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  • johnpaulk 2d

    I was trapped in that
    Accursed place,
    Imprisoned within
    My own mind.
    Where no one could
    Reach me.

    Darkness and Despair
    Were my only allies.
    Pain and suffering
    Were the only things
    That awaited me.

  • samtheowl 5d

    My body is floating,
    Beneath the surface,
    Surrounded by the abyss.

    Not seen.
    Not heard.
    Screams resound.

    Light above,
    Shimmering enticingly,
    ...As I watch it wane.

  • inkedghunghroos_ 1w

    My soul is trapped in our live,
    Forgetting what my true self is.

  • tshegofatsopelotona 1w

    M beginning to understand how
    trapped one can be
    A heart willing to leave its own body


  • writes_honey 2w

    I was indeed trying to run
    run so far away where
    no trace, no sliver of
    my past reaches me

    I was indeed falling
    from the edge again
    I already knew before yet
    I wanted to be held when I fell

    Every hope that I had, I have
    has vanished from within
    still a little trust and regret
    for I let myself be chained

    I thought it was home but it isn't
    I am chained so please take me away

    #lonely #home #freedom #trapped
    #caged #alone

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  • damiyorin 2w


    It's a chain
    I should be the one unlocking the key
    But I'm the one who needs to be set free
    I put me in this
    I thought I was trapping you
    But I'm the one locked in this
    I still want to believe you think
    that you're the trapped one
    Don't look at me with spite
    I had no choice or that's what I thought
    But hey was that grin evil
    Are you feeding on this power?
    Does it intoxicate you?
    The power to control me
    In love and in hatred
    In spite and in admiration
    You seat on every throne of my emotion
    If there was such a thing as reincarnation ,
    I hope we meet again
    I hope tables turn
    I hope my grip is tight
    And if I want to fall for you again
    I hope you disappear and let me live

  • neykoriema 2w

    Please Help Me Grieve

    Grieving for my son whom is still alive is one of the hardest things I have ever encountered in my lifetime. I am still paying for every second. I am allowing myself to continue to suffer and feel stuck in extremely toxic relationships for the simple logistic in the back of my mind that I deserve it. This is my own hell that I have created. I wish I could go back because I am not this person. My intentions are pure and my energy is- well was, nothing but positive and youthful. Then, I lost my vision and lost my way. Took a few leaps backwards and demolished my faith. Now, I suffer in pain and feel there is no other way.

  • arpitha_prashanth 2w

    Time slows down as I slip into the dark abyss within
    Numbness seeping into my soul
    Lost in the darkness I lay wide awake
    Trapped by the glass walls; I'm too weak to break

  • shatabdi365 4w


    Lost King,
    I am here with your paper crowns.
    Rolling in and out,
    Crawling aside on my own.

    You are my PRECIOUS,
    TRAPPED inside my mind.
    Wanna get into some THOUGHTS,
    You got me in the end;
    Sliding into my IMAGINATION.

    You said you wanted me,
    Left me alone with your words.
    I do not think about anyone else anymore,
    I have always been THINKING about us.
    Those MOMENTS we spent together,
    Which meant something to me.

    I sometimes trip on you,
    Two of us being together.
    Asking myself that only question,
    Why did we fall apart?
    That is what I think about,
    Dusk till dawn.


  • i_write_what_i_cant_speak 4w


    Have you ever been trapped?
    Trapped in yourself,
    And lost in time.
    When your mind was a mess,
    A mess of endless thoughts,
    Too tangled to be taken apart.
    You try and look out for happiness,
    But you're way too lost,
    So lost that even happiness can't find your path.
    You try to escape from this loop,
    And wait for tomorrow's sunrise,
    But today's darkness is enough to hold you back, yet again!!!

  • pranalishah 5w

    - Elevated -

    Sometimes, emotions take over,
    Regardless, how much I try and confide,
    May be it was all bottled up for way too long,

    And that I only realised when it all escaped
    leaving me elevated for long...


  • a_gentilischi 5w

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the Repost! You guys are the best ��


    Shining silver
    Crystal clear
    Like untouched snow
    At the end of the year

    Gleaming in darkness
    Shadowing my step
    The mirror craves my reflection
    And all my depth

    I told it 'no'
    But the glass said 'yes'
    It trapped me in mercury
    Under cold duress

    I'm not Dorian Gray
    Whose soul was trapped within
    I exist at once in two places
    Both dead and still living

    People approach the mirror
    And peer inside
    Breaths fogging the surface
    I ride their shadow's tide

    Am I a real person?
    Have I ever been loved or kissed?
    Or am I the dusty reflection?
    Whose passing is never missed?

    Sometimes I can't tell
    Who I am, and who I was
    I fear what I will be
    Would I turn to something worse?

    What scares me the most
    Is that there are two parts of me
    Inside the mirror and outside
    Which is real? I just can't see!

    2021.03. 14
    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    #fear #wod #pod
    #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #thoughts #life #death #manic #forget
    #time #trapped #shadows #wnreagent

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  • crickett 5w

    I'm trapped in my mind, that's a Life Sentence! I can't Break free because I'm doing a life sentence trapped in my Mind! I think so deep.. i feel like deeper than parts of the oceans that haven't been discovered or explored! I'm hurting inside and you can't hear me because the door is closed shut! Yelling yelling like WHAT THE FUCK! Did I mention, I'm trapped in my mind?

  • beingpoetic17 7w

    Moon from the moors

    There is a world out there,
    Where the moon is red,
    With two eyes and a smile
    No rabbit trapped on the surface
    No changing faces every day
    It is full of happy children
    Not trapped and rejected
    Free as birds, glowing as flowers,
    There is a world called moors,
    Where the moon accepts the children
    As they are, as they want to be!

  • nbtasnim 7w


    Darkness seeps in from all directions.
    The light is nowhere to be seen.
    A girl is standing all alone in the middle,
    Her gaze far away as if in a distant land. 
    She's stuck in this darkness, 
    The darkness of her own creation.
    Unable to come out,
    Unable to shine some light in, 
    A fish, trapped in her own net.
    She created a make belief world of her own,
    Just so she doesn't feel lonely, 
    Just so she can get lost in it 
    When the real world becomes too much to handle. 
    But at the end of the day that world doesn't exist. 
    What exists is this cruel heartless world, 
    Where she feels suffocated, 
    So much so that she wishes she didn't exist. 

  • abu_theabidah 8w

    Should i call it a nest i can't escape?
    Or am i the one that has stuck to it?
    It keeps me busy all day and night so
    And i too don't want to leave it

    I don't understand, is it a cage or a room?
    Am i trapped? because i don't get it
    It keeps holding me, i too want to stay
    A cage or a room? I don't get it

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #Trapped

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  • gautamji 9w

    Bird in a gilded cage

    Oh bird trapped in a gilded cage,
    No one understands your pain,
    your helpless rage,

    Trapped in a facade, you look at peace
    Inside you rages
    a sea of unease

    Your melancholic despair
    As you gaze into the blue yonder
    Seeing birds fly, do you too ponder?

    Suffering in silence behind bars of gold
    What a good life you have, you're always told

    Yet you are sold.


  • crissy_ 9w

    Trapped between two worlds

    I feel like I am trapped between two worlds
    Between who I am and who I want to be
    I am in constant repetition
    As if I'm being held back
    Missing details of reality
    Enjoying life in the mystery
    Pitching out in complicated situations
    Just to embrace the comfort of  my imaginations
    Where anything is possible
    And any dream can come through
    I live my life in hope of not being fitted into a tiny box
    So I can hide away from reality
    Where every decision leaves the impact of consequences
    I am absent from the real world
    But living wild in a fairy tale

  • solemnmystery 9w

    I loved you.

    Waves of thunder,
    Flowing through my veins,
    Your acoustic songs fills up my brain,
    Someone, somewhere asked out,
    "Stay, don't leave",
    And all I could think is,
    Treachery up their sleeves.
    I wasn't the frozen shell as I am now,
    I enjoyed the rising sun,
    Had fun on the morning run,
    I talked properly,
    I was focused, utterly sincere,
    I laughed, I cared, I lived,
    But I guess that's the past,
    After you, nothing ever last.
    I run away,
    Away from people, commitments and love,
    Somebody's love feels a trap,
    There care haunts me in my sleep,
    Fearing the aftermath hurts me deep,
    I fear as to not come close to anybody,
    And I guess you ruined me,
    Ruined me for everybody.
    ( To be continued.. )

  • sou_scribbles_ 10w

    Finally, the mystery ends. Here comes the last part. This was my first venture in fiction, and this wouldn't have been possible without the support of few people who have not only supported and inspired me, but also have read all the previous parts with so much love. I can't thank you all enough @_create_23 @shrey2310 @im_not_a_pretty_girl @saptarshi_sage_warrior @abhishekkamble

    #trapped #partseven #series #fiction

    (Two years later....)
    "Hello!!!", Dr. Shetty cheerfully wished us, as I entered her clinic with Rohan.
    "So, last day with me, isn't it???...take a seat...um, Rohan, please be seated. So basically, I won't say much today. I want to hear from Jay first. Tell me, how do you feel??"
    "A lot better, ma'am. I feel more at peace with myself, more loved, more accepted. And it would not have been possible without you, my parents and Rohan. Had you all not been there, by femine soul would never had been able to accept my biologically masculine body...to love myself. I no longer feel that nature has mocked me by trapping me in this body. I know, my inner and outer selves are not congruent, but I love myself for who I am."
    Dr. Shetty smiled, as Rohan gave me a comforting touch.
    I continued.
    "My naiveness had tricked me to believe that my parents don't love me. But I was wrong. They were just concerned, that their son don't behave the way all so-called normal boys do. They tried to make me understand, they scolded me, because...they felt I was wrong. But the day they got to understand my side of the story, all thanks to you, they have supported my identity like anything. They kept calm, and held their heads high, even when people called me 'gay'...because they knew I wasn't wrong. They have taught me to love the very body that I had once hated, because this body doesn't define who I am.
    And then came Rohan. I met Rohan at my workplace. The simple guy, who could never give me the butterflies and the obssession....but with him I felt at peace. He is my home. After dating for a few months, we moved in together. A lot of people spoke, but we never cared. We loved each other for who we were. And ofcourse, we had two sets of wonderful parents to keep us strong, so anything else hardly mattered. And you know what the funniest part was???...the same people who had laughed at us, called us gay...and what not, seemed to come to terms with us. We had received so many congratulations last week, when Article 377 got amended. Guess what, the entire world starts accepting you once you start accepting yourself.....and you won't ever find love, if you don't love yourself. So what if I am feminity in a masculine body??...I love myself, both my soul and my body, for who I am. Neither I am abnormal, nor have I committed any crime by loving someone of my biological sex."

    Dr. Shetty smiled before she began, what I have been waiting to hear all these days.
    "Jay, now that you are ready to know, let me tell you about your past. You might not remember everything....that is called 'repression', a defence mechanism of our subconcious mind that makes us unconciously forget painful memories. You have been suffering from gender identity disorder, whereby you have always felt that you are a feminine soul 'trapped' in a masculine body. You had thus ended up hating your male body that was not congruent with your female soul. And, you have always been a loner since childhood, as you were too 'girly' to be accepted in the guy's group, and you were a 'guy' to be accepted among the girls. And this loneliness, lack of friends, along with a constant disaproval from the society as well as your family made you feel more hopeless and dejected. You felt misunderstood, and trapped in a big bad world. And that gave rise to a peculiar habit....you began texting yourself. You texted yourself to your sim one from your sim two. And then came Pranav. Like any other girl of your age, you began dreaming of your perfect prince charming. Though rejected by your concious mind, your subconcious mind began imagining. And this imagination became too strong, to be called as an obsession. And this obsession made you hallucinate about Pranav. You began dating each other. The entire world stared as you began speaking to the winds, but you remained immersed in your own world, because, nobody but Pranav understood you. The entire thing went to another level, when you began texting yourself from your sim two as Pranav, and you replied from your sim one as Jay. If I am not very wrong, you might have never spoken to him over the phone, because you have always received a 'busy tone'. Anyway....when you broke the news about Pranav to your parents, nobody believed you, because no Pranav ever existed. They might have scolded you...or thought that you have been sick..or tried to correct you. And that was the final nail to the coffin. The entire dejection by your family and the society was too much for you to handle, trapping you into severe depression, and you tried attempting suicide. And you hallucinated Pranav to die along with you, though you were somehow saved. Pranav had died in your subconcious, and you never remembered him again. Then you reached college, and Pranav was replaced by Aryan. The same sequence of events repeated."
    Dr. Shetty paused. I stared in disbelief at her, as she resumed.
    "When you had told about Aryan to your parents, they were scared, because they knew no Aryan ever existed, and this would result in another suicide attempt. They didn't even allow you to go out for this very reason. But the day you sneeked out through the window, your mother's instincts kicked in, and she came searching for you into your room. She couldn't find you, but you had left behind your phone. She had read your messages to yourself as Aryan, and she wasted no time in calling for help. You were saved again and taken to Sanjeevni Hospital....and you know the rest."

    There was an awkward silence. The entire thing seemed to me like a distant story that I never remembered. I didn't know what to say. It was then Rohan spoke up.
    "Ma'am, now that I am here, I promise you, that no Pranav or Aryan would ever come back in Jay's life...."
    He held my hand tight.
    "I know guys. Jay has finally found love and happiness. And I know Rohan...you will keep your words. My best wishes are with you both for a wonderful life ahead."
    I felt a hint of emotion in Dr. Shetty's voice. A lump formed in my throat, as my vision got hazy.
    I felt choked once again....but this time with emotions.
    I felt 'trapped' again, but this time, by love. And for the first time, I didn't want to escape.......

    (THE END)
    Copyright: sou_scribbles_

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    I felt choked once again....but this time with emotions.
    I felt 'trapped' again, but this time, by love. And for the first time, I didn't want to escape.......
    (Read the entire piece in the caption.)