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  • bellemoon99 6w

    Our tradition

    If I look into my répertoire of memories I can't really find any in which a family tradition was forged.

    The core of my family was strong, yet I only had three family members and one died way before I turned 15 springs.

    Our only tradition was to love each other regardless of how bad times were. Today, that's the only strength keeping my life together.

  • therapisttales 6w

    Music is the last thing human brain forgets #traditions #wod

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    For our anniversary,
    We had a tradition you liked
    What it was we forgat
    I cannot remember the words
    And you cannot recall the images
    So we won’t be able to tell each other
    Why a particular melody
    Fills our heart with happiness
    Was it our wedding song?
    Was it a march we felt belong
    All I know that once in life
    We enjoyed it as it is.


  • _astitva_ 6w

    Traditions are tacit tales of tremendous thoughtfulness ��

    #wod #traditions @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Too late (˘・_・˘)

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    Thanksworthy traditions

    Spirited sunrise sprucing smiles
    On oscitant orbs of offsprings
    Hymns and hullabaloo hovers in
    Hearts holding hiraeth of healings

    Fresh flowers festooning fronts
    Fascinates friends and foes
    Smell of sweets and spices surges
    Sense of starvation in rows

    Ravishing rangoli resembling rainbow
    Reunites roots with reticent roses
    Rituals reverberate rhymes of regards
    Riffling rectitudinous redolent pages

    Tacit time teetering togetherness
    Thickens tapestries of inhibition
    Tall Tulips of tenderness thrives
    Tiny ticks of tenacious tradition


  • abhayrao 6w

    Tragic traditions

    Viscous limbo, can't break free
    Moving stillness, you can almost see
    Unfreezing so slowly, listless lovers
    Cut off mid sentence, silence hovers
    An endless night descending so slow
    From the fringes, did the darkness grow
    Creeping into those frozen hearts
    Extreme views to central parts
    Standing out is the tradition we leave
    Just be loud, no matter what you believe
    Scream and shout, accuse without doubt
    Divide, distract and all decency flout
    Not modesty, humanity, not laws, the spirit
    No agency left with a shroud of grit
    A legacy where the truth ceased to matter
    When facts gave way to words that flatter
    The art of manipulation, dangerous days
    Tragic traditions paving the ways
    New world order, tolerance just lost
    Traditions we leave and the future it cost

  • happy_soul14 6w

    After tiring day,will say hello to my grandparents that I came home.
    My granny give us different snacks.
    By munching the snacks,we watch our fav cartoon by Mimicing the dialogues
    I will go to music class and sing every song which was taught for the day
    My grandparents would enjoy my singing and praise it.
    We will go to temple which is nearby and pray there for sometime.
    Then we should recite poems and tell about our day to our grandfather
    Before bed,mom used to say bedstory and would sleep soon!!
    Next day,grandpa would wake us up and our day will start with full of energy and blessings!!

  • libra_fey 6w

    #traditions #wod writer's block��

    Sky gets bewitched with stars,
    The moon shines bright wearing its bridal veil of clouds,
    The wind gets high on love,
    The cemented road flows like a dazzling stream,
    When the long drive of Thursday evenings is blessed with family love.

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  • sanguinstic_soul_bimmy 6w

    फिर एक दिन......

    दुनिया तो यूं ही चलती रहेगी पर भीड़ में भी इंसान खुद को तन्हा पाएगा।
    जब स्वार्थ स्वाभिमान बन जाएगा तब कुछ यादें चन्द उम्मीदें पत्थर बन कांच से मन को तोड़ जाएगा ।
    कितना भी खुद को समझा लो लेकिन फिर एक दिन मुसकुराहट के मुखौटे पहना कर रुलाएगी जींदगी।।

  • thoughtsprocess 6w

    So many things
    we follow
    without asking
    Some of them we love
    And some we do
    just because they have been
    followed by our ancestors

    Some traditions of my family
    I love to pass on
    to the coming generation are that

    Help the needy
    before they ask

    Lend your ears
    to the wounded and broken hearts

    Share your success and happiness
    with others

    Never make laugh of helpless people

    Take care of your neighbours
    like your own family

    Don't look down upon
    less privileged

    Be satisfied with whatever you have
    Always remain grateful to God

    This list may sound like rules
    But these things are
    being followed like traditions
    in my family


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 6w

    #traditions (-_-;)・・・

    Permanent coz this will stay forever !!

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    ❃// Forever is that word

    I hate that word
    Lies tied in every syllable
    Reiterating the tradition of
    h e a r t b r e a k


  • amsterdam 6w

    Reposting an old favorite
    for the 18265348th time. XD

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    If I Should Have a Daughter

    ( After Sarah Kay and Leileex)

    I will name her after seasons
    Because everyone is unique,
    With a beauty of their own,
    And I hope she'd patiently wait
    For her sweet time to shine
    Without stealing the show
    From anyone, anytime.

    I will show SUMMER
    How to touch lives
    With her warm, gentle nature,
    How to find her perfect spot
    Under the sun
    Where nothing will dull her sparkle.

    I will show WINTER
    It's okay not to be okay
    When her dreams are on hold
    And the world gives her a cold shoulder.

    I will show AUTUMN
    The beauty in every fall
    And people may change colors
    Yet, we have to love them anyway
    Without excuses
    Without apologies
    Always, unconditionally.

    I will show SPRING
    How people bloom
    When they are happy,
    For life is neither
    A competition nor a race,
    And despite her choices,
    There should be no room for regrets.

    I will name her after seasons
    For life changes gears in a flash,
    In its bumpy twists and turns
    May she always choose herself,
    No matter what happens
    No matter where life carries her
    A survivor she is gonna be,
    A Phoenix she will be.


  • shabz_felix 6w

    @writersnetwork thanks for the ❤ @miraquill # wod #traditions

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    My best friend

    Wakes me every morning
    Tucks me in bed at nights
    Knows everything about me
    My rising up ,my sitting down
    Knows me inside ,out
    Even the hairs on my head are counted

    The best kind of a friend
    Anyone one could hope for
    Give me strength when I am weak
    Knows when I am hurting
    Should I stumbled and fall
    He is always there to pick me up
    His love for me unconditional

    Always willing to forgive my trespasses
    Such a friend is forever to cherish
    Faithful and just is he
    Best kind of a friend
    Anyone could hope for

    In death he replace me
    Though he was not in the wrong
    To give me an eternal life
    Love everlasting is he
    My best friend in our Christian tradition
    Named Jesus Christ
    And a friend he is always

  • pallavi4 6w


    I love that word “tradition”
    Something I’m proud of as an Indian
    The culture here has had set rules
    For every person of every generation

    I hail from a land that still greets guests
    Like the good lord himself has arrived
    Much is done to make them comfortable
    Much happiness from that is derived

    Respectfully all elders are treated
    Their will governs the household
    Families stay under one single roof
    Safely enveloped and kept together in the fold

    Food is treated with reverence
    Multiple gods are considered holy
    Animals are given their due but now
    Change is arriving gradually and slowly

    Inspite of much remaining the same
    And things being done like they were before
    The traditions that governed us are shifting
    And adapting to the changing times some more

    A woman’s place is no longer the hearth
    She is allowed to fend for herself
    Marriage is no longer forced upon her
    And considered her only option once she turns twelve

    Dividing caste lines are gradually blurring
    Interfaith relationships are not rare anymore
    Elders try to not interfere in the lives of the young
    Although culture is still kept at the fore

    Families no longer necessarily live as one unit
    That doesn’t mean the love between them has declined
    Elders are still considered voices of reason
    Their authority is still not undermined

    Many turn atheists and not god fearing
    Many give up religion altogether
    Given the cultural mix we live in here
    No prejudice is able to last forever

    The world has adopted our folded handed “namaste”
    That has long defined who we are as people
    Our festivals are celebrated across the globe now
    We are no longer considered weak and feeble

    There is more to the customs I follow
    Of my country than is visible on the outside
    We are so much more than a bunch of snake charmers
    We uphold our culture with great pomp, show and pride


    11th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - “pond for Krishna pichwai “ by Yugdeepak Soni

    Thank you for the repost @writersnetwork !

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  • _teal_ 6w

    Mine is a small country
    Country that has never
    Seen snow
    Yet the eve of christmas
    Was a magical day
    The wonderful lights
    That adorned the city
    The peaceful chaos
    On the road
    Of people rushing home
    My family and I patrolling
    Our city with father
    Motivated by candy and
    When we had left mother home
    Eager to come back to her
    To taste the wonderful
    Feast she had prepared
    For us as we await for the cry
    Of baby Jesus on the radio
    And chant Merry Christmas!!
    Ah! Old times.

    #miraquill #traditions #writersnetwork #pod

    11th. September. 2021 day 20 of the challenge

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    Childhood was my magical time I can't go back to.


  • wizard 6w

    Transition into Tradition

    Daily, regardless of time,
    My friend used to send an image,
    Before his bedtime,
    Not your regular good nights,
    But absurd pieces of art,
    That triggered in me an artistic need,
    To describe what those images made me feel,
    That's what started my midnight poems,
    Gave me confidence to call myself a poet,
    Now I try to keep the legacy alive,
    In form of daily dose of miraquill,
    And a weekly goal of blogging a poem,
    This has been my interest transformed,
    Into a tradition I dearly treasure.


  • milliondreamsarekeepingmeawake 6w

    12th September 2021

    she wrote a small poem for her mom who was buried deep inside the graveyard. Paper stained with her tears and some tears dried on her cheeks . One can glimpse those stars in her eyes mourning and blinking frequently only to let the tears stream down from her orbs .

    My small hands reached out to her paler cheeks to wipe her tears off . My eyes painted with fear and edged with curiosity, voice trembling I blurted out few words " mom why are you crying?I will save you from those demons "

    She ruffled my hair forced a smile , bottled up all her courage and blended it with a pot of emotions and coated it with pinch of lie and replied " I am writing a lullaby to sing it to your granny. She will fall in a deep slumber and next day she will become a fairy . "

    My mind clouded with the thoughts of beautiful
    fairies but the tap on my chin drag me to the world
    of harsh reality and forced me again to gaze at her
    mysterious eyes shattering the sand castle of my

    She pulled me into her embrace and I stumbled within her arms , she placed a kiss on my rosy cheeks , handed me a quill and whispered few words " O' darling would you someday weave your beautiful words , embellish them with the blue metaphors and grey similies to sing the best lullaby to me? "

    I nodded with the pearly smile not knowing the concealed truth that she is telling me to write an eulogy crushing my sweet memories and stabbing my wounded heart so she can lie down peacefully inside her tomb leaving me alone to fight with this cruel world .

    #traditions #wod #JEN_EC #JEN_WNLIKE

    Thank you so much for EC @miraquill
    Thanks for the ❤️ @writersnetwork

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    Tradition of handing over the quill

    She pulled me into her embrace and I stumbled within her arms , she placed a kiss on my rosy cheeks , handed me a quill and whispered few words " O' darling would you someday weave your beautiful words , embellish them with the blue metaphors and grey similies to sing
    the best lullaby to me? "


  • edward_3355 6w


    Through the repressed rains and
    Discordant notes
    A warm bowl of porridge
    She made for birthdays


  • hoorbanu98 6w

    Why Tradition for Girl?

    Since ages family taught a girl
    To be in, on, between and as well as under traditions

    From father to father in law
    Their teaching was only for a girl

    Why did they started guiding only for a girl?
    Don't you ever had a point why only for a girl?

    Yes, those guidance only for a girl
    Is because of lack of education

    But nowadays this tradition has been broken or not
    It has been broken because you are now educated
    or not broken yet being uneducated

    And for please I don't understand
    Why even in educated family they are still following
    The concept of tradition to guide only for a girl
    Let that tradition be break
    And don't feel anything,
    even if they say you are freak
    Still you break
    Still you break
    Still you break
    That tradition
    And take a fresh breaths....
    《 11-09-2021 》

  • saheyiduad 6w

    The Old visit to fresh greenhouse

    The ring of bell welcomes the visitors
    that came to pay a visit to greeny friends,
    A little hands that hold the grandma
    with her eyes searching up for the end.

    The stare from the money plant
    that hung upside down,
    With bougainvillea hugging the glass wall
    recieved the hey in giggling sound.

    Snowdrops with the head hung low
    and sunflower that smiles towards the sun,
    Were never unnoticed by the little guest
    including the butterflies having fun.

    Gossiping between the jiggling tulsies
    and small gesture between the bees and peonies,
    While giving the nectar for some sweet treats
    did play a part in old scented memories.

    There lay the lotus pond
    with her friend water lily,
    And don't forget the toads and frogs
    that jumps on their leaf aimlessly.

    The little finger that poke the poor catterpillar
    lying on the daisy's leaf,
    Little girl jumped with grasshopper
    as he comes out of the flower like a thief.

    In the heart ruled the king
    with dripping beauty that flows,
    Black, white, purple and pink
    but my heart was enchanted by the blushed red rose.

    The greeny lush wants her to stay
    wants the visitors to stay in their dwell,
    But call of her grandma made them sad
    cause it's time for the bride to bid farewell.


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    The Old Visit To Fresh Greenhouse


  • anirockz7 6w

    Change with time evolve with traditions
    Modernize but follow family's condition
    They don't force they ask
    Ancestors wrote our book establishing a divine task.


  • stevenbates 6w

    Pork Pie

    Every Thanksgiving and Christmas morning my family eats pork pie.

    Not like pork tenderloin. Ground pork. With a delicious blend of delicate spices. Wrapped in a pie crust. Served with a secret side sauce (ketchup) and fresh fruit. It means the world to me and my family. It goes back 4 generations.

    I served it at a Christmas party at work. Told them how important it was yadda yadda. They didn’t hate it but they didn’t necessarily like it… I almost threw them out the window.