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  • nightqueen 36w

    I wish to be a weightless wisp of cloud in the night sky,
    Rather than a human with heavy heart.


  • mahaa_na 46w

    I'm not perfect
    My new coping mechanism is drinking till I reach the bottom of the bottle and
    Singing along to beautiful sad songs
    Like baby I need you to call me
    Tell me I'll be okay..

  • kerenrajappa 52w

    Troubled memories

    Nobody knows she is empty
    Even people knew about her plenty
    The smile she wear,
    And the pain she bare

    Nobody knows its painful
    People think she is strong,
    They say this wont kill her
    But i wonder if they were wrong

    Nobody knows she is crying
    Deep inside she is dying,
    The real she is left in the past
    Because he left her so fast

    Nobody knows she is bound in chains of his memories
    They think she set herself free,
    Even at night she couldn't sleep in ease
    But they dont see

    She trusted him so blindly,
    That made her so lonely

    It broke her into pieces
    That cannot be fixed back

    It shook her down
    Took so long,to come along

    She asked herself,
    Days and year's passed by
    But your memories still bothered me why?

  • mrspectacular 71w


    This is beginning to look like an insult.
    I mean the way my mind does, to very vital issues, some great assault
    Causing them flee from him before the day I will need to consult.
    I have thought to look at it as something that is in default
    But the more I try, the more it looks like a great fault.

    I take a thought, one second
    And in the next, we lose our bond.
    That is regardless of how I was, of such memory, fond,
    It gets lost in Oblivion's pond.

    I have queried the top echelon
    On the reason for this fact that is not at all bon
    But without a response has my query gone.

    Only left, feeling aggravated
    In this relationship that feels really complicated.



  • unknownsomeone 87w

    A troubled mind will find
    Chaos even in white....

  • kharly 104w

    @Mirakee @writersnetwork
    #Guilt #Despair #DepressionalTales #Troubled #Weak

    Deep in herself she knows when to raise her hand and ask for help.
    She knows when to let go and when to hold on but she chooses to not see the bright light outside.
    The radiating sunlight and peace of mind.

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    This Guilt

    Great stories she told.
    For a soothing audience
    Twisting tales and creating guilt.
    She hasn't attained victory because her battles are not yet over.

    Deep in herself she knows when to raise her hand and ask for help.
    She knows when to let go and when to hold on but she chooses to not see the bright light outside, the radiating sunlight and peace of mind.

    She choose to over look this Prince for he's name was not Charming and he rode no white Steed. But because he had a dark hair and came in a taxi.
    She told her fantasies to herself in order to make herself believe that Alas! The fault wasn't hers

    Then why does she feel guilty?

  • thelovelyricist 125w

    Troubled Heart

    My happiness is wherever you are. My peace is wherever you are. Without you I’m moved. My love is wherever you are. Without you love doesn’t reside here. Without you emotions and feelings are foreign to me. You suppressed my troubled mind... by just being here. You taught me how to live. But not without you. How am I suppose to go back to that? How am I suppose to go back to a life that was unconsciously strolled through? A life that wasn’t worth living. Not without you at least.
    -The Love Lyricist

  • singh_ankit94 141w


    As I lay awake on my bed, I hear voices in my head. All the Things I did,
    All the things I could've or couldn't do,
    I sense fear,
    It seems like my world is coming crashing down.
    I sense turbulence !!
    How to fight it ?
    Or run away with it ?
    I don't have an answer, do you ?


  • livingwithstories 148w

    Echoes Of The Troubled Past

    "Nooo..!!! Nooo...!!!", he screamed in his sleep.

    His friend on the other bed woke up, and rushed to check what was wrong him.

    Shaking his shoulders with some force, he woke him up and exclaimed, "What happened?!"

    "Echoes of my troubled past. They keep coming back to haunt me. I hope I could turn a deaf ear to them. It's astonishing how after so many years it still has so much power over me", he replied as he was left completely consumed by his past.

  • barrerd24 153w


    Just tell me how much it cost
    To buy a peace of mind;
    Untroubled heart; and
    A blessed soul!!

  • vishwas_ 153w

    It's completely okay

    To not to be okay
    To not talk
    To stand for personal space
    To be messed up
    To be lost
    At times a plastered smile won't help
    But a stern expression would

  • sayaliparkar 155w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    #driedflower #memory #yellowedpages #name #remind #favourite #colour #water #troubled #touch #body #love

    �� Thanks a lot for giving so much love to my previous poem. I hope you'll love this one too.��

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    [What a memory looks like]

    A dried flower between
    The yellowed pages/ your
    Name reminding you to
    Be who you are/ your
    Favourite colour mixed
    With the troubled water/
    A touch that lingers even
    When bodies are apart/
    Letting love go infront of
    Your wide open eyes, glued
    Together lips, tied hands and
    Feet mounted in the concrete
    Helplessness/ graves decorated
    In floral regrets.

    -Sayali Parkar

  • victoriamonroe 156w

    There is little worse to an artist
    Than when the paintbrush fails to paint
    The melodies are choked down
    And the camera collects dust on the shelf
    I've found
    In such troubling times
    That the peace
    And ease of my pen
    Has never once failed me

  • abbiiee 161w

    Watched the movie Schindler's List ... so strong were the emotions..that they had to be poured out.. ��
    Last para is on Schindler

    #Schindler #emotions #troubled

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    The Devils hand
    The vampires screech
    Spouts of blood
    Shrieks dying within

    Glowing in the dark
    Death bore it's mark
    Their crumpled faith
    A hushed aftermath 

    Hate had the power
    Darkness endlessly longer
    Inhuman senseless killing
    Body twisted in cold horror

    He held up a Lantern 
    With an open door
    It wasn't too late to hope
    To save just one more 


  • kb_the_poet 162w

    Why do I feel empty
    Yet i have nothing to empty,
    Drown in an ocean of my own.


  • iamxious 165w


    As you step out of the house,
    your heart skips a beat
    No butterflies in your stomach
    But uneasiness in your mind
    Flying like butterflies

    Can I make it?
    Should I stop it?

    And that's where you can't stop it,


  • ghellybean 166w


    I don't know now.
    I'm confused,
    there's a lot of things running in my mind.
    What happened to us?
    We used to wish every 11:11
    What happened to our wishes?
    Is it a limited time? A Limited wish?
    Will there be a next 11:11?
    Or it will be over?

  • thoughtless_e_motion 167w

    Implode a la mode

    This pain that I feel is driving me insane
    Troubled heart and I have noone to blame
    Darkness in the mind
    In a place we're supposed to shine
    The evil within has ripped me from my skin
    I am hurt
    But still she flirts
    But not with me
    Its in the words and tone I can see
    Perhaps my quest for truth has blinded me
    Which is why I neglected her needs
    It started with paranoia, then came betrayal
    These things can make love stale
    But I can still feel the love and
    I must not fail
    Must resist setting an anchor even if I fear
    The love will sail
    Into someone else's sea
    Love must be set free and
    I must trust the waves of emotion
    Will bring that love back to me.

  • ___mara__ 172w

    Correction and condemnation has been mistaken as same, when the difference can be seen by a blind man. Not all people are born a black sheep, many were condemn to be one, how many people take their time to listen before conclusion? ...listening is not just with the ear, its also with the mind and heart.


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    Why assume things without asking?
    Why don't you understand me at all?
    Why do you always play the victim?
    Why hurt me with your words ?
    Why do you feel like I'm bad people?
    Why do you compare with others ?
    Why don't you trust me ?
    Why don't you let me grow ?
    Why don't you give me a chance ?
    Why don't you listen to my voice ?
    Why don't you let me live?

    Mara did you leave the house today?
    Mara you left the house today.

    Why use the second sentence as question this days?
    What happens to my freedom to express myself.
    Why condemn so quick?

    Mara can't you be like Clara?
    If i be like Clara what will happen to Mara.
    Who will be like her?
    Will there be a Mara again
    Why do i have to be someone else?

    Funny Clara may be a born black sheep covered with a coat to hid her dark skin.
    Listen to me she always says
    When will it be my turn for you to do the same.
    Why do u forsake me?


  • magicalmystery 174w

    Mystery: Solved

    "Where did your heart go?" they asked.

    "I don't know." I replied, then casually pointed. "Perhaps it's still stuck to the bottom of your shoe."