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  • shanthi_yella 22w

    Vathi met Vaathi

    At 8.00 pm, my laptop was locked. I could not understand. I thought Shenoy was telling me to have dinner.

    I had dinner and came back. As I opened my laptop, I typed Hamsa143 in the password area. But it said the wrong password. Your new password hint is Vathi143.

    I typed a new password and it opened. I checked my social media accounts. Again, I saw Smrithi posting questions in my Quora digest account. Again weird questions.

    Question 1
    A girl called her boyfriend 100 times. She is so cozy. Do you know her?

    Question 2
    A 33-year-old man is traveling from Shimla to Bangalore tonight. Did you ever meet him?

    Question 3
    The Andhra Pradesh police started an investigation in the case of pregnant women who died falling from a hill in the Nallamala forest.
    Aarav Goswamy, an investigative journalist started a debate on this topic on a news channel.

    Question 4
    Which forest is near Ellamandhu?

    I thought what are these questions. I'm unable to understand this woman. What is she trying to tell?

    I don't know the answers to the first three questions. But I know for the fourth question.
    The forests near Ellamandhu are Nallamala and Ananthagiri hills forest area.
    But Nallamala is very near.

    Thinking about it. I slept. I was tired of studying for 13 hours on that day.

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  • shanthi_yella 23w

    Vathi met Vaathi

    Vathi a young girl who completed graduation met Vaathi(teacher in tamil) at her training institute. They fel in love. To the twist Vaathi's best friend proposes vathi, who is also the teacher of Vathi at her graduation college. Vathi informs everything to Vaathi. A sudden mysterious fiction happens in their love story. Join us to know about the mystery in this triangle love story.
    Karan hacked the laptop of Vathi. karan is a common friend of Vinay and Shenoy.
    why did he hack her laptop? who asked him to do?
    Read to know the mystery..
    This is a triangle love story with psychological trauma, death mystery, missing cases and suspense thriller.

    This book is named as Vathi met Vaathi, because a teacher is called as Vaathiyaar in Tamil language. Both Shenoy and Vinay are her teachers. She met both of them in her life at different situations. Both the men love her.
    The words Vathi and Vaathi are in rhyming.
    Please continue reading. To know Vathi met which Vaathi at the end.
    Available @webnovel

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