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    "You can be upset & sad but not for too long get over it so that you can enjoy the happiness... "

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    No matter how hard I tried, you never did make me feel like I was enough... and it took me far too long to realize that was something I should never have had to fight for...

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    To those Un-Named People

    Whenever I go out to eat, I make a point to ask the name of the person who serves me the food and whenever I require anything, I call them by their name - sometimes, they expressly thank me for it, sometimes their smile makes my day.
    Every morning, with a smile on my face, as I enter that elevator of my Office Building, I greet him 'Good Morning Uncle !', he exchanges the greetings with a 'Good Morning Sir' - to which I argue with him to call address me as 'Beta (Son)' or my name 'Kishan', but that doesn't change, this probably has become innate. But, within that window of one minute we spend together each day, I try to ask him everyday 'Kya haalchal hai Chacha ? ghar pe sab thik ?' (How are you Uncle? Is everything fine home?'), to which he smiles and replies ' Sab theek hai Sahab.' (Everything is good, Sir).
    I don't remember, his answer has been different anytime or that would ever be the case. But he shows concern for me, inquiring if everything was good with my health whenever I resume office after a day of break or anything.
    Raniben, the old lady in the vicinity's Vegetables Market is fond of bantering with me, asking for some random sum for the potatoes, so that I would negotiate my way to what the actual Market prices are. And everytime she puts a few extra pieces in my bag saying 'You are like a child, and pressing her hand on my head - blessing me.' I wish there was something I could give her other than some extra money.
    The memoirs of how I connected with Emily, who was a tour guide in a faraway nation I was traveling to- over Bollywood movies and music are unforgettable. What was going to be a two days acquaintance, turned out to be a friendship of a life-time.
    I have a collection of personal stories that my various Saarthi's have narrated while carrying me on paths of different Kurukshetra's, like how Mohmmad Hossain had resolved to go back from this hustle-bustle of Metropolitan to his home village and teach young children or how Pandeyji dreams to purchase a home in this city and bring his wife-children here to live with him. Not everyone's name I remember, but their stories are all etched in my memory.
    They would have dropped me with mutely, had I not addressed them with their name on boarding their cab or auto, but there was just something more that I did- considered them to be humans, beyond the thought of what work they did or what position they were in this socio-economic structure.There was nothing great or exceptional that I did, I gave them the respect they deserve, giving an ear to what they have to say and most importantly considering they were humans with same emotions and same needs as me, and they were just helping me, being there for me.

    Sometimes we forget that those doing their job (however trivial it is considered by the society) and they are human who are doing that- and the least you can do is to address people with their name and give them their due respect, they probably would be more happier with that.


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    Horror story

    On the eve of Halloween, young boy trick or treated all over his neighbourhood dressed as a devil.

    No one could have guessed that, just a couple of hours earlier, he stabbed to death his best friend who had dressed up as an angel.

    As he was finishing trick or treating, the entire neighbourhood was going around looking for a missing boy. His mom and dad were going crazy. Hours have passed, then days, months and nothing happened. No one knows where the little angel went after leaving the house.

    On the anniversary of his disappearance, a mass was held in the church and then an announcement came. Serial killer admitted to killing him. He provided an information of the location of the body, but it wasn't found. The police eventually sentenced him to death.

    After he was executed, our little boy went to the remote location in the woods, a place that had the perfect view of the river, and put a little rose on the ground.

    "This was always your favorite, secret hiding place. You will be here forever without anyone knowing. I guess it all worked out in the end, for me at least."

    He often came to this place to talk to his dead friend as he had promised.

    What happened that night?

    Two friends met at a graveyard at 7 pm, just as the sunset ended and everywhere was only darkness, not even lamps were lightning.

    As they walked around the graves, reading the names of the dead people, they noticed a some hooligans around the graves drinking.

    They hoped not to be noticed but the hooligans saw them. They were older, 15 or 16 years old, very creepy and dressed in black, with black and white makeup, it was very easy for them to creep out children.

    "What is your name?" They asked the angel.
    "I am Jack and this is my friend Phil" the quiet answer resonated among the teenagers.

    "Come sit with us" said the leader of the hooligans, Chris. They were very hesitant but they did it. They were afraid of what would happen if they do not do it.

    Chris took out a bottle of wine and offered it only to Jack. Jack refused and wanted to leave. He got up but the others grabbed him. Phil started screaming at them and hitting one of the boys that held him. A girl named Xeroxa, dressed all in black with fake vampire teeth, held him and screaming at him to shut up.

    Phil witnessed his friend getting forcefully drunk, crying out in pain.

    After he passed out, Chris decided it would be fun to recreate the crucifixion and told his friends to bring out two pieces of wood and make a crucifix. Phil passed out while watching Jack being pinned to those pieces of wood. He wished never to wake up again.

    But it was only a wish. He woke up and saw himself next to Jack, who was bleeding from his hands and feet. He cried violently when he heard the crystal clear voice from a girl named Sandy. She ordered him to kill Jack and he refused. The threats were not enough to convince him to do it. Frail voiced Jack, with tears coming out of his eyes, begged him to do it. Not even his pleas were enough.

    Xeroxa got angry because nothing was happening. She forcefully put a knife into Phil's hands, grabbed his wrist so he could not drop it, and stabbed it into Jacks chest. As Jack was dying, he begged Phil not to forget him and never to stop talking to him. Phil promised and laid down next to him talking about the summer they went to the summer camp and played spin the bottle with their friends. Jack smiled one last time and stopped breathing.

    Xeroxa screamed at him. "See what you did, you killed him." Chris added "You're going to jail for the rest of your life."

    Everyone else also gave their comments. Suddenly Chris grabbed him and threatened him with a strong voice. "If you ever tell anyone what we did, we will kill your entire family in front of your eyes and then we will kill you."

    Phil cried and nodded. He overheard Xeroxa and Chris talk about what they should do with the body. They decided they would burn it. As they went to get the gasoline, Phil decided to bury his friend as honourably as he could. He took him off the cross and carried him on his back. Jack was very skinny so it wasn't hard to carry him. It took him 20 minutes to get to the woods and find the exact space Jack loved.

    He dug up a hole, it was not deep but it will serve the purpose. As he finished burying Jack, he gave a small speech and laid a wild flower on the grave.

    His devils cloak was full of Jacks blood so he rolled it up and put it under Jacks head to make it more comfortable.

    As he went home, it was necessary to keep his posture and act normal. He did his trick or treating putting on a happy face, but inside he was terrified.

    Thinking about it on his friends grave, the shock of what happened did not wear off until 2 days after Halloween. The newspapers reported a story on a bunch of teenagers that set themselves on a fire in a graveyard. Phil recognized them. It was Chris, Xeroxa and the rest of the gang. Police knew it was a group suicide but they did not know why they did it. Some say it was due to depression, others say that it was due to bullying. Only Phil knew the truth that they killed themselves because they were afraid he would rat them out to police.

    As the reflection on what happened ended, Phil realized it was getting late.

    "See you soon, my friend." Phil looked over once again as he left the improvised graveyard, to a life of pretending to be happy while carrying a terrible memories and secrets in his heart.


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    It took me far too long to realize that the reason I couldn't defeat my demons was because you were their biggest ally. As I held your hand, you held theirs.

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    I Couldn't

    Did I ever tell you?
    How it felt everytime,
    You noticed and smiled
    All those times when u
    Called and waved
    Even in those crowds;
    No, I didn't
    Precisely, I couldn't...

    When u patted my back
    or flicked my head
    Like a proud friend
    happily insane
    ...when did it all change?
    When did the stupid idiot
    Become smne I couldn't meet my eyes
    How did silly become passionate
    Annoying enticing. Or why did it?

    I never told u
    I dared not to
    What if, it took you away,
    What if, it changed everything
    And I lost it all?
    So I got used to it
    Ignorance pushed by fear

    Hence I lied to u
    Coz I was convinced of dreaming
    When I felt ur breath on my face
    Didn't want to hurt u
    But I couldn't loose u

    And now this kills me
    It was an unintentional lie
    But it's all chaos now
    I was a coward but can't be anymore
    I hate this pain
    Either way, I might loose u
    I'd rather cry after giving it a try
    After giving us a try.


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    Sad Rebel

    The space of time and times again
    Where my fear and phobia are ordained
    given powr over own mind and will
    that space that renders my soul surreal

    Level up! You're a goddamn Queen!!!
    My subconscious uttering this (ugh, self doubts)
    don't have no mental health crisis
    yet I need admission away from this premise

    They come like kings and goddamn knights
    shiny "HERMOSA" looking like the night
    My heart on its own can't even fight
    end up giving in, hoping this one might be right.

    Perfection isn't worn in a fucking day
    tho attained by the thought on their faces
    faces of the eyes that sees the queen in YOU
    faces of the mind that thinks a Queen is YOU

    Homes not even home, you know?
    so imagine you living on your own
    weed,booze,cruise with songs and hopes
    still end up missing that shitty broken home.

    I'm as lifeless as can be with a smile on
    the burden and ache in my heart so strong
    angry as fuck, angry at the world
    rebelling against everything that don't care
    rebelling against life, that don't end well.

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    You're driving me wild
    Ever since I was a child

    I call to the sky high
    And cry out with a sigh

    Cause when you look like that
    It reminds me of the dove that sat

    By the lovely flower
    Staring at the top of that tower

    You're the star in the long lost space
    In all the jacks, you're the ace

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    अब याद कहाँ है हमे, हमारी शख्शियत।
    हम खुद की तलाश में, खुद ही को खो बैठे।

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    It's Always "Too Soon" That Bliss Evaporates
    It's Always "Too Long" That Atrocity Permeates

    "To Learn" Is Alas ......
    ......... A "Never Ending Process"

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    #ceeisflabbergasted #itried #toolong

    This poem is connected to my other poem about 'reverie'. I thought that it would be better to connect them to make a link on the poem for the ceesdailyword2 and bonus.

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    I am walking alone at an empty street.
    My head bowing down to appreciate my shoes.
    As i distract myself, i see a pair of shoes facing my pair.
    I looked up the person and said,
    "Why are you here?"
    He smiled reaching his eyes.
    "I came here to help you get out from this reverie."
    He smiled again and turned back
    "Follow me"
    He started walking and I was left alone feeling Flustered.
    I catch up to him and smiled back at him.
    I never felt this before.
    He made me feel it.
    He made me Flabbergasted.

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    I need you to not only miss me in your stillness but to still miss me in your busyness!

    Missing someone whether it be minutes,hours, months, or years since you last shared time together is how you know...
    All that you need to know.

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    I was wrapped up in the illusion if it all
    The long drifting thoughts and fantasy talks
    The sweet and tender moments
    While so rare and desolate
    Acted as dynamite over everything
    Slowly though...
    That started changing
    I could hear myself calling
    And then I felt the Power inside
    Though it took me far too long
    I started getting back my vibe
    And living life to the best of my in song
    The crying, excuses, denial, wishes
    They all faded. I had survived. And I had risen
    I stood fitmly within myself as I uttered out the words


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    Be strong

    Crying isn't a sign of weakness
    It's a sign of having tried too hard to
    Be strong for too long!

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    Rare is the moment when a traveling vagabond finally finds solace, but in the most mundane of things, maybe under a bridge, maybe by a stream or maybe even on the top of a dilapidated building. We fail to understand why he may have chosen that very place, and we go on to brand him a madman of sorts. Some of the brave hearts, and all the curious minds try to get an answer regarding his seemingly odd choice, but the vagabond’s answer fails to quench the curiosity of the learned mob, and thus they end up isolating him.

    But I understand them, I understand their lives, their experiences and their choices, for I too consider myself a vagabond of sorts. The only difference being that they travel long distances in search for a place to be, whereas I drift through time, seeking people I can confide in, people I can look up to, and people I can trust. And when I find someone of that kind, it does not always make perfect sense to everyone else, but in the end, it doesn’t need to.

    They say Birds of a feather flock together, but I somehow do not buy that idea. Being a human, I have the entire Universe within me, spiraling out of control, giving birth a million infinities every minute, gnawing at my soul, and feeding it at the same time. And as such, it is only my ignorance of my own being that would categorize me as a singular type. I can’t be that, my mind is racing at the speed of light, ever expanding, never tiring. It is thinking about a million different probabilities every fleeting moment, like a fulminant force, creating and destroying me as I knew it, hence, I am forever evolving. And in this state of wondrous chaos, if my mind may fixate itself on a few arbitrary people, I consider them to be worthwhile. I have never tried controlling my astral form, and like a predator on the loose, it is as whimsical as it can be, and hence I could never understand why it prefers certain people over the others, but it has only seldom been wrong, so I don’t question that judgement. Something I can never explain to other people with tamed souls.

    In my 22 years of being, I have only come across a handful of such people, and I have tried everything in my wake to keep them close. Some have stayed, others have emancipated themselves from such bounds. But all of them have helped mould me into what I am today. Every person has their own unique sculpting mark in my life, giving me the form I so proudly adorn today. And as such, I care for each and every one of them, empathizing with them in everything that might hurt them, and sharing my happiness with every one of them.

    And it is because of this very reason that when I saw the person who taught me to be strong from the inside and be unmoved by anything on this planet, collapse like a sand castle right in front of my eyes, I found myself broken as well. And the reason?


    I watched as she slowly opened up to me like a flower bud at the break of dawn, I watched as she showed me her craters filled with poison under her facade of perfection, I watched as her towering optimism came crashing down until it was all but rubble. I listened as her sweet voice told me stories of horror, I listened as her voice cracked, and I listened intently as she said “I never hurt anyone!” I felt as her sadness engulfed me until there was nothing but hopelessness and despair in me, I felt as the amber flash of anger surged through my veins, but was calmed down as she uttered, “he’s a really nice person…” I felt her tears well up in my eyes, as they wished to escape the stench of helplessness, but I had to hold myself back, for she was too caring to not try and console me even when her world lay in tatters.

    I let her open herself up, tear herself limb to limb, bleed the poison she kept hidden from the world so long, and I could do was to hold her hand and lend an ear, reaffirm my promise to be by her side no matter what the conditions might be, and give her the warmest hug I could’ve mustered, as if that one singular embrace would keep all the evils at bay, right every wrong done and protect her for eons to come. I wish there was more I could do, I wish I could matter more, but at times like these, I only find myself lost, dejected.

    She still is, for me, the human embodiment of fortitude, for she had seen and felt enough, and chose to let that remain within herself, chose to let it eat her away, only to save the grace of the person she loved. The wondrous ways in which love works continues to amaze and scare me at the same time, how it makes it seem justifiable to be hurt over and over again for those fleeting moments of love. How it makes people so willingly give up everything they have. Things I would relate only to the pious men...

    Makes me question sometimes, is there even a supreme power that we need to look up to? Or do we all just need to love?

    #love #abuse #friend #life #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #tooLong

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    Tears of Fortitude

    They say Birds of a feather flock together,
    But I somehow do not buy that idea.
    Being a human,
    I have the entire Universe within me,
    Spiraling out of control,
    Giving birth a million infinities every minute,
    Gnawing at my soul,
    And feeding it at the same time.
    And as such, it is only my ignorance
    Of my own being that would
    Categorize me as a singular type.

    I can’t be that
    (read caption for full story)
    (WARNING: very long)

    - IndranilDutta

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    Calmness asked for too long...
    Silence maintained for too long...
    Understanding asked for too long...
    Forgiveness given for too long...
    Now is the time to speak...
    Now is the time to shine...
    Now is the time to express...
    Now is the time to let know...
    Coz suffering in silence is no achievement...
    Coz telling is what is needed!!!
    The fire inside needs to be seen now...
    The fire outside has to fade now...

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    Until when?
    They say there comes a time, a time when you have to suffer, they say that time goes away too.
    Mine fades away like the clouds, but the next day they're back.
    Until when?
    I've been quiet for too long.
    Too long. For people, for logical reasons. But until when?
    I say a word and the world seems to turn upside down, how can I flood out the hurricane I've kept inside and expect, 'it'll be okay, everything will be okay'
    No. It won't, but until when?
    Sacrifices made,
    Dreams vanished,
    Lost myself,
    And you say..
    Until when?
    -Rija Abid K

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    Holding on for far too long will ruin that, which once was actually worth it all.

  • karmansingh4699 208w


    At the age of 80 when I closed my eyes lying on a hospital bed I saw that face of yours smiling, tears were rolling down from my eyes.
    -"yes the wait was too real " said the one who suffered alot dying.