail.


    I found myself sitting in front of a tall sized Belgian Mirror. She was sitting right next to me. As glowing as ever.

    "I'll never let go of you, My Love. Never"- I said to myself.


  • red_wave_oceans 47w

    Inner demons

    I feel conflicted,
    Saddened and feelings of dark,
    My emotions feel twisted,
    Dangerous paths dare I embark

  • pallavi4 53w


    It was going to be a good day after all
    He thought to himself with a smile
    Finally the pleasant evening was planned
    And home was just another mile

    He parked out front and whistled a tune
    Carried a brown parcel under his arm,
    There was a spring in his step as he bounded up
    And turned off the house alarm.

    She must be asleep he thought
    For the house was like a pitch black sea—
    I must be as quiet as I can
    Her slumber is precious to me.

    He opened the present he’d bought for her
    Pleased with its size and shape,
    He handled it with great care and gentleness
    To his precise instructions it had been made.

    Placing it gently he looked for the rake
    To light the brick fireplace,
    Thought light he would a fire so warm
    No cold this night would his lady face.

    The fireplace came to life with a spark
    Grateful for the given life,
    She must feel the warmth and feel no chill
    I owe, he thought, this much to my wife.

    Placed by the lit embers lay her present
    Just like he'd planned for so long —
    He wanted the present to present itself
    Perfectly with a timed alarm.

    He moved quietly with one last look at her
    Not willing to wake her sleeping form,
    Walk he did to the car out front
    And drove soundlessly in the snow storm .

    Two minutes later, after he had left
    The house lit up like a Christmas tree,
    It boomed, it crackled and shone in the night
    And woke up the whole street.

    I did shock the life out of her, he thought
    Seeing the burning house, he grinned from ear to ear,
    She always complained I planned no surprises for her
    I hope I thrilled her with my gift this year !


    7th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #emberc #embers #love_gone_sour #ember #stories_in_poems #stories #twisted #dark_humour #humour @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • jaded_angel_ 64w

    Twisted Lullaby

    The rain is hitting hard against my window
    I bite my lip and scream into my pillow
    I dont know how I got here
    But you got me good, I ain't going no where
    You're a toxic beauty to my passionate beast,
    And yet you're the curse that sets me free.

    There will be no more sunny days
    My skies have turned to black and gray
    The sun ran away, like my fingers upon your face.
    So, now the moon has found a permanent place.
    While it's color changed into a blood cold red
    Angel's fall asleep, while the demons awakes the dead.

    This is the lullaby that you sing,
    Your songs set fire to my dreams
    I fell down like a Phoenix whose wings were torn.
    Even while breaking she knows she'll be reborn
    I knew death awaited for my soul
    But then life would greet me from the other side of the door.

    My pure white wedding dress has been stained
    An ebony mist showered over it like diabolic rain
    I'm married not to my love but to this life,
    I cannot severe my ties to him or this strife

    I wanted to do good things but I'm destined for less
    I can be great but I am not allowed to be my best

    So, I take up the dark twisted crown and grab my wine
    If this is who I am, then I mind as well relax and dine

    My love has brought me back to my proper place
    He is my addiction that I'll forever crave
    I'm an addict to the pain,he tamed me with his kiss
    I'm a crazed dragon, his starving masochist

    So,I'm just wondering, how I did get like this?
    Did I make the deal with a man so devilish
    Because although sinister, he was still an angel?
    Did I see a life altering experience, just one that's painful?
    Did i see the beauty in the ashes, and loved the gorgeous disaster?
    Did I accept my heart inevitable end and just chose an end that's faster?
    Was I weak for choosing you or was I strong?
    Was I fool or was I brave? Was I right or was I wrong?

    The world may not understand why my heart has chosen you.
    I knew you wouldn't make my dreams come true.
    But instead help me face my nightmares
    You wouldn't make me happy,but instead slay my fears.

    Laying next to you is like making love to my kryptonite.
    My superman has become my dark knight
    Not with power but with black wings he still flies
    And still I find solace in his eyes
    He wants a lot but will never take
    Hypocritically, he says he'll never break

    So, here I am naked in his bed
    All these thoughts inside my head
    The rain is hitting hard against my window
    I bite my lip and scream into my pillow
    He delivers me lust and a night full of pleasure.
    But its love I want, but he runs from the pressure.
    So, I become undone like a bow unwrapped
    His kisses traveled down my belly like I was a map
    Until he found the x and marked the spot
    He held me all night,cuz he knew one day he'd stop.
    We'd stop,and all of this would come to a end
    One day he'll sing his lullaby for the last time, and I'd be asleep again.
    Just this time for good.

  • wiredweirdly 68w

    Don't turn your feelings
    Into words and sentences
    Of a beautiful poem
    Instead pour your heart out
    I don't need fancy twisted metaphors
    Those simple lines will do
    With lil' bit of affection and genuineness
    'Cause we are aware of
    The longing for each other.