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  • charming_b 2w


    It's funny how we switch on and off,
    And then silence becomes our only expression and source of calmness.

  • _flow803_ 20w

    Phil and Lil Part 1

    I need some peace in my life, I swear I might start fishing; every since this miscarriage, 2 pieces of my heart missing. / The touch from you both is something that I would kill to feel; real 90’s baby, nicknamed my twins Phil and Lil. / Fell in love with you both before you were physically here; but much like losing my grandmother, I’m unable to shed tears. / A menstrual cycle times 10, of course she bled; she went from taking prenatals to abortion meds. / We awaited your arrival, that was evident; at the 10 week check up there was zero development. /

  • rainkeyy 32w

    Dear World,
    We’re sorry
    Sorry that our wonderful gift as twins has been diminished by you
    Sorry that you have done nothing to change it
    Sorry that we even have to write this
    We’re grateful, however, that this has built us up
    Made our skin as tough as a crocodile’s skin
    Because we are ready

    Friends before we breathed the strong air of this chaotic world
    Intertwined beyond belief
    This is us, pure and true
    We put everything into what we do

    You have tried to pit us against each other
    Constantly comparing and pointing out our flaws
    As if we’re just dresses or dolls
    In your book, we’re either identical or “identically” different people
    Since the day we opened our eyes, we’ve been put into boxes
    “Nice twin, “mean twin”, “smart twin, “athletic twin"
    We are not one or the other, we are imperfectly different invidudals carved from the same stone
    Because we are stronger together, YOU will NEVER make us alone


    I’m a fraternal twin, so I wanted to share what my experience has been like. I could’ve written so much more, but hope you enjoy. Together. Forever. Picture credits go to VeryWell Family.
    #pod #twins #life #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Constantly comparing and pointing out flaws
    As if we’re just dolls

  • charming_b 32w

    My duo

    My womb aches for you,
    The day I shall thank the stars,the moon,and every heavenly bodies for this fruits,
    I will culture you with goodness,wisdom and all that I encompass,
    One like me and the other a fainted image of my husband,
    If only life was just,I would ascribe a surname to your names already,
    Mother you like the greatest mum i had,
    All welcoming you to this world of test,surely which you would encounter,
    I yearn to hear your giggles displaying your toothless jaws,
    Broad chins with a smile that unravels your dimples and calm my heart,
    And that perfect combos which i would love to call and be drawn to watch,
    I still yearn to see my home filled with colours,
    To see myself in you both, calling me mum and says prayer's for my long life,
    I wish I could stay forever but remember nothing last forever,
    I wish I could tell you before then that you both can't be together,
    One would leave and the other holds on to memories,
    _And then this thought_.....
    I wish my duos can be eternal
    _mothers joy_


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 33w


    This tale speaks of a person named Ramesh whose wife Suhani had delivered twins twenty years ago. But before she came back to consciousness he sold the baby girl to a barren woman named Rashi and told his wife that baby girl couldn't make it.
    All of a sudden, after twenty years, winds of disaster blew. His son fainted and fell off his chair while studying. Ramesh rushed him to the hospital and after diagnosing they found that Sohan suffered from bone cancer and needed bone marrow as soon as possible. Ramesh and his wife got screened out as donors due to their unfavourable medical conditions.
    Sitting alongside the bed of his son witnessing him dying every moment, he could only recall his newborn girl whom he had never seen after selling her within an hour of birth.
    He tried his best to find his daughter and suceeded. Rashi was hesitant to meet him initially but later agreed.
    He asked her to give his daughter back as he had committed the biggest sin of seperating baby from her mother and was repenting. He offered Rashi, a handsome amount to buy back the same daughter whom he had sold two decades ago.
    Rashi replied that her daughter is not an object to be bought and sold every now and then. Since Ramesh wasn't ready to go back without his daughter, Rashi asked him to enter an agreement that'd give half of his property to his daughter. He agreed and Rashi unwillingly send the girl with him as she was herself suffering from a deadly disease and there would be none to care of her daughter after her death.
    The sister finally donated the bone marrow and rescued her twin brother. Ramesh appologized to his family and they lived happily ever after.


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  • sillysadar 36w


    We don't have the same hair color - twin one

    Nor the same or type hair - twin two

    We don't have same colored eyes, her eyes are black and mine are brown - twin one

    Nor do we have the same style, her style is girly mine is the opposite of whatever that may be - twin two

    We don't have the same needs or wants - twin one

    Nor really the same personality - twin two

    We don't have the same problems - two one

    Nor do we have the same things that frustrates us or annoy us yet we understand each other still - twin two

    Though we are twins we remain opposites of each other - twin one

    And although we don't have much in common I still am your twin whom cares for you - twin two

    And although we don't have much in common I am still your twin whom understands you - twin one

    And although we don't have much in common I am still your twin whom is your best friend - twin two

    And although we don't have much in common I am still your twin whom loves you - twin one
    (yes I have a twin:))

  • iexist 40w

    Lost a Twin

    Holding each others hand
    Together we were born
    Still holding it,
    But now you are gone.
    Why did this happen?
    What was my sin?
    Why isn't he with me?
    What happened to my twin.
    In this world
    He left me alone
    He's still a 10 year old
    But i have grown.
    Shedding tears after tears
    In front of your graveyard
    Not being with you
    It hurts so hard!
    Over a broken toy,
    I can still hear you crying
    Fighting for your life,
    I can still see you trying.
    But now i will accept the truth
    Although it will fill me with dread
    " Rest in peace, brother"
    Gloomily I said....

  • mmbftd 42w


    I kept your trinkets
    Your hand-me-downs
    Your warm fuzzy sweaters
    And wool socks
    The loose black sweat pants
    With the pockets
    The plastic purple spoon
    With a cute character molded into the handle. The one from that time you took me out to that frozen yogurt place and I didn't realize they charged by weight.
    I'm an expensive best friend!
    I kept all the gifts you sent after you moved away and assimilated into your brand new life. The one you painstakingly carved out for yourself, the one you curated with the help of some photos on Pinterest.
    I kept the plastic fortune cookie with the gold and purple puzzle charm, the one that opens so I can hide my secrets inside it.
    I kept the candy-pooping unicorn and I can't help but laugh each time I walk by it, it's sheeny plastic surface reflecting all the colors we loved.
    I kept your hand sewn things, cherishing all the time your beautiful, pale, delicate hands put into them. I marveled at your attention to detail, your perseverance.
    I kept all the gifts I bought you but did not send. The custom mixed holographic nail polishes with your name hand painted on the bottles, by my now shaky hand. I kept so many meaningful little markers of how I loved you. I don't know why I never mailed them. I was blocked maybe. In denial that you and I would most likely (and especially now), never see each other in person again. We'd never laugh together or cry together at things only the two of us could understand.
    Because there are times for things and people. My time was before. Before your new life. And as you had grown and blossomed, I had stayed the same. Stagnating in my self made prison. Alone and lonely and feeling the loss of our deep sisterhood like a mourning.
    Yet each time I thought of you and laughed, remembering our funny jokes, or cried knowing I needed to talk with you but didn't ever want to burden you with the same old issues...like a signal sent, you would message me. With little hearts and love.
    And it always amazes me, our connection. I know you would say I'm never a burden. I know you would say I'm no bother, that you'd always make time to listen and help and cheer me up. You'd pull me out of my own darkness and into the real world again.
    But there is a part of me that doesn't feel I'm good enough anymore. Not by your judgement, but by my own. I see what I am. What I've let myself become. A de-evolution of a once vibrant woman.
    So I stir my coffee each morning, with that plastic purple spoon from the yogurt shop, in alternating coffee mugs you sent me. One with rainbow stars and one with that yellow sun I crave. Because only you know me truly.
    And I sleep in your black sweats wearing your blue and green knit socks. And I laugh alone at our jokes. I smile when I watch other best friends on youtube, I laugh and then I cry.
    And like a clockwork of the universe your heart emojis come magically floating in, just as I needed to be reminded...that this is only done if I allow it to be.
    And like so many other things in our lives, maybe I shouldn't make this decision without consulting you first. My other half. My velcro twin.
    I'll think about it. Until I decide, I'll keep to my rituals of trinkets and hand-me-downs.
    They keep me sustained in your absence.
    Always loving you.
    Best friend.

  • mia_yham_ 49w

    Whenever I look at her,
    I felt like I am looking in a mirror.
    Why do we have the same face?
    Yet, we never had the same fate.

    — Mia Palencia

    #replica #twins #mirror #fate #opposite #reflection #her #mimi #filipino #filipinowriter #filipinopoet #writersnetwork #writersbay #mirakee #mirakeeworld #pod

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    Whenever I look at her,
    I felt like I am looking in a mirror.
    Why do we have the same face?
    Yet, we never had the same fate.


  • thehealer10 52w


    Your refreshing tranquil curves
    Your fiery white hot edges
    Your supple velvety smooth exterior
    Your rough ridgid jolting interior
    Your left hand, Your aspiration
    Your shield

    I love you from the inside
    I sprint from you when out
    I sought after your heart
    Pulled you from my side
    Now I've run out of places to hide

    how did this even start
    Searching for a possible restart
    I tore my own heart apart
    This is the genuine part
    The soul I gave you
    I knew I'd be left feeling blue
    I swear I was always meant to be with you

    Now only if you knew
    My refreshing tranquil curves
    My fiery white hot edges
    My right hand, My will
    My sword


  • sillysadar 53w

    At least I had you and her

    I saw the light and I felt scared but when I was in your arms everything felt right
    For I came into this world looking into your eyes and crying for i was scared
    But you wiped my tears away cause from the very start you cared
    For now I was a part of your life you had to teach me so many things
    For I heard everyone talking about me and glaring at me but my eyes lay on her
    For she was my twin the other half of me the one who has my heart
    For apart we may be now but we won't be gone for long right?
    For alone I am without you sis for i miss sleeping next to you and looking at you
    For I'll keep waiting till we can see each other again

  • social_media_preacher 66w

    Truth and growth
    Fraternal twins.


  • xxbrokkenrainbowxx 82w

    it's been just over a year since i found her. i was truly lost and missing a huge piece of myself before that day. since then i've felt a love and a bond i never thought i would experience. my sister is my everything. we have the most amazing bond sisters could possibly have. i would do anything for her and i know it's the same for me. i love her so much. happy one year sissy.
    #sisters #sisterbond #oneyear #separatedatbirth #twins #iloveyou #love #feelings @mirakee

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    i will always remember the day that you came into my life.♡ i was hanging out at friend's house.♡ i got the call from my dad saying that my sister found me and him.♡ i was confused at first but then he explained.♡

    you are my irish twin.♡ i was amazed because i knew that i had a sister on his side of the family.♡ but what i didn't know was that i had you.♡ who's not a complete shock to me but i'm glad that you found me.♡

    i'm glad that we're sisters, we are twin sisters to be exact.♡ i'm so glad that we are because if you didn't come into my life i wouldn't have known who i am.♡ the day that you got ahold of me it finally clicked.♡

    you are the reason that i was brought to this world.♡ i'm glad we met because i didn't know why i was feeling pain all the time.♡ then, when i met you all that pain went away and i know it did for you too.♡

    the thing is that i believe that you and i can feel each other's pain.♡ when you're upset i get upset even if i don't know that you're in pain yet. ♡ i feel it.♡ we are sisters.♡ i will always love you.♡
    ♡♡♡by: alexandra matson
    aka my twin sister ♡♡♡

  • barbatos 83w


    Elder or Younger this bond is the most strongest in real life. You always have a person to fight with, a person to share your secrets, a shoulder to cry on, a trust which can never be broken. You've an elder brother you got the most strongest bodygaurd, you've a younger brother you got the most naughtiest monkey, you've an elder sister you got a person who will support and care for you as your mother, you've a younger sister you got the most irritating creature with you.
    Two brothers in a house then you don't need to watch WWE shows on televisions you gotta live matches to watch. Two sisters in a house then it's a beauty parlour with a combo of dolls, teddy's, clothes and sandals. An elder brother and a younger sister then you gotta see the elder one in bandages along with scoldings and the younger one crying for no reason. An elder sister and a younger brother then you can see the responsibility of the elder one taking care, scolding, complaining the younger one and doing all sorts of makeup tutorials. You got twins then you need to have the sharpest brain and eyes to recognise which is the one you called for and you find the same sort of things with same colour over the entire room and wardrobe.
    No matter how much ever fights, cryings, complaints, stupidities, the bond of siblings is the most purest bond made from soul and blood.

  • wripadac_ 84w

    I was having a great day like a buzzing bee,
    But wasn't same for my mother as I could see,
    Acting a bit too emotional and nauseous,
    And father being a bit too cautious.

    Had no clue of what's happening,
    But she was enjoying all pampering,
    Soon they broke the good news,
    As I stood there in amuse.

    I was going to be a sister of two,
    Souls were growing with whom I'll play pickaboo,
    Can I be more lucky?
    Not one but two as my buddy.

    Can't wait to see those tiny hands and feet,
    Also want to hear their little heart beat,
    Oh mother tell me when can I meet?
    I'll pack my bags and get ready to greet.


  • selah_mj 86w

    The identical, mischievous twins
    The one and only Gred and Forge,
    We loved so dearly,
    Their mischiefs left us in a laughter fit,
    Only to make us cry when one left with a smile and the other cried at the sight.
    Their Quidditch skills of a beater were inexplicable,
    They also were the perfect match for the fight of fun elder brothers.
    Their wizarding wheezes caused troubles at school,
    But we did, in fact, enjoy those more than other scenarios.
    Taking peeves to be their partner in crime, gave a hard time to Umbridge
    A lesson on laughter they thoroughly teach.
    No one like them, uniqueness they provided,
    Happy Birthday to the inseparable Twins
    Dearest Fred and George.


    A Happy Birthday to the twins FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY from HARRY POTTER.
    #harrypotter #fred #george #twins #potterhead

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  • rabeena_fathima94 101w

    பலமாத உதிரம் கண்டு நீ வடித்தக் கண்ணீரெல்லாம் வீணில்லை என்தாயே என நான் கொண்ட ஏக்கங்கள் யாவும் தீர்த்திடவே.. பலநாட்கள் நான் கண்ட கனவெல்லாம் ஒருசேர உருவாய்ப் பெற்றுக்
    கனவுகள் நிஜமாக்கிடவே வந்தேன் உன்சேய் நான் என்றென் ஊனுக்கோர்
    உயிராய் என்னுள் நீ வந்தப் போதும்...
    எனதையும் சேர்த்து மூன்று இதயங்கள்
    என்னுள் துடிப்பதை நான் உணர்ந்திட..
    "ஒன்றல்ல.. நான் இரண்டு.."
    எனப் பேரின்பம் நீ தந்த போதும்..
    மார்பில் தாயமுதம் ஊற்றெடுக்க
    இரண்டையும் ஒன்றாக அள்ளிக் கொள்ள
    கைகள் போதாமல் திண்டாடிய போதும்
    நான் கொண்ட உவகை கோடிக் கொட்டிக்
    கொடுத்தாலும் கிடைத்திடுமா
    என் இரு உயிரே..?!

  • ponygirl913 102w

    Hey! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day/night!

    Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my sister @jumpingbean1214 15th b-day today!

    Love you sis.

    @shegram @iammusaafiir @rayaan @john_solomon @poetrydelivery @whentherainfalls #wow #twins

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    When I’m sad
    You’re sad 
    When I’m happy 
    You’re happy
    When I’m annoyed 
    You’re annoyed 
    Two pairs
    Not twins no
    Not in the slightest
    Two complete opposites too
    But we complete each other 
    When ones hurt 
    We stay isolated 
    Until the other comes back
    Safe and sound 
    You and me 
    Years apart
    And absolute opposites 
    Have a twinning sisterly bond 

  • ayozain 106w


    So many years ago
    You were clothed in that room
    You weren't sure of your race
    But yet you sustained
    Your breeding became constant
    And you had a companion
    Because you jack and roll
    Like a wrinkled cloth
    Days becomes longer
    And the night turns years
    As that day was just a dream
    Sooner the deal turns better
    A battle in the sac.
    In the day time,
    The water slightly broke
    And the groaning loose out
    After hours in pains
    One was brought forte
    Thinking all the battle has ended
    Another cry was heard
    Hmm! Tampon Twins
    I only have got a sling
    Can you both manage in one?
    But not to worry,
    I will wrap you in my shore
    Because you are a Disguised
    Blessings and gifts.

  • uncle_sam 107w


    Having my twin is a blessing
    We are inseparable from birth,
    You couldn't find one
    without the other.
    We share laughter,
    united together,
    we have no fears.
    We are like peas in a pod,
    like birds of a feather,
    always there for each other.
    Inspite of all that
    being a twin isn't always easy.
    I may look like my twin brother
    but I am one of a kind.
    I want to be noticed
    for the person that's me.
    My brother is special too,
    why can't we both be?
    We don't like the same things,
    we don't always agree.
    We are two different look alike individuals
    We don't mean to be rivals
    We are unique and of separate spirits
    defending each other.
    Though we share much in common,
    it's easy to see.
    I am not my brother
    and he is not me.