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  • tulipkaira 2w

    Who's gonna

    Who's gonna hear.....
    When you talk they don't listen,
    Because if you start talking
    They think that it's either for
    Something dumb to say or to start quarrel.

    Who's gotta patience......
    To think that whatever you say is not some dim witted talk,
    It has deeper meaning.

    Who's gonna see......
    That you're not what they see,
    That you're not what they hear,
    That you're something that they have no idea about......

    Who's gonna............!


  • kp_singh 5w

    You can change someone's behaviour but not their character,
    Just like you can not plough with a car and race with a tractor! -Kps©2021

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    You can change someone's behaviour but not their character,
    Just like you can not plough with a car and race with a tractor!

  • meline18_hk 28w

    I'm learning how important
    it is to have someone who shares
    common interests (at least a few) with you.

    Not everyone has to like what you like
    but having someone who likes the same things as you do and understands what you feel,
    what you love, how much it means to you...
    is almost like a need...
    that helps you to open your heart
    and be who you are
    without any filter...
    just your crazy self.

    Because sometimes
    just understanding is not enough...
    sometimes it's about sharing
    the same feelings and emotions.


  • fille_glamour 34w

    Nowdays in the world of social media.
    Or virtual word when being authentic is rare.
    Be aware and be yourself.

    #trueself #individuality

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    Learning and following.

    Yes there's a huge difference between learning something and following someone.
    When you like a quality in someone try to adopt that rather than following that person.
    Adopting that quality is not wrong even it's a good thing but following that person completely destroy your individuality.
    So be aware of this.

  • telestic_typewriter 37w


    Uncover your true selves, words.

    Don't hide behind the synonyms,

    that people have coined for you.

    Let me relish the real you,

    Pretence is for human beings,

    not for you, words.

    Priti Das

  • ions0206 37w


    "Don't let people know
    About your weaknesses
    Because once they got
    To know they will use it
    Against you maybe not
    Now but someday sure.. "

  • awarapan 38w

    We aren't same anymore nor changes with time,
    Nor Constant we are,
    people not find what true self they are,
    Situations & conditions reveal us
    with time
    They discover us
    Same flower petals trill or fade with time
    thousands of troubles
    breaks of heart's
    Can be only find
    We truly we are...,

  • snehajacob 38w


    Dear friend if you're out there please accept my true self.

  • precisel_unheard 44w

    While time asked you questions
    Give savagely credible ones
    So that you will not be forgotten
    as a nameless soul!!
    You will be remembered as a hero in history

    #people #revive #answer #rise #lookingfor #trueself #humane #quote

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    Time questioned me and

    let me answer the questions time implored on me all those haunted sleepless witching hours,

    let me rise
    Let me raise
    let me let go
    of the guilt
    of the uncertainty
    of the normalised eternity
    let me fall out of the lifeless soul
    let me reincarnate as a new life in the same body but with a new

  • poukii 46w

    Emily, you know poems are not just, written words. They are the soft taps of reassurance for everyone that it's okay to be imperfect,unique and misunderstood. They are like gentle healing words for a traumatized person. They bring light into the life of many souls who are lost in this chaotic world. They are like lullabies for an innocent child who had lost his mother. They are solace for a heartbroken soul. They are the divine guidance of angels. They urge us to do shadow work. They helps us to embrace our inner child. They give strength to many people to face hurdles in life. They assure us that we are not alone in this world. They inspire people to express their deep hidden emotions by being creative. They uplift people to speak up for their values and beliefs. They help us to awaken our inner self. They assist us to find out our true path in life. They stimulate us to rise from ashes like pheonix. They persuade us to be real, to be authentic and to tear down our ego self. They prompt us to speak to the world fearlessly. They bring a blissful moment to the poets and readers. They encourage people to seek out help. They unites a community of passionate souls. They become the whisper of hope for many when the world says them to give up. They are the nurturing core of our true self, a core that is deep rooted. They rebuilt our faith in humanity. They helps us to change perspective of life. Emily, so be kind and gentle to other's emotions, when you read poems.

  • ichangl 51w

    If you try to make yourself better because of someone, you will lose your true self

  • eleanore 53w

    Search Inside

    Because your true self is like a Diamond,
    Precious and Rare,
    You've got to cut and break and drill to find it...❤

  • virahela 55w


    Soul searching
    Will gives you inner peace
    Allow you to grow
    Within your own version
    And it will activate
    Many aspects of your life

  • deepflowsoul 57w

    Talk to us talk to us they yearned after blaming me for close encounters with drug use. So I spoke what rung true, I told them they need help, and so did I away from toxic encounters. Twisting and writhing they come back around claiming I should stay in what made me sick. I told them my disappointment and shock, and then barraded by how sick I was for standing up. Wow....

    #betrayal #truth #self #destroy #honor #parents #toy #perception #matter #pain #reveal #trueself #against #alas #mine

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    I revealed my true self and had it used against me.
    They were meant to honor, not destroy me!
    Alas, I am apparently just a toy you see.
    Although that is just their perception,
    And it is only mine that matters in the end.

  • _s_h_r_e_y_a_ 57w


    He saw her as his possession
    Drained out the light from her eyes
    Took away all her gladness
    He made her become the darkness of her own life
    For her the world become the bedlam
    The bedlam where pain reigned and hope was non existent
    But all she could do was remain silent
    Virtually present but her soul and heart lost somewhere
    Now when people face her
    They watch the Mayhem in its true self.

  • aalayla 58w

    Figured it out

    Bounced back reflections of my thoughts haunted me when I was a child
    I was afraid of
    My thoughts that I constantly fixated myself on
    Instead of the boogie man under my bed
    It was the abandonment issues and the growing up to fast for me
    My thoughts ran my reality at the time
    Distortions of programming
    When I was the reporter behind the systems of nothing but fake news
    When I least expected it
    I repressed how I felt subconsciously in people consciously who knew me
    It ran chills down my spine
    Detatching like a cord being ripped apart from tugging to hard
    Cornered by myself reflecting a mirror in my hand
    Just a WAKE UP from the Universe
    I am a mirror
    A reflection of my shadow
    Now reflecting my authenticity

  • pnair87 66w

    Being social is just faking on self...


  • masiawn 68w

    True self

    The noise that fills up my head is starting to kill my nerve cells that starts to keep me from talking, to feel empathy.
    Its been so cloudy that I thought the sun wont come out.
    I keep on waiting for the sun to come out, for the surrounding to shut up. But I wasted alot of time. I wasted a lot of chances.
    Its just all in my mind. And it's not me having that thoughts.
    My true self were just watching and trying to help but my thoughts are filling up. And now what I am starting to awaken. I cant wait to know who I really am. Coz I know there is more than my being.

  • ajay_azhakath 72w


    " i becomes soo not me when
    the world defines me
    with my sexuality over my
    reality "

  • vasqora 60w


    Forget me. My face, my name.
    I don't need people I don't have any game

    Breathing for the sake of surviving, not living.

    I keep giving sense to words which mean naught.
    I keep trying to yet fail to reap anything from the lessons I've been taught.

    Taunts by people who flaunt their faults,
    Calls us a scam, people who are real
    What would you know, plastic is all you feel

    It takes guts, blood and sweat to accept your true self
    Its easy to have a 100 masks kept on the shelf
    Its easy to have multiple versions which you sell
    Its easy because it doesn't make you a man, just an elf