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  • veerakanellore_bhavana 18h

    Sitting in the beach,
    Playing with the waves,
    Hugging myself with the trees sway.

    Lying down in the mud,
    Watching the sunrise,
    And suddenly driving into a state of boketto.

    Oh ocean... How is that you do magic to our hearts
    And drive us to a unknown world.


  • leakingheart 2d

    oxygen cylinder?

    पतझड़ में मेरे पत्तों से चिढ़़कर
    उसनें मुझे आंगन से कटवाया था।
    और आज अस्पताल में Oxygen cylinder लेने,
    वह हरी पत्तियों जैसा कुछ (पैसा) लाया था।

    बहुत पछताया मैं उसे देख कर,
    यह मेंने क्या कर दिया,
    घना वृक्ष था मैं उसके आंगन का,
    कटने से पहले, Oxygen का पैसा लेना भुल गया।

  • cav_lc 4d


    There lies a world
    Apart from ours
    Opposing this hectic schedule
    Where the rustling leaves dwell.

    The wind cries
    Not in pain but in awe
    Of the silence of
    This beautiful picturesque of nature.

  • santhoshimmidisettystories 1w

    Nature Call...

    It was friday night. I sat on the revolving chair looking at clock dejected and waiting for it to complete 8.30. Fifty minutes more. I'm not much into the office meetings which are not technical at all. But, the situations made me to involve in 'em.

    Out of the blue, my mobile started vibrating and flashing my uncle's name. I didn't lift for the first time. I lifted when it vibrated again for third time thinking it was an urgent one. "We are going to a nearby waterfalls around 100 kms with family on bikes and you are coming", he said and drop as if my opinion doesn't matter anymore to him. On bikes made me tempted and I agreed.

    Next day morning, I looked at the same clock but this time with excitement. The time was 6. It was full foggy morning. I asked my bike ,"boy ready for race?". I can hear his very-confident, excited yesssssss as a reply in the sound of raising accelerator. Within a no time, with more excitement I started riding my boy. Even though, it was around 10,000th km on my bike, I felt it was my first kilometer.

    "The trees around made me to believe that I am not a human being anymore but a tree amongst 'em.
    They are welcoming me to embrace as if I'm their child by their scattered leaves all along looks like a green carpet.
    And the birds too welcoming me singing welcome-to-the-family in their own way.
    They say, trees absorb CO2 and releases O2. I say, besides, O2, they releases H2 -
    The sounds of the waterfall took me forward. My brain hears that sound and sends the imagination of it to mind. My eyes are watching that imagination.
    After few fantasies, my eyes stunned looking at exquisite waterfalls that mesmerized my imagination.

    I was jubilant looking at it
    As a boyfriend looking at his girlfriend.
    As a mother looking at her children.
    As a Grandpa looking at his grandchildren.
    As a devotee looking at God.
    As a farmer looking at his crop.

    I was reminded of Bruce Lee's words when the water is falling on my head - 'Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.'"

    With the same empty mind, I returned home.


  • smartyyyyyyyyy 2w


    The trees
    Keep me free,
    As I walk around
    To let my soul flow
    In the breeze.

  • pallavi4 2w


    A lot of my fondest childhood memories
    Circle around big blooming summer trees
    Ranging from the flame of the forest
    To the cascades of golden shower trees

    Large leafy gulmohars bearing flowers
    Adorned the avenues of my street
    I remember thinking at that time that
    This must be how heaven would be

    I would play under them by rotation for hours
    With friends who were just as naughty as me
    We would get on our bikes and draw circles
    Around the broad trunks of my favourite trees

    Picnics on Sundays would commence under them
    With tomato sandwiches stuffed with cheese
    I celebrated my freedom inspite of the soaring heat
    Unaffected by the various bugs and bees

    I would come back home from school
    Excited to be a part of this summer treat
    My summer holidays were spent loitering
    And breathing in smells carried by the summer breeze

    The trees gently, mellifluously swayed in the wind
    While the temperature rose by several degrees
    Their red- orange flowers looked like flames
    A fire ablaze in the summer heat

    Those beauteous trees from days gone by
    Still hold such great significance for me
    I always look at the time now long past happily
    Filled with joyous, playful, sweet memories


    8th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - Terrapin Dawg on Flickr

    Yay..... thank you @writersnetwork for the repost! This poem is very close to my heart and I’m thrilled you liked it 🥰

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  • neeraja 2w

    Her long hair,
    golden brown,
    swaying in air,
    tunging the comb through tresses,
    she smirked,
    not at the passerby,
    but the winter who said goodbye,
    she knew now,
    it's her time to be alive!

  • bclark2681 2w

    April's Tease

    Cold April wind tickles the tree buds
    Attempting to reach the spring sun
    Shining down upon their beginnings
    From our heavens, teasing growth
    With warmth, let down by shivery

  • wingedvagabond 3w

    @writersnetwork #wod #paradox #trees

    Pic : childrenbook_art

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    You chop me down
    In the prime of my life
    And then you shout,
    "For fresh air , we strive!"
    You make parchments
    From my twisted carcass
    And post a picture titled
    'With my feet in the grass.'
    You say you feel calm
    In the bosom of nature;
    And yet you don't care
    About your children's future.
    So stop seeing the world
    Through colored glass;
    And take action now
    Lest , the hours, they pass!


  • hybrid_ammai 4w

    Planting more trees is much better and easier than inhaling the polluted air.


  • madalasa 4w

    Giving it back — Gratitude built into nature


  • rahul_govindan 4w

    No routine, boring auto story this time ��
    But a narrative of what I saw today (a reminder for us)

    Students were waiting for the bus to arrive,
    Under the dazzling sun - a few chatting and a few all alone,
    Their eyes looking all along the end of the road,
    In search of the non arrived bus...

    I picked an auto (I assure you, it's not an auto story ��)
    And many more exhausted souls decided to go by auto...

    It was then I saw a student, an old mate of mine,
    Standing behind a hand cart, left unattended, a few metres
    Away from the bus stop...

    "Why are you standing here!?", I asked
    "It's too hot over there(bus stop) and just making myself
    Stand under the shade of this cart.."

    I gazed at the surrounding, and all I could see was shops,
    And shops and shops, alongside a barren tree...

    I mean it - It's a reminder for us ��

    - G Rahul.

    #trees #school #world #earth #save #future #friend
    #water #land #meme #society #youngster #writersnetwork #poem

    @theboywiththespecs @theuntold8 @a_novice_speaks @davetrotter

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  • modern_monk 5w

    Plant some trees:
    When your soul leaves, leaves stay.

  • nobullheart 6w

    ~~~One Hundred Poems~~~
    You speak your speak and I will speak mine
    Magical words wanton in meanings and rhymes
    Though I am young, I too, am also old
    With temptable syllables yet to be told
    It’s no one’s quandary to wonder
    What through my encrypted eyes they may wander
    Through worlds too small or too freshly green
    Where secret ideas seed and dream
    Be kind to the trees for the seasons they’ve been
    Their deep rooted bodies for lives they friend
    I may speak for the trees, one hundred of them
    I may speak for the one hundred trees
    They are too few left and not enough bees
    They have been deceived and left to be still
    To weather whether their branches can feel
    Unable to scream or deploy or any other such noise
    The world has forgotten and is playing with toys
    In a romper room playground at recess
    If anyone is really listening is anyone’s guess
    So listen to every creak and moan and grumbling sound
    Put your ears to the dirt hear deep in the ground
    Listen quit talking balking start walking
    Run your fingers through the gravelly rocks calling
    Feel each pebble hear it’s longing
    Make your own magic stand in the sand
    Never give up do not settle this is not man’s land
    I speak for the one hundred trees
    Crawling on their knees
    Begging and praying for anyone to hear
    Listen pay attention before they disappear
    Now back to the start if you are really still here
    Do not question the colors I see they do not fear
    Not for all the fishes swimming in the darkest blue sea
    I speak for the one hundred trees, I for them and they for me
    #poetry #mirakee #artoftheheart #writersnetwork #trees #metaphorsrus #artoftheheart #toloveandbeloved #trees #wordlove #wordplay #alldaylong #globalpoetry
    Image Pinterest /artist unknown/credit to artist

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    One Hundred Poems


  • _who_am_i 8w

    "It's so beautiful!", I exclaimed, overjoyed.
    "My dear, what is NOT beautiful in this world?", he asked with a smile so pure, I was dumbstruck.

    #moon #nails #hope #trees #smile #poem #random

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    The shaking of the leaves
    As there comes a gentle breeze
    They look like cheerleaders waving pom poms
    Telling me to keep going on and on.

    My nails digging in my skin
    Those semi lunar marks on my hand
    I draw to dots above them-
    A smiley made of pain and sin.

    This poem made of a weird rhyme scheme
    My legs exposed to the sun without sunscreen
    The flapping wings of a beautiful pigeon
    The random things I mention in this poem.
    The smile's faded now
    Just the two eyes left
    Everything you have will be gone
    Leaving behind a deep cleft.


  • _who_am_i 8w

    I breathe in these words whenever I drown.
    Create your own air for when life suffocates you.
    #air #drown #smallthings #trees #words #paper #lover #me #life #hope

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    The infinity inside my head
    The comfort of my bed
    The beauty of the pigeon
    The brightness of the Sun

    The colour of the daylight
    The trees in hindsight
    The warmth of my socks
    My thick skin for those who like to mock

    The sound of the birds mixed together
    The kiss of the wind, light as a feather
    The leaves, oh! So green
    The eagle looks so mean

    And the laughter of my friends
    Keep me from hitting the dead end
    The tears of my family
    Tell that there's still hope left for me.

    The pencil, the paper
    The words, I've become a lover
    The feather like touch, the moon like kiss of the Mother
    Keep me from going hither and thither.


  • inslupbanana 10w


    The world began
    with a trillion trees
    riveting lifegivers
    to all who beheld them
    when insects were larger
    than humanities existence
    and bark scraped the atmosphere
    of dinosaurs textures
    with significant endings
    of fiery rapture
    those trillion trees
    continued burning

    through all ages
    humanities woes
    natures mistakes
    ancient eyes and magic times
    in castles and knights
    through wars and eruptions
    bloodstained roots
    continued growing

    hollowed trees then
    lead to fables and joy
    morals for all
    of bowmen and honour
    and all in between
    stories beholden
    and trees that were golden
    lived through words
    now pressed into their flesh
    continued dreaming

    generations of trees
    clustered around
    natures rainbow
    clutching onto
    fossilised bones
    of earths will
    since that beginning
    we have seen
    the constant cycle
    of a trillion trees
    hope discontinued

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 11w


    The nocturne that's played on the melody of my heart doesn't need any night to be sung, as the soulful dark dwells within my soul.

  • sugandhswani_ 11w

    The heart was full, of something that shone,
    In the eyes at night, like little pearls,
    Of joy, and pain and some of that love,
    That drowned in the dew, as her toes did curl,
    Just when the moon rose, in the sky above...

    #mood #moon #sky #night #trees #dreams #nature #beauty #beautiful #landscape #photography #dark #love #life #romance #pain #joy #eyes #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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  • harsh77 13w


    A Dragon
    I'm fire, I'm death
    I'm the one who is behind your death
    I'm the one called the desolation of Smaug
    I saw the Hobbit who stole my Arkenstone
    I buried everything who came in throne
    Hobbit has Ring and came like wind
    I was slept in dreams of under the mountain gold
    Hobbit saw fire on the mountain below
    People frozen watching fire in snow
    Smaug came with desolation
    Said "i hope that you remember me"
    When the Smaug came all day turns into a darkness
    We are just hoping for some miracle and enchantress ✨
    And then the one man killed by Bard with a black arrow and his body falls on the boat carrying the fleeing Master of Lake-town
    And then Thorin oakenshield is king who having a crown
    Thorin oakenshield dread to the quest for Smaug’s treasure,
    Thorin has greed of Arkenstone
    Arkenstone is gem of king
    Smaug has fire in his mouth and big wings.