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  • surabhig 8w

    #travelogue #wod

    I remember that day, after a hectic journey of almost 16 hours, revolving around through train, bus and car, moving ahead with food and lots of water, carrying a huge load of winter warm clothes, spanning around almost 17 stations and 614 long kilometres.... and also with tones and tones of excitement with me....I finally reached the destination.
    The destination - Rann of Kutch. Bhuj.
    This trip was spectacular as it was my firts trip, sponsored by my hard earned money. Me and my mom hand in hand, checked in our tents as we reached.
    It was a warm, colorful and a very soothing place.
    Instantly we moved for lunch.
    After resting for a while we were ready to march towards the Rann.

    Rann - its the great land covered with salt.
    It seems as if white hard frozen snow.
    And the sun on its top with the hard glow.
    Yes, my only motive to this visit and all my anxious feelings were just an hour away.... the majestic sunset at the rann of kutch.
    I had seen the sunset over beaches, hills, lakes through my life...and it is beautiful indeed... but what something was new to me was, watching a sunset over a white desert.

    I would go short in words, to describe the wind that blew there on that day, making my hair fly out of all insecurities and fear, making me smile with a happy heart. I touched the hard, frozen salt.... i walked on it barefoot.... I was moved to listen to that melody of wind accompanied with the beauty of the light blue sky....
    Sunset was still an hour to go, we were walking on that white desert... it just felt like a walk on the flat disk...

    Finally we could witness sun moving closer to the ground.. it was the best feeling, the best ambience and an exceptional sunset ever.... that huge ball of orange in color and the sky painted in yellow and red.... just some sillence shared within me...and tones of relaxing and soothing feeling over me.... finally the sunset... to see the sky paint in all colors of warm scheme.... just that peace i wanted to freeze within....

    Slowly i returned... on a camel cart... lucky to see the moon rise and the sky turning dark... just realized that all the fancy paintings had originated from this spot...

    My love for that barren ground and that sunset... the moon rise and all the rest.... was something I tried capturing on this page.

    - Surabhi Ghule.

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    That Sunset.


  • sarahrachelea 8w

    Not in Baghdad, Bordeaux,
    Budapest nor Bandung,

    In the day that not today
    When your festive kiss landed on my lips
    I pray we'll be seeing
    Silver sky and golden sunset
    A nirvana in Alexandria
    With your hand in mine

    Now until that day finally come
    Just hold on and don't be sad

    ~ A nirvana in Alexandria

  • heartstrings_pal_ryu 8w

    What is your safe place?


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    Safe Place

    Rocking in the swing on the terrace
    Lucky enough to witness another sunset
    My safe place, this is my Paris
    Colourful skies as pretty as they can get

    Visions of my childhood run in my mind
    The games of I-Spy, Bat-Ball and many more
    A place where we would come and unwind
    Learned to ride a bicycle with more than one sore

    Years gone by and this place remained the same
    Witness to countless calls with ones who aren't my friends anymore
    Excitement, fear, laughter, tears and all kinds of pain
    A haven to watch the meteor showers and telling my sister some made up lore

    Rocking in the swing this evening once more
    Lucky enough to be able to come here
    My heart will break when this will be no more
    It'll always remain in my memories and not disappear


  • bonitasarahbabu 8w

    France, a country of love, baguettes, croissants, and museums galore. The expression sacré bleu will get you far, while a smile will get you a grandmothers hug.

  • puchka 9w


    I told myself this would surely end
    Therefore, kept my suitcase packed
    to travel to that distant land
    Visa stamped, validity for six months
    The last date came and went
    Travel plans duly scrapped
    Not cowed down by it, took to
    travelling in home backyards.
    Upto the mountains in Ooty
    Slopes covered with eucalyptus trees
    Unpolluted smells assailing the nostrils
    Clouds walking in uninvited through
    window screens.
    Everything pristine.

  • jbuzor 9w

    Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria. #Travelogue #wod.

    Picture by me April, 2020. #nature #travel #poetry #diary #life #inspiration

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    Table Land

    I know a distant land. One with magnificent plateaus and breathtaking greenery.
    A land where even the weather allows every plant to grow- Cactuses and Strawberries alike.


  • shradhanegi 9w

    When its the one place your mind is at ease and the soul finds peace...such a place you visit for the first time in your life and your eyes are stuck admiring the beauty of it and the ambiance around.

    I was born in the Land of Gods, DEVBHOOMI UTTARAKHAND and never i got the chance to travel across this place. Then arrived the pandemic and we were officialy forced to remain shut within the four walls of our home.

    But you never know where your destiny can take you and so i was blessed to go on a trip to Kedarnath with my best friend. It was like a dream for me and i was totally in a dilemma that maybe our trip could get cancelled once again like it did many times before.

    It was beginning of october and i was excited as finally the day arrived and i was on the way to the place where you could find the bliss like that of paradise, KEDARNATH.

    Its such a rare place to visit for everyone and specially for the people who are born and brought up in Uttarakhand for you can find real peace only when you visit Kedarnath once in your life.

    When you visit the place of which you have only heard about verbally from elders, seen it in movies or photos, or heard from the ones who have already been there, it is a rare feeling you get when you find yourself standing amidst the same place.

    I have read some lines which say, "I've never seen real heaven but i know where to find one, thats Kedarnath" and so i know the real meaning hidden behind these lines.

    I hope that everyone gets blessed to visit Kedarnath atleast once in their lifetime and see that there is actually a place where one can find bliss, heavenly feeling, peace, tranquility and get to know more about glorious, more mystical history of Uttarakhand.

    #travelogue #microblog #writersnetwork #mirakee #kedarnath

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    We live a life so as to thrive
    We wish for a haven in heaven
    Lets find peace for our soul to be alive
    Leave the crowd to grab our life's essence.


  • tuiethetweety 9w

    "Travel and me"

    whether anyone cares to believe it or not,but to be honest as anything,travelling is nothing but just to be able to going outside our home.
    without any hindrance or anybody's permission.
    roaming around freely any damn place i want to.
    be it the street in front of my house,or a crowded road,where numerous people go to places,yet i feel that i am alone,even in the midst of the hustle bustle of the happening city.
    i walk on the road,many people come across me.
    then too,i walk alone.because i love to go outside all by myself,i hate companions when it comes to the travelling of my own choice.
    i enjoy being alone,i love solace amidst the noises of car,bus,bike or passers by.
    this is what travel means to me dearly.

  • shynishyns 9w


    I leaped to ecstasy
    On a fine dawn
    Sensing my presence at the rock
    Memorial of Swami Vivekananda;
    Adjacent to it stood erect
    The marvel of celebrated Tamil poet
    Valluvar amidst gleaming sea
    Awed me, who reminded
    Me of his 1330 Thirukkural
    That summed up the law
    Of life in couplets;
    I ambled on the bed of shore
    Welcoming the soothing breeze;
    Foaming snowy waves
    Brushed my legs gently
    To capture my attention;
    But the focus of my eyes
    Were on the stained sky at East;
    Yon born out the Sun
    From the womb of sea
    As baby from mother;
    After exposing me to the warmth
    Of tender rays I made my way...

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    Sunrise at Kanyakumari...

  • jan_balan 9w

    Mini-travel to life-long travel

    Once I came inside the place, it was bit dark. Dark to core. There was no sign of sunlight or electricity. It seems this was one way road. The road which has to be broken and make it into pieces. If not? It has to go on. Once the door closing sound reached my ear. The place started to flicker. Flicker went on for minutes, later there was a permanent light in the room. Chambers were seen. They were bit rusted. There was no sign of usage for past four years. As I walked for minutes, the dust were spread all over the place. There was a voice...A known voice, I heard the same voice after many years.

    Is this voice made me happy years ago??
    Made me to feel those cloudnine moments again.
    Made me to think for many years???
    Made me angry for those small lies??

    Yes, the travel to reach your heart took me many years. There were unanswerable questions thrown in front of me. Those were hard during that moment. But again, they were simple to look through. Hope the travel journey smoothen our life.

    Let us walk together now atleast in peace.

  • sadar_ammar 9w

    The search for a new home

    I helped them make the walls stronger
    They kicked me out for they weren't in danger anymore
    Now I'm a stranger to them not a person who help them build the walls to protect them
    Every aspect you see of that place was made by the help of me but,
    What do you expect from these kind of people?
    They leave you behind but,
    I was blinded by their empty promises

    I was blinded by their lies they told me but,
    Now I'm left out in the cold with nowhere to go
    I have no one nor anything to hold onto as the rain turns into showers
    Hours pass yet the pain doesn't
    If I try to find a place to stay do you think I would be trying in vain?
    I feel as I might as my thoughts pace and,
    The night passes into another day

    Another day which I try to find a way to make it but
    Whatever i say to those who did this to me is left unheard so I'm on my own
    Unknown to many but,
    I'm known to myself and,
    Though i was thrown from my home
    A home isnt a place you stay it's a place where you feel safe and,
    İ never felt safe maybe now I will

  • shivtado 9w

    Himachal is not a just a tourist destination.
    The culture, the Valor and the authenticity of
    people living here, makes it a completely
    different place to explore.

  • san_wordzz 9w

    All this is a work of fiction.
    Various flowers and gemstones are used to depict symbolism.
    Thanks to Google who helped me with these symbols
    Loyalty, love, longevity and joy

    2.Aster - Wisdom , Faith

    3. Freesia - Thoughtfulness, friendship and innocence


    1. Amethyst - Protection, Healing and Cleaning
    2. Alexandrite - Intution, Creativity and Imagination
    3. Peridot - Healing and Instilling powers
    4. Rubellite - Balance, Energy and Tranquility
    5. Tanazanite - Integration of heart and mind
    I have tried something new this time. Pardon me if I have made any mistake.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #wod #travelogue #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @fromwitchpen

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    Yesterday at 11:00 pm , I sat on the aircraft of my dreams to travel to my dreamland of mystic places. We landed on a surface where myriad flowers of chrysanthemum, aster and freesia were planted horizontally in barns. I felt like I was welcomed to be a part of paradise.

    I was greeted by a connoisseur who was standing on an entry gate of the place which I wanted to visit.
    He checked my account that was half filled with my lifetime achievements. No, no not physical achievements but ethereal achievements. I paid everything that I had in my account to atleast complete half of my journey because complete journey was granted to the people who had their accounts filled.
    Just as I stepped inside the gate , the rain of elixir dampened my head but the sad part was that even after opening my mouth I couldn't even take an essence of it. But since, my head and my body were moist , it transformed me into celestial nymph. Meanwhile, I was feeling hungry.
    So, I went on to pick fruits. But to my amazement, the fruits started disappearing as soon as I touched them. Only one seraphic fruit was left to feed upon.
    But the satisfaction that I got was ineffable. On my way to surrealistic museum, I met a group of people who were wearing gemstones in all their five fingers. I was stupefied on seeing the vivid colours that embellished their hands. Unable to conceal my curiosity , I asked them the meaning and reason for wearing such stones. The stones were Amethyst, Alexandrite , Peridot, Rubellite and Tanazanite respectively in the four fingers and one hand of all these people. They further told me that these stones were compulsory to wear in order to reside on that place. Since these people were also heading towards the museum I decided to join them. The museum was abundant with canvases that depicted something strange. But something that startled me, was one of the canvas that had been painted with my life period. I couldn't understand the reason behind it , so I asked the group that I had accompanied. They told me that this unusual museum contains the life history of their ancestors who once resided on earth. But since, they were unable to use the powers granted to them, these powers were transformed into curse that destroyed the whole breed. That is why, we were made to wear the rings before the manifestation of our own breed.
    With these words they vanished like fog before sunlight.
    And just outside the museum was my own house . Everything became normal as soon as I stepped out of the museum.
    Where did I go?
    What was it symbolic of?
    Was it a fair warning?
    With all these questions I entered my house whose answers were to be given by the orator of time.

  • artemiswrites 9w

    #travelogue @writersnetwork @mirakee #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod
    Do visit Thenmala if you guys ever get a chance to go to Kerala.��

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    I've always loved visiting places populated by more trees than people, places drenched in monsoon showers of silence. Thenmala, a quaint little hill station, some 30 miles away from Trivandrum City was one such place, a slice of pure unadulterated peace, balanced atop emerald mountains.
    A 2 hour car ride through roads that seemed to be rudely interrupting a meeting of tall trees, whose minutes were jotted down by a host of birds living in them, led us to our destination, a magnificent but geographically minuscule mountain range that seemed to be wear cumulonimbus clouds for crowns.
    People lounged under the long limbed shadows of the trees, monsoon green, except for the red flamed flowers that speckled a few branches,
    and conversations floated in the rain laden breeze silenced, only when someone stopped to drink tea from a steel tumbler.
    To me, Thenmala was a Wordsworthian poem come to life. The trees seemed more alive, their rustles and creaks were louder and the rain that came down once, every couple of hours seemed to laugh with a voice borrowed from a young river.
    Thenmala seemed to be the place where every green thing that had ever been erased from a world drunk on unsustainable development went. Peace had seeped into every little leaf that called this place, Home.
    Though my legs ached after the long walk that led to Thenmala unveiling its secrets to me, slowly, my heart imbibed the peace that lived there, and when the Noise gets too loud, the rhythm of my heart takes me back to that lovely day in May.

  • anu_kum 9w


    The small shelter
    Isolated by adventure
    Of the inseparables

    Climbing through rocks
    Step by step
    Shoulder to shoulder

    From sunlit mornings
    To orange skies
    Myriad hues of their friendship

    The drenched trio
    Leaving sand-prints
    Throughout the ocean bank

    Sticking together on the highs
    Pushing each other forward
    On the path of no fear

  • heyyylouise 9w

    I've been hopping to many places
    from Manila to Siquijor to Ilocos
    but not across countries.
    traveling takes out your stress
    seeing your o-shaped mouth
    touching the waters and shells beneath.

  • savagewritesbeauty 9w

    Travelogue of The Stars

    Many have taken footsteps upon Earth,
    but Have you taken flight of your soul to the moon + stars?!

    The realm above is blissful,
    the stars shine bright against the moonlight.
    The Sun is even dancing with The Moon...without a care in the World.

    Thats probably why Earth is beautiful after dusk til dawn.


  • karmelidad 9w

    The place looks relaxing but the people makes it comforting


  • itsgammynotgrammy 9w

    Five girls, dreamt of travelling to another country someday on their own. But knew their parents wouldn't really allow that for the four years of their graduation. They didn't travel anywhere those four years. No Goa, no Chikmaglur, no Gokarna, no Hyderabad, nowhere. Now, they weren't a boring group. They were far from it. They had all the fun, restaurant hopping and gossiping in Bangalore. But their dream was the Lion City.

    Four years went by, they graduated, started their own journeys in the IT world. Their dream still freash in their hearts and minds. Early November, the year was 2019, they finally decided it's time they made their dream come true. They had their plans set for the travel. January 31st, 2020 was the date of departure. They couldn't wait for the day to come any sooner. They had it all, perfect plans, tickets and most importantly their parents permissions.

    The year of 2020 finally arrived and with it so did Corona. Four years of their dream was finally going to be realised, but a small speck sized organism was a threat to those plans. They wanted to risk it, but would their parents? They weren't so sure. Their plans were on a weak foundation till the day of their departure. Miraculously, their parents decided to risk it too but with all the safety gears. Masks and sanitizers. None of them knew how cruel and bloodthirsty that virus was.

    They boarded their planes with happy smiles and tingling nerves. They were finally going to live their dream. Four days in their dream city. The lion city. Republic of Singapore. They had the time of their lives, on their own, in a place unknown, with no one watching over them except themselves. They drove around, admired the Merlion, eyed the Singapore eye, found heaven gates at the Gardens by the Bay, let the wind blow their hair as they watched the city lights from atop Marina Bay Sands, brought out their inner child at the Universal Studios, watched the Jewel as a rainbow formed when the evening sun shined through the glass roof, watched the Wings Of Time by the beach, walked the streets at midnight losing sense of time. They were living their dream. But like any other dream, this ended too. Four days of sheer fun and laughter. Four days of forgetting reality. Four days of themselves. It was time they returned. Back to their home, their safe haven.

    A day late and they probably would have been stranded in the city state at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula because a certain small being was getting out of hand. They were home, the dream ended. But the priceless memories they made were a million hundred. As a bonus, one of them gets to tell their future children that her first ever trip with her friends was out to a foreign land.

    #wod #travelogue #travel #singapore #friends #writersnetwork #mirakee #writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    @writersnetwork thanks for the ❤️. Thank you so much for the continued support!

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  • 13_prerna 9w

    Camping with friends over weekend in Wildlife Sanctuary.
    24 of us planned for weekend. All were nature freak. We opted for trekking in mainam wildlife sanctuary.
    We entered the sanctuary without any notice, there was no one at entry gate. Early evening we started our journey from gate. We walked on trial for long time together. After sometimes the pace differ individually.
    Some took shortcuts to reach the distination early.
    I was with three of my other friends. We took break and eat packed sandwich. We knew we were not the last one in the group of 24.
    The jungle was getting dense and the sun was set.
    We decided to take long route. It was so dark, visibility was nill.
    After 4 hours of walk we reached our destination. But the disturbing thing was we couldn't find our mates there. I tried searching for half an hour.
    Dark, Wild, four girls, no fire, no food, -4°C, no tent.
    We tried to light a fire there was nothing to light but our field notebook. Those pages could warm us.
    Tired body was asking for rest. We settled under the tree to avoid the precipitation.
    We were talking, trying not to sleep, be conscious, all this just to live.
    We also realised if we will survive this now, we can survive any challenge of life later. My mates said they hear some sounds, it sound like wild animal. And at that altitude and time we could only think of two Himalayan brown bear or snow leopard.
    We started praying whatever that is please don't let it cross our way.
    That day I realised, Even the tree can scare you with its shadow. How important the stars are for people living under open sky.
    We were just counting time, waiting for sun to rise.
    Next day the sun blessed us our new day.