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    Thousands of soldiers are lying on the ground breathless
    Fought with an enemy who willing to die faceless
    Brothers; yet killing one another mindless
    And everybody think the war would ended up endless

    The war brought the whole nation a terror
    Everyone are screaming with a great horror
    Nothing seems to be important even their honor
    They feel they are trapped in a wicked mirror

    The war leave the city in great chaos
    With all the women whose grieving for their loss
    But then, it open a new door for us to be reunited in one cause
    And that is to bring the city of Marawi to its foremost

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  • sagar_varma 3d


    Komu came to my life one day in summer, like a star that fell on earth.
    Like nothing I’ve seen,
    Like none I’ve ever met,
    She was funny, smart, moody, madly and beautiful.
    She was my Chashmish…
    And I loved her… so much…
    And I ask her everyday in my dreams, why she left, why we had to part our ways? And I get no answers..
    She took those answers with her when she left,
    Leaving behind angry, empty and confused “me”
    And there’ll come a day where I’ll not feel it every minute. That urge of holding her, seeing her for just once, and other feelings about her will fade away. I’ll be left with love.

    A good friend once told me,
    “You can love them and still let them go”

    So, Komal.. I love you.. and I let you go..
    And I’ll miss you…

    And I hope wherever you go next,
    You feel peace,
    You feel safe,
    In a way you never did with me..

    Wherever you go next,
    Hope you know I love you and will always do..


  • igautamji 1w

    An old poem I had posted on my blog a few years ago.
    this incident was dated : 4th May 2017

    #truestory #cat #depression

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    I will tell you guys something,
    Something that happened a few days ago,
    while walking in the evening,
    I felt gloomy, my mood really low.

    The world looked weird,
    The colors all wrong
    There was a deafening silence in my ears
    And I wasn't singing any song

    Nor was I playing my flute or harp
    The world had never looked so dark
    Then out of nowhere came my salvation
    A little cat asking for affection.

    I meow at cats, I know it is weird
    But they have never meowed back
    This one came, begging to be petted
    Who was I to not oblige it?

    The little tabby stayed with me,
    Bumping its head, arching its back
    Going around in circles around my feet
    Putting its paws in my lap

    Then as soon as I felt better,
    the world looking bright and cheery
    The cat got up and walked away
    leaving me feeling really merry


  • abineyraj 3w

    I hope I was the best
    temporary person u met
    in ur life as our stars was
    recognised by vibes and
    not by fictional characters
    and one day life will definitely
    find its way for us..

  • raghav86 5w

    same third division...

    In 2007 his right leg got affected started limping while walking and in 2009 his neck got affected it turned to right side and always shake with lot of difficulties he turned to left. This was the last nail in the coffin after this he stopped going out very often, because he choose commerce in college he didn't attended any lectures as it wasn't necessary, so he just went to give exam that's all no fond memories of even being in college. Finished college in 2012 in six years after failing once again in M. Com first year.
    In 2015 he shifted to another town but left some part of him in his hometown. It's 2020 now he is still out work and people don't consider him as human not yet. But he has a lovely family who loves him and this makes him sad sometimes because he feels that he is just a parasite who is feeding on his family members blood. His mother recently said, " You had such a good voice when you were a kid if only we knew it will become so worse we would have recorded it" Sadly now he don't even remember what his childhood voice sounded like. His parents motivate him but deep down they also know it's game over him and so does he. He fell in 1994 by 2009 everything went bad to worse, now he just sit at a corner in his house and play games occasion go outside sometimes don't even go out his house gate for weeks. Sleep in the afternoon like an old man. But only good is that he can still do his own work.
    I recently came to know that to he trying to open up a little bit and is little bit happier than before since he started writing on an app, he had made some new friends with whom he chat very often he had met a brother, two sweet little sisters and two very special friend who always motivate him with their kind words one of them is queen of romance and other one is lioness of sarcasm and really like them both but he one little more just because she promised him a date, which he knows will never happen but he was telling me that will eat their brain for this whole life because she is his cutest and sweetest friend and other friend he love her also because she is verbose and told him few things about her personal life even when she could easily say, " No personal question".
    I hope people who he love don't unfriend him after knowing he is such a bad person, tobacco addict and his life is a mess and he is not that intelligent like others in studies just passed with thrid division, failed three time in school and a complete looser in his personal life. If they ever decides not be friends with such a bad person anymore alteast inform him before leaving I know it will hurt him but it's worst than hurting when his friends leave unceremoniously and wait for their reply, most of his childhood friend's left this way, he deserves this much respect.
    I sometimes still think if he hadn't fallen that day what would be life right now I still sometimes think....
    The End

    Apologies for any writing mistake...


    #storytime. #sadlife. #mirakee #truestory

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    Part four.

  • _kind_heart 9w

    19:14, Gurugram

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    To my query, " Bhaiya where is your son today, why didn't he came to deliever the milk ? "

    He replied, " Sahab, I predicted it's going to be windy evening and even rain too, So that's why ......"

  • my_unspoken_words 10w


    Ek billi ka bachha
    Janma tha mere ghar..
    Socha tha use palungi posungi,
    Uspr apna sara pyar brsaungi..
    Roj chhat pr jake dekh kr aaya karti thi..
    Usne abhi aankhe bhi nahi kholi thi.
    Wo roj miyau miyau krta tha.
    Mujhe meri maa uske pas jane se roka karti thi.
    Kehti thi agar billi aayi to kat legi..
    Me fir bhi use dekhne jaya krti thi..
    Ki agr nahi hogi billi wha to dular ke aaungi..
    Or aksar wo hoti bhi nhi thi..
    Ek bandhan sa mehsus hone lga tha uske sang..
    Mera har subah dopahar sham ka kam tha usko dekh k aana..
    Lekin...Aaj jab gyi to wo nhi tha
    Mene dhundha use har jagah..
    Lekin wo nahi tha...
    Mayus hokr thodi der bethi rahi wahi..
    Bad me maa ne btaya wo subah mara hua mila tha...
    Pta nahi kyu??
    Lekin bohot dukh hua uska , or kisi kam me man nhi lga..
    Kaash wo fir kahi se aa jaye
    Or fir se miyau miyau kare...

  • bellemoon99 12w

    Water, something so simple for most people.
    Others have the luxury of drinking straight from the sink,
    we don't.
    Others have the luxury of never buying bottled water, we don't.
    They can shower as much as they want, wash, even play with it.

    Water for Venezuela is not only vital, it is our electricity source. And one fateful day, it failed. The whole country was plunged into darkness.

    Two years ago I experienced first hand what it means to live without water. Without power. For five whole days, our lives were taken back to the Middle Ages. The dark ages.

    As night fell, the stars gave us sad smiles. They shone brighter, maybe trying to melt the fear from our hearts. We didn't know when the electricity would back or when the water would pump trough the city once more.

    Our food had rotten, many had to cook with wood. We stuck together, giving our neighbor a kind smile to help at least a little. We told each other jokes as the light from our candles created strange shapes on our faces.

    We used bottled water to bathe ourselves, placing it on small bowls to pour the cold water on our aching muscles. I never missed the embrace of a hot shower as much as those days.

    Finally, after five long nights, the power came back on. The water returned, dirty as usual, but we could at least boil it and shower like it has become our habit.

    Sometimes the power goes back out, fear rising up our throats in loud curses. We use the little water we have left and hope the next day our power will be restored.

    We don't get water every single day, so we have to check if it's coming in before washing our clothes or cleaning the house. Sometimes we won't be able to shower, and never again we watched anyone play with water.

    Years ago, water was just that, water. Today? We are painfully aware it's our most precious gem.

    #aquac #writersbay #truestory #nonfiction

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    Water should be life, but it's also a luxury.


  • prived 13w


    Pyaar sirf ussey hi kiya maine
    Jab se shuru hua,,or jab khatam hoga
    Sirf ussey hi ...vo rooh mein bas gya hai.
    Vo mere pas,saath,nhi hai,,vo mujhmei hi hai
    Mere saath jeeta hai ,,mujhmei dikhta hai..

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  • girlnextdoor477 15w

    How did it get to this ?

    Laughter. Joy. Commitment. Perfection.
    I love this man, how did I get so lucky?

    Overdue bills. No shows at work. Missed calls.
    There’s always a reasonable explanation for all of this. I thought I got him to pay that bill, maybe I forgot to tell him.

    Anger. Annoyed. Controlling.
    Silly me, I walked into a door….and a table….and his fist but I shouldn’t have made him angry. Its not as bad as it sounds, it was really my fault.

    Guilt. Depression. Sadness.
    Why am I like this? I always fuck up one way or another. I miss how things use to be, I miss him.
    Missing for long period of times. Phone is off. No one knows where you are.

    Pain. Humiliation. Put down.
    I question you and where you’ve been. Rumours are going around and your boss…my dad, hasn’t seen you at work for days, he asks if everything is okay at home because he’s getting friendly with girls at work and being inappropriate. I reassure him everything is okay , but it’s not.

    Have you ever seen a wild dog cornered? They become aggressive, growling, and snarling just waiting for his chance to snap at you to get away or if it thinks it could overpower you, he will.

    Well, when he came back it went like that.

    Next thing I knew I was sitting in the back of our closet crying, cowering, putting my face between my legs and covering my head.
    He made it seem like he was doing me the favor of being with me.
    How did I believe it ?
    “ You’re worthless, no one wants you, I don’t even want you but yet here I am. You’re so controlling and nosy. I’m going out with friends and MAYBE I will come back home but who knows maybe I’ll go fuck whoever I want”. It wasn’t a job complete until you completely crushed me, you wanted me to feel exactly how you made me look.

    Fighting to be with him changed into fighting to get away from him.

    How did broken promises turn into broken bones.

    How did it get to this?

  • stansteel63rd 16w

    By Any Means Necessary

    I learned to kill early on in my adolescence, it wasn't that hard for me, and came to me easily, because it was a part of my first survival in them street lessons,
    I didn't have to remove many emotional habits, Because my parents never took the time to dispatch them,/

    They never threw them, so I never catch them, I was kind of glad that it never happened, because my life and struggles to grow up in this world abandoned, at the time I did, would have been extremely more hazardous, out right disastrous,/

    I had enough detachments, enough psychological fucked up mask's, I took to all crimes, come ups and hustle trade's like a pro, because I had too,/

    The OG's and Trappas, said I was born gifted, so it would be a honor and privilege to prepare me for the action, I was flattered, and started to capture, all the game that they could ration, plus still went to my school classes, everyday I got sharper, but some of the spill I had to remastered, I was becoming heavy laced in both worlds, but I knew I had to excel more, in criminal tactics,

    Please listen closely and excuse my candor....

    I became heartless and cold, because I was treated like I didn't matter, I left home as a child to save my soul and not get caught up in the same pattern, I couldn't foresee at 7, the lives I would indirectly and directly shatter, I took to the negative road more, so I could kill and cope, but also, bed the fears that grew in me, when I was being battered,

    Fucked over, and pushed to survive by all means necessary, the quote by Malcolm X, with my guns drawn, and lifted in seconds, with no thought or remorse, getting active,

    Through the years I got more non responsive to peace treaties during funk, or just my greed, or thirst for my desire to live lavish, cause being broke will never be attractive,
    And when your rich, u dont need to many, fucking manners, look at Donald Trump, that bastard far from diplomatic,

  • drsunny 16w

    അമ്പിളി അമ്മാവാ
    താമര കുമ്പിളിൽ എന്തെങ്കിലും ഉണ്ടോ?
    താഴോട്ട് പോരുമ്പം എന്തെങ്കിലും സാധനം കൊണ്ട് വരൂ...
    #moon #nostu #nostalgia #nightstory #mystory #truestory #just #tagged #because #hashtag #chumma #pagal #moodswings��

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    പണ്ട് തൊട്ടേ നമ്മൾ ഇങ്ങനാ...
    രാത്രി പുറത്ത് ഇറങ്ങുമ്പോൾ, എങ്ങോട്ട് തിരിഞ്ഞാലും കൂടെ കൂടുന്ന അമ്പിളി അമ്മാവനെ അവിടെ നിർത്തീട്ട്, ഒറ്റക്ക് മുന്നോട്ട് കുതിക്കാൻ ശ്രമിക്കുന്നവർ....
    പാളി പോയ ഒരു ഓട്ടത്തിന്റെ ഓർമ്മ...

  • lonesadness 19w

    Its scary, for 8 years they were a couple but broke up, while the man went back to his ex and for just a year, they already had a baby and building their own family.


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    For 8 years they were a couple but soon broke up, and the man went back to his ex and had a baby while the woman was left alone crying.

    The woman was broken, for 8 years she thought that she and the man were building their family but its not.

  • jaded_angel_ 19w

    #truestory #mystory #heartbreak #avenue #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli @jeniayn @dalinolasco

    |Heartbreak Avenue|

    I wanted to know what love was for the longest time. I use to fantasize a man's warm grip and embrace back when I was young. All I wanted was to be wanted in return.

    Love doesn't always work like that however. I asked God to show me what love was. I should have been more clear.

    If it wasn't Adrian, with his brown complexion or serious aura, and luscious lips. It was the curious vinh,with his beautiful asian aesthetics,and lust for all things anime. Then there was carefree Jay,tall like a skyscraper, with his boyish charm and comedian like ways.I could go on. I've met many different characters while i felt like I was selected to be a part of the bachelorette. Despite being different, they all played the same part, on this street, on heartbreak avenue. They'd touch my heart in forbidden places,while leaving no traces.They'd leave just like they came, silently and suddenly.

    I'd be left behind to gather my pieces quietly.
    They'd move on to someone else,and forget about my mere existence. Adrian would forget the hours we spent on Skype, and the songs he dedicated to me. He'd forget about us running through the streets at night,with soca music playing in the background. Vinh would forget about the movie marathons, laughing in the pizza isle at walmart late at night,and our cringy pet names. Jay would go on to forget the hours we spent gaming, the childish jokes, and the life we made up together. They'd forget while I was left remembering.

    There were others who played the same game, and I lost everytime. That's right. We all have been here on Heartbreak Avenue. No matter how much I've tried to leave this part of town, I know that I'm trapped here, with my heartbreaks on repeat. This is Heartbreak Avenue my loves, we all have been victims here, unfortunately for me, I may never get to leave, at least not alive.

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    ...I know I'm trapped here.. with my heartbreaks on repeat.

  • theobsessedwriter 20w


    I was just but 16, must have been
    It was getting late, didn't want a scolding
    So I rushed home from a friend's
    He travels alot, my dad, and was home for a while
    We were all the happiest when he was around
    I didn't get a foreboding sense of gloom
    As I skipped the short distance home
    I just saw that mom's clothes were still out drying and went to work
    But then I heard shouting
    I wouldn't have looked over except it was my mom's voice
    Further inspection proved she was crying
    Dad was fuming and my uncle seemed lost
    Children are meant to be seen not heard
    So I rushed upstairs with mom's clean clothes
    I jumped on her bed and looked out the window
    Down at them, arguing in public
    Her eyes were bloodshot, and my stomach was constantly dropping it seemed
    My sister came upstairs and knelt next to me
    She asked what was going on, I told her mom and dad were getting a divorce
    A few seconds later, he stormed upstairs and started packing a suitcase
    "Where are you going?" I asked, he smiled and said to visit grandma for a while
    I didn't see him for 7 years after that
    I watched mom crying that night,
    She's the strongest woman I know
    I stopped being 16 that day and turned into her protector
    It was jaaringly dissapointing to see my dad as a man for the first time, and not the superhero I thought he was
    It had to happen sooner or later I'm sure you're thinking
    But it didn't have to happen that way.


  • brokengypsysoul 22w

    Trigger warning! ⚠️

    Myth: Children need fathers
    Children need security and safety.

    #microtale #triggerwarning #abuse #domesticviolence #seekhelp #getout #gethelp #abuser #truestory #true #story #mystory #past #mypast #seekhelp #awareness

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    ⚠️ Trigger warning (abuse) ⚠️
    The kick to the stomach

    The couple had just got into bed. You could smell the tension in the air. As the women lay down she rests her hand on her belly. Suddenly the man forcefully kicks her stomach shouting "it's not mine" (stop, it is) another kick "you dirty slut you cheated" (I didn't I promise) kick "I won't stop until the baby dies" (please stop) The women fell off the bed onto the ground from the force of the man she loves and would never betray. Weeping, clutching her stomach. She dashes to the door, she wants to get out of here, fast. He grabs her, holding her back, against her will. He is too strong, she is no match for him. He wrestles her to the bed. Tears still pouring down her face. (God, please I don't want to die)

  • mind_state 22w

    Zindagi aisi ho gayi ,
    Adhoore alfaaz khoob keh gaye,
    Adhoori kahani reh gayi,
    Behaal hoke dekhi tamanna,
    Ik mulakat ho,Ik vaari baat ho,
    Yahi darkhast hein dastak dena tum,
    Mehsoos karna yeh pyaar,
    Jaan nisaar hein mere yaar!

  • sagar_varma 22w

    If you see a future without me in it, and it doesn't scare you or make you anxious, then may be I was wrong about you.

    I was wrong about thinking what I thought we were doing.

    I was wrong about giving you that only place in my heart, head, life, and future.

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    एक ही दिन तो है जिसने हम पर ज़ुल्म - ओ - सितम किये है ।

    वही दिन है आज जो हमे सबसे ज्यादा रुलाता है ।।