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  • priman 5w


    हालात के नतीजों पर आंख लगी है,
    दिन रात के नतीजों पर जज़्बात लगी है,
    पैसे के लिए आज इस कद्र है परेशान,
    एक वक्त के नतीजों पर पूरी जान लगी है।

    सोच रहे हर वक्त की कैसे बढ़ा जाए,
    जूझ रहे है इस कद्र की कैसे लड़ा जाए,
    अनजाने तो दूर है कबसे पर आज अपनो का सवाल है,
    की कैसे करा जाए।

    धूल बन गई वो मिट्टी जिसपर रक्त बहाया था,
    ऐसे वक्त में गिरा था की सबका शीश जुकाया था,
    पर आज खड़ा हूं वक्त के साथ,
    देखा मां लड़ा तेरा बेटा वक्त के साथ।

    कर्मो की चाह से आज दौड़ रहा मैं,
    नर्म लम्हों से दूर अब रह रहा मैं,
    कहने को बनाएं मैने कितने दोस्त,
    पर सच के सिर्फ खुद का दोस्त बन रहा मैं।

    आंधी उड़ा रखी उन सपनों की,
    जिसको सोच कर कल डर रहा था मैं,
    आज वक्त है मेरी घोड़ों की तरह,
    जिसपर बैठ कर आज राज कर रहा मैं।

  • shashi6 13w

    Self motive✊

    When you are at low,sad and depressions, unhealed thoughts,pain in heart and etc watever dont do anything just speak with urself in ur heart "what?,why?which? &What to do? Just ask questions for urselves definately ur heart will give answers for proper explanation what you have to focus on... Trust me✊ its definately will workout at one day u are the best self motivator for ur life✊ it makes realises what only lost and it will makes changes to ur life slowly ur heart stop soaking slowly and feels happy so keep trying ✊
    ( (Trust me this is one of the best solution to heal ur pain))

  • untoldmusings 68w

    It was only when you doubt my intention
    That I got to know more about myself.

  • anshika_rawat 91w


    Started with full power and ended with same.
    Today I realised very imp.think.
    All are the temporary one. The persons whom I give more imp. Told me what I am really for them.the more importance I gave them the more they hurt me.but koi nhi, it became common thing.
    So at the end I decided not to cry and one good thing also happened today I lived in reality. So I am happy.

  • rituritika 97w

    Matlb Ki Duniya

    Y duniya sari mtlb ki h
    Y duniya sari mtlb ki h....
    Inka khana prr challo tho app bhot accha h
    Jra sa inkar krr do tho mtlb jtata h
    Abb tho hr rishta bhi mtlb s nibhaya jata h
    Abb thi hr rishta bhi mtlb s nibhaya jata h
    Aur hum insa pyar ki bheek mangta h
    Kyu chahiye hoti h aisa logo ki bheek
    Kyu chahiye hoti h aisa logo ki bheek
    Jo tumahari nafrat k bhi layak nahi hota
    Abb tho jara ankha khol lo apni
    Abb tho jara ankha khol lo apni
    Logo prr bharosa krna chodd do
    Khuch nahi milta bharosa krka

  • samikshaam 119w


    Life:I want to say something
    Me:I know,I love you
    Life: Something important than this
    Life:I trust you

  • bdimple 184w

    Do u also feel anxiety when less likes are there on your picture??if yes then,
    Damn ,welcome to the world of slavery..you are finally a slave of some random people liking your pictures on social networking sites,may you be so strong that you can pull yourself out of this vast spiderweb.

  • youneverknow 188w

    The wall

    Wall is something you create around you,
    Wall of insecurities,
    Wall of fear,
    Wall of hatred,
    Wall of underestimate,

    Break such wall with love, confidence, courage, strength and never let yourself down.


  • afifajamal 199w

    Trust urself...create the kind of ur self that u'll be happy to live with all your life...
    Make the most of urself by faming the tiny inner sparks of possibility in 2 fames of Achievements...:)

  • aiishaa 218w


    Sometimes, somewhere, we all come across our failure..some do not face them..some fear to face them..while there are some who stands up again and face the failure just to face the success...everyone has to face the failure once in the life time...it depends on individual who is strong enough to face it and change it into the success...
    Success always comes after failure..
    Sometimes, life takes us on a different road...just for the sake of our success..