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  • jaspreetkd 5d

    Back then, luxuries were less and niceness prevailed more than pretence
    Nowadays, when luxuries are at their best, arrogance and attitude prevails in abundance.

    Back then, people learnt the trade and became confident
    Nowadays, overconfidence is overflowing even in illiterates.

    Back then people taught manners and etiquette to their children to make them better humans in the longer run
    Nowadays , disrespect, answering back and mocking elders is considered super fun.

    The way of the world has changed
    Everything is made up and can be hidden behind a foundation, to hide all signs of loss
    But what about the real foundation of the future generation which has eventually gone for a toss??

  • rasmi_ranjan 5d

    तेरे वह सारे चांदनी रातें, उसके।
    और ये बीरान तप्ती दोपहर, मेरे।
    तेरे वह सारे वसन्त के सुबह, उसके।
    और ये बेदर्द सर्द के रातें, मेरे।
    तेरे इन्द्रधनुष के वह सारे रंगे, उसके।
    और ये काले बेरंग बादल, मेरे।
    तेरे सारे फूल, कलिया सबकुछ; उसका।
    और ये जहरीले, दर्दीले कांटे; मेरे।

    तेरे वह इश्क का पहला लाल रंग,
    तेरे वह नये नवीले मुस्कराहट के हजारों ढंग,
    तेरे वह नया नया सा अलग एक लाज शर्म,
    तेरे वह नयी नयी नइ सी मासूमियत,
    तेरे वह अलग सा धडकता हुआ दिल,
    सब उसके ।

    और मेरा ये टूटा फूटा दिल, मेरा ।
    बस ये टूटा फूटा दिल ही मेरा ।


  • hansikasr 1w


    When tragedy met artistry,
    The most stygian corner of the heart
    Bled it's tears out ingeniously,
    That, all the reds dispensed rainbow hues!

  • bemyheartless_love 1w

    Her lips feel like
    thorns in garden of flowers
    It would be a tragedy
    not to feel a soft petal of love


  • bemyheartless_love 1w

    Her love tasted like heavy rainfalls
    I lived her like a beautiful tragedy of calm

  • bemyheartless_love 1w

    I choose to stay on fire
    before I write your tears
    Where you feel heavy
    rainfalls inside yourself
    as a beautiful tragedy

  • 7th_manu 1w

    The Greatest Tragedy

    Happens when you hate your life
    For someone else' acts.


  • akshay_vasu 2w

    Art is a place where tragedy meets beauty. An artist is someone who creates the most beautiful things of his life when his soul starts bleeding.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • theessence_ 2w

    It's the 27th of May.

    Quite mundane, I must say.
    There are no lively chatters nor childlike laughters.
    There are no parents, carrying out their prideful banters.
    -For their offsprings.

    The air is thick,
    From a mother crying over her "tata".
    Her wailing form lays battered on the streets,
    Her son; slaughtered like he didn't matter, and left in the pits.

    "Olorun, mu mi kuro"
    Her voice echoes through out the lands, lacing the dense atmosphere with wrath and despair.

    She remembers the times of her youth.
    When words were louder and intentions were clearer.
    When the streets were a little greener and the world a little brighter.

    Memories of moon dances and surreal lullabies.
    Nights of crickets and serene fireflies.

    Maybe, just maybe it'll one day get better, she hoped.
    Now, she's lost her tether. Her hopes are buried in the sand, like the crimson slowly leaving her son, hither.

    It will. It will get better.



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  • bosesayan 2w


    I look at the setting sun
    As it promises
    To return
    It's shine after Dawn
    I look at the memories
    As it promises
    To bring back
    Your rejuvenating warmth

    I look at your eyes
    As it promises
    To look after my
    Brittle heart forever
    I look at those nights
    As it promises
    To kindle the fire
    In our cold breathe

    I look at the framed photo
    As it promises
    To make our
    Imprints eternal
    And I look at our future
    As it promises
    To narrate the
    Tale of our love.


  • _miku_ 3w

    Tragedy and Moon

    The tragedy about
    Being loved by all is that
    You cannot express your love
    For merely the moon
    In the night sky.
    For the stars tend to
    Faint gradually ..
    And even if your
    Moon keeps shining
    As much as it can ,
    The sky still feels empty ...

  • beulah_nightcub 3w

    Cegge Cegge

    Rosa! Rosa!

    Your daughter!

    The body is hot.
    Too hot
    The sun, the desert
    God no

    Get her to the water.
    The water
    It's cold.
    Take off her shirt.
    Dip her back against the water.
    The shock
    The shock
    Might wake her body.

    She's so small.
    Be careful
    She's so young.
    Why was she there?
    The river.

    She's breathing!
    She's alive!
    Why was she there?
    I should have let her come
    With us.

    The water
    It is dark.
    It is moving.

    Rosa! Cegge!
    Get them!
    Get your knife!
    The snake
    Kill the snake!
    It's caught them
    It's coiling
    It's killing
    The snake!
    Kill it!

    Kill it!
    Are you okay?
    Is Cegge
    Is Cegge
    Oh God
    Oh no

    I should have
    So small


  • bishnucharanparida 3w

    Song of a Log

    Breaking apart the earth,
    As a sapling, I came out,
    With the first drop of the monsoon rain,
    To see you ,
    Live with you

    In your love and care I grew,
    As you watered me in affection
    I branched out flowering,
    Bringing you beauty and sweet aroma

    I exhaled oxygen which you took in,
    I consumed your venomous exhausts
    In my love for you,
    for your survival and growth

    You used my body
    For your pleasure and comfort
    I became dry and dilapidated

    Thrown out, now I'm lying abandoned
    With my body fractured,
    Trying to etch a smile
    On my shrunken face
    In anticipation, if I can be,
    A substance for your art
    Or poetry.
    ©® Bishnu Charan Parida

  • devilfish 4w

    Dear God, My Beloved Void

    Dear Beloved ,

    I assume to address you as such
    In the past

    I know the following to be true

    At least I was so wrong

    You moved me without having shoved 

    That's a picture

    A scripture

    Or a song

    I grow when you call my name 

    It's as if I didn't know you cut my branches

    These wooden arms rotted with empathy

    Because I reached above you towards the light

    You are the monster

    You gaslight me

    I don't have to grab at the smoke

    Enveloping me like possessive vines

    My throat erupted in agonistic misery

    Not even time could carry the burden of it's

    Emptiness that I feel like it's fighting me

    Limiting me

    Emitting from me

    I am scared to love

    Because you ripped my life from me

    And you stomped the ash of our "love"

    Right in front of me

    Like a cigarette smoked all the way to the butt

    The skies are a deep blue

    As the days pass like racing cars on a speedway

    Life cannot make itself grow abundant
    And anew

    When my perception is swallowed by my reflection

    I love you 

    When I forgot myself

    And I lost direction

    Before I knew what love was

    You were stirring like boiling blood

    To let ego cause chaos

    You made a meal of us

    I walked away from you

    So that I can run through concrete jungles

    And find a place where there is something to lose

    I'm not going to make it in these tired torn


    My eyes have dried

    But my mind aches to ressurect love

    Nobody above to answer my questions

    My heart has grew

    My heart has a predilection for romance

    I can almost hear the dreams echo

    Fear as it dreams of the day I shed a tear

    I  learned to believe half of what I see and

    None of what I here

    I'm honestly so close to breaking in the torridity it's burning me with an unholy perversely consuming my entirety

    Ripped a rose from my garden every time you lied to me

    Petrified as you forced yourself inside me

    Inside my head

    Beside me

    Like insects festering in the love

    Now dead

    An empty space an infection left in a bed

    Violating my vitality with a viscous volatile

    Indecency to conjure fluidly like a spider

    Weaves it's web on sinistry


    Dutifully attending to kiss me

    But under your breath I hear you hissing

    Just to seethe the words like lava

    Missing points with an accuracy that

    Aligned with meaningless egocentrism

    Algorithms that slice your raw skin with a dirty blade

    My insurgency and my empathy will carve my initials with a wrath of passion

    Incision like a surgeon and a dissection

    Is due

    I envision what karma's face will paint

    I want to secretly watch you waste away

    From your apathy

    Old gum I can't bear the taste it's one dimensionality is a tragedy

    I won't answer if you ask me

    "Are you mad at me?"

    I'll be on the way to nuture me

    And the torment abuse and the whiplashes

    You tired to give me

    I crafted the piece of paper  of pain

    So I could use it's power to forgive me

    I can

    I will

    Further me

    I won't let you eat my pride

    I will rip your heart from the inside

    With a slight eye all truth

    And you will feel the immensity of water

    Water is not limited

    Unlike you

    There's no limit

    In the fashion that it fluidly


    Congruently placing love

    For myself

    So that one day I can share the truth

    I have unparalleled determination

    And I have my thoughts

    This is where you lose

    Fire has burned me in its holy little death
    You inspire poems 
    My one and only
    Your name will be the last thing I've left 
    As it lingers in the tone of my last eternal breath 
    And the warm recollection of my ear to your chest 
    You're forever my home
    In your eyes my weary mind finds solace
    At last
    An angel that is set apart from the rest
    For your love
    I am blessed

  • bettertoseparate 5w


    How do you meet
    The namesake of a person
    You loved the most
    And lost?

    Won't your eyes well up
    With tears of pure pain,
    Joy and agony?

    Won't you compare
    Whether their smile reaches
    An inch below their ears
    When you crack a silly joke?

    Won't you want to touch
    Their hands to find
    If they are as cold as hers?

    Won't you want them to blush
    When they see your name
    Flashing over everytime?

    Won't you ask them
    All the unanswered questions
    You kept waiting for
    To be answered?

    Won't you keep them close
    In your home
    And never let them go?

    Won't you fall in love again
    With the namesake of a person
    You loved the most
    And lost?

  • shivanirj 5w

    Heal me.

    I have seen him thrice,
    A strong, metal body in a silk cloth
    He was wearing a mask.
    so unusual...

    He raised his hands
    Summon the fire

    At this moment I thought I should run...
    Run, run into the woods, turn into the wild, wild night.

    Fire, the monster in the woods wants to swallow me alive.

    Capture and torture
    But he knows, he knows he can not kill me...
    It was love, my love
    It will take an eternity to heal me...

  • hauntedblossom 5w

    Dream Killer

    I once met a man,

    who inspired me to live

    with my eyes wide open.

    Never once foreseeing

    when light would come,

    blind my mind

    in its stead, cindering

    dreams, scorched in red.

    I have grown accustomed

    to sewing my eyes shut,

    just to know what it is

    to feel his shadow.

    Sorrow and rage, and

    their delighted hypocrisy,

    were never strangers to me.

    Sometimes I think

    I am like my father.

    Such acute obsession

    with mending things

    once they are torn

    beyond recognition.

    The foolish man

    will entangle himself,

    weaving a dead heart together

    because he can not bear

    the sight of the bloodless one.

    My skin is pallid now, 

    with limp arms that

    only ever wanted to hold you.

    Don’t come back for me.

    Don’t hunt me down

    in the black of night.

    The moon has no color,

    and she is a friend to me.

    But you, the sun, have created

    a kaleidoscopic wilderness.

    One I can no longer fathom,

    or navigate, without

    the warmth of your embrace.


  • yashvibansal 6w


    When the world is silent, the mind speaks. When the mind is quiet, the world chatters. What do you call silence, a blessing or a tragedy? Or maybe numbness?

  • hoorbanu98 8w

    Hey it's ME♥

    It's matter when it is about my dignity,
    Then sorry I'm always there for Tragedy.

  • yashvibansal 9w

    The moon is a tragic figure. She is doomed to love people and remain when they die. She is doomed to encourage humans, to give them parts of herself but never remain whole. The moon has infinite love in her, because despite her tragedy, she still sends you hugs from the sky. She is far, yet so near, always. She is beautiful and kind, and since there will be no other moon, doomed to be lonely. The moon is doomed, because her love rests with mortals, she is fated to love them in her solitude, and weep without tears when they die. She sees stardust sprinkled all over the Earth, and dead bodies in the sky.
    11 April 2021

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    The Moon, A Tragedy...

    She sees stardust sprinkled all over the Earth, and dead bodies in the sky...
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