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  • anveet 12w


    रास्ता छोड़ पानी के बहाव को पकड़
    मुश्किलें आए तो समझ जाना
    खूबसूरत नजारा उसी दिशा में होगा

  • zaarun 15w

    Unche pahadon ko fatah karne ki ek aas le ke
    Bhaite hue hai ik kinaare hamare khvaab !


  • theharshsoul 19w

    People traveling in groups..
    video call screenshots..
    Multiple tags, Insta stories..
    miss you kinda massages..
    Birthday Bashes & Gifts
    Dudes, BFFs and Gangs,
    Trips, Plans and Hijinks

    Me - you all guys have Friends???
    even after childhood and teenage ??
    How on earth...


  • lekhanaharale 66w

    The best view comes after the hardest climb


  • bhatyasir 82w

    Walking up early and climb that Mountain Peak. That is what my younger self said .

  • bhavabhivyakti 83w

    Thou wilt be an undying song,
    I shall be but a poem of thine.
    In the skies we will paint an art,
    Wordless and divine,
    To flow in the air like music!


    #jodhpurmountains #from2k12 #trekking #colourfulsky
    #soulcommunication #love

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  • _k_phoenix 97w

    ��#trekking #nature ��

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    Kabhi shabdo se na tah karna mera vajood ,
    M itna likh nhi pati, jitna mahsoos karti hu.


  • hippie_monk 101w


    It was a sunny day in that cold winters,
    Melancholy of the river; strived hard from the stones,
    Yet the call of the mountains never faded away!



  • ashish06 107w


    हाँ मैं हूँ उन्हीं पहाड़ों का वासी,
    जहाँ देवी-देवताओं का निवास है,
    जहाँ खूबसूरती बेहिसाब है,
    जहाँ से पवित्र नदियों का उद्गम है,
    जहाँ धार्मिक संगम है,
    जहाँ लोग जन्म लेने को तरसते हैं,
    जहाँ बादल बनते हैं,
    जहाँ की हवा में खुसबू है,
    जहाँ ऊंचाई से पर्वत रूबरू है,
    मैं हूँ उन्हीं पहाड़ो का वासी,
    जहाँ लोग कहते हैं,
    जीवन मजबूर है,
    पहाड़ में रहने वाले हर शख्स से पूछना,
    आखिर पहाड़ फिर क्यों मशहूर है,
    हाँ मैं हूँ उन्हीं पहाड़ों का वासी..

  • wanderlustsoul 108w

    Solo Trip

    Her first solo trip.
    Reached the top of the mountain.
    Screamed on top of her lungs.
    "Can I call you home?"

    "Yes, you can."
    The mountains replied.

  • scintillatingsolitude03 112w

    It was pouring
    in the afternoon
    and the entire hillside
    was engulfed in mist.
    The forest,
    damp underfoot
    The air,
    heavy with moisture
    Quite possibly,
    the visual representation
    of earth’s cry
    for change.


  • chabala_vii 113w

    It was pouring in the afternoon and the entire hillside was engulfed in mist. This forest was damp, the leaves underneath my boots reeked of death.

    An ominous sea crashed against my rib cage. I had a strange feeling about this place. It was quiet, too quiet. No sign of vibrant life showed it's presence as I sauntered through the dense vegetation.

    Raindrops glistened on top of leaves like small transparent diamonds. This once beautiful forest was now a deserted masterpiece, thanks to gluttonous species known as humans.


  • joan53 113w


    It was pouring in the afternoon and the entire hill was engulfed in mist
    The Forrest was damp and my steps uncertain. I was not in any hurry to get back to the house where there was strife amongst the guest who fought over TV shows and my personal possessions.

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    Funny how life come and goes
    But not without a snag or two
    Possessions always complicate things
    Where did I put my Kindle
    My phone, my books
    My endless books
    And the pictures on the walls
    No wealth, jewels, stocks or bonds
    No car or house or land
    I hope they love each other
    They are my only real treasures
    I see they're leaving without saying goodbye
    I hear laughter mixed with tears
    As they walk to their cars
    Ok, Death Angel, you can take me home
    I turned and walked away
    Into the mist with my new friend
    I don't like funerals anyway
    This way they draw together
    It's all about them now

  • ravencroft82 113w



    It was pouring in the afternoon and the entire hillside was covered in mist. The forest was damp and dreary and the science officer slowed to take a break, his poncho sloughing off what rain the tree canopy didn't deflect. The away team was tired. They'd been walking for hours and the downpour had never subsided from the moment they arrived. The trees towered around them, ominously cloaking the deep woods in potential shadows. Tempers were short, dangers were close and fears were rampant. They had yet to encounter anything more hostile than the small lizards always waiting out of view, wary of strangers but waiting for vulnerability. Noone seemed to mind them, not with stories of much larger and more violent fauna so prevalent. They were here to find someone; they just hoped they found her before anything else found them. Unfortunately, with so many distractions around, it was no wonder that they didn't see it coming. They never heard the brush part, the mouthful of dagger-like teeth open or the moment when that head darted forward on an all too long and graceful neck. What they did hear was the private, regretfully bedecked in a red tunic, go screaming into the woods. He flew out of sight in an instant, already doomed before his lips made a sound. And then the forest erupted with all the sound and fury of patient predators smelling their meal at last...

  • sakshi_02 113w

    It was pouring in the afternoon and the entire hillside was engulfed in most .The forest was damp,with every little steps I was hugging the nature's magic and miracles. With the drops of sweats all my regrets and pain were burning. The rain washed out all the insecurities. Each view of ancient trees and wild flowers mesmerized me and peaceful surrounding with Bird chirping meditated the mind. With the wish of staying there forever I looked at the most glorious sun set . The feeling was calm and soothing when twinkling stars arrived and while returning I made promise to came back to those feelings.

  • silvia_ 113w

    It was pouring in the afternoon and the entire hillside was covered with mist. The forest was damp here in our country. While the other country was engulfed in a huge and unending leaps of fire. Brazil, known for 60% of the rainforests in the entire world is burning like never before. How I wish Almighty sets his miraculous hands upon this country, and sets it free from the destructive fire.


  • purple_river 113w


    It was pouring in the afternoon and the entire hillside was engulfed in mist. The forest was damp from the drizzle, but that wasn't going to stop us from conquering the terrain that day. We packed our trekking supplies and set off towards the famous Pemako hills that everyone kept talking about.

    With overflowing enthusiasm, we started our trails late in the evening. I know, lame decision, but we had been stalling for too long. It was now or never. The 4 of us were caged city birds, and we were going to break free that day.

    Just 5 minutes onto the trail, we stumbled upon a mushroom overgrowth. Luki was overjoyed. "Hey look! Can we cook this for our camp dinner today? Maggi Cup Noodles aren't doing it for me anymore"

    "Yeah sure," Dany replied with his trademark tone of sarcasm. "Would be nice for our parents to find that their 4 good-for-nothing Bear Grylls-wannabes died on their very first adventure. That too while getting high on poisonous wild shrooms"

    "C'mon, they can't be poisonous! They're so pretty!" Luki reasoned.

    At this, Topa sadly interrupted "All pretty things are poisonous babe.. Like my.. ".

    "Here we go again!" I screamed with utter defeat. "The whole point of this trip is to get you out of your boring break-up blues. Can you stop referencing your ex in every conversation dude"

    All 3 of them stared at me with an angry glare. Luki broke the silence - "Not cool Kay! That was supposed to be a secret." She turned to Topa, "Hey, sorry bro! We really wanted to help you recover.. You've been so sad and disconnected lately.. That selfish girl just destroyed you.. She's happy chasing her next conquest, and here we are, trying to find our dear friend again."

    I muttered a nervous sorry. Yes, I completely acted like a brat. Topa, our golden boy, was in danger. We were losing him, and he was losing himself. We always talked about trekking when we were younger. All of this was to bring Topa back from the dark place he was in.

    Dany silently approached the shivering Topa. "You don't deserve this mate. The sensitive boy we knew would never tolerate one unhappy soul around him. Now you barely eat or sleep. Never talk to us, never engage. We love you. You know that, don't you? It's torture to see you like this."

    Topa broke down in tears in the ground. He didn't cry, he wailed hysterically. On that chilly hillside, his bewildered yelps echoed so loud. We dropped our trekking supplies and sat down beside him quietly. There was nothing to be said. He needed to get the wench out of his system. We sat there and watched the sun go down the hills. Topa still won't stop wailing.

    Time passed by at a different pace, like we were on an alien planet. We didn't realize how much time had passed, but it was pitch dark by the time Topa wiped his tears.

    "I don't think I love her now g.. guys.." he fumbled.. "It just feels so wrong. Everything, every second was a lie, and it eats me from the inside."

    "Well it eats us to see you eating yourself.. Uh.. Um I mean see your pain eating you..". Well, I was never good with words, so.

    "I'm done guys.. Thank you.. Aa.. I needed this. I never had the courage to cry over her. But now I have the courage to let it go. I'm too good to waste away my life over love's mistakes.."

    This moment called for a group hug. We were feeling so light and flighty for the first time in months.

    Our magical moment was ruined when Luki whispered "Hey! It's technically night.. Should we trek tomorrow..? Rain or not, we'll set our early tomorrow.. Besides, I'm really hungry."

    Well, she was right actually. We had many talents, but bravery wasn't one of them.

    "Yeah, let's head back" Topa replied. "I just recovered from a heartbreak. Wouldn't want to be devoured by a wild animal before the next one. Although.." he said cheekily, "I was curious if we could get high by burning these mushrooms?"

    Yup, our friend was back. Affirmative.


  • vcreative 113w


    It was pouring in the afternoon and the entire hillside was engulfed in mist. The forest was damp and moss ridden. She stumbled through the overgrowth reaching the stream, she drank her fill and filled her makeshift bottle, when she felt a hot breath on her neck. The monster was back and she turned around ready for a fight only to realise there wasn't only one of them.

  • _niyut_ 113w

    #trekking, @mirakee, experience of life

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    Night Trek

    Around 9:30 pm at the start of a mountain in dark with torches in hand we started our trek
    That height and dark fear was making me weak but buddies always help us
    The voice of crickets made a background music
    We started our trek with fears and ended with sweet memories
    This was my first-night trek with lots of buddies

  • justpassion 113w


    It was pouring in the afternoon and the entire hillside was engulfed in mist. The forest was damp and I could feel the cool breeze. There was omnious silence and I was all alone!The only thing I had with me was my mobile phone with its battery drained out!! The more I walked ahead,the more darker it became. It was too late when I realised that I am lost! I remembered my parents words "don't go towards the forest ". I literally felt like crying with regret that why did I disobey their words. But then I remembered my mom's words "god is there to help u always ". I got courage. I just moved ahead by taking God's name. I had faith that god is there with me. Suddenly I saw a person. I said him about my condition and asked if he could help me. He said me to follow him. I just followed. After sometimes I realised that the road seems familiar to me. And then I realised,I was out of the forest ,in my locality! I was so happy. I turned back to thank that person but there was no one! That day I got a proof for existence of god!