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    #true love # family

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    We fight.
    We laugh.
    We smile.
    We cry.

    And we got our hearts broken,
    But we choose to stay together
    for our love is true.
    Till the very end, InshaAllah.

    A family like no other,
    I love you.
    Thank you

  • reyan__7890 2h

    some motivation

    believe in yourself
    _you are your on soul mate

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    #queen #love #true #truelove #myth #sun #moon

    Started typing ✌️✌️✌️✌️

    Episode 3 of love is life love is pain

    Updates daily __ in between 9 and 10 Am
    ***To read episode 1 & 2 view my previous posts***

    9.00 Am

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    Love is life love is pain

    even though she wants to leave she can't she went towards him and leaned and tried to touch his forehead suddenly he hold holds her hand and growled" who are you...???" ( he was breathing faster ) while seeing his eyes nathiya felt something she felt a longing for company that man shouted "get out or you will loose your life" nathiya with a small gesture sat on the floor, embarassed him and said everything will be alright ,i am here with you. that felt strange he haven't heard such a words for long time so without any hesetent he hugged her back . After some time dark sky got lighted with moon light that man slowly gained his consciousness and saw nathiya's face clearly for a moment he was attracted by her beauty, her skin glowed her hair shined as if she is the sun with a jerk he got himself together and noticed a sun stone on her neck when he was trying to touch it nathiya woke up after taking few seconds to recall she asked him is he is alright which highly moved him even though he didn't want her to, he asked her to leave in a harsh tone nathiya got shocked and got frustrated but she felt as if he didn't mean it. she uttered bye and was trying to leave but he catched her right hand with his left hand( he is a left handed person ) asked being a sun-ian why did you helped me nathiya blinked for a sec then she said i am not a sun-ian i am an earth-ian
    To be continued.........
    P.S : as per my story only moon-ian can touch moon stone and only sun-ian can touch sun stone no earth-ian can touch either of it

  • dream51 1d

    A honest voice is louder than crowd!

  • suta_thought 1d

    Wo imtehan kash kabhi khatam ho
    Ishq Ki kosish tujhse kash kamiyab ho
    Phirta hoon mara mara yuhi darbadar
    Kash tere dil ki kisi kone mai mera thikana ho

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    #true#aaj ki baat.. ��

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    Aaj jese hee exam khtm hua... Muhh mai aaya ab maje krenge.. Chain se soungi...
    But turnt dil ne kaha.. ; exam the tb kon se baichen thee

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    #AA #vAAe
    Join us every night 7pm-2am pst, 7 days a week!
    Grant Us The Serenity Group of AA:
    Room ID: 372 663 4285
    Room Access: 654321
    Room Link: https://zoom.us/j/3726634285?pwd=VHVsMXBIY2d4RzczMTZJODk2YXpWdz09

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    #1 #v1e #1one #one 🟥 🐛#v2021e #2021 🦋 🐳 🐬🦍#Enjoy_empowered_life_value #ENJOY_empowered_life #enjoy_empowered_living🐝🐴🐢🐋🦧🐫🎋

    #Lifegrants us life #becausewe #aremadein the imagE(I’m agE<=of the AgE DimEnsion<=Go(o)d=absolute of/as this dimension) of Go(o)d+CrE(3)ator(lovE(3)/lifE(3)=solipsism) for IAM<(3)as IAM(3) w(3)hat IAM(3) all thE(3) lovE(3), as iam(3) E(3)nough to bE(3) BE(3)ing mE(3), mysE(3)lf and Iam(3)> a soul(IAM what IAM, Phonixe of ember as life) that has a HE•art(earth inside), for you are the same thing, of Go(o)d+CrE(3)ator(lovE(3)/lifE(3)=solipsism) be that by faith or by you have a body that came from the Earth(hE•art outside); you can something that came before you and that loves you more then you can love yourself to say simply.
    #v1e#WISdom_emPOWERment #
    v2021e #vvideoe#thenines#🌿
    ■ simply, simultaneously you know what is all and you keep telling yourself this story of what is at hand and by that you create from that state that you are at, of being, to that of living a lie as by a lie you can call it a a vail, so that you can then be of this and that by your here and now; for it when you choose the choice by where you are to then simultaneously be as you are, accept and then bring the fullness of what you are nowhere to now where as here you are.
    # in life you can be the wisdom that has something to say about life and the way that you can see it as in of itself you will be able to have a great day in all your means of yourself and what is your worth, for its true that you can be the echo of your own kind and the loveable means to being your betterment of yourself by besting yourself in all that you are and have to shear; for you can only shear what you have and so shear the parts that will give you a hug love the life that you are and shear with you betterment of the life you are able to give to yourself and to the world as to be wise to still accepting what your unwilling to shear by what you do shear. Have a great day seeing how wise as powerful as the worth of a master that, as what is great, as what makes life smile, thank you for having a smile; for you are great and that of you is grand of magnanimous measures of gems by the sky count...aka always finding more
    #poems #poetry #spokenwords #poet #art #beheard #published #thoreau #writer #writing #written  #oneday #art #true #beggingthought #letsstartmotivation #determined deepinthought # challenge yourself by loving yourself #lifestyle #NobodyWillDoItForYou #createyourworth #inspire movement #zen  #youcandoit namaste#vcomme nte
    #Lifegrants #uslife #becausewe #aremadeintheimagE #ofGod for I’m #asoul #thathasaheart, #foryou are the #samething, #ofGod #bethat #byfaith #orbyyou #haveabody #thatcamefrom #theEarth; you can something #thatcamebefore #youandthat #lovesyoumore #thenyoucan #loveyourself #tosaysimply.




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    AA today
    11:08 PM 25% mothers front yard
    To embrace your meaning in life for what is to be love and love itself, that we are all Phoenix embers; that just being in the now moment, is all that you have to do in life to know you are loved; by gifting you the gift to open the gift of yourself, to the be able to open the gift of self is the best thing you can do for yourself. Simply simultaneously 1one thing is happening at the same time and time is a circle and all things happen in a circle so they come back tell you listen to learn that lesson; for you have all the weapons that you will ever need because you are a reflection of God+Creator, made in the image of. Even angels are perfect.

    Topics 4/8/2021
    1. Today I am no longer a slave to alcohol, yet in so many ways enslavement still threatens–my self, my desires, even my dreams.
    Courts\liquor demons, you know courts don't care what happens in real life as you grow, yet you do grow and yet they make you pay for what is life happening, that simply to say that they rippling echos of life happen from the times of the liquor demons, yet, it like you have to live this double life, where they make you, live the past

    2. Change is simply a combination of growing up and gaining knowledge.
    To find the moreness of life in/of God+Creator, to see self as what is to be a means of a Being of a lighthouse in the dark of night, passing the torch of fire knowledge of self; by letting God+Creator/life live through you so that you may have gifted yourself with the gift of doing something kind for someone1 and self Improvement.

    3. I came to this program to save my butt and found out recovery was attached to my soul.
    That life is all of 1oneness, and self love by seeing that their is a means a happening to that of what is the illusion of separation within stuff of yours to that of what is God+Creator of self to soul of self, to God+Creator is that of made in you in their image; all in all, their is all things have a sliver of you just as God+Creator has a sliver in you by image of self.
    4. What it was like then- what it is like now.
    1one is to let go and be freedom will you know upon the life of you and the life of yours is/of you and your timing becomes within Divine+timing, comes with in soul of knowing yourself be seeing yours through God+Creators eye as you are a reflection of God+Creator to be Being here and now for all of life comes the smiles of God+Creator that come from having Children of love and light/life.
    11:12 PM to 25%

  • queendom 1d

    #queen #love #true #truelove #myth #sun #moon

    ***Ignore my handwriting***
    Episode 2 of love is life love is pain
    Updates daily __ in between 9 and 10 Am
    To read episode 1 view my previous post
    There is a particular mystery surrounding the color silver; it is often associated with the moon

    perfect alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth, called a syzygy (from the Greek word for “bound together”), occurs, resulting in an eclipse. i.e seperating moon and sun

    9.28 am. 9/3/21

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  • queenforever 2d


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    Ek waqt ke baad har koi
    gair ho jata hai ,
    Umr bhar kisi ko apna samjhna
    Ek veham hai .

  • _shivoham_ 2d

    #mirakee #true #honest

    Be a True Person and Save your energy ❣️
    Always stay with higher vibe��✨��❣️����

    हरे कृष्ण ❣️
    ॐ साईं राम ❣️
    Love all Serve all

    Happy Thursday ��

    आप सब खुश रहें, सुखी रहें और स्वस्थ रहें������❣️��

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    Truth is the power of the inner self.
    The more we move away from the truth,
    the more we lose our power.
    Be a true person :)


  • queendom 2d

    ***Ignore my handwriting***
    Episode 1 of love is life love is pain
    Updates daily __ in between 9 and 10 Am

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  • light_ofthe_heart 2d

    If I hadn't forgotten the lullabies he sang
    If I hadn't forgotten the lies he spoke
    If I hadn't forgotten his empty glances
    If at all I was true to myself
    And trusted the vision of my soul
    I won't be sitted here writing words of grief
    But now here I am,
    Confiding in my loneliness
    And asking my heart this question
    Why didn't you trust the vision to your soul?

  • thesrwords 2d

    Aaj kal ke ladke bhi buri ladkion se dhokha khate hai, Or achi ladkion se badla lete he

  • shine_jey 3d

    Perhaps, I've done you alot
    which would tried to melt your heart.
    I swear fearless to you
    my intentions aren't always true.
    Scolded you like a perfect saint
    saying that you are a delinquent,
    who failed to respect the true love
    as if I am a honest-loving dove.
    How many days like a wolf,
    shall I cheat myself?
    It is you one who love me,
    like a fairy bestowed with defatigability.
    "Sorry dear", I scream to you now
    accept my apology without saying 'No'!
    Such that I could get a second chance,
    to treat the way you treat me, once.


  • garima2612 5d

    #true thought
    By unknown writer

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    Art is everywhere

    We all know that art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.
    By : Pablo Picasso

  • queendom 5d

    True love

    She wants him to be in her happiness and she wants to be with him in his downcast time

  • wordvomit4u 1w

    I belong in the arms of love
    Save me from all that's lost
    Be too afraid to lose me
    Protect me at all cost
    When silence calms a crowd for me
    Its something you should hear
    If Karma starts to sing aloud
    the lyrics they shall fears


  • 26112000sandhya 1w

    true relationship, husband and wife Loves each other. #true love

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    लफ़्ज़ों में जो बयाँ न हो पाये,
    ऐसा प्यार रहे l
    तेरे- मेरे बीच में ऐसा विश्वास हो कि,
    गलतफ़हमी का दिवार न आये l

  • hoorbanu98 1w

    If you are true,
    Then life will be for value.

  • swamijiiiromika 1w

    #true love ��❤️��

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    दिल में हज़ारों गम है,तुम सुन ना सकोगे
    दिल में गम से ज्यादा प्यार है तुम समझ ना सकोगे
    जिस दिन समझ जाओगे प्यार को मेरे
    पलट कर देखोगे जरूर
    पर हम ना दिखेंगे
    ढूंढोगे सब ओर मगर हम ना मिलेंगे
    फिर पहुंचोगे उस खुदा के दर पे
    वो भी रो देगा ,गम हमारे बताते बताते
    और कहेगा '' एक थी जो तुम्हे
    खुद से ज्यादा चाहती थी
    वो भुला ना पाई तुझको
    और सीधा मेरे पास चली आई
    कह गई थी मुझको
    जिस दिन तुम आओगे
    उसे मेरा प्यार देना
    उसे मेरा प्यार देना "