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  • soulverses_ 2w

    Love it Seems

    Your love was a growing garland,
    The roses sang for us,
    The lilles kissed my neck
    Until they rotted
    Turning it into a rope
    That took my soul

  • jlaine 7w

    Sometimes I wish I were you,
    With no need for true love, only supply,
    Walking through life with your head held high
    And a trail of blood deftly shrouded in the muck
    Of your sob stories, promises, and lies, lies, lies,
    O what beautiful pride,
    Tearing at my heartstrings, ensnaring my mind,
    Crooning me to sleep with that sinister rhyme,
    As you slowly chip away at my precious time,
    Ravaging all which renders me kind,
    No less my dignity, yet myself I chide,
    Oh, how had I not seen the signs?
    For you'd turn up the heat when I could barely breathe,
    Burn every bridge, uproot every seed,
    Promise me a dream, then leave me to bleed,
    For it was only a dream, it was only a dream,
    Oh, the numberless times I'd plead for you to stay,
    Just one more day, just one more day,
    We can work this out, come, let us pray,
    But you always had your way,
    Both feet out the door,
    And your mind gone too,
    Darting swifter than a mere achoo,
    As I bided bare, my heart severed in two,
    Drowning in despair, in this pain, in this shame, in all that remained of the essence of you,
    But my love for you,
    This faith unglued,
    A neverending trek through your gobbledygook,
    Oh, I rue the day I ever met you,
    Nigh three years gone, your barbs still pierce through,
    While you slithered away sans a nick or a prick,
    For there isn't a snake as slick as you,
    Glock in one hand, the other caressing my heart,
    ‘Tis an art how you make your move,
    For I see now you've hooked her too,
    Oh, how I long to forewarn her of you,
    But those eyes, those lips, those guileful tricks, they all but blanket the truth,
    Poor girl, you're only a tool,
    A mere pawn in his servile cesspool,
    O Lord, will You not bare what looms?
    For her fate lies awake in the tomb.


  • priyanshusinha 14w

    अपने जुगनू को किसी दूजे है हाथ में देने के ख़ातिर
    खुद को अंधेरे में डुबा पाओगे
    वापस आने का सोच रहे हो?
    बस्ती वही बसाओगे।

  • ananya_writes_ 15w


    Ah another new song
    To write to once more;
    Ah another broken heart,
    I’m upset again, something you adore

    Here’s to another risk,
    I take in name of our story;
    To forget how you hide,
    Crawling out when you like; it's that easy?

    Through those mixed signals,
    Are you trying to lose me too?
    Promising me again and again,
    Are you trying to love me? Be true

    Had held onto your hand,
    To smile more, to craft few more dreams;
    But this game of hide and seek,
    I am so lost, where do you run to, whose realms?

    Shadows circling my sky
    New fears every day, ever again
    Are those echoes of my past?
    Or are they sirens of your game?

    Frozen at your indifference
    Melting with songs you sing;
    Where do I go now?
    How do I escape this boxing ring?

    I can see you honey,
    For a change, I’ll be your villain,
    I’m tired you see, waiting,
    So I’ll be playing with you, your own game..

  • sh_wetha 22w

    Poison that I intake

    Everytime i saw him, his smiling lips
    Transforms itself into
    A magical deep wound.
    The blood from the wound
    oozes inwards,
    through the cells of my heart,
    Containing a dangerous poison
    That numbs my brain entirely,
    Giving a paralysis to my body.
    I couldn't help but stay there
    Pretending the poison as love,
    Wanting more and more of it.

  • lonelythoughts001 24w


    Oh boy, did you have to give me a whiplash,
    With your cold and hot behaviour,
    Saying something and doing the opposite of that of a saviour,
    Drowning me in the lies of your making,
    In your charming words that you were faking,
    And while all along me you were breaking.

    Was I a Game to you,I asked myself that,
    A million times over, I stuck over that,
    I doubted someone can pretend so good,
    And then they used you as food,
    That they cover you in honey, only to feed you to the ants;
    And they stung and killed me with their thousand glands,
    And you made me promises, one after the other;
    You made me another,
    I could not find myself in me anymore,
    I thought you made me lose my identify forevermore.

    Evertime I trusted you was a mistake,
    Over trusting me for my own sake,
    You made me crumble,
    And then all you would do is mumble,
    Your lies and your uncaring actions,
    For my reactions,
    Saying you loved me,
    But all you did was use me.

    But hope is a silly thing,
    It blinds you with its bling,
    That things can change for the better,
    And that you can go in ice without a sweater,
    But how stupid was I, losing my mind over a guy;
    Obsessing over you only to make my brain fry.

    You used me,
    And abused me,
    Yet I forgave you,
    And gave you,
    All my resources,
    That you only kept taking without ever using your own sources,
    I was the giver, you the taker,
    And that became the biggest deal breaker.

    I gave you things to keep for years,
    You gave me insecurities and fears,
    Cheating behind my back,
    The day I found, I gave the loudest rucksack rack,
    Of fights and blaming,
    And I was flaming,
    And you were expressionless,
    So I became emotionless.

    I disrespected myself,
    And disregarded myself,
    I loved you unconditionally,
    And your terms were conditioned fully,
    You sucked the life out of me,
    And I got sucker punched in my head by life,
    I was ready to die for life,
    I was willing to lay my life down for you,
    But I wasn’t ever willing to die because of you.

    And I rose from my ashes,
    And the light from my Phoenix eyes streamed past my lashes,
    For I had enough burns and rashes,
    From all your lashes,
    And I broke past the masses,
    The mass of your caresses,
    The thing you kept using me for to satisfy your crashes,
    Your crashes from the high you got from porn.

    Thank you for coming in my life,
    Teaching me all things I’d never want in my own man,
    For without you, I wouldn’t have known,
    Since you were my first, but won’t be my last,
    My second will be my last, with whom I’ll have a blast,
    And he will easily prove himself worth, for I’ll be worthy of him too,
    A high quality couple,
    Making the world a better place,
    And the only kind of relationship with a man that can’t be replaced.

  • _flow_of_words_ 24w

    Deep Like Ocean..

    Your love was deep like the ocean, and I almost drowned, but maybe getting separated from each other saved me from dying in the ocean of love, which soon turned toxic. Maybe I call it toxic because I failed to love you back the way you did. Perhaps I am too late to realize that you loved me the way I was, or maybe you wanted to change me into something more perfect, but I thought of you as my rival who tried to change me into a person I wasn't. And I was wrong because I think you wanted me to love myself and be grateful for who I was. But I know I am too late to tell you that I am sorry for not giving you the love and time you deserved. Maybe I was the wrong person you fell for. Maybe you deserved much better than me, but sometimes when I think of it, I realize I too didn't deserve your shouting to such an extent that I became vulnerable. Maybe crying at 4 am after watching that movie when you went away from me proved everything. And I wasn't lying when I told you I too suffered the way you did, as I wanted to hold your hand and tell you that I was there for you. And you should have believed me that I wasn't giving you sympathy, but you chose to walk away, or should I say that I walked away because I failed to ask you why you were choosing to walk away? Yes, I failed, but you failed too. Blaming me may always hurt you just the way it's hurting me, and I am sorry for not trying to stay when we were back in each other's life because I was tired of trying to be an understanding person, and I wanted you to believe me instead of calling me a liar. I wasn't fake, but I was me. I was always yours in front of you, and I didn't lie. 

    I wish I could tell you someday that we both failed, and maybe we could clear everything by going to the place we planned of travelling to, the place of our lakeside discussion.

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 24 June 2021 @23:19 hrs IST

  • srinka_ghosh 29w

    He owed a blaze of bluish tinge,
    Was aggressive and always prepared to harm.
    Her nature was somewhat of glassy flinch,
    But she prevented herself from being warm.

    War right? As it seemed to be,
    But they were destined to glory.
    Within the clouds, up the sea,
    Huh!...It was a love story.

    I can melt you down, warned the fire,
    Leaving you in your liquid state.
    Even that the Ice would admire,
    Considering it to be its fate.

    Didn't he love her? .. Yes of course he did,
    And wanted her to survive.
    His weakness was actually her need,
    Because ... She had been cold for the rest of her life.



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    Fire and ice


  • pheith 30w

    I'm sorry for not giving you the attention you need.
    Forgive me for wanting you to stay regardless


  • sachip 30w

    Is bar bhi tere jhut k samne jhuk jaugi
    Hamesha ki tarah khud hi ki nazaro me thoda or gir jaugi
    Ye soch ke ki Tu ek din sambhlega jarur
    Mere pyar ko Kisi din samjhega jarur
    Khud hi ko jhuti tasalli deke Dil ki behla lugi
    Tere lie aaj phir ek bar me thoda or khud ko Gira lungi

  • anonym_o 31w

    Love is beautiful they said
    Love heals in many ways I heard
    Love in books is beautifully enchanting
    Love in movies are all about sweet romancin'

    Love can be ugly and toxic
    Love breaks you and makes you sick
    Love is horrifying and so traumatic
    Love makes you feel worthless and pathetic

    Why does nobody speak about that??
    Not because they are dumb
    But because" THEY ARE TOO NUMB"

  • mahi_dany 33w

    So many red flags yet she refuses to see because she is blinded by this so called "love"

    #toxicrelationship #redflags #"love" #toxiclove

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    Addicted to a boy,
    Who's totally wrong for me,
    Yet totally right for me.
    I don't know, maybe he could be.

    He's really lovely,
    And he really loves me.
    He really cares about me,
    And that's all I ever need

    But I wish he could be a little different.
    Stop trying to control my existence.
    Isolating me from every direction,
    Because he's just afraid that I'll leave him.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm suffocating.
    But I can't control, I really love him.
    I know I should leave,
    But this time it'll be different.

    I know he will change;
    I know I am hurting.
    I don't know what to do.
    I just know I don't want him to leave me.

    I can pretend like I'm not really hurt,
    Just to make him keep loving me.
    My bestfriend tells me "I'm addicted
    To his attention and care; don't really love him"

    But she is wrong,
    I can't live without him.
    Just want him to change a little bit,
    For me and for us.

    She tells me I need help,
    Yes I do but to change him.
    To love me and give me a little space,
    For me to breathe in.


  • vikrant1677 35w


    These heart wrenching reminiscences
    have paved their way to
    dilapidate my soul one more night,
    It is still making me feel like
    Your love was the only thing
    that could save me from
    this collapse,

    Everytime I talk about this
    Someone says stay strong
    Things will get better
    I believe them
    but trust me it doesn't
    the toxicity in me is increasing
    I wonder what is more toxic for me
    You, memories of us or
    this marijuna that I thought
    would give a quantam of solace,

    Being loved by you or
    getting to know the worth of my love
    This paradox is still going on
    I have counted countless stars
    remembering you and I still doing
    the same hurting myself
    with this pain and agony
    hoping that one day either you
    coming to save me or I will
    Just become a slag...

  • masterdquotes 44w

    Sometimes when you lose an Angel, it can be a blessing in disguise!
    #sirens #toxiclove #breakups #movingOn

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    You are a siren song, stuck in my head, torturing me!

    I'm glad for the restraint of Odysseus to be able to pass on!


  • rachelezell27 46w


    How are you so hard?
    How are you so cold?
    You know I've loved you,
    but this pain is getting old.

    How can you love,
    with a soul that you sold?
    If this is a game,
    then fuck it, I fold.

    Your heart runs deep,
    with cruelty untold.
    It's become so putrid,
    it's starting to grow mold.

    I have held on so tight,
    but I can no longer hold.
    I have seen this play out,
    so let the tapes roll.

    I want my heart back,
    it's something you stole.
    Now my chest is hollow,
    with a vast empty hole.

    This life with you,
    has taken it's toll.
    Like running the gauntlet,
    at a leisurely stroll.

    I'm not okay now,
    I'm not entirely whole.
    Will I make it or won't I?
    Let's hear the drum roll.

    ~ Rachel G Ezell

  • halojames 46w

    When we kiss your lips taste like lies


  • whatcangoright_7 49w

    Woodpeckers=Toxic love

    Some people are like woodpeckers, I think. They feed on all their doubts from other' brains. Tucking the seeds of contentment from other' sense.


  • himadriroyy 50w

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    For what it's worth I'll never forget this toxic life.You once told me that you wished you loved me better back then, I wished I would've loved myself back then too because I would have never stayed to be hurt again. His eyes were muted and every time I would look in them I'd see the reflection of my own. They were broken, confused, and lost. He had the concept of love and pain blurred together. He believed love is to have and to commit is to possess. Love will never heal me, but it can hold my hand as I heal myself. For everything beautiful has its consequences.

  • whatcangoright_7 51w


    Musing on memories, which once were menaces.

  • lopain 53w

    s o m a e s t h e s i a | 112520

    " s t r a w b e r r i e s a n d c i g a r e t t e s
    a l w a y s t a s t e l i k e y o u ".

    albescent nymphs were dancing in greenery,

    as you ravishingly sing a golden oldie.

    why does dried leaves screakily somersault

    on a windy day

    then the skyscapes turned into bluish-grey.


    you've always been mine strawberries and


    honied but poisonous,

    there is no such thing—

    as your ethereal twinge sting.


    elegant sarcenet dress galore were in

    my closets,

    yet tonight, i prefer on my sage green


    honey, it anguishes to felt these

    schmalzy daydreams

    and so on your morbiditious cravings.