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    I dedicate this post to my father❤
    and all the fathers
    of daughters who treats their daughters
    as free spirits and whole humans
    allowing the freedom
    to be themselves in all their rights.

    Mostly its seen as well as experienced
    The very society is full of inhibiting weeds
    throwing their so called norms of do's and don'ts
    for being a daughter and being a daughter's father

    To every father and fatherly figures
    who stands apart from such ignorant crowd
    to support their daughters' freedom

    Rounds of applause unto them��

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    He carried me within his consciousness
    since he came to know
    I would be coming unto his life

    And when I came into his world,
    his love started growing in strides

    As a gardener he kept taking care of me
    from a bud to turn into a flower

    He didn't solved my maths homeworks
    But yeah he did prepared my English notes

    Everytime I needed one pencil
    he brought for me a bunch more

    He brought for me dolls
    He treats me as his little doll always

    He always accompanied me to places
    when I couldn't go on my own

    And He let me go out on my own
    when I grew up

    He kept checking on my safety
    when I was out from home

    When I went outstations for studies
    I was time and again on cellphone
    and friends would teased me as
    who's that crazy boyfriend

    That's my dad and he's like that

    Everytime caring for me
    Am I back home
    Did I ate proper
    That's his only concern

    When I don't feel well,
    He comes to put his hand upon my forehead
    to check my temperature and then
    he would bring lines of home ready
    to make me consume


    Anytime I wish for sweets and
    he would bring a bunch more of it

    I would say Dad I need this
    Even if he sometimes scolds
    yet he would bring for me that

    Sometimes it's a human thing
    that we have had and do have
    our ideological differences

    Yet whatever I wished
    he allowed me to my free will

    That's the freedom
    he gifted me always

    In the long run
    I find him always standing as
    mine caring and supportive shield

    Being loving in real to me

    Letting me be myself
    unbounded and free

    That's the first man of my heart

    My caretaker

    My guardian angel

    My father

    My superhero

    I love you Bapi