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  • theessence_ 1d

    Dear Steph.

    -You were amethyst in the ruins.
    Swirls of sun rays and moon dust

    -You were a pearl washed ashore this cesspool
    Your heart of silver immune to rust.

    -The rust of this wasted land.

    You were light redefined,
    You radiated with serenity.

    The honey on your cheeks,
    You were a fairy, no.
    An angel.

    I love to believe you ascended to the maker,
    That's what angels do, right?
    That the reaper didn't have you quiver
    And cry silently into the midnight.

    I love to believe your wings didn't wither,
    From an ailment that grips even the celestials
    What if it was neither?
    The bitter truth swirls within, and I'm in denial.

    The silver droplets from my eyes know no end,
    They flow with each beat of my heart;
    How can they not, when you're gone?

    Blue skies into grey clouds,
    Never again will you lit up my horizon.
    I still hear your laughter, just barely;
    When the last spec of moonlight fades.

    It beams at me,
    But I know I'm dreaming..
    Because, underneath this very soil you still lay.



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    Dear Steph.

  • piu_writes 3w

    जिंदगी के आधे किस्से को छोड़ चले गए सबसे मुह फ़ेर कर दर्द और बढ़ा गए

  • manuhere 5w

    From someone who could guide you, shape you to someone whom you want to share your tomorrow, the wings and the nest, all in a woman ��

    A HAPPY Women's Day, to all the amazing ladies, whether you know me Or not, if you end up reading this, you're all the good things you can be ����

    #womensday #poetry #tribute #अनवरत #hindi #writerscommunity # mirakeeworld #mirakee #muse
    @shriradhey_apt @writerstolli @hindiwriters @rangkarmi_anuj @riyashi

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    अश्रु को अमृत कर दो
    मरु में जीवन भर दो
    लिखदो भले तुम मेरा कल
    मुझमें काँटो के बोए फल
    श्रवण की अनुपम मिसाल
    जीवन,पय, भरता आँचल विशाल
    क्या क्षमा, क्या गर्जना , और
    क्या स्पर्श हरता चिंतन सबल
    मुझमें शेष है कुछ भी अगर
    तो है बस साथ तुम्हारे कल
    तुम प्रेम का स्वरूप सरस
    वर्षा मद में जैसे बेबस

    मनु मिश्रा

  • the_miss_x 6w

    Not everyone dying wants to live
    Nor each alive wants to quit.
    The departure satisfies when they've done their will
    But it turns into an icy pain when we think
    We could never do enough to them.

    We should be glad for the gift we have as 'memory'
    We can keep the departed alive forever within us.
    Just close your eyes and remember
    what they would tell you for this situation.
    What would they tell you?
    What would they do if they were in it?
    Let yourself know that your loved one still adores you.
    Keep the relationship between you and the departed alive
    with the exchange of care, respect and appreciation.


    #death #pyre #afterlife #funeral #tribute
    #writersnetwork #writersofinstagram #smile

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    The Fire is cold for those who grieve
    The Pyre is peace for those who leave.

    It's till we are breaths, we want to stay
    Then we know no war or play.


  • rupendrapatel 8w

    ऐ वीर तुझे सलाम !

    तू शान है मेरे देश की, संगीत तू मेरे देश का |
    ऐ वीर तुझको सलाम, तू जीत है मेरे देश की |
    कर्ज है इन साँसों का, क्यूँकि तू खड़ा निर्भीक है |
    छलनी हुआ है सीना, जब - जब युद्ध हुआ गंभीर है |
    लहू का हर एक कतरा, करता तेरा गुणगान है |
    देकर अपनी शहादत, तूने किया इस मिट्टी का सम्मान है |
    शत शत नमन उस माँ को है, जिसकी कोख का तू लाल है |


  • manuhere 8w

    सूख गई फूलों की लाली
    को अश्रु से सिंचित क्यूँ
    आभूषण है सहनशीलता
    तो आघातों से चिंतित क्यों
    अरे बांकुरों की चिता की
    शपथ न झूठी होने दो
    गिरा एक अश्रु तो शत्रु को
    हर पल हर क्षण रोने दो
    कायरता नस नस में उसकी
    जिसकी गिद्धों की प्रजाति है
    इतिहास गवाह है इस धरती पर
    कायर की कब्र बनाई जाती है
    आवाज़ दबे न क्षण भर को
    गूंजे दिल्ली से घाटी तक
    याद दिलाओ सीमाओं की
    सौगंध, फटे अगर छाती तब
    न कलम रुके, तलवार रुके न
    जब तक लहू का पान न हो
    त्याग दो नश्वरता का चोला
    जिस छाती में अभिमान न हो
    एक एक सरकारी अक्षर
    उनके मंसूबो पर भारी हो
    हर दिन काल का मंज़र उनपे
    ऐसी अपनी तैयारी हो

    मनु मिश्रा

  • rani_shri 8w

    #pulwama #attack #tribute

    PC - rightful owner

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    जब भी कोई बोल लिखने हों, किसी कहानी के
    हर एक पन्ने कहेंगे दास्तां, उसकी बलिदानी के।
    स्याह से नहीं तुम तो लहु से लिख देना उसे रानी
    छोड़ के गया है जो निशां एक सच्ची जवानी के।

  • uk_01_bharat 8w


    Ye din bhi hamare yaadon m rahega
    In nighaon k aansu m rahega

    Ab kar lenge syad kuch haasil
    Ya ab bhi ishq ka pani irado se bahega


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 12w

    To honor the man who did his utmost to foster peace, love, tolerance, and acceptance of all people in this world, I'm posting this poem I penned (in 2017), for the very admirable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as today is the day we dedicate in his name to commemorate his valiant efforts in this world.

    Dear Dr. Martin Luther King,
    I don't mean to bother you
    While you're up there soaring
    On your well deserved angel wings
    I just wanted to talk to you
    You know, say a few things
    It might seem that this world
    Has forgotten you at first glance
    But that would never happen sir
    No, not a chance
    You see Dr. King,
    You taught us a great deal while you were here
    You showed us there was light in the dark
    And taught us there was bravery in fear
    Dr. King, this surely is your day
    But I would never want you to assume
    That it's the only one
    In which I remember you this way
    You see, I took your lessons to the heart
    So it doesn't matter
    That we're now far apart
    I know things here are looking ominous and scary
    I know that many hearts
    Are full of fear
    And souls are weary
    And though the hour
    In the history of this world
    Is growing late
    I know we'll be just fine Dr. King
    Because you taught us
    To find the love in hate
    Thank you for shining your light
    Into this world dear Dr. King
    You did more good
    Than you could ever know
    And you sure did earn
    Those angel wings.
    Eternally grateful,
    Carolyn Glackin
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 1/16/2017

    *Art credited to Raymond L. Warfield

    #drmartinlutherkingjrday2021 #mirakee #writersnetwork #tribute #dedication #peaceonearth #unity

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  • spandanmodi 13w

    National Youth Day 2021 - Part 3

    4. If you believe in something, then have full faith in it and follow it without thinking anything else.

    5. Be fit from body and brain(mind) both. I know it's easier talking about it than doing it but this is much needed because of the lifestyle we follow and the times we are currently living in. And we need to be mindful of what and how we are consuming which can be food, information, vibes, etc so on and so forth.

    Nothing would be a bigger tribute and gesture of respect for Swami Vivekananda if we are able to follow any of the above as and when possible for us.

    - Faiz Modi

  • vasubandhu 18w


  • vasubandhu 18w


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 20w

    A minacious day ,one of the deadliest nightmares,
    26-11-2008, marked the scariest of massacres,
    Like an eagle, it flew in our skies, with the thorny wings of death,
    India quivered helplessly in the clutches of a cold-blooded wrath.

    They came tip-toed from the land of terrorists , living tombs,
    With humanity buried beneath the debris of explosives & bombs,
    Rivers and lakes flowing within their territories, failed to quench their thirst,
    Blood of innocence, could only satiate those snakes & calm their lust.

    Eyes ceased to blink, people breathed too low, in fragments & bits,
    They pleaded their hearts to tone down a bit so that no one listens to it's beats,
    Blood dripped in through every new-born second, that spooky day,
    Insane monsters , crumbled million lives, under their sanguinary sleigh.

    India is a land of lions, they had forgotten, poor demons,
    Steel-chested Indian force, ripped off the nerves of their bloody desires at once,
    Indians worship visitors as God, they never disappoint their guests,
    We offered our pious Earth, gifted a luxurious grave to them, where they eternally rest.

    Hail to my mother land,
    Hail to our soldiers,
    Hail to our policemen,
    Be brightest, MY TRICOLOUR among all the unfurling colours.


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    A TRIBUTE (26/11/2008)


  • sid_rulz 20w

    26/11 Tribute to our soldier's

    झरोखे से झांक इंतज़ार करना बन गई कहानी तेरी

    अपने वतन पर क़ुर्बान कर चुका हूँ जवानी मेरी

    आँसू न बहाना अगर लौट कर न आ पाऊँ माँ

    इक दिन तिरंगे में लिपटकर आएगी निशानी तेरी।


  • wordkiing 22w

    #mirakee #love #sad #tribute

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    Sometimes I find it funny.

    How usually heart gets broken,
    How causally people fall in love often

    I wonder how the hell people find choices in love.

    Am I the only one out of the loop?
    Now that I wonder it was dark and lone
    The path I followed
    Searching for a light
    That was never meant to shine

    Is it too late to find for a loophole?
    Now that I see my tombstone.
    -Subrata ©

  • wordkiing 22w

    #mirakee #love #sad #tribute

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    Little Demise

    We have just met
    Not physically yet
    Writings brought us together
    Comparing I am probably nether

    Typically write what I feel
    No strings attached to reveal
    You're sharper by your age
    Can shine at any given stage

    You awed my jaw
    When I saw
    The sounding of your voice
    Remarks God's marvelous choice

    I yearn to know more
    Genuine by my core
    Oddly I adore you
    Trust me even I have no clue

    Inside of me it grew
    That I knew
    Had to call you, Little Thing
    Cause I find you astounding in anything
    With those innocent eyes
    You're a perfect little demise

    Demise in a sense of irony
    That's my part of courtesy
    -Subrata ©

  • preranarathi 26w

    मौत का धंधा

    जब मौत को गले लगाया,
    तब दुनिया का एक और सच सामने आया।
    सुना था, मरने के बाद सारी परेशानियाँ खत्म हो जाती हैं,
    सुकून होता है और रुह को जन्नत मिल जाती हैं।
    मैं भी चढ़ा था उस खुदा के घर की सीढ़ियाँ,
    पर न आया वो बाहर, न खोली उसने खिडकियाँ।
    फिर कही से एक आवाज़ आई-
    तु तो मर कर भी नहीं मर पाया,
    इस दुनिया ने तुझ पर मुकदमा हैं चलाया।
    जा पहले उन से अर्जी लेकर आ,
    इस दुनिया से मुक्ती लेकर आ।

    तुझे अपने घर में पनाह नहीं देनी तो मत दे, नाटक क्यों करता है,
    जिन्होंने मेरी मौत का षड़यंत्र रचा, उन्हीं से भीख माँगने को कहता है।
    क्या फर्क पडता हैं, मैने खुदखुशी कि या उन्होनें मुझे मार डाला,
    दोनों ही तस्वीरो में, कीचड़ मुझ पर ही तो उछाला।
    मेरे शरीर को कभी नहीं अपनाया,
    और आज मेरी रूह पर भी है दाग लगाया।
    और तु कहता है कि इन फर्जी लोगों कि अर्जी लेकर आऊ,
    मुकदमा जो चलाया इन्होनें मुझ पर, उसमें बेकसूर साबित होकर आऊ।
    ओ मेरे खुदा, तु कितना भोला है, जाकर नीचे तो देख,
    नरक से भी बत्तर सर्वग, इंसान ने खोला हैं।
    पर तुझसे क्या शिकायत करू, तु तो अपना काम कर रहा है,
    जन्नत मिले उसी को, जो बेगुनाह है।
    बर्बाद तो मुझे तेरी बनाई दुनिया ने कर दिया,
    छीन ली मेरे पैरों से जमींन, अब आसमान भी ले लिया।
    पर अगर तु चहाता हैं, तो थोड़ा और भटक लूगाँ, थोड़ा और तड़प लूगाँ,
    जब तक बेगुनाह साबित नहीं हो जाता, बर्बादी का दर्द थोड़ा और सह लूगाँ।
    पर तुझसे एक वादा मैं लेना चहाता हुँ,
    होगा इस मुकदमे का अंत, बस इतना यकीन दिला दे तू।
    क्योंकि मुझे इस दुनिया पर पूरा भरोसा है, ये मुझे कभी रिहा नहीं होने देगें,
    मेरी मौत को धंधा बनाकर हर रोज बाजार में बेंचेगे।

    - प्रेरणा राठी

  • mr_realitygram 27w


    Takes a whole a lot to keep your eyes on check
    Wish I could spare you more life unit
    Wish I could whisper LIFE to your ears
    Tribute to my good friend
    Free from life tribulations
    Open to God's lasting love
    Sending reality love 2u
    I love you.

  • saltlycafeinated 27w

    Tribute to ghalib sahab.

    #mirzaghalib #ghalib #tribute

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    इश्क़ के अलावा यहां कुछ और मांग लेते ग़ालिब
    हमने सुना था यहा काफिरो की भी मुरादे पूरी होतीं है।

    - माहरु

  • saltlycafeinated 27w

    Tribute to ghalib sahab.

    #mirzaghalib #ghalib #tribute

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    ग़फ़लत की ज़िन्दगी में कई नगीने है ग़ालिब,
    लेकिन आज भी तुझसा कोई है कहा।

    - माहरु