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    Eliza died for the 20th time today. Anna is married. For the last 15 years. I wonder who my son in law is. Is it John with the long beard? Is it Charlie who walked funny...Or is Anna divorced? The colour of the right shelf in my kitchen has turned yellow from purple. What a strange colour preference. The haze consumes me more, bit by bit. Like a child eating a cookie. A deteriorating body.
    It's making me crazy.
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  • mihika_ 64w


    Felicity, this is to say,
    that I've been trying my best to
    bring you back, and
    this desire to do so
    was born with the advent of
    my failed experiment
    to grow yellow wisteria for a
    grade, since then
    I have been trod over with
    a childish desire to embrace you
    once again, to feel the mist in
    your eyes with you, to dance
    to the songs you dance along to
    on a midsummer night.
    You've almost always been lost
    in my locality, and I must've told
    you a hundred times that a U-turn
    and two right turns is
    all that you need to take, or
    maybe this is something
    that I've told myself.
    It's probably for the best, because
    the painters screwed up,
    and they painted my house blue
    when I asked them to distemper
    it with yellow, or perhaps this is
    something I told myself once again,
    old habits are meant for dying hard.
    The paint is still wet and when you
    try to knock on the door it smears
    your hand a little, or a lot, depends
    on the knocking and sometimes the knocker.

    I first met you in an
    arbitrary backyard during autumn
    and I remember you plucking a safflower
    and planting it in the space
    between my hair and my ear,
    and I let a giggle escape me instead of a sigh,
    and I watched you turn your heel in
    the opposite direction
    and I never saw you face-to-face
    ever again,
    this is all I remember of you
    because I am nothing
    but of letters dipped
    in wine to prevent them from ageing,
    and I do not know why I tell you this.
    Everything aside, I realised that
    to make you mine directions weren't
    enough, and when this hit me
    I let my sorrow gratify
    the hole in my chest
    and went mad
    because I didn't know what to do.

    Days passed, infinities elapsed, suns drowned
    and one moon,
    I ran out of my home to witness the skies
    and found them
    sobbing violently with a heaving chest,
    darker than what i could've ever see in
    my lifetime.
    I let fear push buttons in my head
    that I never knew were present
    and then saw a hurricane in a corner
    pirouette tipsily, turbulently,
    with threads searing through
    its demure chest
    I summoned an icarus
    and felt my heart sink
    as i watched it fall down
    like a stone from the skyline
    and held my hand up demurely
    hoping foolishly
    that it would entwine with it
    As the darkness forced down
    a demure chuckle and a dry laugh
    because in that moment,
    it was the only one who knew
    all of this , it
    was a tapestry
    painted by
    the pain that settled
    in the void of your absence
    in convoluted shades that are
    manipulated on sight
    {that are all the rage these days}
    and my hysteria was but
    a great source of entertainment
    to the heavens; placid and level-headed
    with faces kissed by cherry blossoms

    and I do not know why I tell you this.

    Felicity, in all truthfulness,
    I am on the cusp of
    dangerous sobriety
    Your breath, my breath.
    Your skies, my skies.

    come swinging through
    these demure gates, I
    plead of you,
    and save me while you
    bring with your divinity
    sun-kissed dawns
    and cherry-coloured light.
    Save me before
    the thousand and one tales
    on jet black nights I etch nimbly
    emerge from my mind
    and engulf me
    with their silhouette.
    When I drown in the
    raging sea,
    and cannot hear my own voice
    over the roaring of the waves,
    run after me madly and
    call out my name like you
    never have before.
    When I crash and crumble
    on my knees
    after the rubble
    from the blue walls I tried
    to destroy on my own
    inflicts upon me injuries deeper
    than I could've ever imagined
    and I lie face down, trapped,
    ready to become the carcass
    I knew I would be,
    save me, Felicity.

    You are the poem
    I fantasise to write about
    and frame on my enclosures of
    my home.
    You are my pain,
    my grief cooling down
    after they've been set
    on fire a thousand times
    all painted in yellow.

    A prayer that I would chant
    without hesitation
    that doesn't need
    an 'amen' for ratification.

    You are why I
    roam the streets
    when the clock strikes 12
    not for a pill or a thousand
    but to think
    to think the musings of a child's mind,
    touching the sky ,
    and kissing a million dreams
    wuthering and hanging by
    the stars.

    To stare back at the heavens
    in its finfigual entirety
    and then puckering my
    mouth into a little O.

    To steal fireflies in
    a glassy-eyed jar
    only to let them out again

    To write, to dream, to hope
    And to stare at the infinites of the world
    without being drenched in wrongdoing,
    And envy,
    And an arbitary feeling
    Of a blackbird's song
    tingling through my spine.

    Felicity, in all truthfulness
    Your hand is the anchor
    to this sinking ship.
    The strings that seep
    through our chests
    are the only thing
    that remotely connect us these days.
    And I hope that someday
    we improvise and
    manipulate these strings
    and turn them into
    pink kites
    we shall chase in the skies,
    And I hope that someday, Felicity,
    you shall become mine.

    With this, I shall leave.

    And with this,
    shall you leave?


    #tinsc (?) #felicityc #picturec
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod
    This is really bad ( ・ั﹏・ั)
    But you all will not let me delete this T_T


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  • flame_ 64w

    #tinsc #temporary
    Inspired from @redolent_smile

    You can skip this.����

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    Things I never say usually...

    1.) When I set foot in any stationary shop, I like to have all the products lying there.
    Those beautiful diaries,tempting colourful pens,stickers,paper weights,printed floral sheets,highlighters,sparkle,caryons and that too at no cost.☺️☺️

    2.) Some of my childhood experiences are not good.I feel bad about those even when I remember them.

    3.) I have never expressed my immense love towards my parents or siblings which I do feel from the bottom of my heart.

    4.) I do not feel confident about my abilities.

    5.) Sometimes,I get stuck at simple mathematical problems.(even in addition or subtraction)
    I know it is a bit embarassing but it is truth.My mind stops working in calculations.If it works, then it takes more than expected time.

    6.) I fear to go in marriages and parties.
    I do not like crowded places at all having excessive noise. I do not feel comfortable at public places.I get relief in a lonely room.Total aloofness...and silence...

    7.) I always wanted to have a true and honest friend with whom I could share alpha and omega☺️☺️ of my life.
    In return,I also would like to listen to her....that too endlessly❤️.

    8.) I do not like to spend a huge amount of money on my clothes.Being a girl, I do not like make-up stuffs.I do not feel good even if I apply kaajal in my eyes.

    9.) I am a boring person. I do not want to chat with people generally.I hate the screen of my phone despite I am penning down my thoughts here.

    10.) If I feel uneasy either in health or bad mood,I never share it to my family.I can not express my feelings properly in front of them.I keep sitting in my room silently and enduring that pain.

  • passionately_addicted_ 65w

    2 years ago, I came here to express my feelings because i had no one to talk to. When i came, i found something here that could never be possible in the real world. Understanding. Appreciation. Happiness.
    YES I BUILT MY CASTLE OF HAPPINESS HERE! Unfortunately it was only meant to last for 2 years probably. The ability that mirakee gave me to feel free to express, to not shut my mouth due to fear of misunderstandings, some of the sweetest people who eventually became my friends, they all seem a blur now.
    I have deactivated my old account, taken a break from all the connections i made on mirakee because.. i can't take it anymore. Those people were like a sweet candy i kept enjoying not knowing that one day they could give me diabetes. Yes, i can't take that sweetness anymore. I want to see truth not sugar coated comments.
    I know, all mirakeans are so nice and caring. And there's nothing wrong to be so, but this "writers paradise" that we're living, it's like a dreamy bubble. It's not real!!!
    And as soon as this bubble pops up, you will see how bad it hurts. When you realise, most of the friendships you made here were limited to mutual tagging, liking, commenting and reposting only.
    I have been feeling this for a long time, but didn't know how to put it in words or maybe i was too scared to say something becuase of the fear of judgment. But..

    #blurc #tinsc #writersnetwork #writersbay

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    Mirakee people are so sociable
    It's taking a toll on me!!!

  • bitterxsweet 65w

    When does love borderline abuse...
    #tinsc #love @writersbay #mirakee

    You build us up
    Just to tear it back down
    Mangle me terribly
    Claiming you love me
    I hurriedly reciprocate
    So as for the words
    Not to curdle stale
    So you know I mean them
    Before you can question
    My own loyalty

    You snatch them away just as fast
    Confiscating the shallow letters
    As L.
    Lazily falls from my mouth
    Using it to your advantage
    You ask how much
    I'm willing to prove
    Willing to lose
    For this love I have for you

    It doesn't sound as nice
    It feels putrid and blackened
    Twisted on your rancid tongue
    Behind a cruel smirk
    Is this our own version?
    Toxic and perverse
    As though I must request
    Your golden permission first
    Waiting on your nod of approval

    Will I ever know
    How you truly think of me
    Or, will you keep casually dressing
    Affliction; passing it off as affection
    For we both don't know any better
    Than to hurt each other
    In the name of "love"


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    My heart clings onto
    something so wrong
    when the words
    "I love you"
    Roll off your tongue


  • 300roses 65w

    I'm not okay
    Each time when you are near,
    I choke back my words.
    Each time when you ask if all is fine,
    I force a smile & nod.
    When all I really want to do is shout out that it's not okay,
    I'm not okay walking alone on this bumpy road, where I keep tripping & falling.
    I'm not okay walking aimlessly, without direction or an inkling of where I'm headed.
    It's a long, lonely road that I see no purpose & no end.
    I'm filled with fear on this road of uncertainties.
    Every night, sleep evades me,
    as I dread the coming of dawn,
    For when it comes,
    I have to stand on this road again & continue my fruitless journey.
    There is no way to turn back,
    as the door behind me is locked for good.
    I feel a slight pinch of regret as I gaze at the closed door, but it's futile.
    My destiny now lies in the interminable road before me.
    With fears hidden in my pockets,
    I continue my plod ahead.


    #tinsc #writersbay #writersnetwork

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    With fears hidden in my pockets,
    I continue my plod ahead.

  • pnair87 65w

    The things I never said ...

    No ears to hear the pain
    Of my bruised heart ...
    It’s nothing left unsaid ,
    To my soul I speak ...


  • mirakeewrites_ 65w

    Things I never said....

    There are some things I never said,
    there are some letters that I never read.
    Some dreams were not understood, trampled they lay,
    some I was too tired to explain, some they too tired to say.

    I want to tell the moon how it soothes my pain,
    for washing away my worries I want to thank the rain.
    I want to thank my pen, for all the words and relief,
    I also want to thank the wind, my worry thief...

    I want to thank the tiniest start in that sky,
    Which is with me even in moonless night sky.
    I want to tell the clouds they make me smile,
    Oh! I haven't even listend to the melody of rustling leaves for long,its been a while.

    (I always wanted to thank nature for all its treasures and solace it gives me when I am sad or in pain, for being my shelter from all disturbances going on in life.)

    I wanted to say he matters to me,
    that smile on his lips is all I wanted to see.
    I wanted to tell you that I care for you,
    I want to tell him he was ally colours and all of its hues.

    I wanted to tell it was him around whom all my poems revolved around,
    It was his eyes where whole of my universe was to be found.
    I wanted him to understand me,
    I wanted him to see the love in my eyes that I could see....

    (Wanted to say this to him, but could not. So here I am saying it all today, he may not have listened it but atleast it feels lighter...)

    I wanted to tell them to let me be me,
    Whatever I wanted to see, just let me see.
    I wanted to tell them to not look at me with all those judgy eyes,
    I wanted to tell them to just stop all that lies.

    I wanted to tell them to stop expecting me to smile everytime they look,
    I wanted them to stop telling me you shouldn't be wearing that or reading that book.
    I wanted to tell them that it is okay if I cry sometimes,
    sometimes its free verse, its not that a poem always rhymes.

    (Wanted to say this to the society at least once to change their perspective, towards life, towards others and stop being judgemental .. (Sorry in advance if it hurts anyone in any manner) :):) )

    I wanted to tell all those songs that they mean a lot,
    I want to tell the coffee that its also good but tea is the best when its hot.
    I want to thank all those dead flowers for spreading fragrance every time I see them,
    I want to thank all those threads for that beautiful dreamcatcher they helped me hem.

    I want to thank all those pages of the book which helped me escape the reality when I wanted to,
    I also wanted to thank each thread for the beautiful embroidery that made my dress look all new.
    I want to thank all those diaries,my mobile notes, those torn pages for all the secrets they hold,
    I wanted to thank mirakee for listening to all the stories I told...

    (Those things are not mere things for me, they mean a whole world to me, these lifeless things are waht make the most of my living self,they are my lifelines keeping a part of me always alive even when I wanted to be dead. Thankyou for being there when no one else was ...:")) )

    I want to say don't be afraid of failures ,be strong,
    you can not be always right,sometimes its okay to be wrong.
    I want to say be who you wanted to be, don't listen to them,
    Its your life , your dreams that you yourself have to hem.

    Have a little faith in yourself, for you are okay the way you are,
    You need not always be the moon , just be the tiniest of the star.
    for once think about yourself, live more ,smile,
    be happy for once forget all darkness, feel the light its been a while.....

    (And this is what I want to say to myself, you should also tell this to yourself, for once put yourself over others and do something for yourself. :") )


    (PS - SORRY ALTHOUGH ITS LAME YET IT WENT TOO LONG, SEEMS I HAD A LOT TO SAY :) Thankyou @writersbay for this lovely promt..)


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    Some unsaid poetries, some unheard songs still lie in the corner of my bookshelf.....

  • bonitasarahbabu 65w

    Things I've Never Said

    Mom, I love you, but I will not marry who you want.
    Dad, I am not useless. I have a purpose for my existence.
    The community does not pay my bills. They don't control me.
    I am successful even if I don't make $100,000/year.
    I am good enough.
    I don't need to live with an abuser.
    Marriage is not meant for all.
    I'm old enough to MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS.
    Even small cities and towns have great opportunities.
    No means absolutely No.
    My life, my choices.
    I'm living a legal and moral life.
    You cannot use fear to control me anymore.
    Disown me, you're the losers, not me.
    I can survive everything with God's assistance.
    God doesn't say that if I don't marry/live/worship like Indians that I will go to hell.

  • chasing_the_serene 65w


    Sometimes I feel that the words I scribbled and threw out
    Or the words that I thought but never inked
    Or I thought but never said out aloud
    Are more than the ones people remember me saying

  • chasing_the_serene 65w


    Well that's my personal belief

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    Huh.. share your pain you say..

    Shall I pour it out
    My heart
    The burdens I never shared
    But you know what.. something that I couldn't back then and cannot right now is perhaps something I wish for people to not know
    Nah.. it's nothing like skeleton in my closet
    It's just... It's painful
    Painful enough for me to realise and accept it
    Never in my life have I ever truly brought happiness to someone..
    The one which lasts longer... Hell I haven't lived that long to think about it.. but it's true
    If I am incompetent to bring grins who am I to bring grim.
    I don't think I should

  • ira_neer 65w

    Things she never said

    The immured unspoken words
    that could never break free from her sealed lips and remained paralysed in her vocal cords; became mobile through her pen running an unending marathon on paper; defying their aphonic and captive state.

    November 2, 2020

  • misty68 65w

    Things I never said !

    There are many things deep inside my heart always causing me pain , slowly but effectively like poison spreading throughout my body.

    I always try to show that I am very happy and cheerful person , but in reality I am a person who is very sad and lonely from inside.

    No matter how much I try , I can't always act ! I want to burst out all my emotions too , I also want to say what I felt like other people.

    I doted on you for a whole of 3 years , I always used to think that these all are just dreams ! I never thought that this would ever come true.

    You talked with me whenever I was alone , made me happy when I was sad ! The day when you said that I was your best friend, it seemed like a dream.

    I was so happy that I couldn't stop laughing ! I thought that my dream was soon going to be true , I was the most happiest person in this whole world !

    But in the end it turned out that you did all this , so that you can get close to my bestfriend ! May be I was too foolish to think that you would fall for me.

    You don't know how deeply I was broken , but you still only cared about her. On that day , I cried so hard that my eyes didn't stop shedding tears.

    But I don't want you to leave me ! Even if it's a lie , please say me that you love me ! I will atleast feel satisfied that you said that you loved me.

    I didn't wanted to betray her nor did I wanted to get revenge from you. I just wanted to go far away to a place, where you can never find me.

    Finally , when I left you and started a new life , why did you come to my life again ?! Is it a coincidence or is it my destiny to meet you again ?!

    No matter what the reason is for meeting you again , but I will not repeat the same mistake in falling in love with you again !

    ~° Chinmayee !

  • _mathematics 64w

    the earth rotates on its axis without shifting once. The lie give less pain than truth slashing hearts when emotions should be expressed at the moment instead of stretching it to a point where everything slips from feet and we just keep staring at the round clock alarming tick-tock igniting the fury inside to bury the body, claiming to be the life, and the soul of you, I embrace on the remembering night.

    I have a lot to say the first time but the thresholds of notes are sealed with hidden Yet stubborn gunk holding endless cries and shouts, yells of the curse words but more spells of love to connect weaken arteries of little part pumping red wine for kick-starting the blurred eyes dawdling in absence of you.

    Just for once see above the sky feel the clouds gushing down the drizzle crumbling in the coldness to be fade away with the warmth of you packing me close in the arms caressing with all, I have been introduced during a time when you, a girl with no relation to me came for nothing in return rather lend me the life I lost it to the half-mile of time left to everyone to live wholly in the realm of their existences.

    time ago, I lost someone in memories instead of reality,
    the blur vision of her made me yearn for more warmth but dusty desires with forfeited albums shattered in the midway of barren land-owning shady corners of stress and anger thriving inside every part of the body maiming the soul.

    Your presence withered the murky nightmares of lost recall and taught me to celebrate every little joy lending relief. So, will you be the ever horologe to this silly lad?

    #dustyc #cloudc #tinsc #blurc
    @writersbay #afterweekwrite-up

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    Things I never said
    are potteries
    Shaped with flower bed
    acquiring ample space
    to lend a moment of
    peace to me with you
    when autumn shed

  • krithika_ 65w

    @writersbay #tinsc

    Honeslty it took me a lot to actually post this.. but i do feel lighter after letting stuff out of my chest. But I've learned to love me for me and accept myself for all my flaws.. cuz at the end of the day no matter how many people say shitty stuff to your face, it doesnt really matter as long as u dont accept it cuz once u do.. nthg hurts more than tht.. learning to accept my flaws rather than hating myself for it helped me a lot to grow in life.. we are all beautiful in our own way.. just dont forget to wear your smile.. it looks good on you ;)

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    ▪ Sometimes I tend to push people away because I know they deserve better

    ▪ I feel more numb lately compared to before. I just stopped feeling anything

    ▪ I don't like sharing my emotions or feelings cuz it makes me feel vulnerable. Neither can I express
    Them properly

    ▪ Panic attacks do greet me from time to time

    ▪ I care and love a little too much. Anything too much is never good but I can't stop myself

    ▪ I love my parents more than they'll ever know.. but I can't express my love or that I care for them.. I
    Just hope one day I'll be able to say that I really do love them with every inch of my being

    ▪ Although having many friends I just like to keep everything to myself and love spending time alone

    ▪ I have always wanted to start my own orphanage for all the homeless kids, who're all alone without
    anyone to call them as their own.. so that they know there is somebody who would love and care for
    them and that they never feel alone again.

    ▪ Everything is temporary in life, so never get attached to anybody or anything.. unless u wanna get
    hurt.. people leave if they want to no matter how hard you try to make them stay.

    ▪ People only hear want they want to hear.. so trying to prove yourself to them is an absolutely waste
    Of time.. instead I've learned to prove myself to me cuz I feel my biggest competiton is me and I
    Doubt myself more than any other soul on this planet.

    ▪ I don't like to share or burden people with my problems so I keep everything thing to myself.. but I
    never hesitate to listen and help them out with theirs

    ~ oh, hey, u still here? Did u actually read my rant..? well, thank u so much for actually staying and reading it, i really appreciate it :) Take care ❤


  • teefoma 65w

    Things I Never Said

    They're buried inside of me
    Sometimes, I wish I could let them out
    But I can't
    This is me being strong
    And locked up in my world
    Who will I tell them to?
    I sometimes ask myself
    A wagging tongue
    Or a lying lips
    Which is better?
    This how they become things
    I never said

  • waitaminute 65w

    We carry inside a big sea of unsaid things,
    Countless unuttered words our heart clings,
    That fear of picking fights,
    The fear of losing people,
    Keep them to yourselves, nobody understands that simple,
    Whether the comments on looks,
    Or anytypes of personality crooks,
    You ignore it saying I don't care,
    But deep inside your nervous tissue,
    Your brain do have an issue,
    And you just don't say anything,
    Because a single word can destroy everything,
    But it feels heavy like a rock,
    Then it's time to unlock,
    Tell it in your way,
    Don't think much just go and say,
    Because life is damn short,
    Wanna say something just say, don't abort,
    Or you will die with thousands of secrets,
    And the soul wandering for peace and with regrets.


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    Unsaid things

  • discoveringself 65w

    Things best left unsaid!

    Some words are best left unsaid;
    For words have power to devastate;
    The silence of those unsaid words,
    May echo within your heart;
    But the screams of such words,
    Once uttered, can forever reverberate!

    Some stories are best left untold;
    For they reveal the ugly beneathe;
    Its best to let someone shine,
    Than to blunt the edge to their win!
    Whats the point to uncloak the farce,
    And dig deep into some faded scars!

    There's no victory, in being vindictive!
    In tainting the present with deeds of the past!
    Yes, they made you cry and caused you pain;
    But what is there to finally gain?
    If one can, just let it go!
    Let dignified silence be the winner at last!

    29.10 2020

  • suranjana__ 65w


    • I started to write poems when I was in class 3. While gazing at those butterflies whirling there anatomy in a benevolent way I pondered thoughts about them and just scribbled down with abundance of grammatical mistakes and now while glimpsing at those folios I smile with shy.

    • I never actually did give a big thank you to my parents. Although be it in their anniversaries or b'days I have made cards for them, and as I reached 10 for the first time I made an Oreo cake and my family members were really shocked to see ME in the kitchen while BAKING A CAKE. And I know they do feel the happiest at that time, but yeah due to my mischievous behaviour they sometimes feel sad too.Even though I try my best to keep my temper down by crying in midnights or in dark rooms but I fail sometimes to speak in a soft way. It's all my fault that I couldn't be someone who is a Best Daughter but I will try. Ma and Papa you will see me being the BEST DAUGHTER one day and I love you a LOTTTTT.

    •This is for my best friends and my close friends. People might have lost some connections in between but rebuilding it is the courageous thing one can do. Somehow or the other I might have lost or might loose but I promise you this girl won't disappoint you. Even if I have said some words I have said it as I care about you. I never had such trustworthy friends ever in my life untill I met you.

    • I was an introvert and even now I am. And being an introvert is not a CRIME if you think so kindly stop. I don't like getting connected with people but with small kids I do feel a connection. Although I pass smiles towards the other sapiens somehow or the other I can't really be so quick in becoming friendly. And yeah I am developing that nature of mine and now I am receiving a bit of success day by day. I really like being alone more than being with people who easily break your trust. I swear I never had one who broke my trust but I fear IF SOMEONE DOES.

    • And yeah I may be a person who doesn't seem to be broken. A person who is child-like, happy, excited be it in receiving a small stuff or big. A person who consoles others to recover from their torn hearts. But yeah I also do have emotions and I do cry with doors locked. I do scream. I do produce small breathes while presenting my cheeks with salty waters so that the person , my mother sleeping next to me doesn't hear. But I don't cry on a daily basis. The other day I am always fit with a healthy smile that's so hard to produce but yeah keeping good hope I let it occur upon my cheeks.

    • And last but not the least I love you all. My parents, my best friends , my closest ones, my teachers( everyone turns out to be a teacher for me who guides me in each step I take it's not necessary to only be the school's strict though friendly teachers), my virtual family yeah I am speaking about you all who got the courage to go through my boring posts revealing fictional stories( relatable/ not relatable) and giving me virtual warmth through your tendering replies.

    (Sudarshana Sarma)

    I am really feeling the best now. Uff!!! I know the sapiens here who love me would surely read this and yeah I am waiting for some warmth( ◜‿◝ )♡

    Well I said the one who loves me would surely read and I met so lovely sapiens here down in the comment section( ◜‿◝ )♡

    Thank you so much @writersbay ��for such an amazing challenge. I felt so nice. Love you bay♥️
    #tinsc #writersbay #mirakee #wn #pod @writersnetwork

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  • presho 65w

    *Today..., Just for today..
    am going to worry about me..,
    Just for a change

    *Each time I remember that am the reason why we are the way we are right now..my heart stops to beat for a nanosecond, my whole body goes numb and a tear drops from my eye
    How I wish I could turn back time and love you the right way...
    *For the boy that stole my heart with his care*

    *We made promises of trusting each other..,, supporting and looking out for one another..,
    We promised to communicate more often never to hide anything..,,but you just.....,,,I know alot you think that I don't
    I keep every little secret u shared with me...but you never kept my mine.,,
    * For a friend I call sister*

    *Older people always think that they are smarter and wiser.., they never listen to anything a younger person is telling them even when they know what the person is saying is right..,