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  • jmlbluishyellow 11w


    Him: Why won't you just tell me so I could understand you?

    Her: Shut up. You will never understand me.


    Her: You will never understand me because if you really want to YOU WOULD STOP ASKING ABOUT THINGS I HAVE HARD TIME FORGETTING.

  • yellowroses 60w

    5 months....

    5 months...
    5 months was all it took,
    To have a lifetime of bitter sweet stories to tell of a time I will never ever seek to know again....

    The car chases,
    The threats,
    The violence,
    The people,
    The memories...
    Enveloped in an alcoholic smoke,
    Her addictions running rampant,
    And our times without a home,
    The times of endured starvation,
    And the times we came so close...
    But together, fell so far...
    As we fell far to living out of a small car,
    But smaller the food on little to last,
    Yet as slowly as each day the time did pass,
    These memories will forever burn,
    Like a cigarette burnt in skin,
    Scarred the flesh of my brain,
    Unable to let go,
    Of a past I'll forever know,
    As if it were yesterday....
    Forever.... the damage remains,
    Smouldering in smoke....

  • yellowroses 63w

    Eyes in sleep

    As I shut my eyes to sleep
    And thought my mind doth creep
    Memories flock towards mine eyes
    And flood mine soul in heavy cries
    I seek no more from thine mental raid
    Please I beg of thee to final'y fade
    To the nothingness a forgotten state
    Yet haunted my past mine sorry fate
    Give me freedom, you give me none
    This, my torture under lifes burning sun
    This a weary worn plate of thought
    Given greif to feed on, one by one
    No more I beg of thee no more, away
    Alas stab'd my mind stay'd sore I sway.

  • yellowroses 64w

    That night

    I'm shivering,
    I'm shaking
    Suffoacted in fear
    I cannot stand the noise
    I cannot stand it here
    I want to get away real fast
    And grab you by the hand
    I want to leave this place at last
    Oh please I cannot stand
    I feel tightness in my chest
    Almost to scared to breathe
    Worry in my heart I'm too scared to see
    Keep me safe from harm
    Please don't hurt me please
    Keep us both from harm
    My love be safe with me, oh please
    I hope we'll get through this till the end.

  • i_moonlit 128w


    Thorns qualify hassled dangers, hurtful touches , still we beat for uprooted glamour of the rose crafted.

    People know they will drown.... in an attempt of making the toxic slay their bounds. Still these nomads in search of happiness welcome the bates overwhelmed.

    Someday pain will pinch, the pluck of rose will hurt thorough.
    Flowers will fade.. Smell will flow. In mind, pampering the heart's tide.
    Low again high,, high perhaps low.

    Still actions will choose to attempt,
    The heart will again have a tempt.
    Solitary to soulful.
    Let the quest be......
    Atleast we smile for a while.... Then learn to smile.