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  • soulwithflow 122w

    If you start paying attention to your thoughts, you'll see that your mind is
    constantly analyzing;
    what you just did/said, how it's being perceived by those around you, what you should do right after, whether you were "supposed to" make this decision or that, whether you're supposed to be doing this job or not? If not, then what are you supposed to be doing right now? Etc.

    The more you quiet your mind by practising true silence, the more you realize that you are exactly where you need to be in each and every moment. All you have to do is simply be here.
    As if nothing else exists outside of this moment.

    What you just did or where your should go later
    do not exist outside of your mental chatter.

    Be aware of this mental chatter,
    and be empty of all things that come and go thru your being.

    Now look around you, do you not see how all of nature + life sustains itself?
    Some sort of intelligent system.
    This same intelligence guides you in each moment
    through your life.

    What would happen if just for a short while, you decide to let go of all the analyzing and live as if you had no where else to be but right here, right now. Without any other purpose than to just be yourself fully + freely in this moment?

    What's preventing you from living your life like this?

    -Soul Flow

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    You remind me.
    that it's not about
    "how things are supposed
    to be".

    It's about
    how it feels.
    to Be.


  • aiishaa 225w


    Sometimes, somewhere, we all come across our failure..some do not face them..some fear to face them..while there are some who stands up again and face the failure just to face the success...everyone has to face the failure once in the life time...it depends on individual who is strong enough to face it and change it into the success...
    Success always comes after failure..
    Sometimes, life takes us on a different road...just for the sake of our success..