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  • north_ghodd 11w

    If it was up to me, I was gonna choose to take your place and let you take mine


  • prakashinin 12w

    All the beautiful sensations I enjoyed with them. My heart was overflowing just like the
    Whole beautiful things got together.
    All beautiful sceneries I saw in their big eyes .
    The warmth, coolness and the coziness ,It was for eternal.
    The broken words,I hear , all the languages fail before it.The two little ones call me grandma..

  • vini_mundra 17w

    Twin heart

    A soul embedded with my twin heart,
    She paints my life like a canvas art,
    Manifesting a colourful fruity tart!

    I miss the time we laughed together,
    Showering bliss under a feather,
    Devouring pasta in the cold weather!


  • mamarazor 31w

    True love

    Never knew i could know true love x2 till i gave birth to my daughter and she is my beloved twin

  • sillysadar 37w


    We don't have the same hair color - twin one

    Nor the same or type hair - twin two

    We don't have same colored eyes, her eyes are black and mine are brown - twin one

    Nor do we have the same style, her style is girly mine is the opposite of whatever that may be - twin two

    We don't have the same needs or wants - twin one

    Nor really the same personality - twin two

    We don't have the same problems - two one

    Nor do we have the same things that frustrates us or annoy us yet we understand each other still - twin two

    Though we are twins we remain opposites of each other - twin one

    And although we don't have much in common I still am your twin whom cares for you - twin two

    And although we don't have much in common I am still your twin whom understands you - twin one

    And although we don't have much in common I am still your twin whom is your best friend - twin two

    And although we don't have much in common I am still your twin whom loves you - twin one
    (yes I have a twin:))

  • justcaptions 37w


    It was pretty early in my tens,
    When I left pencil and took pens;
    Life started changing for good
    Crying in a corner, alone I stood!

    Things were changing so fast
    Never thought, old wouldn't last!
    Leaving my hometown was an ache
    As if all stopped, life hit the brake!

    Changing school, changing friends
    Did not know how a scar mends;
    New place, new people, hard to fit in
    Never knew, I would find a twin!

    I found a sister amidst strangers,
    Making me known of all dangers,
    Helping me out in all cases
    If I was sad, she would make faces.

    A memory of hers still lives
    See who gives and who forgives;
    Not all u see here are true
    People have red behing the blue!


  • ophilian_empath 38w

    #twin flame calls

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    When you know...

    silence so still makes a sound,
    my heart so quiet thumped a beat...
    soul so restless needs to breathe,
    i heard the valves meet...

    together they make a wonderful band ,
    ain't no other stand a chance,
    restricted boundaries needs to expand...
    lit my soul the fire it breeds,
    visions in me starting to creed,
    what if i surrender, will it succeed...

    for now... i belong to peace...
    i  have a sonnet... just a piece...

    my heart for you;

    cloaked beauty shines bright,
    olive skin reflected light...
    the eyes shut open to read,
    the tears tastes like unsweetened mead...

    choked throat screams the bawl,
    blocked ears listening the call,
    i wonder, if i can stall...
    stabbed heart to be released,
    it now has to bleed,
    only, if the pain i could heed...

    for now... i am done with the cry...
    it's  time for a sonnet... just a pry...

    my heart for you;

    union for the heaven's sake,
    tell me what it's gonna take...
    despite the challenges we face,
    incarnation is a great war to embrace...

    in the great war emperor survives,
    it is an order for you to revive,
    in 3d take care of your wife...
    won the battle with this might,
    what's further isn't a plight,
    isn't it enough, the fight!...

    for  now... i wait to die...
    it's a sonnet... just to pass by...

    the last battle before our union
    leave the world behind to the Julian (the roman emperor)

    believe me...
    my heart is meant only for you...


  • mute_my_mind 42w

    Love is a disease that kills
    And also the vaccine that cures

  • james_taumas 45w

    Violent intent

    I hurt them
    Sadomasochist's ecstasy
    All the bad things
    Things you wouldn't do
    People who deserved it
    I got it done
    Look in the mirror
    I am you
    You released the devil
    I'm not going back
    I like it here.


  • tessapoetessa 46w

    Gone Again

    Where have you gone
    Guess I was wrong
    The same old song
    Waited for so long

    Goodbye dear love
    Heaven's call from above
    Time for self love
    Sail on the wings of a dove

    To be your friend
    We begin again
    There is no end
    True love wins

    Went down a hole
    That wasn't our goal
    But to be complete and total
    Not half of the whole

    Is there anything left
    Did we try our best
    My mind is at rest
    Did we pass the test

    The test of time ensures
    Maybe it was our fears
    So many tears
    All these long years

    It's really okay
    I can no longer play
    These wicked mind games
    I'm not the same

    Lonliness again
    My forever friend
    Can't do it again
    So this is the end


  • feeltheword 47w

    I want to be so deeply connected that it would be painless to detach.


  • thehealer10 52w


    Your refreshing tranquil curves
    Your fiery white hot edges
    Your supple velvety smooth exterior
    Your rough ridgid jolting interior
    Your left hand, Your aspiration
    Your shield

    I love you from the inside
    I sprint from you when out
    I sought after your heart
    Pulled you from my side
    Now I've run out of places to hide

    how did this even start
    Searching for a possible restart
    I tore my own heart apart
    This is the genuine part
    The soul I gave you
    I knew I'd be left feeling blue
    I swear I was always meant to be with you

    Now only if you knew
    My refreshing tranquil curves
    My fiery white hot edges
    My right hand, My will
    My sword


  • writeendlessly 63w

    I'm not sure if this will make sense. If the words will trigger the right sensation as you read it. I'm not sure "who" the right person is to read this. Maybe it's you, maybe it's him, maybe it's her or all of you. I'm perplexed by my thoughts. And rather than sit here and get lost in them. Writing them down seems...logical? But, as we all say, we are living our best life. As I say, fuck it, we're going live!

    I never believed in the higher powers of the world. Never thought, the world could speak to you, the way it actually does. Never believed the moon had more control then it does. I never believed any of this, until I met you.

    You gave me hope. Taught me to love again. In that process, you taught me so much more about love, than I would ever know.

    Love isn't measurable. There is no value or weight. It's a feeling, that only we, the one love, can understand. It's the fact, that love is magic. Magic should be shared with the world! You're my magic, as I am yours. Our love is something most people will never understand. They won't understand the fire that burns between us. And life fire and magic, we spread it.

    We were spreading fire, looking for something to add to the magic. Those missing pieces, the final words to the spell.

    In that process, another flame emerged. One for each of us making: twin flames.

    Flames that burn the same,
    Give off the same heat,
    But each flame, lit a different part of your heart, fully engulfing for the first time.

    At first, I didn't understand. How, magic can be duplicated, how fire like ours can spread.

    Yet again, you showed me the ways to love more. Reminded me love has no bounds, no limits.
    That love, can burn multiple times.
    That your fire, only enriches mine.
    I will never extinguish your fire, only be engulfed by it.
    As I wait patiently for my fire to spread and to share my magic. I know I will always have you and know you will always have my undying love and support.

  • riri_rivers 63w

    broken freindships

    theirs a lot of thing i want cant you see
    day by day all you do is pull away from me
    we dont talk anymore we dont even act like friends

    i guess i have a few good questions
    when did this start and when will it end
    i try to talk but your not giving me answers

    ignoring all my texts
    and shrugging your shoulders pretending you havent seen them yet
    your ripping apart all the bonds that we've made
    what happened to all the happy days

  • noirbelle 70w

    Confessions of a Twin

    I hate you

     I swear I do.

    This phrase isn’t used liberally, may I remind you

    Since it's always been just us two 

    There’s been no one else by my side as constantly as you.

    No matter how much effort or how hard I try from your looming shadow I could not hide


    The oldest, three whole minutes, might I add

    But little sis, although quite sad, I can’t win with you as the competition.

    I have a premonition

    That one day you’ll realize how much I always came in place two 

    and then you’ll look down on me too

    Like everybody else's eyes in the room

    Disappointed and unimpressed.

    Stressed myself out trying to best

     the best .

    So I gave up on the test, gave up on the game that you would win yet again.

     Let the ancestors do the rest cause there's this heavy feeling in my chest

    Whispering that I can't be anything more than your disappointment of a sister.

    Not even that, a copy, a genetic clone with a mind all it’s own 

    that will never be as good as yours.

    It’s like you’re Tweedle Dee and I’m Tweedle Dumber and I'll forever be the dumbest one who was secretly content every time you failed,

    because that meant for once no matter how pathetic 

    The winner was me and I was the best even if for a moment.

    Sorry it’s terrible, just awful, I know, but hey when they go high go low, am I right?

    Out of sight and still trying to hide 

    from judgemental and disapproving eyes that tell lies like you’re doing fine or that’s alright and  you guys are just alike.

    I’m nothing if not better than you that’s what i’ve told myself. 

    Right by my side you’ll stay until the day that fateful cold wind blows our way and leaves one of us standing alone with regretful hidden last words and-

    I’m sorry I ever blamed you for my plight for shifting all my hate from myself to you cause it felt better, cause it felt right.

    Let myself go

    I now know and accept so please don’t turn your back on me yet. 

    Hate it.

    Hate how much despite the rise and the fall I still wanna see you shine,

     a smile lighting up your face  

    that matches mine.

    Even if success isn’t mine I wanna see you shine 

    Hate how much you make me wanna pick myself up again. 

     Hate how much I wanna see you at your best . 

    Hate how much I love you despite what all was just said.

  • jfhpoetry 92w

    Infinite Love

    Babe, I have loved you since my conception. I just had to walk a long and twisted road to find you. My heart recognized you the second our eyes met. Your eyes reflected your own recognition and we became inseperable.

    YOU. You Are The One. My Forever. My For Always. In this lifetime and all the rest....

    So don't ever doubt the depths and fathoms of my passion. It is all yours. You who taught me to see myself through your eyes. You who saw my past mistakes and gilded them in gold. You who saw nothing but beauty where I saw only flaws and scars

    You are mine. I am yours. It's always been you. It's always been Us. And we.... We are Infinite.

    ©Jane Hunter/ JFH Poetry

  • maryjohn 110w

    feeling loved... ♥.... #thannoni... #twin ❤❤❤❤❤....

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    Morning chat with best friend makes your day super spcl... ♥

  • mistyk 111w


    Artful and obsequious...
    Thumbing through the pages of your invigorating literature....
    Ardently desiring to inhale a portion of you....
    That the dead may arise, a sussurous curl, an incense of offerings..
    All of you... inside and out...
    Your sagacious obscurity....
    Your fiendish shadows... Dreadful portents of madness... A Hermetic chest of sinful delusion, corporeal and decayed... A Pandora's box of the bawdy and based... scent of vicious velichor vascillating to fill the air....no longer bound by internal intimations...
    Let the demons run amok...
    ...to be my passion...
    ... your crazed obsession...
    ...your source of salvation....
    To taste the kiss of Elysian bliss... in instant, earthly life...
    The World falling down and away...
    ... The end of days, a collage of Black and Grey....
    Becoming one with...
    .... an Evanescent Vapor, until we are lost in the Empyrean...
    In recognition of Divinity
    We risked to love... no more chained by our attitudes, slaves to our suffering....
    Sanctification graced, a wan and wraithlike radiance, paean to humility...
    unfleshed, unbodied, unmindful, unbound
    Immortal sphere, relentlessly, your supine light I will follow...
    ...Hand in Hand...
    Within the sorrows of love... aspiration, of an ineffable delight in being...
    Forever wayfaring through the adumbrate waters of dreamland...
    ©misty .

  • ad_aster_per_aspera 116w


    Manjil virinja pookal pole
    Elam veyilinte mutham pole
    Vaanathe virinja kaarmukhil pole
    Oru thooval sparsham pole
    Ninku njnum enik niyum ullath pole
    Ni yen swantham abhi aaya pole
    Njn ninte athu aaya pole
    Suhretho atho koodapirappo enna vethyasam yengo maanju poya pole


  • blooming_fossil 123w

    Twin love

    We were together in mom's womb
    We were together in father's arms
    ate and slept together
    for years
    Now you are away
    and left me drowning
    in your memories
    with tears
    I'm happy, you are self - sufficient
    but sorry, I'm deficient of you
    I was angry at you for always fighting with me
    Now, I want to fight with you forever
    so that
    I can miss you for never