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  • loftydreams101 16h

    Dear Uncle

    In his piercing black stare
    Cold and quiet
    My own sacred fires
    Die in vain
    In a bitter storm of vice
    He buries
    All his empty nights of crawling
    In the heart of his envy
    Among the old bones of kin
    Still he teams with life
    Somewhere underneath
    A hero’s swift plunge through the depths
    To the fading pulse
    Of his forgotten beloved
    Encircled by time
    And crushed by silence

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • loneraghav 10w

    No idea why it's happening? Why this transition now? Good or bad?
    No idea???

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    But ab kisi se milne ka mann nii krta. Not even my favorite person. Chid hoti hai jab koi milne aata hai , kuch puchta hai, kyu puchta hai. Bas ab icha khatam hoti jaa rhi hai.

  • loneraghav 11w

    It fears more

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    When you starts liking the filthy mess you are stucked in

  • vintagepneuma 21w

    You didn't see the tears
    Streaming down my cheeks,
    Burning my skin.
    You missed out the scars you left
    On my cover,
    Running all over it.
    You closed your eyes
    To my pains,
    My sufferings.
    You chose your dark desires
    Over me, over us
    Without fail.
    You said you were out of love,
    Out of every emotions
    You once had for me.
    "I'm confused.
    Sorry. I love you", meant nothing
    After the episodes you had with me.

    Blood oozing, joint broken.
    Eyes swollen, lips bitten.
    Hair chopped, wobbled walk.
    Senses lost,
    unconscious, I dropped.
    Is this what you call
    "Love" ?
    Is this how you want my trust ?
    Thrashing me till I bleed out?
    Colour red—
    Solace to your heart.
    "Sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.
    Forgive me, I care for you."
    Believing it was so hard
    But loving you was the easiest.
    The guilt and ache crushing me down,
    And soon I was declared lifeless.


    Feel free to point out any mistake.

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    If only I loved you enough
    If only you cared enough..

  • johnettan 22w


    വിട്ടു പിരിയാത്ത സ്നേഹം
    വിട്ടു മാറാത്ത ശല്യമാവുമ്പോൾ
    അവയെ വിട്ടൊഴിയാൻ ഉള്ള മനസ്സിനെ വിട്ടുകളഞ്ഞേക്കരുത്

  • the_moon_kid 22w

    Black is not my favourite colour but everything around me is in black. From dark mode in the apps of my phone to my life, the colours somehow faded away a long time ago. Peace has been outshone by chaos and my life is nothing less than a havoc wrecked by me, myself. Going through some pages of my childhood on a subfusc night, while staring outside, makes me realize how much of a 'full of life' person I was. In short, jovial. I didn't fake happiness, I didn't fake myself. But now ? Everything is so different. It all seems like that black page of the scrapbook, which I always used to skip back then, just because none of the colour pens are visible on it. Yes, exactly like that I've become now. Without colours, without a reason to go out and breathe in fresh air. I fear people. I've seen people walking all over me. That old slam book which I made when I was a kid, is full of names of my friends with their photographs. Some of the names have already effaced and some are just saved in the contact list, sitting in a dusty corner. Their photographs now seems to be blurry, hitting me hard and making me realize that it's been so long since I've seen them or felt their presence. It's not only their fault but mine too. We lost touch. We never tried to be in touch. May be we didn't need each other or may be we were so busy with our materialistic life that we actually forgot the value of 'people' in life. And now, I can only regret.
    Life is now all about being locked inside a four walled room with pictures of my childhood, smiling. Cheerful, playing around, under the sun with a constant smile on the face. No worries, no fear. Huh ! I never knew adulting would be this tough ! Life is not anymore about those cute drawing books, sparkle pens, different shades of oil pastels or brushes dipped in acrylic colour bottles. Rather, it's about hiding my tear stained face, red eyes, drenched pillows, heartbreaking quotes, sad songs and some deep buried truths of life. I've been hijacked by my emotions in a way that they now strangle my throat and try to choke me to death.

    I really hate this point of life where I, myself don't know where I actually stand. Some would just say "You're a grown up now, so act like one !" And some would just throw "Ah. You're a kid, don't act like a grown up !"
    *Like excuse me ? What's wrong with you ? Can you please make yourself clear with your own judgemental opinions and then please do me a favour and enlighten me too where I really stand ! This seems all so messed up.*
    I feel like a part of me is mocking me and laughing, saying how things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to. How it's all so different from my expectations. How I was never told that I would have to go through such phases in life. I was not mentally prepared to be hit by such traumatic experiences of life. Not catastrophising okay ? I won't say that my life is bad because I know it's not. It's just I didn't think of it this way.
    People say, I talk less but they don't even understand this simple thing that when I start speaking about my problems or anything related to me, they would just start ranting about their own miseries. Like okay, it's not a problem for me to listen but someone who always listens to others sometimes, needs a listener too !!!!! What's so difficult in this to understand ? They can't just come to me and say "You're sad because you never share things !" *Like you give me a chance to do so !* would always come out as a murmur. Why ? Because I fear hurting people.
    I know, I've always been that kind of person who just fades away on days and comes back when everything becomes normal. This is my thing. I've become like this due to the situations. But not everyday you can fade away right ? Not everyday you can hide away yourself from people.
    But what might happen everyday is that you keep dying within. And that's what happening to me. I've been dying since years and by now, I've already died many times before. Yes, it does sounds much quixotic but some things are like that only. Out of many people's league to understand. While trying to become a moon for others I chose a dusky, deep ocean for myself to sink in. While trying to be someone who would give her shoulder for people to cry started has been taken for granted and ended up locking all the doors resisting human existence in life. While trying to be a reason for others' colourful, aesthetic life, I embraced black as an aesthetic shade for myself where highlighters and sparkle pens don't work. But something which hides every reason, everyone out there who are standing outside my door with esurient hands and ferocious eyes to tear me apart like they've always wanted to.

    I've died many times before but this time, I'm alive in the dark, camouflaged , so that no-one could ever find me.

    ~ Shweta

    @mirakeeworld @miraquill @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    ~ I've died many times before.


  • theshewolf 22w


    They feel I'm the stronger one
    Who got away without fighting
    Who realized about the monsters
    And easily gave up
    They don't know I'm the daft 
    Who lost a million times
    Whose shield was very strong
    but the bullets,ah the bullets
    they were tearing every shred of it
    After all bullets they were
    Who was I protecting?
    Not myself coz I lost me the second
    I stood up for them
    The reality?
    I never gave up on them
    I gave up on me
    In this not so transparent but a translucent world
    Nobody knows

  • sonalnaik30 23w


    Let go off all the toxicity that has damaged you already, just to heal back forever.

  • johnettan 23w


    കൂട്ടുകെട്ട് കൂട്ടികെട്ടാവുമ്പോൾ
    കൂട്ടാകുന്ന കൂട്ടിൽ കൂട്ടി കെട്ടാൻ അവസരം നൽകാതിരിക്കുക

  • sonalnaik30 24w


    Rain never goes in a vain.
    It tells and yells with lightening and thundering.
    Heart of the rain also gets in pain
    When people get wet, yet get cold and fever and take days to recover
    Mind of the rain aches too when out our head aches
    Rain tells so much and yet just yells
    Yelling is the bursting out the negative emotions
    Rain teaches us so much, let go off negativity and things that are toxic in nature.
    Damn, a beautiful rain never goes in vain.

  • __adiroy__ 29w

    Life is so unpredictable ...n so r people.
    They can turn toxic at any moment as per their convenience.

  • absynth 30w


    Let me put a finger on your lips.
    Let me trace those contours of bliss
    And feel those words melt on your tongue
    as I dip my finger tip
    Inside the dark cavern of your speech
    And grab the word hanging at the tip of your tongue
    And then place it at the tip of my own.
    Then I wanna spread it over my palate
    While using my tongue as a mallet
    To crush it into fine granules.

    From that residue I want to
    Sculpt a poem or a song
    That describes all the words never spoken of
    Because I already have a sample of it
    Watermarked in your breaths
    And I want to replicate it in such a way
    That it does justice to your repressed rants
    Coz u see, I'm greedy
    And crave to save the moment
    Rather than just being present in it.

    That's a poetic pretext to avoid a conversation
    You may say
    but yet you give away the word to me so easily
    Because you don't mind losing your sanity
    As long as you can be freed
    From the curse of this festering emotion
    That burns you like cyanide under the tongue.
    And sharing your poison is no sin
    For now I'm so used to the toxicity
    Painting the walls of your mouth
    Like the dimple on your cheek
    And the mole above it.

    Next I want to use my tongue
    As a roller brush
    Dipped in your venom
    And create a few bold strokes
    To push the scalding poem down your throat
    Because you my girl deserve the credit
    For allowing yourself to be violated
    By the silence that now has made a home
    Inside the grottoes of your smoky eyes.
    But the generous amount of kohl
    Isn't enough to hold that silence back
    Which now smudges your face
    And trickles down the familar pathways
    Of a skin that now comes in between us.

    I wipe the silence from your cheeks
    And now have a stained fingertip
    But now I don't know
    How to paint a smile on your face with it.


  • jsonia 32w


  • nushki06 33w

    Have you known anyone who has done something wrong and still feels that they have done the right thing ?

    Recluctant to even accept their share of mistake and keep proving that, whatever they did was because of some reason. They never want to apologies but rather give reasons for what they did.

    The feeling of entitlement for these people are unreal. They enter your life whenever they want, even when you have stopped having conversations with them. They drop in your life every once in awhile just to show that they miss you, you were the best thing that ever happened.

    Anytime do you wonder then, why didnt this person apologies for the mistakes they have done? The answer is they think whatever they have done is always valid. They turn mistakes on other individuals showing that they themseleves where never wrong.

    Entitlement, supriority, being a victim is what toxic people do. According to them whatever they do, is correct.

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    Toxic people love playing the victim.


  • _neena__ 33w


    In your mystic way, bloom through life. Never let anyone burden you more than you could accept. It's your life lead it yourself. Bounce back after hearing out their toxicity as it's their way of validating themselves for their insecurities. It was not for you and never will be. Love the way you are. Simply you got yourself and you have to prosper wisely through years, not just exist to breathe.


  • icelynqueen 37w

    If you're a toxic person, I'ma just stop connecting with you 'cause I don't need your toxicity in my life. I'm enough to spread toxicity & ruin my state of mind all by myself. I don't need more mfs like that. Adios!


  • nosnaejwrites 38w

    #toxicity # infectiouslove # letgo

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    What corona has taught me is that people are asymptomatic.
    Some walk around with this dark toxicity deep within.
    All the while unaware of the destruction taking place.
    So much exposure within the confines of a relationship.


  • happythoughts27 43w

    Hey You ok?
    You must be hurting ?

    Me: I am fine. I am not hurting.

    Are you sure? It must be painful I am sure.

    Me: I am totally doing great. I am fine!

    Come on! Don't lie. I am your friend. You can talk to me!

    Me: Maybe... maybe I am hurting ..?

    ..... She: see.. I told you!
    (Gossip she meant)


  • rizla_rizla 47w

    Why did I ever thought
    That I could clear the pollution in you?

    I exhale my soul for you
    You inhale my soul for yourself
    You exhale your toxic breath for me
    I inhale your toxic breath for you!

    You were chocking me
    Did you see that?

    You were addicted in Inhaling me
    All for yourself
    Leaving an ashen me
    Filled with your empty words and scars

    Am afraid that I will
    Breath out your toxic air now
    Which you lavishly
    Filled in places in me
    That even i didn't knew existed

    Am afraid that I will
    Inhale someone's soul away
    Like you so lavishly
    Inhaled away from me
    That even i didn't saw it

    But I was wise enough to cut you off
    Before you cut the tree in me
    Because even though
    I let you hurt me
    I knew what a rotten soul you were
    Because you yourself showed it to me!

    Now am smirking at you
    Seeing your craving for me
    Because you were the one
    Addicted to my soul & coveted it
    Because you knew what a rotten one you had!

    What a pity of a reason
    That you even exist!


  • sarahrachelea 48w

    "You're not into me no more," he said.

    Then she answered,
    "Yes, I'm more into me now
    Your song may sounds like heaven,
    And your beautiful face is angelic,
    But your love hurts me like hell."

    Now she finally can fly
    And free herself from the lethal bondage
    Embracing liberty
    Forsaking the toxicity

    ~ into me