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  • kaushikmitra 11w

    Get naked!

    Get rid of that strap
    Trying to circumscribe your soul
    And lie down facing down
    To dive into that space
    While gradually widening your legs
    To navigate through gravity
    Feel the kiss
    Of the sun on your pink cheeks
    And start getting naked
    With soul, mind and heart's core truths
    And transcend.


  • starkanonymous 26w


    my misery is an ocean

    of my own ineptitude

    my inability to process

    this emotional albatross

    vast miles of pain and

    love and anger, hatred

    depression and of lust

    this emotional albatross

    sea of unending anguish

    of an unforgiving agony

    how can I transcend this?

    my emotional albatross

    show me my shadow self

    so I may step inside and

    accept my true nature, once

    enlightened step across

    leave these ships and this

    wreckage all behind for

    all I become, god size, and

    just overcome the albatross


    (All Rights Reserved)

  • devilfish 28w

    Squint Your Eyes

    Watch the beam of light
    Emitting emotion blotched
    Spots on my t-shirt
    As I look reflected in empathetic eyes
    That was once white
    Like my light
    Oh, my light
    I was so wrong
    So I have to pray the price
    I'm strong
    But I will lose my stride if I keep getting
    Ripped apart from my inside
    I've died a thousand times
    You can see it in my eyes
    I will fight to keep my head up right
    But I cannot invest in time
    When I feel forced deliberate action
    Just to seem alright while the pain
    Rips through my body like a semi
    I will not lie
    I will not commit suicide
    Life is worth it
    Please, live for me
    Live for life
    Dance in the rain
    Shake off the pain
    And the words spent
    All that was in vain
    Is subject to change
    And lift you to a higher range
    Where nobody can cause you pain
    I may not know your name
    Empathy can't exist without contact
    So, I continue to explain
    I feel pain
    If I cut myself I would bleed just like you
    I too have gone mad
    I'm colored in passion
    I too, am deeply in love
    I'm deeply insane
    And I may fall to my knees
    But I won't tolerate hate
    I suffered
    I felt betrayal and it's icy blade
    But I still have managed to not fall
    Into life swallowing light
    As I watch it put up a fight
    But it's smothered by the Mother
    As it's life fades away
    A reluctant breath to leave it's place
    Giant metallic grinding gears churn
    As the machine plows through crowds
    Covered in blood as it grazes
    Feeding on the masses with bullets
    Of glass as they shatter and terror scatters
    Back into black matter
    Assuming it's shape
    It's never too late to be self aware
    There's no way
    If you wish then you may
    Spend time more sparingly
    Than wealth in the bank
    That isn't going to be carelessly
    But my point is that we live
    We breathe
    We seethe Earth's serene aroma of green
    Life force vibrating like a bumblebee
    I'm free
    From me
    From confusion
    My mind isn't the same I'm so sorry
    I can't seem to keep up my pace
    It's hard to breathe sometimes I break
    My heart crumbles as it breaks
    Orphaned and ashamed
    Naked and afraid
    Violated and beating my face
    As I apologize
    A child in a home
    Where I felt afraid
    I felt so much pain
    I have been gaslighted
    So my thoughts they feel strange
    They interchange as I try to explain
    An idea that reached my tongue
    Then it runs back down into my body
    Through my veins
    The voices I hear
    The choices I made year after year
    The progress I've made
    But I just want to steer
    My medicine is helping
    I'm trying to be patient
    And I'm blocking it the best I can
    Without straining and setting the bar so
    Because I'm hard on myself
    And I'm trying to change

    I can't complain
    living is the same as dying an art that will
    Forever stay
    In angry dye that bleeds as it cries
    It aches to feel
    To smear watery emotions
    A river of purity in it's dirty
    Extroverted energy
    That draws into it's nest to heal

    Every emotion as I purge
    My human body like a suit
    It's not fitted right I can't wait to quench
    My thirst to express the urge
    To use my words and paint
    And paint
    And paint
    And sing
    And sleep in late
    To wake up and eat cake
    I gasp I try to grasp but it's tight
    So I don't need it anyways
    I can transcend the boundaries of space
    And I can part from my old ways

    But I panic and feel my hands shake
    An aura blackened by night
    Tinted with leather and black pants
    And a black sweater
    Turn the switch off
    So I can feel you with my center
    I loath the light as I take off it's coat
    It's way too bright
    I'm not one for sunny weather
    I drape myself with a midnight coat
    And I live as if I were to be here forever

    Stars express themselves as they dance
    A cosmic trance as they reinvent themselves
    In a cosmic rhythm my rhymes
    Remind me of longing something I never
    Had to miss
    No, the sky's allure is not my belonging
    If only I can cure my flesh
    Before it withers
    The image is haunting
    My memories leave oozing as it slithers

    I've weaved in and out of traffic cone
    Dodging pain
    Survival shame
    They all paint their names
    I can't explain
    The way they went when they'll arrive
    It's gray as of now
    I can't find the words to tell you


  • differentlywired 34w

    The Interference

    A single waveform cruising through space,
    Reverberating to a curvy polynomial,
    Picking up variables on a free pass,
    Splicing dimensions as if it could straddle the universe,
    Powering up in a delusion that it's asymptotic,
    Reveling in its own differential harmonics,
    Gaining momentum like a juggernaut,
    Stretching so much that even the red shift couldn't keep up,
    Branding itself on a realm woven by its own frequency,
    A colossal polymorph existing only through transformation functions,
    But then came a sweet and simple binomial,
    A compelling, unassuming expression that just had to be assimilated,
    For how could a sphere not encompass a line,
    But the mathematical monstrosity faltered,
    With every attempt to synchronise,
    Decomposed and leveled by a mere interference,
    Wondering if Occam's Razor prevailed.


  • differentlywired 34w

    The Mellifluous Melancholy

    When your breath has been sucked out of you,
    When your rhythm has been scrambled,
    And all you hear is the sound of silence,
    When you no longer feel the rush of your blood coursing through you,
    When your spark has been drowned by waves of despair,
    Let yourself get buried and hit rock-bottom,
    For only in that stillness can you remember why life was worth it,
    For only the flashback can set you ablaze once more,
    For only the right pieces of your past can make you whole again,
    Let yourself sink to find your anchors,
    'Cause only then can you unmoor your ship and set sail once more,
    Let yourself be shattered,
    For only then can your core resurrect you in the right way,
    Embrace the pile of earth above you and become one with it,
    For only then can you emerge as a new sapling,
    Give in and fall into the abyss,
    For only then can you climb towards the light above,
    Let the guilt and regret fracture your soul,
    'Cause only then can you discover love that fills the cracks,
    And meaning that binds the splinters of your soul,
    Life was your mirror but you chose to only see everything and everyone around you,
    The present was your music but you danced to the tunes of your past,
    While waiting to sync with the rhythm of an unknown future,
    Let the tears swallow you,
    Let the oblivion engulf you,
    Let your muted wail resonate within you,
    Lose yourself in the chaos and become evanescent,
    For only then can your form be distinct on your messy canvas,
    And your heartbeat reset by the mellifluous melancholy.


  • differentlywired 34w

    The Binary Man

    Floating between states,
    Held together by the tug of opposing forces,
    Swinging between extremities,
    Sometimes seamlessly knit into the fabric of ordinary life,
    Sometimes swimming through the mundane to find the extraordinary,
    Soaking in the ambient noise,
    I transform it into my orchestral notes,
    Trying to compose music through words,
    Scurrying to grasp flashes of searing insights,
    Steering multiple lives while short of reigns,
    A part of me an echo chamber for everyone,
    Times when I'm clueless about who I am,
    I run through the tunnels winding back to my center,
    As I breathe in the balmy air of dusk,
    I settle into a steady rhythm guided by a focal point,
    Waiting for the waves to wash over me,
    Tearing through my metallic web of thoughts,
    Burning through the crust to melt into my core,
    Traversing a thousand journeys in every circumambulation,
    Chasing mindlessness to become mindful,
    Desperately clinging onto an ephemeral trance,
    Pulling down the sensory shutters to switch back to my binary form,
    I wind back the tape until it falls in place with the present,
    All I need now is a flywheel of perpetual motion,
    To unravel my story into the future.

  • hallgd 45w

    #take the good with the bad
    #keep your head up
    #transcend above circumstance

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    Things happen, they fluctuate between good, and bad, so when something unexpected happens to you don't walk around looking sad.

    Count it as an opportunity for personal growth and know that every life is valued with great worth!

  • subtlnuegglytchspyt 59w


    Yeah we went from firmly shaking hands,
    To the science of metabolic destruction. From the quaking of goosebumps reaffirming, our inner man.
    To flouride and aluminum,calcifying, our pineal gland.
    Carbon and copper is of our melanin, were electric people, the cause of many societies. But our Eve gene is sustanance.
    Blinded by the plight.
    We started the party Republican.
    All of our victorious history is hidden.
    By the powers that be,that lawed, the revisions.
    You can know anything, at this time with a little investigation .
    Look now without hesitating.
    Cause the gate is being closed by negation.
    We do this without props or any
    Seriously im not one for,
    Lack of Manifestation,
    Play pretties dont satiate me,
    I need a real accomplice in this peace and harmony

  • ludia_m 70w

    There is something about a human spirit that just knows how to fly.

    Tottooed with invisible inks
    I am

  • pallavi4 83w


    An intense feeling of happiness
    Of existing without any worries
    A heightened emotion that evades fear
    And makes stress and pain scurry
    The pleasure of experiencing elation
    Without any cares for stress
    The mental and emotional jubilation
    Of being the best version of ourselves

    Euphoria - of joy a state transcendent
    Euphoria - a condition of overwhelming contentment


    Pic credit: Pinterest, Blue flowers by Jamawu

    28th of April, 2020

    #cees_tenlines_chall @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee #euphoria #transcend #emotions

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  • stateofmind 102w

    They will despise you because you are not like them
    They will mock you because you're different.
    You will be shunned because you chose your own path
    And if you follow them, you have done yourself a disservice
    You will have successfully killed your light.
    Your shine will have been, by thine own hand, diminished.
    But, if you stay true to yourself and chase your dreams
    If you forge your own path and follow it relentlessly
    You will have taken that step to being great
    Because when you arrive at your destination
    There will be no one to tell you that you made the wrong choice
    So bite down, fight like your life depends on it
    In a way, it does. So, be happy.
    Make your way and be happy.


  • darrianlynx 105w

    Fortune of the Future

    The dying sun slips up like dreaming rain
    from far beyond the heartbroken, crumbling
    mountain tops from which the angry
    and deranged blood of a thousand nations
    flows with little dignity and zero anticipation.
    A choking translucent fog creeps and casts spells
    of madness over vast and decaying cities
    while scornful mothers beg their demented children
    to kick up the rocks that desecrate the filthy street
    and cause their dying feet to bleed.
    The blood mixes with the dank and putrid water flowing up from the corruption and desire
    painted thick over the cold and unforgiving arches
    and impenetrable walls looming high above
    the mix of debris and hopeless denial.
    What once held in its arms the brink of a giant
    now staggers, disoriented, having long since
    gauged out its own eyes and ripped off its own ears
    to stave the desperation that surrounded
    and threatened to swallow its decaying brain.
    The long overdue salvation throws back its head
    and a thousand shards of glass erupt
    from within its empty form as it gallops by
    laughing a maniacal laugh
    that turns souls to ice and some to stone
    in its destructive wake.
    They call the reckless and trembling leaders away
    from the soft bosom of their terraces and hallways
    and lash them with weapons
    of confusion and disappointment as they drive them
    shrieking into the dusty bowels of the leviathon
    that the once breathtaking city has become.
    Ungodly and forgotten, the ringleaders and performers
    only give the healing touch of laughter to each other,
    refusing to celebrate the ghastly underbelly of
    what is left of a once hopeful and dreaming humanity,
    and they pull up the stakes of their barren parade
    and wander off in search of scraps left behind
    by long since slaughtered beasts.


  • mistyk 110w


    A kaleidoscope of ancestral memories... Bold habitants of contrary... Hemispheres... Two minds...
    Tell of absence or what it is to arrive...
    Neither lax imagination, nor Philo of mind...
    Bringing forth... Upon an unfurling scroll...
    Altering parallels...
    Give me a wall of mortar and stone... Surrounding this betrayal... This sin of flesh and sinews...
    Lashed and bound with a thousand ropes of nerve and bone...
    Hollow logs nurse an inner child through wintry dark nights...
    Between twists and gnarls of papery trunks their shadows...
    A poignancy of present degrave;jacirc; vu...
    Climbing to beguiling illusions...
    A shimmer of ambient stillness...
    Fondly embrace...
    A place of solace...
    High atop turrets, vistas of a Winter Palace...
    A tapestry of galaxy... of mirror stars... Within pockets of universe...
    As if a misty crystalline lens could reveal a further... a qualitive leap... caressed tenderly by delicate rhabdom of a holon... Passed velvet drapes of cosmic clustered diamonds... To a point beyond the Dark light of void... Before the Observer...
    Seeking for Truth and Wisdom...
    In its Absolution...
    Equivalent concentrated into a lack of clarity... For it always was and forever will be...
    Unconditional in its ineffibility...
    The Locus of a Point...
    A Spark of Light...
    The beginning of self...
    Oscillations of Primordial feminine whorls... Imprinting us in body and soul...
    The security of eternal beatitude...
    As Life receivers, not Life itself...
    A languid harmony of spheres...

    ©misty .

  • tanyanadeem 118w

    My pillow was soaked in tears I shed for you,

    Sleep transcended me into a world unknown,

    There you were standing my love,

    Holding me in warm embrace. 

  • ronnie147 125w

    1.50 AM

  • aynam_ 131w

    Human transcending
    to flare up love!

  • marcellemae 133w

    the butterfly crawled in its lowly state
    climbed the branches to cocoon up on high
    to be granted true form, with its promised wings
    to see life's beauty in transition, then die
    witnessing the splendour and honour of living
    that in the offering of a beginning and an end
    there is a present in each and every moment
    that is worth harnessing the choice to transcend

    transcend © marcellemae

  • sparklingteja 135w

    Every ancestor was a warrior,
    Genes transcend...


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 143w

    Hello wonderful writers! Hope all are doing well. Yes, I'm still primarily inactive due to unrelenting health issues, but even that can't completely stop the writer in me; so I'll be posting occasionally when the mood strikes me. After all, a writer writes, and we write our way through life; good, bad, or otherwise, come heck or high water. We're kind of like the postal service, minus the threat of rabid dogs or inclement weather. ����
    At any rate, these thoughts regarding loss and change came to me earlier this evening and I thought I'd share them.
    Blessings to all, and thank you for reading. ������

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #loss #change #transition #transcend #hello #goodbye #evolve #transform #love #miracles #loveiseternal #loveisallthereis

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  • beautifulsoul10 145w

    No Matter

    LIFE's beautiful.
    Yes, it is!
    But sometimes,
    it's not.

    People come and go
    into your life.
    Some stay,
    and some choose to leave.

    Those who left us,
    brought us scars.
    That feeling
    of being abandoned.

    But no matter
    how painful the feeling is,
    No matter
    how deep the wounds,

    You have to TRANSCEND.
    It is a way to move on.