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  • miss_silentlyweird 12w

    For the girl who used
    To be happy,
    To be grateful,
    Imperfect but tries
    Messy but kind,
    Full of positivity all the time
    For the girl used to be mine
    I miss you!!

    For the girl who becomes totally opposite,
    The girl I'll never knew I become,
    The girl I've never asked for,
    I hated you a lot, yet I'm grateful,
    Thank you for carving my heart vulnerable likewise strong:
    For bruising me up for that I learn to still stand
    and fight back in life even just a little.

    #once #wod #heal #randomc
    #tletterc #infinitec #heartfillc
    #miraquill @miraquill @writersbay
    (Inspired in the song “She used to be mine")

    Howdy? Been a while, kinda busy so I'll become more inactive.
    Take care guyz (^^)♡

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    // It's hard but waiting for healing is what keeps me going today//

    Once, I was young and true,
    The world seems in aesthetic view,
    Infinite, I let my hands drew,
    Hope and happiness without due,

    I ride a bicycle towards rainbows,
    Jumping, flying high wasn't scared in bestow,
    With a list of positivity that let my heart grew,
    Yet, without clue I become someone I never knew,

    It's not simple to say I don't recognize me,
    However today I'm not in the skin of glee,
    Perhaps my body contain melancholy,
    Spilling over through soul abysmally,

    My canvas filled with messy lines and blank,
    Now, I perceive the world blurry dark to be frank,
    Towards me good things can't hold neither yank,
    Cause these shadow demons grinning swank,

    This girl I'll never knew become someone I embrace,
    As of now we are traveling a journey without trace,
    We playing arcade of losing games,
    We are running bare foot in flames,

    In future maybe we'll continue stirring life,
    Baking all pain, hurt, whine— that cutting us like a knife,
    However in future we know this mixed up ,
    Will make us taste a beautiful healing blowup


  • wilmaneels1 12w

    Dear Past Self

    It's me; just checking in on you
    It's good to finally write to you
    I needed to do this; just so you know I appreciate you
    All the things you have been through
    All the disillusions I have put you through
    All the times you silently wept
    They weren't for nothing

    Look what it produced
    The phenomenal woman I am today; would not be if it was not for how fortified you became
    You kept on going even when things looked hopeless
    You encouraged even when you needed it yourself
    I was blessed, listen to me, I still am
    Every day I am learning, using the examples you set before me
    No regrets of where I find myself
    Just grateful to still be here

    Hope you remember to love who you are, cause that is what you taught me
    © 08092021

  • cruisey 12w

    Dear Self,

    Everything's temporary so don't sweat it.
    Everything happens for a reason.
    Don't sweat it so it's temporary.
    The truth is in the mystery.
    Remember yourself.
    Forgive and forget.
    Let it/them be.

  • pallavi4 12w

    Letter to future self

    I hope that
    From being a cup full to the brim
    Filled with immense pain and sorrow
    You’ve managed to conquer some of your demons
    And look towards a brighter tomorrow

    I hope that
    You are no longer troubled by people’s intentions
    And harmed by their ability to hurt you
    You’ve come out of your shell a little
    And to yourself managed remain true

    I hope that
    You’ve learnt forgetfulness and forgiveness
    And let petty things that don’t matter slide
    Stood up to others when they are wrong
    Understood that by some rules you too must abide

    I hope that
    You are happy and comfortable being yourself
    That yourself you’ve finally accepted fully
    That you’ve made space for another in your life
    To love and cherish again truly

    I hope that
    You’ve traversed the world more than before
    And recognised your purpose as a part of a clan
    That you dream of things you’d like to achieve
    To learn new things and plot and plan

    I hope that
    All you wanted has come to pass
    That life has been nothing but fair
    Recognised that you are much more being yourself
    Than a half of a supposed pair

    I hope that
    You are joyful and healthy
    And that your every move is towards the light
    That you no longer feel the need to cry
    And feel alone in the middle of the night

    I hope that
    You never stop hoping ever
    That you compel others to grow and learn
    That no longer are you defined by your weakness
    And for a brighter future you always yearn


    8th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Ink stippling in black and white by Rostislaw Tsarenco

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  • fizahfiz_ 12w

    Dear Past Self;

    It's hard, right?
    Hang in there,
    You'll go through all of that life trials,
    Not so fast,
    But surely step by step.

    I'm sorry that you tried so desperately to fix others when your own hands were shaking,

    I'm sorry that I didn't give you enough time to heal, that I let you seal the wounds of everyone else whilst your own were bleeding,

    I'm sorry that there were days when smiling hurt but you forced yourself to laugh so that no one had to worry about you,

    I'm sorry that you gave all of your time and effort to people that didn't give the same amount back...

    Our childhood dreams and ambition should be our future life that should be achieved, yet I'm sorry that I gave up on them and leaving them behind halfway...I regret it yet I didn't take any further steps to try my best to achieve them and I let my failure took control of my weaknesses, so I'm sorry...

    I'm sorry that there were nights when you cried yourself to sleep and no one bothered to understand why...

    and I am so sorry that I did not love you like you deserved to be loved...

    Letter to myself,

  • finch_ 12w


    4:31 pm



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    Dear future self,

    I hope you're happy or maybe sad.
    But you know in past you endured a lot and you've been strong for so long.
    You fought with yourself as your negativity was your enemy.
    And you still can.
    Don't let people to control you. Don't trap in web of this society.
    You... My future self YOU,
    You lived in a very bad society.. But you tried to fly.
    Many things you did wrong.. But most of them was right.
    You, You are waiting for someone maybe.. You did in your past too.
    You cried.,
    There were many things inside you.,
    In just age of 13.
    There were thousands of emotions in you.
    And People Praise you on social media
    But In real.
    You always wanted a pretty face , Perfect body, And good looks.
    But you know,
    Life is too short for doing this.
    (so don't do this again)
    Somehow these things made you more ugly with heart.
    But you have to be pure.
    Be strong
    Keep fighting
    Be kind
    Be sincere
    Be BRAVE
    Be confident.
    Love yourself.
    Because you deserve a lot.
    Maybe in future... your heart is broken as you loved someone in past ,
    But, Know that,
    You can, Make it right.
    Fight for yourself.
    Don't let yourself ruin.
    And remember
    You are
    BRAVE enough.

    Your present self.

  • sproutedseeds 12w

    #wod #heal #miraquill #writersnetwork
    #tletterc #writersbay

    This is in context of the skin problem called

    This occurs due to climatic conditions,
    And increases due to stress.

    It is painful when it affects the whole body from head to toe. The delicate skin needs proper care
    which cannot be exposed more.

    It heals but leaves scars which looks obvious for anyone to notice it.

    When mind is stressfree it subsides.

    Based on this, I tried to pen.

    @writersnetwork thank you for the like ❤️

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    Dear self,

    Wake up!!!
    Still lingering in the past?
    I know you had to go through a long dark night which was painful.

    You were ashamed to come in the light
    for the fear of your visible scars all over your body. You treated yourself with the best medicines and were getting healed.
    But that was not enough.

    You actually needed a therapy for your
    inferiority complex which was giving
    a lot of stress ultimately resulting in the increase of the scars.

    Do you remember what mom always taught that nothing is permanent in life and that is applicable here.

    But now I can freely move about as I believed my pain is temporary and almost getting healed.

    I realised that after every dark night there will come a bright day to heal the pain and seal my fear.

    Wake up!! You are in the Present "now"
    The Sun is knocking your door. I hope you heard it. Getup. Open the door to welcome "today".

  • writersbay 12w

    Good morning, guys! 🌼

    Today write a letter to yourself in an alternate timeline. Or you can write a letter to your future or past self.

    Tag and share with #tletterc

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    Have a good day!

  • uttkarsh_15 12w

    P.S. - I think if you'll be happy with yourself first ,
    Then you'll be happy with and around good people. ��

    Even I practise that .����

    #self #heal #wod #tletterc

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    Ghosting (Seems wicked !
    but its not truly )

    It's totally ok to sometimes not give attention or spending time with even your loved ones,❤️
    Not because you started hating them or want to make them feel bad ...
    But because of the fact that you need the time for yourself too and Sometimes it becomes vital to heal yourself .
    At that times you should be your first priority .


  • thorvi_mule 17w

    A letter to myself!

    Oh dear real me! This is for you, who always remains hid behind this case of jovial me. The dear soul within me- this is for you, a note or simply a confession. Yet another secret, which I'm disclosing to you. Everything seems just perfect around me, everyone is so happy at this very moment- yet I can't even find satisfaction in those happenings. I'm aware that they are just not eternal. They all are just one moment which will just pass by blinking of eyes- yet why are they appealing to all except me. Is this because only I'm aware about the truth and others aren't?
    Everything is not perfect in true sense, nothing around here! Something is missing, something is apparently not in the way in which it had to be! A thing which was always dear to me- isn't near me anymore. All which was mine, isn't mine anymore. I lost everything which I thought was mine, except the reality- which does exists till now.
    Everything just changed in a fraction of second but no one is even aware about all the stuff happening within me! I actually lost myself in the quest of being the best!
    A soulful sorry to the dear me, for every stuff which is happening! I regret for everything but can't say this to an being.

    From the jovial case of the dear me!

  • maanvi_bhagat 41w

    To: a strange I saw crying, one winter night
    Cc: writersbay

    How are you? I hope you are fine now. I still remember that dreary night when I remember leaving my house, sad and depressed. And that's when I'd seen you crying, shivering and sitting on the side of the road. I still remember how fast, the tears were streaming down your face. I remember how I'd forgotten my own problems at that time and I was just sympathising with you.

    To be honest, I'm writing this letter to thank you for making me realise that I'm not the only one facing difficulties. And I hope that even your difficulties will decrease with time.

    Warm regards,
    And a big thank you
    From the stranger you may not remember.