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  • priman 1w


    हालात के नतीजों पर आंख लगी है,
    दिन रात के नतीजों पर जज़्बात लगी है,
    पैसे के लिए आज इस कद्र है परेशान,
    एक वक्त के नतीजों पर पूरी जान लगी है।

    सोच रहे हर वक्त की कैसे बढ़ा जाए,
    जूझ रहे है इस कद्र की कैसे लड़ा जाए,
    अनजाने तो दूर है कबसे पर आज अपनो का सवाल है,
    की कैसे करा जाए।

    धूल बन गई वो मिट्टी जिसपर रक्त बहाया था,
    ऐसे वक्त में गिरा था की सबका शीश जुकाया था,
    पर आज खड़ा हूं वक्त के साथ,
    देखा मां लड़ा तेरा बेटा वक्त के साथ।

    कर्मो की चाह से आज दौड़ रहा मैं,
    नर्म लम्हों से दूर अब रह रहा मैं,
    कहने को बनाएं मैने कितने दोस्त,
    पर सच के सिर्फ खुद का दोस्त बन रहा मैं।

    आंधी उड़ा रखी उन सपनों की,
    जिसको सोच कर कल डर रहा था मैं,
    आज वक्त है मेरी घोड़ों की तरह,
    जिसपर बैठ कर आज राज कर रहा मैं।

  • tomgirl 1w

    Somehow I live ......

    The night goes , the day passes,
    And I go with it somehow,
    The sun shines and the moon lights,
    And I go with it somehow,
    And even though they are in front of me ,
    They just aren't
    All I can think is just you
    All I want is just a glimpse of you
    Just a glimpse , just a single touch
    On your cheeks.
    Even though you're not here baby
    You're just all over me,
    You're just everywhere, where I sit,
    Where I rest , where I live,
    Where my mind wanders and my soul sings,
    You're just everywhere.

    You're with me more than me now
    And me?
    Still confused !! That I should be celebrating
    of getting you or
    mourning of losing me!!!

  • nightsurfer 2w


    God..I wonder how
    you can sleep at night
    when the
    cruelest of tragedies
    happen to the
    most innocent people
    Or is that why,
    you are the God?


  • chithuyiapfoze 4w

    "Tragic bloom"
    She was a tragedy to many said some!
    Well an eclipse of peace said some!
    She'd bloom like wild fire on the snow
    Was a piece of winter on summer glow

    She ought not to be as how she was seem!
    And wished though was full of delight and charm
    Her story of her demons were widely told..
    Not a soul notice she was being bold..

    As how she was seem and i met her..
    Both the demon and angel seem like her..
    She broke into smile with hidden bruises
    Unlike what i heard in all of her tragic stories

    She only just needs few pieces of hearts
    A pair of love, and few of their smiles
    Join them withinn the chain of peace
    And cram them wearing it on her face
    ___chithuyia pfoze

    #girls #strong
    #demons #angels
    #bruises #peace
    #smile #tragedy

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    Some pieces of fear only needs understandings.....

  • rezza_rezza 4w


    Engulf with powerless emotions
    Alone in desires
    Eluded of hope
    Yet forcefully pushing back tears
    Still looking for strength to hold on
    Strength to hold onto an unrequited love
    A solo love
    One that is not not given back
    Hoh! A tragedy!

    A tragedy!
    A massacre in the heart
    A captive soul in a lonely land
    A body that was given whole
    Broken into unsalvageable pieces
    A mind filled with unredeemed thoughts
    An eye void of emotions
    Hoh! A tragedy has taken over the land.

  • jazro_ 5w

    Tomorrow without you

    Wake up, I thought in my mind
    your eyes looking up into the sky
    Cheerful, moments ago but now blind
    Your soul leaving and rising high
    Warm hands are getting cold
    My reality collapsed and fading away
    Nothing left to grab or hold
    All my bright colours turned grey


  • akshatt 7w

    Oh love

    Oh love,
    Oh love,
    love me, keep me close,
    You'll be smilin everyday, i'll be the cause.

    Oh love,
    I'll be showering you with love on regular basis,
    You have my full attention, cos you're mysterious than the unsolved cases.

    Oh love,
    Let me ride you through the journey from girlfriend to missus,
    My body, my soul belongs to you, rest were just the rough phases.

    Oh love,
    Just hold my hand, let me take you to your dreamland,
    Allow me to take all your insecurities, all your pain and put them under permanent ban.

    Oh love,
    Lets love like crazies, lets have those weird tattoos,
    Lets love fearlessly, breaking all the taboos.

    Oh love,
    I promise to love you passionately, i'll never be ruse,
    One fine morning, when i wake up, i'll be waiting for you to surprise me with the good news.

    Oh love,
    Oh love,
    I did everything as i promised,
    Loved you, adored you, cherished you, idolized you, treasured you, you were the only one that mattered,
    And in a blink of an eye, everything shattered.

    Oh love,
    Oh, that pseudo love of yours, you had so much fun
    You always had two faces, i failed to see the other one.
    Oh, those cold eyes of yours, when you stabbed me in the back,
    Oh, that wicked smile, when our eyes met.

    Oh love,
    Oh my love,
    You are laughing, flirting, kissing another man, calling him your main,
    I'm watching you from distance, while my tears blend in rain.
    You are planning to leave the town,
    But oh my love, wherever you go, i'll be around.

    Oh love,
    Oh my darling, for you, i was nothing but the pawn,
    Oh don't you worry my love, i'm definitely dead, yet not gone.

    Oh my love,
    My sweet darlin,
    Soon, your steady, stealthy life will go on a pause,
    You will become the prey of your sins, and i'll be the cause.

  • betibetss 7w

    Not a princess

    I need a kiss
    that'd pull me from this bed of roses.
    Rescue me from this tragedy.
    You see, beauty is deceptive;
    shut eyes rolling
    on the vast of unending dreams.
    I need a kiss
    that'd part my lips,
    desperately gasp for air–
    Breathe. Breathe in me.
    End this misery,
    kiss me.


  • anuradhasharma 8w

    न पुछिए हमारे दिल का हाल , ए ग़ालिब !

    इसके बयान बाद , तकलीफें भी सांस नहीं लेती ।


  • tomgirl 8w

    Though you left ...

    Do you know,though you left,
    Your touches still keeps me awake,
    Nothing on the earth meets my thirst,
    Nor I can be fulfilled by any intake,
    Do you know, though you left,
    Your words still ring in my ear like bell,
    Though you aren't here, Your
    smell still makes me aware ,
    You know, drugs aren't as
    addictive as you are.

  • devilfish 9w

    Concrete Desert

    Instead of a tumble weed
    You see isolated people
    They used to be a part of humanity
    Now the rest of the world’s silence
    Becomes their cruelty and their endless life of crippling pain
    As if human life could be shoved into projects and use poverty as a weapon
    To let our blood run as we slip quietly into the drain
    Look at what we have to our names
    No help
    No hope
    A carriage on the sidewalk as the mother is attempting to exchange with strange men to feed herself
    To fill the family’s plate
    Because people have been subjected to a systematic process driven by rage
    Another Wall Street didn’t match up to the drawing now they can’t paint a pretty face
    Disgusting how history reared it’s ugly face to give them back their just place and stop the rage
    Subversion while you pick off their plate so hopefully the next generation will wane
    Hoping their hunger can weaken them
    Now we fall just like rain
    Evaporating before we hit the window pane
    I’m struggling to find the world’s heart
    But I believe it’s not going to beat again
    As I watch the war zone of an urban unspoken tragedy
    A curbside with bodies peeking out from tents with bodies terribly atrophied they were so scared and so tired I run these nightmares constantly those poor eyes I can see
    I know the eyes are the door to the only hope we know
    I have shelter
    I see your pain
    I’m so sorry
    I feel your pain
    Don’t you worry
    I cannot bear to see the sight
    But I must not stick my nose up in Privilege
    I only have my effort
    My hands
    My love
    I would part the ocean with my will if I can I’d make the whole world still just to hold you in my hand
    And give you a heart that’s filled
    And eyes that are hungry to see
    Hands that are quick to help
    A mouth that is always compelled to speak truth
    Feet that would take me to wherever I wanted to
    And a mind that has torrents of thoughts on currents that swell
    A tsunami of emotion
    The deepest well
    No words can raise my heart to the skies
    Too rattled by the dystopian Hell
    Too compelled to sing to the hurting
    By heartfelt broken strings of tied of lullabies and my empathic heart has been so horrified
    I feel your pain I feel your pain I feel your pain


  • uttkarsh_15 9w

    Hasde Chehreya Da matlab Eh Ni hunda Ki Ohna a Nu Zindagi ch Koi Takleef Ni Hundi ,Ohda Matlab Ae Hai Ki Ohna Nu Taqleefan Naal Deal Karna Aunda Ae �� ��
    #funny #memes #lol #jokes #joke #sarcasm #tragedy

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    Somebody -: What's Void ?
    Me - When you'd the exams Of 12th In the 2021,
    •No matter how hard you try for Exams But you don't know when the exams are gonna Happen or not
    • Studying recklessly with the fear of Cancellation of exams
    • You're neither A School student nor a College student
    • After 1st June You've Nothing to do in you're life - Exams got cancelled,The results are pending, The entrance exams are delayed ,Colleges Are Not having admissions..
    • You can't do anything because of the Recurring lockdowns And night curfews
    • You've no Options instead Of Using Phone And Reading ur fav. Books (in my case ) In the Loop
    Somebody - In trauma ......

  • anuradhasharma 9w

    अपनों का साथ छूटा ,
    सपने से हाथ छूटा ।

    उम्मीद खत्म , ज़िंदगी को हमसे ।
    और हमें , इस ज़िंदगी से ।

    हम तो कब का , मर चुके ।
    लोग हमें , ख़ाक में ढूंढते फिरते ।

    काले चश्मे से अब , आँखें छुपाएं फिरते ।
    आसूं न गिरने की वजह , देत–देते थक गए ।


  • satabdeetripathy 9w

    Even if the story is a tragedy,
    at least be the protagonist of your own life.
    It's better than being an audiance.


  • teekty 10w

    Robbed by a grave

    Brain functioning in dismay -
    Thoughts wander about here and there
    With glances in between
    And bleak traces within.

    Like a swam, we gather around
    Trying to recollect and comprehend
    There are moments of laughter
    But there’s enormous torment, anguish and pain

    A gem is no more
    Why, we ask? Why was she stolen from us?
    She lay there alone
    In those final hours
    Probably torn,
    Yet with so much to spawn
    Leaving us to mourn

    Who do we charge with this crime?
    Such a beautiful life lost in its prime!
    Within a short space of time!

    A portrait of beauty in and out, she was
    Each echoes these truths
    In celebrating a life that was
    And a feeling of emptiness remains
    With all that she gave.

    We can only look up to the Creator
    For consolation, in spite of our trepidation
    In (an) attempt to accept mercifully
    In faith that her soul will rest peacefully

  • aditaraj 10w

    I feel like a supernova

    After 20 summers solstice,
    Isolation feels like Ojos del Salado
    camouflaged inside me like a kamikaze,

    And comprehends how I quaffed every bully like a Benzodiazepine,
    And now my encephalon keep agitating
    Those twitches like a Bos taurus do with their soy lecithin
    Isolation is a time cuspidor for me,
    I keep delving myself with my empty hands
    in the terra firm to find assuagement,
    But instead of humus and consolation
    I find pulverized mirrors, carrying images of my crippled quondam,
    And I run-run-run and run to find bolthole.

    I'm not an introvert I talk to myself whenever every man jack catnaps,
    I talk to myself (on parchment)
    I crumble the bedsheets in my fist,
    The fit of terror sits two inches away from me,
    Just like a Spizella sitting on the traverse cables.

    My clavicles are just like a quagmire
    of lamentation,
    where I gyrate like a pi where there is no end.
    I feel like the At Eternity's Gate of van Gogh's,
    // I can't bear the face of my demise.//

    There is the solar day where I perch away from others,
    And there are days where I whimper
    after a bull session,
    Bcoz I remorse for mumbling in front of others,
    Will they cackle on my shivered elocution?
    On my hunched teeth,?

    just like a celestial body revolves around another celestial body,
    loneliness keeps revolving around my bones,
    I chew recklessness as my dinner meal but still try to make others happy
    I sit in the darkroom full of the grey portiere
    still have sunflower planted for my trespasser.
    What if I will die today?
    Will these trespassers come to my grave with yellow flowers?

    //I feel like a supernova //

    Ho Jaana tu riha mere, ho jaana tu riha mere
    Na hona chahun main, na ho sakun kabhi

  • sonu99 11w

    Doctors are the persons those who can turn a tragedy into a miracle of new life,new aspirations,new hopes and beliefs.

  • telestic_typewriter 12w

    Inner Demons

    I crossed gazillions of ocean,

    only to meet your inner demons.

    Demons that were shadows,

    of the dreams you left behind...

    Priti Das

  • seraiah_smiles 13w

    A Far Cry Of A Person Who Wishes To Die

    I locked the door. I lethargically slumped my body and my face against the covers of my bed. Tired.

    What is this, does an anvil pushes me down? Or is it the weight of the world I carry? Suddenly, for reasons I cannot fathom, the dam, O, the dam broke. Tears flowed. I tried to search for answers, "Why?" But I get none. Man!

    A song in the background played. Harmony, melody, pleasing? Couldn't care less. All I hear is my heart that's restless. I tried covering myself. I tried to cover my face, my nose, with this thick blanket, hoping I would stop breathing, hoping all this would end, but even this tiny thing... Won't it cooperate!?

    For three whole days, I haven't got a proper sleep. Yet it feels like all day long I'm in the land of dreams.

    I'm starting to lose myself. Now I impaled you with knives because of my words. I felt like a cat—cornered—so I tried to push you away, run away. Not enough, here's my claws, taste 'em! It's... It's scary, will you be the one that I lose next? NO!!!

    Then maybe, maybe, to end this hellish nightmare, must I end myself?
    It's peaceful now. But all I hear around me are sounds of weeping.

    If... Just hypothetically, if...
    If I experienced even a drizzle, a sprinkle of love, especially at my darkest, at my unkindest, would I have won this test?
    If I tried to pray, and maybe the God above heard... If I tried to pray, would it still go this way?
    If I had let this all out, and at least one person cared to have listened, would it have a better end?

  • jaspreetkd 14w

    Back then, luxuries were less and niceness prevailed more than pretence
    Nowadays, when luxuries are at their best, arrogance and attitude prevails in abundance.

    Back then, people learnt the trade and became confident
    Nowadays, overconfidence is overflowing even in illiterates.

    Back then people taught manners and etiquette to their children to make them better humans in the longer run
    Nowadays , disrespect, answering back and mocking elders is considered super fun.

    The way of the world has changed
    Everything is made up and can be hidden behind a foundation, to hide all signs of loss
    But what about the real foundation of the future generation which has eventually gone for a toss??