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    in the blink of an eye
    there'll be nothing

    your contradictions
    and controversies
    will die with you

    your people will
    spare your stone
    a day or two of
    wet mournings

    soon bryophytes will
    take over your values;
    a favorite pet will miss
    your share of kind fondle
    and you'll know if stars
    home your ancestors in
    an existence beyond.

    you'll revise the only
    grandmother tale of
    your brief childhood;
    you'll regret wanting
    to grow up too fast

    for you'll then see
    the number of stars
    you could've counted
    with your father's telescope

    ~ but you were too busy
    writing letters of love for
    one whom you can't bother
    to name anymore.

    in the blink of an eye
    you'll be nothing

    the world will spin
    without your opinion

    when the end of the world
    will bother you less than
    the sunrise you know you'll
    have to wake up to alone.

    ☾︎ tamanna3

    why wait for an end to start healing?

    #heal #toanend

    Thank you dearest @writersnetwork ��

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