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  • rahul_dhole 15h

    Yeh Deewaro si Dooriyan
    Yeh Awajo Ka Safar
    Kitne kareeb hai hum
    Fir bhi Dur hai magar

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    A goodbye is often termed as 'end of a journey with something or someone' or 'a wake up call'.
    Whichever type of goodbye we say,
    either we feel pain, hurt, angry and angst or we feel light, calm, free and peaceful.
    In our life we all say a final goodbye like these in which what we feel at the end varies. Sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently, goodbyes are not always good and also not always bad. Some goodbyes are worth it while some are not. Some goodbyes are only untill we meet again. Some leaves scars, heartache, pain or a lesson while some gives nothing. Some gives tranquility, calmness, freedom and peace in life while some takes us to a road of guilt or sorrow.

    Basically whatever happens post goodbye is variable since it is based on a person's own storyline, emotions and attitude. Isn't it ?

    Here's a short poem i would like to further say,
    "There's a word 'good' in the 'bye' and so is the word 'GOODBYE' ,
    What is good in the bye should be thought after saying a goodbye.
    What positive thing you got after a goodbye, be it an experience or a lesson; must be realised and known.

    If something was bothering you and was a plight..
    Learn to say goodbye by cutting yourself from such bonds,
    Then you meet yourself and a peaceful mind with a non toxic life.

    If something was meant not to happen, and the role of the person or thing was till a limited period,
    Learn to be strong enough to say a goodbye..
    Then you meet a healthy you, healthy from mind, living a healthy, free and calm life.

    If someone didn't care enough for you,
    You have been neglected, rejected, ignored or used from selfish, heartless, greedy and non-caring inhumane people around you,
    Learn to say a quick goodbye,
    As you must be wise and clever enough to assume what and who is right for you and deserve to be a part of your life anymore.

    Here i mentioned types of goodbyes and what impact it could have,
    Learn to say no to yourself even if you are kind enough not to say so, easily ;
    But have the strength to cut your strings from any such things or people that you think is not good for you anymore to bear with.

    If it were worth it, then the need to say goodbye or the thought to say goodbye won't come to your mind.
    So, always be courageous and quick enough to say, "enough is enough",
    To say, "i deserve peace",
    To say, " i won't bear this anymore",
    To say, " i need to let it go",
    And so on.

    Goodbyes may be hard or painful but at the end it will all be worth it.
    Because if the need of goodbye won't be there, then the thought too won't be there in your mind.


  • khadijachughtai 2d

    Isn't pain a gift? Isn't pain a person's remnant?
    a plain reminder of where and how you were left

    pain that holds you from moving forward
    pain that saves you from guilt of forgetfulness

    pain thats too heavy, pain that entwines every memory
    if it wasn't for the pain, who would remember them?

    #pod #tod #writersnetwork

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    People don't last
    but the pain of it does.

    ©Khadija Chughtai

  • rahul_dhole 2d

    Man Basiya E Raah Gujar
    Tere Saare Mansube Jaanu Mein
    Tuti jaaun har ek nukkad se
    Fir bhi kisi ki na manu mein

  • khadijachughtai 2d

    Being too close is too risky. Boundaries can save a lot of your energy.

    'Stand apart so they won't have access to you heart.'

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    Only people who have the ability to push you away are the people who are standing too close.

    ©Khadija Chughtai

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  • rahul_dhole 2d

    Badalne Se Hawa Ka Rukh
    Sirf Bikharti Hai Julfe
    Uss Chehre Ka Badalna
    Mumkin Nahin..

  • _writer_at_heart_ 2d

    Endangered Animals

    Few years from now,
    Will we be able to save the endangered animals ?
    Will the last, 'about to extinct' animal,
    lose its mate ?

  • blind_angel 3d


    Someone asked me, "What did social distancing teach you?"

    My Answer to that was this.

    Stay two meters away from every person.

    Only step out of home when absolutely necessary.

    Children and elders should be taken good care of.

    Isolation isn't the only way out.

    Action should be taken after you've thought twice.

    Lone time is boring but try making the most of it.

    Don't ever let yourself be envelopped in the memories of past.

    I'm not an expert but, solo work is sometimes the best.

    Some self assessment should help everybody.

    Take the news you see on media with a pinch of salt.

    All are very wise and know what to do in such tough trying times.

    No one is good company right now for you but you yourself.

    Can you promise the world one thing?

    Everyone would stand together and will be a support each other.
    After all, we're all social animals, right?


  • _writer_at_heart_ 3d


    The whisper of memories, echoes in my mind.
    The mind has the pictorial scene, which is remembered from the bottom of thy heart.
    The glimpse of past' moments, that became memories somehow.
    The days of rolling and crawling to walking myself,
    The school going days,
    Guardian's preparing me to go to school and pampering during exams,..
    ...And all that they did from childhood till now ;
    Worth missing and cherishing all such things are,
    Limiting my words because mentioning each one would be really long.
    As memories are infinite, saved in the brain and in the heart's land.
    Saying long isn't the problem but getting out of words are.
    Nostalgic i become when i remember such memories,
    Words get less, though there is so much to utter and keep writing down.

    I remember each and every moment of my life ever since i have met maturity at my senses,
    The love and care showered upon me, by my family, along with their concern and the instructions they have had for me always.
    The moral values they used to taught,
    The stories and those patting during night time,
    Fulfilling all my needs and necessities,
    The way family loves, i never found this much love anywhere else.
    Family is the best and real ones we can have,
    And the journey from being naive to mature,
    From trusting anyone easily to becoming clever & wise,
    From being innocent to being strong and sharp,
    From being a baby to adult and meanwhile falling, rising, learning, blooming, growing, meeting new people and having new journey each day,
    All this is a boon to have.
    And i feel grateful and blessed,
    for having memories to live by,
    No matter some are painful while some are beautiful.
    Memories hurt only because it's something gone which we miss as it was a part of us and part of our life.

  • _wcmtlove 3d

    You know when she smiles. Theres a whole lot of things that stops ...
    My normal behaviour.
    Even though my heart beats by itself. ..still it stops. .
    I find me in us.
    I am thankful to the stars that have watched me through these years ...
    To the moonlight that paved my way through your eyes ...
    Satin lips ....
    With mine
    I'm enjoying the things happening
    To the love that's happening without reasons but with too many colours...
    I love me more being with you
    And afterall
    I love you .......
    I can't help myself without imaging you...
    In your arms I be falling like ocean tide ...
    And your fingers playing with my hairs....
    Lips coming close to mine...
    And stoping at a distance of immeasurable length...
    Then things keep happening like rain from clouds....
    And you telling me ...
    Now please don't stop me... being this close...
    ~ you make me feel like the ocean tide~♡
    Will always love you pj...
    Forever' and always :")
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    Break free ♡


  • rahul_dhole 4d

    Chaand Se Ho Gol Lekin
    Usse Kaha Tumahra Mol

    Ankhen Kholni Hoti Hai
    Dekhne ke Liye Usse

    Ore Tum Band Ankho Se
    Najar Aate Ho Anmol

  • khadijachughtai 4d

    the worst of my fear is the fear
    which keeps reminding me/ of the monsters I chose not to fight/ locked up and set aside/ but they are always there, in my sight/
    they glow in the dark and disappear in the light/
    monsters that stare and suck my life/

    ©Khadija Chughtai

  • khadijachughtai 4d

    she is a flower
    one of a kind
    with sweet nectar
    and exquisite poise

    bend and wilt
    when left behind
    lose its galore
    when unrecognized

    when cared for
    she blooms with a smile
    nurtures the souls
    and unwinds the minds

    ©Khadija Chughtai

  • rahul_dhole 4d

    Magan Ho Gya Hu

    Mohabbat ki jese
    Ek Lagan Ho gya hu

    Jikra Hota Hu Unki
    Wafa Ki Bato Mein

    Unki Chahat Ankhon Mein
    Band Ho Gya Hu

  • _wcmtlove 4d

    When my boyfriend asked for a pad... ~1

    You know we don't opt that we will love someone or not...it just happens...and it happens ...more and more...once u try to stay away....
    So I'm here with my journey ☺️
    With a hot afternoon and a warm heart. Telling about how I felt love when I first met her....
    I'm a girl ... She is also...
    And we both have traveled so far with each other's feelings
    In this story ...that has an ending somewhere I guess .... But we still feel happy living in present ... admitting things and taking stand for each other....
    All this started. By exchanging our playlist...
    All this happened without me noticing what's happening with us ☺️
    You know she notices too much....
    We can feel a lot about someone and still choose to say nothing...
    She and me both are of that kind...
    But you know what's common between us. Is two songs .... Choo lo and kaise khu...by local train....and then. We .... Are just wild for each other ...
    But unfolding things..u will get to know more about .. her....and me...I think the one who writes about somebody will write so much about her....that I'll forget about me.
    is this love.....☺️
    So my dear readers do forgive me if u do not see about the author anywhere ...cause for me it's enough that you feel me in my love..♡
    #pod #tod #bi #love# writesrsnetwork@writersnetwork@writerstolli

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    The one I love...

  • khadijachughtai 4d

    I will do what I can do.

    #pod #tod #writersnetwork

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    I will guard
    the secrets of you heart
    I will pray for you
    even aeons apart

    Khadija Chughtai

  • singhlakshmi 5d

    Being suicidal and having love for life
    Is both sides of my coins...
    The battle is always there
    Even for the tiniest incidents
    The carved butterflies helps
    More than any one else can do at crucial time...
    These butterflies is a precaution
    Before any cure I needed...


  • rahul_dhole 5d

    Naa Shikayatey,Saboot
    Ya Giley Chaiye
    Hume To Bas Mulakate
    Unka Daur
    Ore Silsiley Chaiye

  • _writer_at_heart_ 5d


    Have required dedication
    for your ambition.