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  • mrspectacular 25w


    Rising from its long slumber seems to be the raven,
    The raven of war that once took so many a souls to death's coven.
    Everyone prays it is knocked out by a stone from Heaven.
    A stone that knocks it out once more with compassion from the duellers,
    That they consider the implications on other Earth dwellers
    And call away the shellers.

    The previous wars, being an understudy,
    It is better to have a buddy
    Than one on whom to use a cuddy
    Because in the end, it is more than just a M-A-D experience
    But a conflagration, even on the Innocents, so what exactly is the essence?
    I mean when there is something such as a conference

    Talking it over and resolving like the sane,
    Discuss how you crossed each other's lane
    And make apologies.
    It is much easier that way than making thousands of people think about constructing eulogies.
    Bury those guns and pick the microphones, people.
    Life is that simple.


  • sudarshan_patil 92w

    The fulfillment of heart was over
    It was now time to get turn over
    So need to get hyper
    As there was zero fear


  • sincerely_vatsy 125w


    Ek samay tha jab jante the sab sath hai,
    Thama apno ne humara hath hai,
    Na jane kaisa khel hua zindagi ka,
    Aaj hum khud hi khudse pareshan hai....!!

  • aurora1111 227w


    My Healing comes with you holding me close,
    As I dance to the rhythm of love that we compose,
    You saturate me with your sweet sticky kisses,
    And flood my heart with your warm caresses.

    Loving can heal our wicked scars and dark doubts,
    Flowers bloom on a soil that was once affected by drought,
    Turnover a new leaf that sends us into this bright wormhole,
    Stitch the holes of our soul to make us feel whole.

    My Healing comes with your heart opened to me,
    As you gaze at me and I uncover my alchemy,
    I soak my love through the corners of your heart,
    And hope that our love never keeps us apart.