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  • winret_nv 51w

    #staystrong #togetherwecan

    Because since last year we have been going through a rollercoaster of emotions that have caused to many hardships to us all, I just wanted to reach out. Stay strong everyone together with time we can all heal, we can help the world heal.

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    All I am asking for is to keep myself steady, to keep myself stable.
    In this hardships all I am asking for is to have enough to put food on my table.
    In this uncertain times all I am asking for is for our safety, for everyone to stay healthy.

  • chitu_says 63w

    A poem written during lockdown 2 #covid19 #stayhome #staysafe #togetherwecan #poetrylove ~♡♡

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    We can do our bit for the nation
    While staying at home without temptation
    Why say 'I am Stuck at home'
    When in my creativity I can roam.

    Family is the best to spend time with
    Never got a better chance to realize it
    If getting bored to the core
    Why not help do some chore.

    Before complaining about not having enough ingredients to try a new recipe
    Think of those who can't even fulfill their necessity
    Thank god we are sleeping at home on our bed
    When there are so many out there dead.

    Its summer time and i surely miss my friends and playing out
    It makes me wanna shout
    But now I am left with memories
    Which are more valuable than treasuries.

  • kritu5 72w

    We may fighting different battle but I believe that we faught through hope ��

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    Life,Love and Hope
    ✍️God's daughter

  • sharvida_jackman 84w


  • mariateresa 86w


    Stirring, rustling, yearning and growing
    Reaching for a hand to hold while sowing
    Roots take hold in grounded Earth, coming together
    Rising up with a ferocious roar or sometimes quietly building pressure
    Everybody plays an important role
    Revolutionary currency has a toll
    Intricately woven together we become a force
    Raising our voices, locked into Source
    Universal and evolutionary change
    Turning tides of injustice to peace now exchange
    Ushering in a brighter tomorrow
    Washing away our collective sorrow
    Better tomorrow's are ahead
    Bow your head and ascend

  • ayushagrawal 92w


    कल वह कान्हा से मिला
    बोल उठे हरि क्या हाल पृथ्वी का जरा बता।
    वह सीश झुका बैठ चरणों में लगा व्यथा सुनाने
    बोला प्रभु फिर गोवर्धन उठा चलो हमें बचाने।
    विपदा एक घोर चली आयी है
    अदृश्य कालिमा ग्रसने तुम्हारी संतानें आयी है।
    कोलाहल व संताप ही हर ओर छाया है
    नहीं कलयुग में हमने स्वयं को कभी यूँ विवश पाया है।
    कुपरिणाम अवश्य है यह हमारे कृत्यों का
    किन्तु तुम प्रतिपालक क्या तुम्हें आभास नहीं प्रलय का।

    हरि मुस्काय सुनते रहे समस्त वृतांत
    कहता गया वह बिन रुके अपनी पीड़ा महान।
    समाधान भी किन्तु हरि क्या बतलाते
    यह कहाँ धर्मयुद्ध जो नारायण ले अवतार कोई आते।
    मुस्काते वो बोले पुरुषार्थ से क्या संभव नहीं
    ठान लो यदि मन में रण, कठिन फिर कुरुक्षेत्र भी नहीं।
    नहीं आवश्यक मैं इस युद्ध में, प्रकृति से तालमेल ही समस्त समाधान है
    सहायक तुम स्वयं अपने इस समर में, परस्पर सहयोग में मात्र तुम्हारा कल्याण है।
    सुन समाधान वह लौट आया दृश्य सारा कह सबको सुनाया
    समय ही बताएगा अब क्या सीखा क्या नहीं हमने
    ईश वचन समाधान लगे या बनाया उनका भी उपहास ही हमने।

    ©आयूष अग्रवाल

  • sayarbadnaam 94w

    हम सबने कभी ना कभी डाॅक्टर और पुलिस को बला बुरा कहाँ है। और आज ये दोनों हमारी सेवा कर रहे हैं, अपना फर्ज समझ कर।
    और हम आम जनता जो किसी भी देश की सबसे बड़ी ताकत कहा जाता है जिन्हें, हम अपने घर में कुछ दिन रह नहीं सकते?
    डॉक्टर और पुलिस, वो अपना फर्ज निभा रहे हैं हम अपना निभाए।
    "देश और दुनिया के लिए इतना तो बनता है"।।।।
    #Corona #togetherwecan #fightagainstcorona #Mirakee # #thoughts #life #nature

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    कोरोना से संघर्ष

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  • spandanmodi 97w

    COVID19 - Part 2

    While there are human lives and other types of losses ongoing, for a while would like to keep it aside and think from a different perspective.

    Due to this situation:
    1. People have once again realized that they all are same regardless of their ethnicity, religion, language, race, gender or age. I hope that people remember this always and not just in such difficult times.
    2. There's a very significant amount of reduction in pollution, which is beneficial for environment. I hope that after everything is normal, people stay environment conscious and there would be only minimum or no pollution.
    3. People are having more time to spend which they can use it for themselves like learning something new, do the things they want to do more often or just relax more than before, etc and also can spend more time with family and/or friends.

    I would like to give a big thanks to all the healthcare professionals worldwide who are helping everyone fight this battle, and also at the time when many people have stopped working due to lockdown or something else and many are working from home, they are still taking care of normal sick persons as well.

    And while some positive news have started pouring like researchers have started working on COVID19 vaccine, I would like to conclude with the hope that we all get free from this crisis situation as soon as possible.

    - Faiz Modi

  • keerthanapoonajur 126w


    Our fingers are different from one
    another even after being in same hand.

    They put aside their differences and
    work together to find success.

    We People are just like our fingers.
    We are different from one another.

    We should put aside our differences and
    accept others for who they are.

  • togetherwecan_poetry 160w

    Let’s be the light in someone’s darkness

    let’s start a 21 days gratitude challenge. Let’s change negative thoughts to 21 days of gratitude. let's do it together!!!! Join us staring
    Monday, January 7th. Post on your Instagram accounts as well . Thank you in advance ???? #writerofmirakee #mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #mirakeeworld #mirakee
    #gratitude #Challenge #togetherwecan #bethelight

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  • togetherwecan_poetry 160w

    let’s start a 21 days gratitude challenge. Let’s change negative thoughts to 21 days of gratitude. let's do it together!!!! Join us staring
    Monday, January 7th. Post on your Instagram accounts as well . Thank you in advance ???? #writerofmirakee #mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #mirakeeworld #mirakee
    #gratitude #Challenge #togetherwecan #bethelight

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    Gratitude can make your
    days feel brighter.Can make
    you change your focus to
    appreciate every minute of
    grace received.

    It is an endless song of
    worship for our endless
    blessings in our everyday life.
    How great it is to renew
    your minds by acknowledging
    how lucky we are to be alive.

  • sarahh_p_khan 167w

    Rewrite the Stars

    All I want is to fly with you
    All I want is to fall with you
    So just give me all of you

    It feels impossible (it's not impossible)
    Is it impossible?

    Say that it's possible

    How do we rewrite the stars?⭐
    Say you were made to be mine?
    Nothing can keep us apart
    'Cause you are the one I was meant to find
    It's up to you
    And it's up to me
    No one can say what we get to be
    And why don't we rewrite the stars?
    Changing the world to be ours

    You know I want you
    It's not a secret I try to hide.

    By- Zac Efron & Zendaya //
    James Arthur & Anne-Marie

  • togetherwecan_poetry 168w

    Be the light

    Together we can unite to become the light in someone's darkness. Sparkle love and kindness everywhere you go. A nice gesture can make a difference in someone's day. A simple hello can be the start of a beautiful conversation.

    Together we can unite to change the word one person at a time if we can all unite to be the LIGHT what a beautiful world we will live in.

  • soulful_ameya 179w

    We the kerala people were going through the worst natural calamity of the century in the past few days. Tge flood has erased a major portion of our country. It was a terrific time of depression, anxiety and every kinda stress and pain. Army, Navy, Air forces, Kerala police, NDRF, other forces, Fishermen and common people were leading the rescue and relief process. Every one of us were committing ourselves for aiding the rescue process and serving the people who'd been rescued. It will take many days to rebuild our state. So I request all the kind hearts around the globe to donate your contributions to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund. You can also donate food, dress, medicines and all other necessities to the relief camps. Even your small donations or even 1 rupee can be helpful to someone in need. So please Pray for Kerala and Do for Kerala! ��♥�� NB: Checkout the first image for more details!
    #keralafloods #wewillrise #contribute #weshallovercome #togetherwecan

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  • reshma_ramachandran 179w


    Your rage might have drowned us in a minute
    But that would not affect our spirit.
    Your wrath might have wreaked havoc on our motherland
    But our willpower would always have the upperhand.
    Your waves might have claimed thousands of lives
    But we'll survive all odds with a dive.
    Because we believe in humanity
    And that will prove the strength of our unity.


  • athirankaimal 179w

    Salute to the rescuers and those who helped wholeheartedly...
    Rescue mission is going on..
    People lost everything including homes, money, valuables, and food... Yet they are fighting Hart to live... Together we can!!!
    #keralafloods #togetherwecan #rescuers @reposter_for_passionatewriters @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writersthought @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld

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    The flood took all his priced possessions,
    Yet he never left his spirit!!!

    #keralafloods #togetherwecan


  • being_gracious 189w


    I am hurt, battered and bruised from the Battle. I can hardly stand on my feet, I feel so weak. As I laid bleeding in the battlefield, there was only one reason that kept me alive. It was you, it was your promise that you will accept me with all my bruises. You won't judge and fight along side me in the battle that awaits. I am coming home, are you there?

  • ankitameena 204w


    Men do have insecurities. Men are burdened with expectations. Men do feel stressed out. Men do get their hearts broken. Men do get sacred. Men do get raped. Men do have suicidal thoughts. The only difference is that they don't express themselves in fear that it will make it look like they are not 'man enough'. If men are free to cry and share their emotions with others this world will be a far better place. It's about time we start speaking up for male rights.

  • hollyelizabethselph 212w


    With trembling hand I downed my first shot of liquid problem prepellent

    All the while it burned as it slid down.

    Thus my vice was born.

    No hi how are you.. no silly intros.
    Just lust.
    The rosy cheeks of injustice chemical reactions. Spewing verbal weapons

    That cascade each time I'm hammered.

    My personal anthrax.