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    A shoe resembles a life of someone.
    Do not make assumptions and conclusions of a scenario that happened and you ultimately give out a judgement.

    There's always always a valid reason behind something. We just don't know it!

    You have two options:
    1. Ask because you care and want to help
    2. Ask because you are curious

    The choice you choose will determine whether the shoe should be explained to you WHY it doesn't fit.

    This is reflected in Surah Kahf in the Quraan.
    The story behind Al-Khidr and Musa Alayhi Salaam.
    Musa despite being a Messenger, he couldn't understand the reason behind Al-Khidr's actions.

    You can clearly see how impatient he was. Whenever an act was done , he would comment to it and ask. Whereas he was asked to be patient.

    At the end, we learnt how every act that was done that seemed illogical had a very brilliant and convincing reason.

    The message is:

    We are very fast at giving assumptions and judgements over situations. We plan the script and add whatever drama we wish to add. However, the question is: "DO WE KNOW WHY IT HAPPENED?"

    Majority would say yes they know. In fact they know a portion of the truth whereas the truth is the bundle.

    Before you add ABCDEFGHI....Z on someone's life, think back and reflect on finding the REASON.

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    Do not make assumptions and conclusions of a shoe you never wore.
    There's always a reason why the shoe doesn't fit.
    Find it before you judge it.

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    nobody told me gods cried

    there is water running over my back and its trying to swallow me whole and there is wet floor under me and its trying to drown me alive

    i was made in the image of god
    and its everything i did not ask for -
    my god is crying in the kitchen floor and my god is burning down their own home - my god is sick and suffering
    and nobody sees them
    and when i get sick - they tell me i made myself sick.


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    on my way to noon deploration

    i'm an abandoned well - not capped
    so i bear casualties - an open invitation for disasters mental-made
    i'm all sad metaphors personified
    i left home yesterday
    to feel a little better
    but i think i hate this new place too


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    its january already

    its january morning with fog-ridden trees and food-gone-cold - i don't keep up with my blocked-nose and cold-feet - its already day-half-gone-but-don't-know-how and i'll probably never get used to it
    i walk slower with every task i keep re-writing on my to-do-list
    my calories burn on hating myself
    its january already - it's january with its freezing-nights and sadness-overwhelming


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    i've broken myself into pieces too often and i'm trying to find a way to stop

    too often i feel the need to pull myself apart and taste the hurt and the sad and the hate bleeding out
    into each other and become gross and unsightly so i would know what the insides of my body harbor
    i struggle to keep up with this need to break myself down for every time i step on a dirt puddle and
    i hate the rain and i will pray for it so i can run to it and blame it for my soggy brains that spill out too much too quickly because
    i won't let my mouth spit out the words instead
    i sing myself to sleep with words i could never say and i keep wishing you'd notice -
    i hate singing and i hate the sound of my voice but when i'm lying down so close to you i hate that i feel so sad
    and it's not your fault
    i associate familiar with family and i seem to recognize sad ideas in every thing there is and
    i take that sadness and i hold on to it because it's the only thing my soggy brain does not throw out
    but that does not stop me from holding onto other things
    and my brain from throwing them out again and again and i still keep holding on again and again and i will keep doing it -
    i will make myself write about pretty flowers some day and how much i love them.


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    shit poetry #tumblr

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    can i mourn for myself?

    i cry at the smallest inconvenience - i know it doesn't matter a fuck but i will kill myself over and over in my head - i'd make everyone un-necessarily sad if i actually killed myself

    my younger self wanted a pretty death
    but all i can give her is a pretty flower
    i'm stupid and dumb and so ungrateful - everyone is actually nice to me

    i dream and i want and i wish
    but i don't know a shit about living
    i hate that i make everything fuckin complicated - i fuckin hate myself


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    our bodies remain mortal but we do not

    it's 3 pm and we're already crying - we're too tired to wait for the night so we let it out wherever we can - in college lawns with people everywhere and in restrooms of restaurants we've never been to before and in changing-rooms with way too many people waiting outside - we're so young and we already hate ourselves so much - we're too afraid to grow any older - our bodies ache so much already

    we don't admit it often but we were holy once - we could still be
    but we choose to fall instead - we choose to hurt and be hurt

    our bodies are so numb and we're still running and running and running - they never taught us how to stop

    we're drowning and we don't how to swim - no one's coming to save us but we really want to live -
    so we learn to yell poems into our heads and we learn to scratch art onto our bodies and we learn to make them listen -
    we learn to live and we cry and we vomit out last night's pain
    we learn to make ourselves walk the streets alone but we are still so scared of the dark so we hold our own hands and we cry again and we are so loud - they do not hear us

    we do not want to learn anymore - instead we try to remember what being holy felt like - we try to remember what being close to god felt like - what being close to ourselves felt like - but we do not -
    we've fallen and we've hurt and we've been hurt
    too many times now -

    we now live but we forget and we live again and we forget again - we repeat the same days over and over and over again just to sell ourselves to people who've never once been kind -

    we take up parts of ourselves and dip it in cold water - we want to wake up awake but we're so used to strangling ourselves to sleep
    so we only sleepwalk

    we're so scared of holding hands - we don't want to break them too

    we look at ourselves on dirty mirrors and cracked windows - we sigh more than we breathe - we walk slower some days - we just take deep breaths on the others -

    and some time between those, we like to wonder if some day we could return back to heaven


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    poetry helps
    me cope so this
    is definitely
    not pretty


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    it's just 3 pm and we're already crying - we're too tired to wait for the night - we let it out wherever we can - in college lawns with people everywhere and in restrooms of restaurants we've never been to before and in changing-rooms with way too many people waiting outside - we're so young and we already hate ourselves so much - we're too afraid to grow any older - our bodies ache so much already

    we were promised so many things
    and we're still promised so many more - it's miserable and it's so pathetic and we still listen

    our bodies are numb and we're still running - they never taught us how to stop

    we're drowning and we don't know how to swim - no one's coming to save us but we really want to live -
    so we learn to yell poems in our heads and we learn to scratch art on our bodies and we learn to make them listen to us - we learn to live and we are crying still and we learn to walk the streets alone and we are holding hands still and we learn to sleep without a body next to us and we need people to hug us still and we learn to grow up and we need to believe in fairytales still

    we learn from other people and we learn from ourselves - we break us down and then we build us up - we are too holy and then we are falling - we laugh and we make them laugh and then we cry -
    our bodies know pain and we hurt
    our bodies remain mortal
    but we do not - we are too loud for our own good.

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    we bleed and then we heal


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    we didn't drown
    (taekook one-shot fanfic)

    The Seoul sky is fucking weeping today.

    "Shit." Jungkook runs a hand through his hair. "Really thought I'd be able to put that tent up before the rain."

    Taehyung snorts.

    "What?" Jungkook hates being beaten. And the fuckin rain just beat him.

    "I see that crazy gleam in your eyes, Kookie. Stop."

    "Like hell."

    "Jungkook. Stop" Taehyung's voice isn't angry. Hell, looking at his face you'd think he is about to ask you to taste his bloody pies or something. A precious fuckin angel.

    But it fuckin unnerves him. There's always something damn fuckin unnerving about Kim fucking Taehyung.

    Jungkook holds both of his hands up. "Fine. Fine. Alright. Jeez."

    At that, Taehyung grins. He fucking smiles with that stupid boxy grin of his.

    Jungkook feels his own bloody mouth betraying him. He's fucking smiling back at him.

    "I'm starting to think you intentionally chose today for picnic-day."

    "Fuck off."

    "You did. Didn't you?"

    "You're fuckin paranoid, Kookie."

    "Every damn time I'm with you, something's ruined. What else am I supposed to fuckin think?"

    "I could say the same thing about you."

    Jungkook lets out a sigh. "Sorry. I'm a dick."

    "A self – aware dick. Not bad." Taehyung leans on to the tree that was sheltering them from the rain. "We're totally drowning today."

    "I swim pretty good." Jungkook speaks before he can stop himself.

    "Yeah, pretty sure you do." Taehyung stares at him.

    Fuckin unnerving. Kim fuckin unnerving Taehyung.

    "Kook-ah..." Taehyung's voice is suddenly soft.

    "Yeah?" Jungkook knows he's about to ask him some absurd hypothetical question. His voice is always the softest then. It's as if these questions are his most treasured possession.

    "....if the world was ending tomorrow, what would you be doing right now?"

    "I think you've asked that one before."

    "I know. Two years ago. But people change. And so do answers." Taehyung looks up again. "What would you be doing, Kook-ah?"

    To be honest, he doesn't know what the fuck he'd be doing if the world was ending. There'd be too many things and at the same time nothing probably. Which was stupid. But he knows he has to answer something. Kim fuckin unnerving Taehyung always needs an answer.

    "Play Overwatch...?"

    Taehyung chuckles. "That's the same answer you gave last time."

    "Oh-wow." Jungkook runs a hand through his hair again. "Guess I'm still that same immature paranoid kid from Busan, huh?"

    "Well, if it's any consolation, you could've gone worse."

    "You're still fuckin weird too."

    "And you still totally dig it too." Taehyung takes his tongue out and licks at the empty space.

    "You're so disgusting, Tae."

    Taehyung takes a step forward. "Still such a prude too, my guggie bwaby."

    "Tae, no." Jungkook takes a step back.

    Taehyung takes another step forward.

    "Fuck you." With that, Jungkook runs out in the rain.

    Taehyung runs after.

    Taehyung is laughing too loud, and Jungkook keeps on almost crashing onto the trees.

    "I fuckin hate you, Kim fuckin Taehyung."

    "For someone so prude, you do use fuckin a lot."

    "Fuck you."

    "I hope you do."

    "Tae, stop, please, really, I'm all wet."


    This one's definitely on him.


    And that's all Kim fuckin unnerving Taehyung says.

    But thankfully he stops chasing him.

    Taehyung turns around and starts walking towards one of the bigger trees.

    When they reach the tree, Jungkook turns toward Taehyung. "You're really not chasing me anymore?"

    Taehyung turns around slowly. There's a weird smile on his face.


    For a second, Jungkook wishes Taehyung was still chasing him. He does not like this weird smile.

    Taehyung takes his phone out and his fingers glide on it.


    There's a ping on Jungkook's phone. An another. An another. An another. Taehyung is still smiling weirdly.

    Jungkook looks at Tae, eyebrows furrowed and takes out his phone. There are 17 new texts on their group chat.

    The first one is from Taehyung.

    winterbear -

    our kook-ah's no more a kid guys im cryin pls cry with me

    There is an audio after that.

    Jungkook plays the audio. ‘Tae, stop, please, really, I'm all wet'

    Jungkook doesn't care to look at the messages after that.

    "You're a fuckin asshole."

    Taehyung smiles his boxy grin again. "Kook-ah, I'm telling you, we're a perfect match. A dick and an asshole."

    Jungkook snorts.

    A dick and an asshole, he thinks.

    "Tae, I think I finally know what I'd be doing."


    "If the world was ending tomorrow."

    Taehyung looks visibly excited.

    "I'd throw a lasso around the moon and pull it down. I'll give you the moon, Taehyungie."

    There is dead silence and the rain suddenly stops.

    "I'm going to barf now."

    Jungkook looks up at the sky and chuckles. "Oh look, we didn't drown."


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    we didn't drown


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    They say, " When you go to Rome, do like what the Romans do."
    My question is
    What if that means compromising your faith?
    Leaving your hijab ?
    Leaving your niqab ?
    Just to blend in with the society. It's not a matter of doing what the people of that community/country do.

    It's a matter of staying true to your religion, your faith, yourself and most importantly obeying and submitting to the same God whom you were submitting to, before.

    Never ever compromise your faith!
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    #mirakee #poems #poetry  #writersnetwork #quotes #quote #writersofinstagram #stories #ttt #quoteoftheday #writersofig #writersofmirakee  #wordporn #writing #writer #poetry #quote #word #word_wt #tod_wt #life #insta #daily #tumblr #tumblrgirl #brilliant #penned_thoughts #thoughts #genius #embrace

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    Never compromise your faith.

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    i forgive you for the wound you gave me

    we were young and we were sick - we lived too recklessly
    we could not love in moderation - we had to be choking on love to even feel a little - half of our bodies were numb and the other half drowning in hurt
    we were kids - we didn't know any better
    we scarred everyone we met - we were terrible to everyone who held us -
    we were scared and we scared everyone - we fought with everyone and everyone fought with us - we used words without knowing what they could mean - we sold ourselves to people who've never been kind - we wore our hearts on our sleeves - we lived in a dream and we could never really wake up.


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    this is for my absolute favorite poet on tumblr - s. k. osborn - their poetry is just so beautiful and godly and so precious and every time i get a writers block i go through their pieces and god it hits so right
    do check them out some time

    some of my favorite pieces of theirs -

    - nine lives
    - blasphemies at 5th street station
    - trauma city
    - woundless
    - so it goes
    - glow in the dark
    - the sky is in a thousand pieces and none of them are me

    #appreciation #tumblr #love #life #hope
    #writersbay #mirakee

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    for s. k. osborn

    i've read you when i was happy and i've read you when i wanted to cry and i've read you whenever and wherever and i've read you always

    i have your poems memorized and every line i've loved more than i've ever loved myself
    and when i couldn't love myself at all - i've loved your words

    and when i write it's your words i trace over so i can find a piece of myself
    and it's your words that make me go on when i don't want to
    and it's in your words i feel mostly myself -
    and it's in your words i find the home i keep searching for -

    i can never thank you enough.


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    i plant a hyacinth for you

    you're twenty and you're tired
    (it's okay)
    you cry a lot and you've a hard time telling people how you feel
    (it's still okay)
    you want to run away (pretend you're in a studio ghibli movie) - you put a slice of cheese in your picnic basket and a flower crown on your head
    you want to walk barefoot on cobblestones and you want to tell your lover you remember what they smell of - you want to chase butterflies you can never catch -
    you want them to smile at you and shake their head and call you an idiot
    and you want to smile back and say
    you love them and -
    and it's all good for a while

    (know that you can have all of that -
    i love you.)


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    #dead #tumblr #sad #love #life #tired

    after "art is dead by bo burnham"

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    art is dead

    i love in numbers - measured and meticulous - i will not give more than what is asked of me - i was not taught how to
    i can wrap my hand around yours and i wouldn't know what to do after - i wouldn't know i could bring it to my mouth and kiss it fervently
    i see the world - finite and broken - i see it as me
    i cry without reason and it bothers me
    that i cannot measure or taxonomize my emotions into something ridiculously simple - i haven't found words that could ever describe what i feel
    i print out colors in my head and my mouth will not spit it out
    i put a finger into my throat and it would still not vomit out words i want to say -

    there is so much i want to say and it bothers me so much.


  • art_is_dead 17w

    bury a body

    my lungs smell of dead pigeons and i'm tired of taking air into a body that wants to leave - i cannot beg it to stay anymore and i cannot survive with this tumor that grows everytime i speak -


    honesty is in red (green?) and I choose to be colorblind - i do not have the strength to see what i've turned into - i've spent it all in turning into what i am today - i cannot afford any more guilt and i'm sorry -

    i'm sorry about a lot of things and i still pray for forgiveness every night -

    i'm truly sorry -

    and i will pray still -

    every night.