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  • passion_pearl 3d

    To feel the essence of being there
    Discard the blues,
    You ever had
    B'coz what is, will always be
    The Hues made me be you
    And uk what being you is upto
    So, will you accept me that ways
    Or we gonna end up nearly saying no
    Traitor haunt me, honey
    And I nearby fell into the rounded sink
    Idk whether you are there to hold me
    But that fall is a real haunt honey
    Uplifting the trauma,
    Can never be drama
    The burst that rest in the corner
    Which is left untouchable for me being you
    Because you and me are in process of something and we both are uncertain
    Of the land
    Because that land contains only us
    Us in the sky
    And will we ever ask why
    And will Chrysanthemum ever die ?
    The Zeal of missing is an outburst
    And those small lil' bubbles
    Are your messenger , honey
    And the burst is not in my hand
    I wanna hold you tight to remove
    All your insecurities
    And let uk, that I'll stay there
    Even if you are not searching for me
    So, relief, deep relief
    And am in form of one tiny lash,
    Which will always protect you from troubles
    Trauma is now leading to drama
    Making me feel sick and cold.
    To the place I had in utmost corner
    Is already snatched away, honey
    Making me stand clueless
    Making my utopia, numbness


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    //Tryna live a life, loved

    Broken Heart, Broken Soul
    Makes the entire World, darken hole

  • kirukka 7w

    Letting enjoy
    Letting go of thinking
    Letting go of forgetting
    In trouble for something
    Life is getting caught up

  • raman_writes 7w

    जब से लगी है आदत तुम्हारी नज़रों की हम भी लोगो जैसे हो गए है ।

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    ज़हमत उठाते है लोग लोगो की नज़र में बने रहने के लिए ।

    कुछ बेपरवाह ऐसे भी है जिन्हें किसी नज़र की फ़िक्र नहीं ।।


  • mrsinghnota_ 8w

    Be Wise






  • te_fascinate_scribbler 14w

    @ the verge

    Most of the trouble you face are at the point that you can't withstand or runaway, but just life needs it.



  • hanshu 15w

    The city of trouble

    Every morning I woke up..,
    Hoping for a good day..,
    But when I open my window (eyes)..,
    I saw a lot of decay (trouble)..,

    Which make me feel tired of this city( life),
    I feel bad for this city (life),
    I don't know when I enter a good street of this city (stage of life)..,
    Where I can feel the cold breeze (good vibes)..,

    Yeah! Sometimes the season changes for this city too.,
    If there is hot(sadness) weather then sometimes the winter (happiness)come too..,
    But I don't know when this city starts renovating (life will be set)..,
    When the infrastructure of this city (days of this life /as the life is )make me stop complaining.

  • lucknowrites 17w


    More lies to be heard,
    More trust to be broken,
    More feelings to be hurt,
    More hearts to be shatter.
    But you have to compromise,
    You have to live,
    You have to resist,
    You have to endure.

  • hindoldas 19w

    Ever saw the moon covered sky and thought if there would be vampire apocalypse how would it be


  • bemyheartless_love 25w

    when I look at you
    and I feel the moon
    craves forever in a while
    and the stars are falling
    helplessly on the ground
    without a price of having trouble

  • sheikh_huzaifa 25w

    Sorrows come in everyone's Life!
    It doesn't mean, we have to give up from Life..
    We have to be as strong as the trouble which have came in our Life.....
    And don't forget, this time is temporary in your Life. It doesn't stay for more time in your Life. After every darkness, their is a brightness...
    So, don't lose hope... Be happy.....

  • not__so_poetic 27w


    Here we stay
    Knowing that we don't care
    Afraid to let go
    Choose to suffer so
    We're toxic
    We're never meant to be
    We're hurting
    Blaming each other in this
    We're painting scars
    With fake smiles
    Filling gaps
    With loveless words
    We know this isn't worth it
    And we still stay here
    Choosing to suffer
    Ignoring that we could be better!!

  • royalrae 28w

    The problem with trouble is it starts out as fun
    Then we end up regretting the fun we shouldn't have done.


  • mrspectacular 30w


    'This has to be most silly job I have chosen all my life. Saving people? Who is going to save me when I need to be saved, myself?', Andrew nags as he works at his desk as Captain of the Federal Fire Service.
    There is a part of him that does not seem to like his job. His eyes would most time glitch whenever they are called in for an emergency. He'd chosen the job because it was the only job available and he could not stand being idle. Remembering why he had got into the job in the first place, he would charge him not to quit despite his fear of heights. One time, he had gone on a rescue mission at the sixth floor of a seven storey apartment and had to employ a ramp and ladder for the operation but just as he was billed to mount the ladder, the thought of being on the sixth floor made him chicken out from the rescue mission and earned him some great ridicule from his subordinates covertly. They asked,
    'How did he even become captain in the first place?'
    'Oh he is such a wussy'
    'I bet I could be a better captain than he could ever be?'
    They all seem so troubled that the Governor may have made the wrong pick by having Andrew Glasswick head the Fire Department with his fear of heights. Against it, they rage silently while planning on how to disgrace him out of the Fire Department. Nose to the drawing board, they begin to strategize.
    Tongue in cheek, they decide to make him feel like they still respect him as chief hauling insincere cheers at him as frequently as possible that he quickly becomes soft potty in their hands. It gives him some sort of false confidence. He suddenly begins to feel invincible.
    On a certain Wednesday afternoon, a fire breaks out up north at a block of apartments, twenty floors tall and engulfs virtually the entire building. Grabbing his gear, he rallies his team to get to the fire truck. Anxious to save as many lives as possible, he hurries everyone over to the scene of the fire nearly tipping the fire truck he is piloting in the process.
    Steadying himself and the firetruck with panache, he charges further for the scene of the fire to save lives.
    Arriving the venue, he jumps down from the truck enthusiastically, reaching for the pipes, he let it rip but it only makes the fire madder as though it is the devil himself in control of the fire. He quickly sends for some sandy reinforcement having realized that water would not really cut it in this blazing, extra-furious fire he is faced with. It is his twelfth year at the fire department but he has never come across a fire such as this.
    He had rescued, quenched and even walked right through different fires in the past but this one would end him if he dared enter, considering its magnitude. He never did believe that there could be a fire situation that would make him cower until this one.
    While trying to douse the fire, a woman who seems to just be returning from work with her husband weeps upon seeing the burning building,
    'God! No....My kids.... somebody help my kids'
    'Madam, you have kids in there?', Captain Andrew asks
    'Yes...Yes....Please help them', she cries. 'Please don't let them die'
    'We will do our best, madam', Captain Andrew assures rather pacifyingly.
    The mere idea of running into such a huge fire terrifies Captain Andrew let alone searching for the kids on the sixth floor so he quickly begins to issue instructions to his subordinates on how to go into the building and save the day.
    All said and done, he exhausts his men who merely manage to reach the third floor but come out choking while three lose their lives to choking and extreme burns.
    Having exhausted every possible means of getting the children out, he decides the only option is for him to go in there and rescue them himself.
    Turning away from the building, he gets into his fire truck and drives away from the area but looking at the disappointed, terrified, surprised and not so surprised people behind him in the firetruck's side mirror, he begins to feel very ashamed of himself.
    A man who had always wanted to save lives at all cost should be able to brave this fire just to save whoever is in it particularly with the kids involved.
    Besides, this should be an opportunity to prove those subordinates, who felt he does not deserve the position of Captain, wrong.
    Stopping the truck, shifting the gear-stick into reverse, he brings the truck back into the position it was when they earlier arrived. He is terrified but the life of those three children in the burning building are at stake. He can hardly keep his heart in his chest as it pounds heavily with each step he takes towards the raging fire.
    Soaking himself with water from the fire engine, he knows it is time to face his biggest demon. Charging into the building like an aggrieved warrior, he struggles to climb the stairs but is brought down twice at the fourth staircase.
    By now, the water has become sweat. He takes a deep breath and charges up the stairs once more making it. While he climbs, his only thoughts are how he would come down again as he hears the stairs he had climbed collapse behind him.
    The streets outside the building are crowded with people, cheering, praying and being afraid of what might go wrong in the operation. Andrew gets through to the kids although they are already unconscious from inhaling the smoke from the fire.
    Grabbing the three children, he proceeds to get them out safely to their parents wailing and crying six floors down. He searches for an alternative exit as the one he had come through had just caved in. He radios his officers on the ground to prepare for a jump-off(Trampoline jump off the roof of the building). He does not like the idea but he has no choice. He begins to make his way to the roof with each step towards the roof he would pause and wish another option presents itself before continuing to the roof.
    Getting to the roof, he trembles inside of him terribly but pretends to be bold for the sake of the children he is saving.
    'It's just a few feet. Do this for the sake of these kids', he says to himself while thinking of how to jump unto the trampoline without looking down and without fear. Taking a look down once, he drops to his knees as if giving up.
    Then with a potent smile, he looks up to the sky and asks,
    'Please Lord, Save us', and with that, he takes a leap unsure of if he would get down there in one piece. Within seconds, he finds that he is safely on the ground with the kids all well.
    'That was great sir', some of his subordinate say as they congratulate him for the save. He can tell some people are not happy about his feat but he could care less.
    The news travels around the country like wildfire and he is invited for lunch with the first family a few days after the event that people soon dub 'An Encounter With The Angel Of Fire'. At the lunch with the president, he is asked how he did achieve the feat so bravely.
    'Oh no, that was not me. That was His power at work in me', he says looking to the sky.


  • cardelljhardy 33w

    Disorder, Reorder, Disorder

    My mind racing around the circuit.
    My heart beating like a timpani
    I go from mountain to mountain.
    Sprinkling all over as a majestic fountain.
    Can anyone match the pressure I face.
    That spreads around just like disease?
    Will the madness ever cease?
    Lord, please turn disorder to order
    And close up chaos back into its corners

  • anishap 37w

    In between my silence,
    There are so many things left Unsaid,
    What's done cannot be undone,
    What's felt cannot be unfelt,
    I try to keep it all sane,
    But it turns out to be the most insane,
    Perhaps it's sentiments, attachment & feelings and everything in between that cause all the trouble!

  • mimi_choudhury 39w

    When the storm sweeps over
    and the thunder strikes,
    be the sunflower
    and turn towards the light.

  • james_taumas 41w


    Mischief a best friend
    Trouble joins in
    Microcosm adventures
    Parents lasso down fun
    Escape from order
    Childhood only once
    Find a way
    Teenagers rambunctious
    Foot comes down
    You're grounded
    Another bind to escape.


  • ray_madhusmita 52w

    O'dear ! life..
    one day l encountered..
    your surprise..
    during my ominous troubles..
    l saw many new hands..
    that had flowers for me..
    the hand that..
    l was flowering one day..
    was putting smile to anorher..

  • good_soul 52w

    One of my own favourites.


    ‘Love is indeed a trouble,

    There's really no doubt to that…

    But we both are missing the same pieces to this strange puzzle,

    Trying to find each other in this deranged habitat.’



    #love #trouble #puzzle #habitat #doubts

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    P U Z Z L E

  • hear_me_please 52w

    Love is all we need

    Sometimes the trouble doesn't seem troubling
    And soon we know that the life itself is controlling
    With the right person and right time
    You notice your messy crap of poem starts to rhyme
    The broken crayons still colours
    And melancholy beats of music changes with a lover
    In scary hurting spot, we find solace
    And the blood taking needle seems harmless
    The soft violin and piano sounds blend
    Shinny gleaming silver ring with lifelong friend
    That sweet happy smile on that beautiful face
    even the stone hearted person can fall in love on that magical place....